CROWN LAKE | Season 1 | Ep. 2: ”Tattle Wall”

CROWN LAKE | Season 1 | Ep. 2: ”Tattle Wall”

– [Heather] So you’ve decided to read on. Good choice. Let’s start with an easy warmup, the alwayses and the nevers of Crown Lake. These are the basics, but they’re not in the
official student handbook. Always have school spirit. Always sign up for activities. Always roll up your skirt. The below-the-knee style is
universally unflattering. Never look Headmistress
Merriwether in the eye. – Miss Chambers. – [Heather] Never eat
the school’s pudding, just because. Always come up with a
nickname for yourself. Otherwise your classmates
will give you one, and it won’t be very nice. – Eleanor Chambers. – Actually, it’s Nellie. – [Heather] But knowing
the rules isn’t enough. You also need a secret weapon. Gossip. At Crown Lake, dirt gives
you power, so go find some. Do what you have to do. Write it on the Tattle Wall on the basement stairs at Crown Dorm. Be sure to use red ink. – Tattle Wall, red ink. – [Heather] Not sure who’s got a secret? Try the cross-country coach. There’s something up with him. – [Chloe] Whacha readin’? – Oh. Just looking at my mountain of homework. It’s gonna take hours. – No one said this place would be easy. But are you hanging in? – Well, my roommate and
I are oil and water, so I set up camp on the
couch in the common room. – Tiffany, right? She’s probably just intimidated by you. – I highly doubt that. – No, Tiffany’s, like, super insecure. I’m good at reading people. – Mm. So what do you know about
Tiffany’s old roommate? I heard she’s, like, a loser or something. – I don’t really listen to gossip. – I thought that was, like,
the currency around here. – Not for everybody. Not for cool people, anyway. So do you want to hear
a verse I’m working on? – Yeah, sure. – My favorite fruit is oranges, but nothing rhymes with them. Oranges. – Interesting. – It’s a haiku. (classical music) – Interested in yearbook? Give me an idea for a superlative. – What about most likely to become a backup dancer for Janet Jackson? – I’m assuming that’s a good thing. Works for me. You’re on the committee. – [Heather] Always have school spirit. Always sign up for activities. – Well, I can’t come, Mr. Westerbrook. I’m going to my new
boyfriend’s lacrosse game. – If you’re talking about
Ryan, doesn’t he row? It’s just Ryan told me he
was recruited for crew. – That’s what I meant. Eleanor. – Thinking of joining cross-country? – I don’t know. – Tryouts are tomorrow. It’s a three-mile race through the woods. You should check it out. – Thanks, I will. – [Heather] Gossip gives you power. So go find some. Try the cross-country
coach, Mr. Westerbrook. There’s something up with him. (people laughing) (door closing) Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend, but you have to follow my instructions, even when they seem suspect. – I’m Chloe Hauser. But you didn’t see me here. Okay? – Newbie buddy. What’s up?
– Hey. Nothing much, what about you? Are you lost again? – Nope. I memorized the map of the boys’ campus after the welcome party. I’m not gonna make that mistake again. (laughs) So what about you? Are you speaking Crown Lake-ese yet? – Sometimes I think I’ve got it mastered, and other times I’m
right back at the start. – Same. Boarding school is so weird. – I know. – Excuse me. This is a private get-together, Eleanor. – Well, the term for
this room is common room, so technically not private. – Well, consider it reserved. Go find your new weird buddy. – Chloe? She’s not weird. – Oh, please. You two are made for each other. – I bet you don’t like her because she doesn’t kiss your butt. – I don’t like Chloe because she’s uncool. – Do you think that’s a
reason to dislike someone? – Leave my boyfriend out of this. – Are you her boyfriend by choice, or did she bully you into it? – You little witch! – Oh. Oh my gosh! (students laughing) – I don’t even know why I’m here. – Are you kidding? You started it. – I warned you to leave Ryan alone. – Ryan’s your property? I was just talking to him. I don’t know why you’re so worried. – I’m not worried. – You obviously have something against me. First you smash my bird– – I didn’t smash your stupid bird. – It’s not stupid. (door opening) – Headmistress. I love that brooch. Is it new? – Is Dr. Lewis okay? – Yes, Dr. Lewis is fine. But what’s not fine is your behavior. Both of you. As punishment, Saturday detention, 6 a.m. – Saturday? – No excuses. You may go, Miss St. Martin. Now. As for you, Miss Chambers, not a good sign getting in
trouble your first week in. You haven’t made yourself
invaluable in any way. Consider this a warning. And I typically don’t warn
people more than once. (door closing) – [Heather] Gossip gives you power. Write it on the Tattle Wall on the basement stairs at Crown Dorm. (suspenseful music) – [Tiffany] Go find your new weird buddy. – [Nellie] Chloe? She’s not weird. – [Chloe] I don’t really listen to gossip. – [Nellie] I thought that was, like, the currency around here. – Not for everybody. – Thinking of joining cross-country? It’s a three-mile race through the woods. You should check it out. – [Heather] Do what you have to do. (classical music) – So Chloe loves Mr. Westerbrook? I can’t believe a guy like him would ever go for a girl like her. – I know. (classical music) (laughing) – [Dr. Lewis] So did you review the tape? I think we did a pretty
good job yesterday. – Yeah, I did. Thanks so much, Mr.
Westerbrook, for helping. – Your poems are awesome and heartfelt. You have nothing to be nervous about. – [Chloe] Here’s a new one I’m working on. – You think I have a thing
going on with Mr. Westerbrook? – I saw you leave his office twice. – So instead of asking me, you
write it on the Tattle Wall? – I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking, and– – Dr. Lewis and I both have
an interest in slam poetry. There’s an open mic
night coming up in town. We’re working on our performances. And Mr. Westerbrook is filming up. – You’re poets? – Trying. – I’m so sorry. – I thought you were different, Nellie. – Chloe, please. I was a jerk, and what
I did wasn’t me at all. See? All gone. – If you think this is your way to get free tickets to
my act, you’re mistaken. I guess you’re not a complete jerk. – Thanks, I guess. – I told you I’m good at reading people. You can’t just blindly follow the rules. You’re your own person. And you’ve gotta remain your own person while you’re at Crown Lake, Nellie. So many girls don’t get that. I don’t get why it’s a
weird rule not to eat this. It’s delicious. (rock music) (bell ringing) – [Heather] Congratulations
on sticking it out. I’m so proud of you. (suspenseful music) Next time on Crown Lake. Saturday detention is just
as boring as geometry. Here’s my advice, escape. – You have some explaining
to do, Miss Chambers. (suspenseful music)

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