Cutscenes – Jake Kazdal, 17-BIT Founder

Cutscenes – Jake Kazdal, 17-BIT Founder

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  1. It is an amazing work you do

  2. That curry place is AMAZING! I remember eating there with Zach.

  3. I find it really calming and interesting how he talks about game developing and his experience with such passion

  4. Nooo not VR!! You get used to it and all the shortcomings of it are still there and get worse after initial awe wears off..

  5. Could you imagine Bloodborne VR?

  6. Really awesome interview. Always enjoy your content so much.

  7. French and Japanese subtitles are available under the “CC” menu. Spanish subtitles have been made available via community contributions, which are open for additional language submissions. Thank you for following Archipel! 日本語字幕を「CC」メニューより有効にすることができます。

  8. Him talking about VR would almost make me re-consider it.

  9. VR is so dead, poor guys, that money is already lost. :/

  10. Love the new series idea! Also, Jake is a great guest!

  11. Excellent video guys. Great shots, editing and music choice, always informative and occasionally emotional as well as cool, interesting subject matters. I always feel a great sense of honesty and an earnest nature from the work on your channel.

  12. I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer episode on him and his studio.

  13. This was great! Thank you!

  14. Galak-Z was great and I am looking forward to 17-bit's next project (also hoping it won't be Epic store exclusive).

  15. Liking this new idea of cutscenes. I have to say, It's kind of weird watching a video of yours in English, you should probably do captions in Japanese to keep up the tradition of the two subtitles option hahahaha.

    As always, Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  16. I'm not sold on VR at all. I just don't think the hardware is quite there yet. That said, It's nice to hear someone passionate about it, That isn't a corporate spokesperson. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it.

  17. Excited to find out your new game project Jake!! Keep up the great work!!

  18. ha that lizard brain comment was in his edge interview too

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