Custom DIY CNC ROUTER #1 – The Frame

Custom DIY CNC ROUTER #1 – The Frame

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  1. Küehlwasser ned vergesse sushd gits korrosion 😉

  2. for you next video try to keep you arms still. its annoying

  3. Ich habe gerade so ein "willhaben Gefühl" 😀

  4. Do you mind sharing your design in het form of the plates you used?

  5. Hi, I'm interested to build it, could you provide me any file or instruction how to build it? Thanks Alex

  6. Hi Datulab…very good idea your Cnc…could you give us the list of materials..? and where could i find the " X " profiles which are the rails…?
    Thank's a lot, happy cuts….

  7. very nice just keep on

  8. are you German ? you people are clever 🙂 respect from iran

  9. Hallo Datalub Tech. Ich würde gerne so eine CnC Fräse bauen, jedoch gibt es in meiner Umgebung keinen Ort wo ich Teile mit einer CnC Fräse anfertigen lassen kann. Wäre es möglich die CnC gefrästen Teile mit einer Tischbohrmaschiene anzufertigen

  10. can you make a video or explain how you automatically change yours bits on the go is it magnetic ??

  11. can you share the model with me?

  12. Hi, what type of alluminium profile did you use? 2040?

  13. Please sir share your design

  14. I am making this cnc router

  15. Wo kann man die V-Slot Aluprofile in Deutschland günstig kaufen?

  16. Can i get the plan

  17. Very nice, you are a good man

  18. can you share sketch or model to me

  19. Looks like the x-carve.

  20. Which CNC milling machine at starting from 2:34

  21. привет тебе из России, мой Джастин Бибер!

  22. How much did it cost to build

  23. What type of stepper motors did you use?

  24. HI i want design of machine plz

  25. What kind of router are you using?

  26. To built a CNC: You need to have a CNC first. XD

  27. Can you send the file

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