CSI SAFE – 22 Strap Foundation

CSI SAFE – 22 Strap Foundation

in this video I will show you how to
model analyze and design the strap Foundation in the CSI safe software in
this example I will use he previously defined data for example define material
property 24 MPa concrete reinforcement 420 mega Pascal and for
these slab properties I will use footing 300 millimeter and script column is also
300 millimeter furthermore I will use the same soil subgrade properties data
that is defined in the previous videos here the allowable bearing pressure 200
allowable settlement is 25 millimeter the same data and the soil subgrade
modulus is 8,000 kilo Newton per meter square per meter okay and the beam
properties here modify here is a predefined concrete beam that will that
is 300 by 600 millimeter okay the beam material will be converted 24 mega
Pascal Reaper material will pay for current D and the power material for
shear it will also be 420 mega Pascal here all the data for the rectangular
beams so here is the cover top to the centroid so that is 75 millimeter that
will be okay okay so now there is a great data define X in the extraction to
grades 1 & 2 the distance between the grades in the extraction is orbiter you
can check here in the status bar that is a X 0 y 0 Z 0 in the X Direction X is 4
y is 0 Z is 0 in meter okay for the drawing or footing
I will click here quick draw voting and I will draw a 1.5 meter 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter footing and I
will click one point here and one point so now I will click the stiff column
that will be 300 millimeter by 300 millimeter okay I will click at the
center now for the deflection mode or press Escape key now I will draw the
center point at the center draw draw points here at the center
because I want to click this point and then apply this load for that purpose I
have drawn the points at the center scape now I will select the slab both
slabs or both putting slabs and then go sign for data soil properties that is a
predefined 200 mega Pascal 200 kPa divided by 25 millimeter settlement
allowable settlement okay so here you can see soil properties and we have been
you fine furthermore for the applying uploads I will click the center points
here I will apply for example assign lower
data point loads for example I will apply light load
hope for example 120 kilonewton downward okay and for the only left slab on the
right slab right footing I will assign low data point loads for example now I
had two existing load or here I will click 0 and the AMEX moment may be 33
and the my moment maybe you can take it as 20 kilonewton meter
okay now you can also check that Easy’s these loads have been added to the
previously door right click at the center going the loads here you can see
the point load and the moments have been applied successfully okay
now loading conditions are already defined all the things have been defined
now just check the load combination load combination here service load
combination and teammate load combinations have been defined
okay now I will run the analysis and design ok now see display show deformed
shape against the service load combination apply here the settlement is
maximum settlement is 16 millimeter further it is within the element for
example if it goes beyond what will how what will happen or how you can handle
by straight foundation that is a maximum 16 millimeter so now let’s check the
soil pressure how much is the soil pressure apply okay so maximum soil
pressure is 134 kPa kilonewton meter square kilo Newton per meter square so
that is again less than 200 kilo Pascal so if for example in your footing that
soil pressure is exceeding or settlement exceeding and your footing is Corin
footing for example let’s make it corner footing okay so here is a calculator
sorry okay sober footing is 1.5 meter 10.5 / – okay
that is 0.75 meter it is the center so if we have to move the footing from here
to here I have to minus 0.15 – point one five that is the half of 300
millimeter okay point six meter so it means I have to move this protein in the
left direction select this footing and add it move points or / areas here I
want to move in the negative x direction so that will be minus zero point six
okay so here you can see putting now it’s become the corner footing or edge
putting so now let’s see the what are the results display show deformed shape
against the load combination service load combination apply so now it’s
exceeding the allowable limits twenty eight millimeter that will be more than
twenty five-millimeter second check so show soil pressure okay again service
load combination okay so now the soil pressure is also exceeding the two
hundred kilo Pascal so it means our bedding check and settlement check is
failing so now I will provide this tab foundation and try to save or try to
pass these ball checks by providing the beam of strap foundation okay so here
you will click draw beam element from here you will select your beam you can
define more beams but I have defined only one beam that will be 300
millimeter by 600 millimeter I will click Center point or one footing and
take to the other footing center and press the scape okay
now you can see in the 3d extrude view here is a 3d so here that’s how this
strap coating will be look like okay you also exceed this beam further to the end
but if for the designing of slab foundation that will be okay if you move
from the center to Center okay so now I have to find the beam now I will again
run analysis and design okay software I have successfully done the analysis and
design now I will check display show deformed shape against load combination
service load combination of life let’s see what are the deformation now the
deformation is less than 25 millimeter it means our type formation check is
okay now check the show soil pressure okay the service load combination of
life okay sober swell pressure check is also okay
that is less than 200 kPa so it’s also going to okay so we have successfully
modeled this strap foundation now for the designing of footing reinforcement
and beam reinforcement the method of detailing is almost same as we have did
in the previous lectures so for the checking results before that we have to
define the strip here I will manually draw these strips
these are growl design strips for the X direction I’d rather sleep here then the
distance from this trip to the up and to the down means left and right of the
strips so here at the start and end of this trip so here for example of a
footing width is the 1.5 meter so for both sides that will be 0.75 meter 0.75
meter which will make over 1.5 meter okay now I will just zoom the fucking
and click this start point and okay
they actually one strip or in the X direction for the y-direction CMB okay now I have defined these strips now
I will run analysis and line okay display shows trip forces here now I
will see the strip forces by example against the ultimate load combination
example moment apply example on in layer a apply here strip forces show only in
the a slabs mat foundation putting that sacrum so here in the x4 in the
x-direction layer here for layer B in the Y direction here is a moment value
similarly for shear values wherever we define the strips the software will give
us the results so here I have defined the 1 mode 2 strips okay now for the
forces in the beam in this trap beam show beam forces okay now for the for
example major moment for example load combination here we can see the moment
values similarly the major shear value applied here is the major shear value
okay now if we want to see the beam design and for example first of all we
see show beam design okay longitudinally a rebar enforcement apply here soft
rebels in tell us how much top and bottom reinforcement is required okay
for example if we impose the minimum criteria okay now that’s how we can see
the strap foundation reinforcement details for the slab detail that is the
same way as we have avoided in the previous lectures for example
apply none apply that is basically previously click this method basically
that is providing for the how much spacing is required in the X and y
direction for example here that is for example 12 millimeter bar at 200
millimeter spacing toe and for bottom 12 millimeter bar at the rate of 200
millimeter Center to Center apply that is satisfying for example if we provide
the 10 millimeter dia bar apply so it is not satisfying so for example either we
have to reduce the spacing or increase the die-off bar so it is up to you you
can play with that apply so that’s how you can analyze and design the step
foundation in CSI safe software so that’s all have a nice day

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