Crochet: The Study of Texture Crochet Along – Introduction

Crochet: The Study of Texture Crochet Along – Introduction

Sorry one second. Yeah, Oh? Ooooooh! Is that so! Well, my little birdie says somebody’s been a knotty crocheter and now you’re in summer school with me with our friends over as well as myself Mikey here from The Crochet Crowd. So summer school doesn’t have to be all serious, right? So we’re gonna be having a lot of playful names when it comes to each week of the eight weeks in this program. You’re going to notice that we’re going to be doing a study of something throughout each week. Now I’ve kinda playfully named them because it’s kind of like an innuendo of what you’re going to learn. For example week number one it’s the study of old town squares. Wonder what we’re gonna be doing with that, right? We may hit a few speed bumps along the way as we make our way around the town square. We’re gonna continue like that throughout the summer and in actual fact we’re gonna have a movie night at some point during the summer just to give you the break that you need and by the last week you’ll have the final exam which in your case will be the border. We’re gonna be having a lot of fun and if you know how to follow a video tutorial and read written instructions you can have a lot of fun with this idea. You’re gonna require some counting. This will challenge some of you for sure and, and others that maybe just a walk in the park. I’ve never designed anything as complex as this but together with you going week by week we can do this together, I promise. So as mentioned this is a stitch along so each week it’s a bite size of the pattern. Sometimes it’s big bites, sometimes it’s little nibbles. You have to join me in order to figure it out. I divided up the afghan which made sense in order to continue the pattern. We’re also going to be using ten balls here of Bernat Pop yarn, just like you see. Now Bernat Pop has come out with some brand new colors that you’ll see and if you look at the tops you’ll kind of get a glimpse of what your afghans are gonna look like in the end. For this particular tutorial on camera I’m going to be using Blue Chambray, but of course you can use any colors that you wish. Now it’s an amazing idea because the new colors to Bernat Pop I love them and I think that you’re going to as well. You can also sign up with our friends at in order to follow the stitch along to the end. So if you’re forgetting about the stitch along they can send you an email with the updated pattern in order to work it and together with all of the eight weeks you’ll have an amazing afghan by the very end. So my friends at The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at you can sign up or enroll in your summer school education with us so that we can send you those free patterns. Also now is your time, you just need 10 balls of Bernat Pop. You can get that over at in order to fulfill your needs. Take a look at the entire selection and you might also find it in a retailer near you. So now it’s up to you. Grab your yarn and I’ll see you on week number one where we do the study of old town squares. What does that mean? I don’t know! You’ll have to find out in week number one. We’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye 👋

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  1. Where can I get the pattern for that owl?

  2. For those of us who can get hold of Bernat pop due to where we live…what weight yarn will we need and roughly how many yards? So we can play along too. Thank you. 😊

  3. An owl!…… Okay, okay. Different isn't bad, just different. I just have a thing about pirate. (Except the Disney movies) and think parrot only. Um is tgat a skeleton parachute behind you?? Hysterical! I love denim blues, btw. Now I need to re watch the vid. The not a parrot….er the owl took me by surprise and I missed the whole thing.😙

  4. He is too cute🙂 U too Mikey.

  5. What day will the new 'lesson' come out? Did you say, and yet I was day dreaming?

  6. So sad because here in my country I don't think we have that, and even if we have it's very expensive.

  7. Is there a place I can order where they ship to Norway? I want to use the same yarn if it’s not to crazy expensive🤪

  8. I simply love bernat pop yarn. It works up so nice. Can't wait to see the new colors. Thanks for sharing

  9. To people who are freaking out because they can't get a hold of Bernat Pop: I'm sure the pattern can be done with any regular worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Soft or Caron One Pound.

  10. Hi Mickey can't wait for the next episode!
    Luv yah 💕

  11. Ok, I have my color, Scarlet Sizzle and I'm ready to gooooo!!! 🙂

  12. 此の説明分からない 今後 困難説明 やめて欲しい

  13. 10 balls? $$$$$$

  14. do all 10 balls/skiens need to be the same

  15. I love love you , you you are the best thank you

  16. Outstanding, i think you would like my music for your videos as well, perhaps you would be intersted to use my music for your next video? Cant wait to see more!

  17. How many yarn do i need from bernat pop

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