I’m back to show you a quick tutorial on how you can make your own stencils. These are two stencils that I bought – probably from Tuesday Morning. A stencil is simply an image that’s been cut out of some material (usually paper or plastic) that you use a medium on (paint, ink, gel, etc) and when you do, you leave the design behind on whatever paper or surface was under it. It’s a cool way to repeat an image or pattern without having to hand draw it over and over again. The result is a near perfect and exact image every time. You’re probably saying, “Y’know, Pia – stencils are pretty cheap, arent’t they??” Well, you’re right – yeah, they are. But, depending on the design you want – they can they also can be pretty expensive. The cheap ones may not be the designs you want or need – think about that while I stutter for a bit. (BTW I don’t stutter or lisp IRL, but put me in front of a camera and *sigh* I’m Sylvester the Cat!) Anyhoo – you might NEED to create a stencil one day. There’s nothing wrong with customizing things. In fact – It’s good to be able to practice making things instead of just buying them all the time. You get an understanding of what it means to design, develop, and produce something yourself. You DON’T have to. But if you’ve already purchased some stencils and are twiddling your thumbs waiting for them to come (and you know it’s gonna take like 4 – 8 weeks. Yeah – we shop there, too) – Of if you have no stencils and you need something quick for Mixed Media Mashup or You just wanna play with some OR you wanna start designing some for your future product line *hint hint* Get your feet wet by making your own! It’s super easy. All it really takes is a little time – you probably have the tools already! You’ll need: 1) Soft, thin plastic (from food or drink containers cut to the size you want your stencil to be. 2) Some UNDU or something to remove any label glue residue from your plastic; 3) a Ruler; 4) a Sharpie; 5) An Xacto Knife; 6) A pair of SHARP, DETAIL SCISSORS and 7) Hole Punches (optional) for punching random holes in your designs. So the first thing you’re going to do is peel the label off whatever package you’re using. Remove the glue and wash it well to get off any dirt, food, or oils. If you’re using a 2 liter bottle, take your Xacto knife and slice off the top and bottom. You’ll have the middle tube left. Cut it down the center with your scissors. You can leave it in one piece for a long stencil. Or you can cut it in half to make two small stencils. To make the design you can either print a black and white image from the internet and trace it onto your plastic or you can freehand a design with a sharpie marker directly onto the plastic. Here I found an image online that I liked. I printed it and traced it onto the plastic and even customized it further. You then take your xacto knife and CAREFULLY puncture a hole in the image. You just want enough of a hole to get your detailed scissors in there. Gently cut the design out. ONLY cut out the black part on the inside that makes up the design. Make sure your plastic in not too thick – you can injure yourself or give yourself calluses you don’t need. And it’s not worth it. As you can see, when you use a curved piece of plastic your stencil will be pretty curved as well. It doesn’t bother me. I tried to use my heat gun to flatten out a curved stencil and all it did was buckle and try to shrink up. You can try to gently heat and flatten your stencil, but I found it wasn’t worth the effort. This is the first stencil I made. I just drew stars with a sharpie, punctured each star with the xacto knife, then used my detail scissors to cut them all out. I used various hole punches for additional texture elements. I used my recycled 2 liter bottle to make two cool small stencils. So that’s the quick and dirty version of making your own stencils. Be as simple or complex and your fingers allow. I made two little texture stencils with just a 1mm and 2mm hole punch. I made this brick wall stencil out of an Oscar Meyer deli meat pack. This face is also out of the same kind of deli meat pack – I found that to be the best plastic for making stencils. This Koi Fish was a bugger! I made it out of the plastic from a thing of strawberries. That’s the kind of hard plastic you DON’T want. I hurt my thumb cutting that fish. I had to slice into the plastic in different areas to be able to access different parts of the design. It’s ugly – but I’m still going to use it. I just taped the cuts back together. NOW let’s try these bad boys out using the DIY texture paste I showed you in my supply haul vid. I’ll do the stars first. As you can see, this stencil is pretty buckled (from trying to flatten it with a heat gun). This texture paste came out so weird – and kinda slimy. It’s fluffy like a marshmallow, but goopy like marshmallow cream.. Hmmm… not too perfect. Quite grungy, in fact. I think the paste has already started to dry out maybe. But – hey – you can see what my stencil looks like! Let’s try the 1mm dots stencil. Interesting. Kind of a mixed result. Now, the 2mm dot stencil. It’s kind of chunky. I think that’s because the stencil lifted as I went over it a second time. But also there’s like some watery residue – not sure why that is. The problem is not my stencils. It’s this homemade texture paste that I’m not so sure about. But let’s keep going. Let’s try the brick wall stencil. NOTE: Be sure to keep a large bowl of water nearby so you can soak your stencils. You’ll ruin them if you let the paste dry completely. The brick wall came out – meh, if the texture paste were a better consistency I think it would have been great! Keep in mind that I’m also rushing a bit so the stencils are lifting and moving somewhat. There’s some great texture. The paste is REALLY hard to spread because it’s slimy instead of pastey – I’m disappointed. This face stencil probably won’t come out because it has a delicate cutout in the middle. *sigh* Yeah, I can barely make out the face. It kind of just looks like a blob. That’s a shame. That is a really cute stencil. I made this paste with Cornstarch instead of talc baby powder. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. We’ll try the koi fish – Oh! That one’s somewhat OK – (I’m shocked) Some areas came out more clumped than others, but overall I’m pleased. You can see the fins and it looks like a koi fish. I like making custom stencils. I’ll probably make some more. What I need to tweak is this custom texture paste. TBH, it’s probably not even worth it to make your own mediums. Just save up and buy em. At least store bought formulas are tested, consistent, and fool proof. I followed “tried and true” recipes, but mine came out nothing like what I saw on those videos. I’m seriously wondering if those people edited their videos and switched homemade paste with store bought. My weirdo paste looks and acts like it came from “The Upside Down Place” – shout out, Stranger Things (lol). It’s usable – barely, if you don’t mind thick paste that spreads and has a residue. You can WORK with it – But if I’m cutting my own stencils, I’d rather have a recognizable image than just random texture. Well, now you know how to make your own stencils. I hope you’ll try to make some. And you can have your own unique stencils that not everybody else in the world is using. That’s pretty cool. That’s all folks. I’ll see you next time. If there’s a video or tutorial you like me to do – please leave your suggestions in the comments. I will do my best to get them done – if I can. Thank you! Bye Bye. You

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  1. It.s nice to make our own supplies

  2. Wow, now I know some secrets how to do it. Here to show some love to your channel from live chat. Happy Easter

  3. Your process is very wonderful to watch! Great try on the paste! Cheers!

  4. I love the way you made your stencils I have been wanting to try and make my own. i never thought about using a coke bottle thanks for the tip. great video. have a great day.

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