Dad: The govt. killed my son, Reddit co-founder

Dad: The govt. killed my son, Reddit co-founder

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  1. The gov didn't kill him the dumbass killed himself he stole things and couldn't handle the consequences.

  2. He was without a doubt murdered. The mafia is in control of the BILLION dollar business he wanted to destroy….You don't fuck with the mafia.

  3. This is why the terrorist ate winning the government is pissing and killing everybody off to the point where we don't give a fuck!!! Fuck us Fuck you!!!!

  4. CNN, I am so proud of you. Aaron downloaded federal court files because he thought public records should be available to the public for free. If you consider paying taxes for court proceedings 'free.' He was facing 35 years in prison and a penalty of one million dollars. Your tax dollars at work, prosecuting young internet activists for distributing public information.

  5. Aaron Swartz was not "facing 35 years in prison." His own lawyer admitted that he had negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors, reducing the possible jail time to 6 months in jail with probation.

  6. Remember that each person arrested costs the tax payer $50,000 a year to keep in prison. $1,750,000 in this case.

  7. He was offered a 6-month deal and he hanged himself!

  8. "How does that make you feel?" How the hell do you think he feels?

  9. Solitary confinement for 3-4 hrs?  It's called an unoccupied jail cell.  Solitary confinement is in prison, which he never made it to

  10. Here's the problem:  He knew how to hack, but not enough watch his back.  What seemed illegal now in many years to come will likely to become legal.  So it's a regrettable situation for his family.

  11. 35 years for that… wow. taxpayer dollars at work folks.

  12. Due primarily to the poor reporting of journalists like the one featured in this segment, the public has many misconceptions about this case. For example, JSTOR does not own the articles on its database, and must pay licensing fees to the publishers of those works in order to post them on JSTOR servers and make them available to JSTOR subscribers. However, you do not need a subscription in order to access these articles, because all of these articles are available elsewhere, in various formats, by other publishers.

    Not all subscribers had to pay for JSTOR's services. Subscriber fees for the JSTOR service are based on a sliding-scale with large universities and institutions paying higher fees, while small community colleges and local public libraries pay much less — and in many cases, small institutions are provided the JSTOR service for FREE. The fees JSTOR charges allow them to make the investment in technology to provide the service, and to pay publishers for the right to re-publish these works.

    Many people seem to believe that the articles Aaron Swartz stole were all research articles that were paid for by federal research grants at public universities. This is not the case. In fact, most of the materials on JSTOR are not science articles, but are works in other academic disciplines. Further, it is simply not true that all the science-related articles were funded by taxpayers. Many foundations, universities, and private individuals fund science research that ends up being written about and published in science journals. It is true that a lot of research grants come from multiple sources, including taxpayers, but just because taxpayers help to fund research doesn't mean that the work products and copyrighted, licensed journal articles published describing that research 'belongs' to the public.

  13. Academic journals should be available to everyone in America. At least American citizens.

  14. Most of that scientific research, medical research, or govt. records are at the expense of the people who donate or pay taxes. To say no you don't have the right to access this information of scientific research funded by the American govt. with the citizens tax money is ridiculous.


  16. Terrorists dont have to attack us our govt is terrorizing the people more than they could stupid laws stealing our money to give to banks protecting the rich and punishing those who speak out fighting wars for no good reason other than greed complicity on polution cops that kill instead of protect and we pay for all that i feel like i should apologize to my kid for getting him involved in this crappy life where every year gets harder to imagine success and a comfortable life and the masses are either too slow to react or scared of the force our govt will rain down on us when we do react accordingly

  17. problems ha american justice system is a joke

  18. Someone explain to me what happened

  19. May the Swartz be with you

  20. who wore is better cnn or isis????

  21. It's sad that people make stuff like this a big deal then they go on with there life's and totally forget this amazing person! He woulda been very useful with this net neutrality hit! This is a person people should look up too!. Screw athletes and celebrities people are making a difference in this world! Weather it's in the battlefield or taking on the corrupted governments by any means other

  22. fusion center,stingray survallince, gangstalking echelon

  23. There is something that doesn't add up. He already got a 6 months deal. What did he discover in the files? Why the secret service went to search his apartment? Most importantly Who kill him? CIA. He didn't commit suicide. It must had been something really important the way they handle this situation. He was a really great human being.

  24. what we done as people or as society in hole, failed Aaron……just a waist …..

  25. does anyone suspect that he didn't commit suicide, but actually its an assassination and got covered up by the law enforcement?

  26. Does anyone turn down 3 plea deals because they wanted to go to court to defend themselves suddenly decide to kill themselves?

  27. Our tax dollars pay for research, then they keep the results. It's way past Nazi, America. It's the absolute capture of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that they murdered him.

  28. How the hell is trying to understand and inform the people of what the government does a crime

  29. Its good that "father" didn't start laughing, so real 🙂 . He was talking like his son get drunk badly after government accusations.A message to a herd was sent 🙂

  30. Another hero silenced by the deep state

  31. This guys woman was so selfish I think and knew exactly what she was doing selling him out. Why the hell did she offer tonhave a sit down with the law?? She like the coffee they serve?

  32. Toasted👎
    Im not in solitary confinement, but the process of " killing" being done to me.. " family", " friends", " relatives", " all" are witnessing it. This is d truth DEAR participants

  33. CNN is repeating the “depression story!”
    That’s what they do!
    Want another example?
    Decades after the House subcommittee on assassination found that JFK’s assassination was “a conspiracy, the media is still habitually referring to Oswald as the “lone gunman!” It’s propaganda plain and simple and demonstrates no commitment whatsoever to telling the truth. Their job is to lie for the Corporate State and the authoritarian Fascists behind that State! JWC

  34. Hopefully "the eye that sees everything" that appears on the dollar bills, designed by US government, do not see only for outside, but for all sides!

  35. Another hero silenced by the deep state.

  36. He did not suicided becouse of academics or the hacker part. But got himself killed because he was revolutionizing politics …

  37. Fuck the Government!!!!!!!

  38. He was prosecuted for piracy, and killed for something else.

  39. Americans made slaves out of their own Citizens, denied African Americans their Constitutional Rights, denied Women their Right to Vote and now expect the World to believe that America is the Champion of Freedom and Democracy. What a Joke. The only reason American Foreign Policy exists is to advance the profitability of Slavery outside of their own Legitimate Territorial Jurisdiction. America is the most Dangerous Country On Earth. Get real, Putin knows it all too well, so do Most well travelled educated individuals.

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