Custom Material Library + FREE Download Vray Materials

Custom Material Library + FREE Download Vray Materials

What’s happening ladies and gentlemen, this is Minh from Architecture Inspirations. Today I’m gonna show you how to create your own custom material library in Vray for Sketchup. Let’s get started. Remember to watch until the end of this video so I can show you where to download some of my materials for free. Now let’s get into the video. If you don’t know how to create individual materials, then watch this video. This video will show you how to take different texture maps such as Diffuse, Normal, Bump, Reflection, Displacement, etc and put them in the correct slots in Vray to create a realistic material. After you’ve learned how to correctly create a material, then you can save that material by right clicking, and “Save As”, or by using this button here. When you save a material like this, it will give you a vrmat file, and a “maps“ folder with all of the texture maps that you have used for that material. So when you want to use this material in another project, you can simply load it using this button here. When it’s loaded, every maps will be applied in the right texture slots, so the material is ready for render right away. But of course you can always go back, and adjust the material even more if you need. There we go, now you can repeat this process to create your own library of Vray materials. When doing this, it’s a good idea to keep your materials organized by categories similar to what I did here. As you can see, I just repeat this method to create my own material library. When you have created a library, instead of loading in multiple vrmat files every time you work on a model, you can actually save them inside of the Vray material library so that you have access to it every time you open the Asset Editor. To do this in Vray 3.4 and 3.6, you need to copy the vrmat files and texture maps then place them in the appropriate folder. This is the folder path for Vray 3.4, and this is the path of Vray 3.6. Just copy and paste your materials there. After you’ve done that, just restart Sketchup and open up the Asset Editor, then go to the Materials Library and you should be able to see your materials there. And since I have a folder for each category, you can see that my materials have been very well organized. Pretty cool huh? For Vray Next, there’s a better way to do it. By using this button here, you can add a custom folder location. After it’s loaded, you’ll be able to see your collection of materials like so. Now you can add any material to your scene by simply dragging it in here, or you can also right click and select add to scene. You can search for materials here as well. The cool thing about Vray Next is that you can easily save new materials by dragging it in the folder this. Or if you make edits to a material, then you can just drag it back to its folder to update it. If the preview is not updated, then just click the folder and refresh it. And there we go, that’s a quick video showing you how to create your own material library in Vray for Sketchup. If you want to get some free materials, then you can go to my website using this link here. For every material, I’ve made a 1K and a 4K version. The 1K resolution version is completely free, but the 4K is only available for my members on Patreon. f that’s something you’re interested in, you can join my Patreon and get the whole material library with just one click. I update this material library monthly too so you will get new materials every month. I also want to thank all of my members on Patreon who have been supporting me. Anyway, that’s all for today guys. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video. Comment below if you have any questions. Stay inspired guys, and I’ll see you, next time 😉

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  1. Hey guys! Here is the link to download my materials for free (1K resolution If you want to test out a free 4K material, and look for "Wood Flooring AI 01D". The complete 4K material library is also available for my members on Patreon Enjoy!

  2. Thank you Minh another great video. Please can I ask a question, I have had Vray and other render software for many years but only do projects occasionally…every time is like a learning curve, haha. I like to create the fastest and simplest workflows and templates for all my projects.

    So, my question…I have maybe 10-15 different types of laminate surfaces, all the values would be the same but just the colour that changes. Is there a simple way I am missing to copy & paste the properties in VRay and just change/adjust the colour? I have this on several types of materials.

    I also want to create 1 sketchup file with my normal materials that 'link' to the Vray materials, do you think this is a good idea?

    I consult for retail stores and sometimes do the designs…the concepts only change every few years. I would love to see a video on creating the fastest workflow for a Sketchup file to quickly render off, for someone like me who has multiple projects with the very same materials but multiple staff. Just the building that changes and lighting mostly.

    Lighting – I really like the way you present videos and would love to see how you setup a few lighting scenarios; one a template for a lighting fixture and one video on a 'studio' set-up would be good. I often have one product (i.e. desk) that I want to have a white background with bright lighting and make it looks realistic.

  3. did u know plugin for check poligon which part is heavy in sketchup? because my vray cant render my file (230mb) and i hope with reduce some part hope it will work

  4. can these materials be used in unreal engine and do you plan on doing Arch Viz from Sketchup to Unreal Engine 4?

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  8. You never know how much u teach me rendering in vray. keep inspiring bro 👊

  9. thank you!! you really inspire me to do my best :)!

  10. vray mat for 3ds max 2018?

  11. Thanks… God Bless u…..

  12. Very Nice… Great video..

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  15. Can i use your materials in 3dmax?

  16. is there any plateform to learn vray bro. i am excited after viewing your video. help me

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  18. I have a one question. Any idea how to organize lightings? Like making many rectangle lights then set on one rectangle lights in vray. Hope you reply. You’re amazing! You’re my inspiration ❤️

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