Crowdsourced Border Wall EPIC Fail

Crowdsourced Border Wall EPIC Fail

>>If you can recall there was a GoFundMe
effort to raise money to build a border wall. And the organization or the group of people
who were pushing for this named themselves We Build the Wall. Well, it turns out they’re in a little bit
of trouble because they did end up building a half mile wall. But the only issue is they didn’t get the
proper permits necessary to do so. And they have blocked federal workers from
accessing waterways and levies that they need to access in order to do their jobs. So the half mile wall constructed along the
US Mexico border near Sunland Park, New Mexico, was erected earlier this month after organizers
raised more than $ 23 million on GoFundMe. We Build the Wall organizers failed to obtain
the required authorization to build the barrier on federal Land, cutting off access to waterways
and a public monument. So as a result, they have been notified that
they need to, essentially there’s a gate in the wall. They need to leave that gate permanently open.>>Oops look, I gotta say before I got amused
by the story I actually in I’m gonna show you why I don’t think feel bad at the end. But for a second I did feel bad.>>No, you shouldn’t.>>No, I know, I know. It’s like okay these are the bad guys and
the want to keep out people, mainly based on their race, let’s keep it real. And therefore, hey be scared of the others. So what am I feeling bad about? But look they did, the people who gave the
money, they’re probably not millionaires. So millionaires give the politicians so they
could just buy them and get tax cuts, etc. These are people that I think are misdirected,
but they gave their hard-earned money to this project, and $23 million is a lot of money,
right?>>I’m going to say what my father always
says to me, and sometimes to my mom. You don’t know the value of the money. You don’t know the value of the money, right? Understand the value of the money. Don’t willy-nilly donate to ridiculous causes
like this. Be an advocate for yourself and educate yourself
and understand whether this is a real issue, whether this is a real solution to that alleged
issue, and proceed cautiously. And that’s not what they did, so sorry.>>Yeah, I hear you, so I loss that sympathy,
though, when I started reading the founder Brian Kolfage. I don’t know if he’s related to Brian Covfefe.>>Anyway.>>That’s they guy.>>Yeah, and what he was saying about what
just happened. He said, Mexico just opened all the gates. And he said, they are planning for a mass
invasion.>>No, okay, so first of all, Mexico did nothing. It was US federal workers. That, first of all, you didn’t follow the
law. You didn’t obtain the authorization necessary
to do construction on federal land. Do you think you’re above the law? And secondly, you think the president of Mexico
made this happen? No, it is our federal workers who were like,
yo, we need to access that levy. What’s going on?>>Yeah, so then I’m like, you gave money
to this clown who thinks that Mexico runs US federal government and departments. And then he thinks Mexico, or maybe all three
Mexicos are planning an invasion of America. And remember there is actually thousands of
miles of the border that is still open and there is no wall or fence. And he constructed a half a mile of fence. And he thought the half a mile of fence was
going to block the invasion. But now that opened the door from the fence
and plus all the other places where there’s no border wall or fence. That somehow that little part was gonna block
the invasion, but now we can’t. God damn it, now the invasion begins.>>And if you gave money to that guy, well,
then I have a little bit less sympathy for you.>>And while I agree in the lack of sympathy
here, one thing that I do hope that investigators do is investigate where all of that money
went. Look, it could be possible that $23 million
is necessary to build half a mile of wall. But really, do you really spend all that money
on half a mile of wall?>>No, I have no idea but I do know that their
planning was horrible. But this is what I’m telling you like one
party, one wing in this country has lost its mind. And so they’re led by crazy people like Donald
Trump who is mentally unstable. They root for people like Roseanne Barr and
Ted Nugent who are clearly, obviously mentally unstable.>>They listen to talk show hosts like Glenn
Beck were clearly mentally unstable. And will go around on a gyroscope and say
yeah the spinning straightened out my mind, before I was crazy but now I’m fine, right? So, and so in this case the lack of planning
was stunning. Look, sometimes you rush a project. I know cuz I do that sometimes here. Hey guys, we’re gonna have a rally in Iowa.>>Sometimes.>>And then, I know, and I tell everybody
at the company, go. And they’re like, aye aye aye, right. But we take a lot of effort and then we mobilize
and we try to plan things out so that we give you guys a good experience. These guys on the other hand are like, we’re
building a wall right away okay. It’s okay, it’s going to be on private land. They’re like, yeah but except this portion
is on federal land. So what’s your plan, at a minimum you need
a permit to build on federal land. We’re gonna tell them a day before we start
building. I made them all Trump as you can tell. Okay, and the federal government’s like, you
asked a day before, no, you have to do a permit, you have to do an application. We have to review the application
>>They’re like, we don’t care we’re building anyway. So they poured concrete inside the building.>>Yeah.>>So they built it and spent the money then
then the government’s like, no, there is levees and dams on the other side. I can’t have you blocking it. There’s a reason why that’s federal land. So I’m denying you not because I don’t like
you or your cause, but because I need to access that area, right. And you’re like my God it’s Mexico doing it
and they’re gonna invade us. God, you’re so unbelievably stupid. So what are you going to do with these people? Then and now the people who donated to this
guy are in the exact opposite situation of an Instead of a win, win, which is what you get
with Aspiration>>Dot com slash TYT.>>That’s the phrase, right? You’re in a lose lose. You paid the money for a stupid half a mile
of wall that wasn’t going to make any difference anyway And now the door is locked open, and
is kind of like rubbing it in your face like, hey, nice job, knucklehead. It’s almost like a, why don’t you put a welcome
mat, too, right?>>My God, you couldn’t get less of an
than this. Okay, and of course, as you know, that’s a
win-win for Aspiration because you make more money in those accounts and they don’t put
your money in fossil fuels and dirty companies. So that’s why it’s a win-win, I’m not saying
anything, except for all the things I just said.

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  1. Do you feel bad for the people who gave money to this GoFundMe? Leave a comment below!

  2. Yes that makes perfect sense….build a wall and leave the gate open. And the wall doesn't discriminate against color, it discriminates on the fact of are you a citizen or not.

  3. Lol too funny. The IBWC has come to terms with "We Build The Wall". OUT OF SECURITY CONCERNS. they've agreed to lock the gate at night. I wonder what those security reasons are???

  4. San Diego Mexico border – there's very little if any new fence/wall. Saying you're going to build it is way way easier than actually building it. About ten years ago it took federal workers approximately 3 years to put up 4 miles of fence. I know this because I watched them do it.

  5. Needs to be preserved as a monument to stupidity.

  6. Can we be real for a second and just say that the wall isn't to keep ppl out "based off the color of their skin." That has nothing to do with it. It's about being a legal citizen. As a country, we should know who is coming in and out of the country at all times. Im tired of it being made out to be a race war.

  7. LMAO..they even have YT videos trying to show how awesome the goFundMe wall is.
    As you can imagine the comments section is filled with MAGA 2020 idiots . Soo happy to donate money Git er done. 😂

  8. Pay china to build it . You get twice the length for half the price.

  9. No lack of sympathy is perfectly justifiable…. people that are this stupid should be called out and told how stupid they are…. maybe this way they will do a bit of research before making a vote or a donation.

  10. Fake News
    Wall done
    All Permits
    Gate Closed
    Stupid libtards

  11. Anyone noticed that Trump hasnt been talking about the wall that much lately?

  12. Young Turks lie! The wall is on private land!

  13. They actually got the permits, This is a lie! Do your research

  14. This is symbolic of Trump's Presidency …building something useless, without legal consent, so he can get as much personal profit from it as possible before it gets torn down, paid for by poor, racist, whites.

  15. It’s a bit patronising to feel sorry for these people. They knew that they were wasting their money when they put their details into that site.
    “Blowing my cash on nonsense to own the libs”

    The wall has always been a symbolic middle finger to Hispanic people and Mexico as a country rather than a credible deterrent. Turning the failure of this pointless segment of wall into a conspiratorial lie about Mexico serves a similar purpose.

    I’m sure they’d pay that same money again. And that’s not to give credit to their “grit and determination” or however people like to romanticise such obvious, avoidable failures; it’s a swipe at how F-ing racist and gullible they are! 😆

  16. Fake news. The city came out and said they had the proper permits

  17. Hahahahahahaha, duh.

  18. Keep sending in your hard-earned money folks. Now, thanks to your idiotic, I mean patriotic donations, they'll have to walk an extra half a mile to get into the country. Unless they walk through the open gate. You may not be stopping them, but at least you're slowing them down a little bit, and that's $23 million that won't be going towards getting trump re-elected. So thank you!

  19. Well, there's 23m in money not going to Trump's reelection campaign.

  20. Wildlife need the door too.

  21. Their bigotry and foolishness aside, I respect the people who donated because at least they put THEIR money up to build that wall. They weren't just just chanting about it and expecting it to come from govt coffers.

  22. I don't feel sorry for those bigots…F#@! them!

  23. Tell Soros to stop funding the Migrant caravans.

  24. Trump is helping Mexico. Trump, Amlo, and Putin are friends.

  25. Hope that wall gets vandalized to kingdom come.

  26. This has been corrected as of 6/15/19. I love how commontators tell you how to "FEEL".

  27. Someone has to open the gate in the morning, and close it at night….. 
    or keep it open all of the time.

  28. In the words of Nelson on the simpsons . . . HaHa!

  29. They want to keep them out because they are illegal.

  30. when will people learn to stop repeating history. anyone else feel a wall goes both ways? keeps people out but also keeps us in. personally I don't want to be part of the fish in a barrel club. 1 wall will bring another and another, so on.

  31. Actually the gate needs to be left open during daylight hours and it is closed at dark along with 6 routes used by illegals are blocked

  32. How much of that $23 million was used for the "wall" and how much wound up in that guy's pocket?

  33. We gave money and witnessed the completion of the section.
    Turds stink and suck at real news.

  34. How much damage did they do to that environment if they didnt get the proper permits…

  35. I'm sure that clown got more than 23 million in donations but only reported 23 million. I'm sure he pocketed at least 40 million besides the 23 he supposedly spent on the upen doors border wall.

  36. This portion of the wall at Sunland Park New Mexico is an area that is rich in history and there is a monument (Cristo Rey) statute of Jesus Christ that Catholics religiously travel from Mexico and the United States to worship. Plus there is plenty of U.S. Customs Border Agents patrolling that area. I know this because I live there.

  37. I refuse to feel sorry for people who choose fear and anxiety over logic and reasoning

  38. Oh Wow…These Young Turds are outright lying on this one. I suggest people do their own research because this is not true. Liar, liar pants on fire Young Turds. The permits were issued…But the Democrat Mayor had not realized it because he was too stupid. The wall continues to be build with funds provided by American Patriot.

  39. Ohhh….sorry, I guess you didn't hear. We the people called and cussed out congress and called the president to rectify this situation. The padlock is off and the gate is now closed. We win again, sorry morons.

  40. This section of the wall was built for $6 Million, on land that the Army Corp of Engineers said could not be built on. And it was built in under 2 weeks. AND it's a short wall because it fills a gap between 2 existing walls. And it including electronic surveillance equipment, a highspeed road and two watch towers for Border Patrol.
    Don't worry about us Armenian Genocide denier. We are totally ok with how our money was spent.

    You're both morons. And have no class or morals.
    You are blatantly lying about something you know the truth about.
    To anyone that isn't a gullible moron, do your own research and don't take these idiots seriously.

  41. The illegals break the law when they cross the border and the dems, attorney, judges and people like The young Turks set them free and then gice them freebies for 18+ yrs. It is cheaper to Build the Wall and the illegal women with 2 + kids only come for freebies. Cost more to pay for babysitter making min wage.

  42. Gotta love natural selection. Its a beautiful thing.

  43. Hey, Chunk, have you been to the border in the worst affected areas??? Probably not… have you met Angel mothers? Have you spoken to the ICE officials who patrol the borders?…. No…. You sanctimoniously berate the people who live on the border and deal with the consequences of the apathy of congress.
    The young Turks are pretty pathetic in their abject denials of the genuine issues that confront the borders.
    Go do some actual reporting from the front line and then attempt to put your sanctimonious spin on it….. Dare you!

  44. The wall has got to be the biggest scam yet pulled by Don the Con.

  45. All that money could’ve went to a city to rebuild it or to homeless people in the US.

  46. P.T. Barnum is turning over in his grave at the thought of all of these suckers.

  47. BS…Gate gets shut every evening and their are guards during the day.. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT…oh, your fake news……!

  48. The guy who founded the gofundme is a known fraudster. He has many times raised money for veterans and never donated money to them, or only a small percentage. LOL they have to leave the gate open. LMAO. Got no problem with suckers given money to con man. Sad thing the con man wins no matter what happens, he pays himself a huge amount of the money given as salary. So they trespassed on federal land, built on it without permits, blocked a pathway, sounds like your more illegals than the other people you tried to keep out.

  49. That fraudster should be fined by the federal government huge penalties for what they did and property damages. Also forced to remove it and pay back for the damage to the land.


  51. The gate is closed at all times; to be opened for federal employee access only. The crowdfunded wall is an epic achievement!

  52. HahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHahahahahahaHah

  53. At least your father wasnt killed in the genocide Ana……Happy Fathers Day

  54. The ad before the video was legit for 'we build the wall'😂 epic fail. xenophobic morons getting scammed is hilarious, probably the same people who are mad about paying taxes wasted their money on that shit. They played themselves. 😂

  55. a fool and their money are easily parted

  56. thats how i keep people out of my backyard, I built a 6 foot tall 6 foot long fence! Thatll show them!

  57. Keep running your terrorist mouth bitch and you will be TAKEN OUT PERMANENTLY. FACT

  58. Fake news. FACTS: IBWC was notified, and on site inspecting the build. They chose the design of the gate. They were involved every step. Gate was never locked, was never a lock on it.

  59. "One wing in this country has lost its mind"? Has Chunk finally become self aware? Oh no never mind hes talking about the right wing.

  60. Trumptards: "walls work! Why do we surround our properties with walls if they don't! Huh?!"

    Me (literally watching a five year old kid climb over my head hight stone garden wall after watching a prison escape documentary in which many walls were climbed over)- "the only thing trump supporters have proved here is that they don't live in reality"

  61. Who cares about breaking a few laws though. It's not like they did something really horrible like misdemeanor border crossing, which would justify taking their children away.

  62. I guess Nancy Pelosi must have paid that dollar for the wall because I see it being constructed as we speak..
    Snowflakes melting is a beautiful sight! Another win for the president.

  63. Go fund me ran by idiots woo big shocker when you give money to the poor expect it to be wasted thats all a go fund me is people to poor to fund a project themselves.

  64. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    This is me laughing in german about the people who donated money for the wall.

    Can please somw place a door mat with "welcome" written on it at the open gate.

  65. I watched another video where they ended up getting the proper permits and the wall was actually a pretty big success.. Why does news differ depending on who tells it?

  66. As stupid as they are, at least the money didn't go towards the purchase of a yacht like that other GoFundMe.

  67. Hey… your looking like shit.
    Kill yourselves

  68. You guys are strange. The border wall people are doing more than any of us. and you look down on them. Only a liberal would do that. Don't you think its nuts that the government wants to keep the door open? The door is locked at night. They have two other border walls areas that will be built at one third the cost.

  69. More fake news hahaha. Here in El Paso the wall is growing strong. MAGA 2020

  70. Whenever I have an ant problem I just place a brick in front of their hole.

  71. How sad, if they had done any research they would know it was 6 million total, connected a half mile stretch gap where wall had already been built (meaning it connected and closed off two existing areas of wall) and it was all on private land. Also-they did have a permit; which is why they were allowed to finish 'closing' the 1/2 mile gap despite being sued halfway through. The wall was built over 2 weeks ago, and the gate is heavily monitored with 24/7 security during the times it is open for workers to pass through-but only in daylight hours. I am all for freedom of speech and media, however the most elementary of fact checking (google) disproves this entire video. In all actuality it makes the channel look foolish; and raises questions to their credibility/intelligence.

  72. Morons will be morons.

  73. Never underestimate the sheer stupidity of Right Wingers.

  74. The libs want to build a diverse, multi-cultural human wall of LUV.

  75. They be dumb. Hehehehehe…..

  76. Typical republican mistake! That's due to their shit for brains! Republicans aren't birthed vaginally, they're birthed anally! Thus, the shit for brains!

  77. Remove the wall now.

  78. I am offering $5000 to the first male Mexican to rape AOC. $10000 if you're there illegally

  79. lol no sympathy for the idiot racists who gave their hard earned money to be assholes, sorry that you where being a racist bigot, but you don't get the money back

  80. The stupid people that donated deserve what they get

  81. My mom says the same thing.

  82. The poorly educated are at it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Dems just gave Trump 4.5 billion for border security. I GUESS IT'S A REAL ISSUE NOW.

  84. They built a giant racquetball court. The illegals need to keep themselves entertained

  85. They do not believe in following their own laws. Tge laws are meant to punish someone else. Not them. They get to do whatever they want to do.

  86. to the Donators: I'm sorry not sorry. They made a gesture to keep people out. And jokes on them, access will be available 24/7. There is a lesson in there. Racism, discrimination is costly in the end.

  87. Any information from Buzzfeed is BS. Don’t get your info from Buzzfeed.

  88. $23M per 1/2 mile X 1,954 miles = $89,884,000,000. They're gonna need a lot of donors.

  89. Cenk  when President Chump is done keep imitating him. I don't know your dad but you nailed it. Ana, stop being so cute. ☺

  90. Cenk, what is wrong with you feeling for these racists? They deserve to lose their money for their cruelty.

  91. This guy kept all those millions he is working with Tommy Fisher I worked for Fisher industries or stinger bridge and iron which is the same company. that's one corrupt company I know alot about those 2 company's but what's funny they fooled all those people oh and it's not a wall it's metal fence imported metal this I know

  92. Update: The wall is built and that gate is locked. So once again TYT you were totally wrong! MAGA!

  93. No I don't feel sad….I feel extremely proud! Some of your below comments think sending money to televangelists and other charities are stupid. It's a matter of heart. I think spending money on movies and telethons are about the same. Only difference I can see I'm 99.9% certain my donations are not being spent to support pedos and line someone's pockets.

  94. This story like TYT, is inconsequential.
    Ana, get a real job.

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