Dani Arps Designs A Clutter-Free Home Office | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

Dani Arps Designs A Clutter-Free Home Office | Building The Dream Nashville | House Beautiful

(upbeat music) – [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it. If you could build your dream house, what would that look like, a space that inspires you, calms you, and ultimately helps
you live your best life? We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each design team
will take a room from studs, to the finishing touches. – And we want to create a space that’s unique, inviting, and a ton of fun. – [Carisha] Showing you
how to make every corner of your space work harder, better, and more beautifully than
you ever thought it could. – Make a statement. – I’m Carisha Swanson
from House Beautiful, and we are building
the dream in Nashville. Our next designer is Danielle Arps. Known on the New York City startup scene, Dani, as she’s often referred to, designs functional areas, somewhat minimalist commercial spaces that allow for great
workflow and creativity. Dani will be taking over the office. Her mission is to create a home office that eliminates distractions
and promotes focus. Dani’s busy schedule has kept her from coming to Nashville, so we’re heading to New York City to see what she has
planned for this workspace. Hi. – It’s so good to see you. – Good to see you too. I’m here to check up on
your progress on everything with your crazy schedule. – I know, it’s been hectic, but I think we have some
really great looking designs for the space. – There’s a term called resimercial which is actually very popular in design now for office spaces, because we don’t want it
to look like or feel like you are at work, but it also has to be super functional. So a lot of these images that I pulled are from residential spaces, obviously. – Yeah. – And you can see again that common theme of mixing wood tones. – [Carisha] Is there
something about wood tones that makes us feel better? – I mean, it’s nature. So, I mean, I think people
feel better in nature. Going into furniture
selections from there, pulling pieces that kind
of still feel like this. I like to use, kind of
like dining furniture as your main work surface. It’s more about making things feel like they’re more natural and organic, and like a tangible piece of furniture versus just something
that’s like a laminate. And then, some of the other thoughts were just black accents, single woods. – [Carisha] I see a
lounge chair over there. – For if you need your
little meeting space. – Yeah. – Like in any office, you need to be able to
get away from your desk and have a moment. – [Carisha] Right. – [Dani] I’m thinking about a couple of layout options, feeling. Again, you still want it
to be very comfortable, but still functional. – [Carisha] Right. And also when you first walk in, you want it to kind of
be like a statement. And also, just elevations. Just making sure that
what we see makes sense. A good rule of thumb when you’re thinking
about placement of desks is that you don’t ever want
the door to be to your back. As in when you’re sitting in your desk, you should never be in a place where you open the door, and it’s behind you, because you wanna be
able to greet someone. I mean, you want it to be, I think, functional above all else, otherwise, what’s the point? – What does function
mean in an office space? – It’s, I mean, how the space is laid out, but also the function of
each piece of furniture. You need a work surface. You need task chairs. You need side chairs to
have a meet with people. You need storage, just like meeting your actual pragmatic needs first. I wanted to have some sort
of accent in the space that kind of alluded to nature without it being super cheesy. – Right (laughs). – So I went to Calico, a
vendor here in Brooklyn. Each design is hand
painted by the founder, and she’s a wonderful artist.
– Oh, wow, yeah. – [Dani] And so, they’re all
based off of her designs, and they’re just super chic and modern. And, you know, I was looking
through some of the selections. – And I have to say, these
are kind of heavy duty. – Yeah, they’re super heavy duty. You can wash them. You can bend them. They’re basically like, you know, almost like a poster board, I would say. But I was thinking about what will look good in this space without being overwhelming? – Right, right. – And then also keeping it bright. And again, bright,
minimal, bright, minimal. That’s the thing was going in my mind. This one I thought was a bit too much. – Okay. – And I don’t typically
do accent walls per se, but you know this locations made sense to have something, you know, when you’re kind of
going into the next space so it will frame. And then I ended up on this color way. I was looking at this
kind of blue into orange and just kind of, I don’t know, midnight blue into green. And then these two ended
up being my favorites, because they look like a sunset. You can kind of decide what
direction you want it to go and that really changes
the kind of energy, right? Because when the sun is setting, it’s like you’re preparing to rest. – Right, right. – And the opposite is you’re
preparing for your day. – [Carisha] Our first
stop is Industry West. Not only is it one of
Dani’s favorite showrooms, she actually designed it. As a privately held brand, their co-founders travel the world to find unique, modern pieces that will ultimately live
in their store and online. – Industry West is known for their chairs and their bar stools, and so we wanted to feature it in a really prominent way, so I created this. It’s floor to ceiling, and it features, what
Industry West is known for. – [Carisha] Are you like anti the typical desk chair with the wheels. – Yeah, I wouldn’t say I’m anti that. I mean, it’s a very functional
and ergonomic chair. If you’re sitting in that
chair for many hours, it’s necessary to have certain elements that are good for your body. – [Carisha] Sure. – But when it’s an accent chair or if it’s something where
it’s a quick meeting, then you want something that’s beautiful. (calm music) Yeah, this is actually one of the pieces that we will be using for sure. So I’m actually very
excited about this bookshelf because it’s so sculptural. It’s really functional. It actually has like a modular component, ’cause you can move the shelves around. And I just think it’s a great option if you don’t have the funds
to pay for a built in, because a built in is something
you can’t take with you. This you can take with you, and this is something you
can actually turn on its side to change the proportion. So I think it checks off
everything on the list. Okay, so I wanna actually show you a couple other design tips. Just thinking about a more inviting, and more welcoming workspace, I also like to use what’s typically in a residential space
as an option for a desk. Like this is a dining table, it’s a massive dining table. – Right, beautiful.
– But imagine this having your laptop. And, you know, it looks like a substantial
piece of furniture, but it’s also a very substantial
amount of work surface. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] And with
that, Dani hops on a plane from New York City to Nashville for the first time to do her install. Hopefully the room is
everything she expected. – This is my first time in Nashville, and I arrived during a tornado, as you can see (laughs). I’m seeing my room for the first time and it looks really cute. And we have a lot of the products from Industry West showroom that we’re finally installing, and they’re looking really great. The fun part is unpacking all the stuff, ’cause it’s like your opening presents, even though they’re not for you. Oh, goodness. Yeah, so this is what happens when people don’t understand
the design intent. This is wrong, very wrong (laughs). These should actually
be not snapped together. It snaps to the actual frame of the chair. So are you ready see the room? – Absolutely. – Welcome to the home office. – This is fantastic. (relaxing music) And surprisingly zen. – Super zen. – Yeah. – Until you turn to this
wall and then it’s like, it’s still very zen, but it’s like a punch of color without being kind of in your face. When you’re sitting here,
when you’re working, you always have a view pretty much of your entire space,
which is really great. So it’s really about having an appropriate amount of work surface for whatever you’re doing, so I have this giant
desk slash dining table. – Love that. And one of the things too that you mentioned before
is no desk anymore. Nobody needs these big bulky desk. – [Dani] Yeah, the big bulky desk that have giant file cabinets under them, most offices are wifi, and most people store any
files they have on the web. So it’s really about having an appropriate amount of work surface for whatever you’re doing. – [Carisha] Right. – So I have this giant
desk slash dining table. – This is like my dream surface area. So this is like primo for an office chair?
– Yes, leather. – [Carisha] Leather. – [Dani] Yes, gotta have leather. Of course, depending on how long you’re going to be in your chair, you want something that’s like ergonomic and can have all the bells and whistles. – [Carisha] Right. – But I find that people kind of don’t necessarily wanna sit in the same space all day. And so the fact that we have so many different sitting areas, kind of makes up for that a little bit. So you can sit in here for a few hours, go over there for a few hours, and it kind of still evokes that kind of cafe feel where people are kind of jumping from area to area depending on, you know, what spaces are available. – Right. – So I love choosing
minimally with intention. And so I feel like the shape of this was just so lovely. You know, it’s kind of just
like a really simple moment, but I feel like it’s very impactful. Especially where you have like this really beautiful wallpaper balance with this super simple mirror, and they kind of bounces off each other. – [Carisha] Right. – [Dani] I love moments like that. – Speaking of solutions. – Yay, my bookcase. – I think I want this. – Yes, it’s just so pretty. I have it kind of styled just, you know, with beautiful art objects. This is if I lived here (laughs). – If you lived here,
this would be your thing. – But the idea is that, you know, once you have books and things that you actually need to use, ’cause again it is very
much a functional bookshelf. – [Carisha] Right. – [Dani] Of course, I have to add plants. These plants are from the Sill. I love their plant pots. – [Carisha] So your final
kind of little space here, is this seating area, which feels like something
most people don’t do in their home office. – We’re just thinking about the idea of having more than one place to work, because you get stagnant, it gets. You know, I like to kind of bop around. So I love these pillows, super minimal, but like very striking with these little kind of stitch details. And they’re from Favor, which is a sister
company to Industry West. – Oh, okay, yeah.
– Yeah. – [Carisha] I mean, this is fantastic. I would love to work in this space. – I’ve noticed people coming in here and just hanging out. – You have, I know. – I was like, oh, okay, so it’s working. (upbeat music) – When we first got this project, I knew that we were
gonna want a home office. But I did not want a boring office, I wanted something that felt like now, and the only person to
tap was Danielle Arps. – In the show house, it’s kind of just like you’re
designing for yourself, like this is as if I
had a workspace at home, what would I want that to look like? What I want that to feel like? I want to work here. Like I just wanna stay in this room, get my stuff done, and, you know, have some beautiful items to look at that surround me while
I’m getting it done. – Every study is showing that more and more people
are working from home. We’re redefining how we work, redefining what our roles look like. And when we’re thinking
about our spaces at home, we need them to feel like spaces we can really function in that we can get the work done. And that when the day is over, we can close it all away. – When I’m approaching like
a office space at home, I still wanna evoke a very
calm, kind of zen feeling. You know, depending on
what you do in the office, and I kind of designed
it as if this was for me. I want my walls to be fairly light. I want surfaces to be clean. I want the furniture
to look like it’s real and not kind of like your
typical corporate furniture, but just kind of allowing space for mental creativity, visual creativity. – What Dani’s done here, is exactly what we asked her to do, and I’m so excited to see this space now. And I guess, it’s time to get to work.

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