Crochet Textured Life Blanket

Crochet Textured Life Blanket

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at Today it’s the Textured Life Crochet Blanket. A beautiful blanket. This is quick and this is also easy. Today we’re going to be going through this and I’m gonna show you how to change the sizes of this just in case you would like to make it something different. You’ll need six balls total a Bernat Blanket. This is using the twist version so you’ll need three balls of Purple Haze and three balls of Grape Kiss in order to match this that you all see. You’ll also need a 10 mm, size ‘N’ as in Nancy crochet hook that you see here. Let me show you what this yarn looks like up close because it may be very deceptive but it’s really quite awesome and you’ll see the how it works together. So initially when you look at this yarn you will see that it’s a twist and if I pull it apart you will notice that it’s actually different chenilles that are put together in order to create the twist. And so what happens is that there’s different colors here and it’s twisted together. Now when you see it all twisted you think oh, it’s gonna look all organized like that but once you actually crochet with it blends. Great for hiding pet hair, great for hiding any imperfections maybe dirt. Everything like that with this particular brand and I think it’s really quite awesome. You’ll notice that this afghan it does say textured. There’s a lot of texture. The texture is only on the front side. This is the back side there is no texture and you will see that you have the beautiful lifting textures here in the front and that’s what makes it really amazing. So there’s only a total of four different rows in order for you to follow for the repeat and the changing of the pattern I believe is every eight rows. So every eight row is one color and then the next eight is another and then the next eight is another. So I’m gonna show you how to get started because once you see how fast this is, you can get it done in lickety-split. So you’ll notice that the instructions give you what the multiple is. So it says chain 67 or if you’d like to change the size it says multiples of two chains. So you go two, two, two, two and when you’re happy with the width of it you just add another five chains and therefore it’ll stay in balance. So it’s multiples of two plus five. So let’s begin and I’m just gonna do a small little mini sample because once you see how fast this is it’s really easy to understand. So using your crochet hook I want you to create a slipknot. This is an easy level project almost the beginner could probably get this too if you’re just following along. So you can just change 67 if you wish but if you’d like to change the size which I’m about to do. I’m just to do a small sample. I’m gonna go 1 and 2 and 1 and 2, 1 and 2, 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and when I’m satisfied with the width of this what I want to do is that I wanna add the five chains that’s needed to keep the balance. So I go 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. So it’s multiples a two plus five. The first row is gonna get ourselves set up. So I want you to count to the fourth chain from the hook. So what I want you to do is turn it over and you can see the first chain, second chain, third chain, this is the fourth and to make a really nice edge turn it over and get the back hump of that, of that. So it’s the back loop of that chain and you will have a perfect looking chain ah, beginning. So yarning over going into the back loop of that fourth chain from the hook. So insert in, pull through, pull through two and two and you’ve just done a double crochet. So technically you have two double crochets in a row now. So this chain that you skipped over is one now and this is the second. So now that you’ve gone into the back loop of this chain the chain will stay earned over and then you’ll go to the next loop and it’s easier to see in person but it’s the next back loop of the next chain and I want you to double crochet yourself in the back loops of each one of the chains all the way back to the very beginning of your project or of the chain. So continue that I’ll see you at the end of your chain. So I’m coming to the end of the chain. Now I realize for new crocheters that this striping yarn is going to probably be a visual blocking for you, but just do your best and hopefully that you can get it all the way across. So once you get your last stitch in I want you to turn your work and we’re now gonna go from row number two to five. So two to five is the repeat pattern for this. So let’s review number two. So chain up one and put one single crochet in each one of the stitches going all the way across. So this is row number two and you’ll come back to row number two when you have to repeat after you get row number five done. So rows number two through five are the repeat patterns. So just single crochet across into each one of the double crochet stitches and don’t forget that turning chain right at the end and I’ll see you there in just a moment. so you’re gonna come right to the end. So for new crochets what happens is they come into this stitch and they say okay, they’re done. They forget that the turning chain is also a stitch. So go in the top of the turning chain just don’t go into a space go right into the chain and then that’s your last single crochet. So make sure you don’t forget that last one is there. So let’s do row number three. So turn your work and here we go. So here’s number three. You’re gonna chain three which counts as your first double crochet. So this means that this one counts as this first one if you’re looking straight down. So the next stitch that I want is right here. Okay. It’s this double crochet after the single crochet row here. So wrap the hook twice and just come around the post. So you’re gonna do a front post double crochet sorry front post treble crochet and you’re gonna go in to the side of the post, out to the other and pull through and then pull through two, yarn over pull through two and then pull through two. So that counted as that stitch. So behind the scenes the next stitch would have been here, but this is standing in front of it so that counts as that stitch. So your very next one is the one right after and that’s where you’re gonna double crochet your next one. So you’re gonna repeat this pattern going all the way across now. So you’re gonna wrap the hook twice to treble, so this one here counts as this double crochet so you have to come to the next one. So it’s every other one has these front post double or front post treble crochets. So pull through, pull through two, two and two. Okay, so that counts as the next double crochet that was there that’s in front of so the next one is right here. Just lean it over to the front if you just don’t see it but once you understand this pattern you’ll find that you’ll be able to not have to pay attention so closely. So wrapping twice you’re gonna skip the next one go to the second one over and it’s a front post treble crochet and then double crochet in the next one. So just again lean it forward. This is the next one that this was in front of so you’re gonna come into the one after that. So I’m just gonna continue to do this all the way across. So when you get to the other side all your math should work out. So it’s, you’re skipping one you’re doing the one right after and it should be the one just before the end if your math is done, right. Okay, and then your very last one is a double crochet or double crochet in the last stitch. So you will notice that this is row number three. So what happens then when we go to redo these ones here in row number five they’re gonna be shifted in between these where they lift. So let’s go row number four. So every other row going forward is just the same thing. So it’s chain one and it’s one double crochet in each. So this is building the spacing where the double or front post trebles are gonna jump over. So every other row if you can remember is just a single crochet and make sure that when you come to the other side you go into that turning chain. So don’t forget that turning chain is one stitch. It’s right at the top. Don’t go into a space go right into the chain itself and single crochet. So let’s review number five. So row number five we have to get in between these, see these trebles, we need to get into this double that’s sitting there. So in order to do number five is that you’re just gonna chain up three which is your first double crochet and you’re gonna double crochet in the next one and then you can start the fun stuff. So we’re gonna front post, so you see that this one matches this, this matches this therefore this third one is where we wanna do up front post treble. So we’re just gonna go with that one. So you see we had to start off with two doubles in a row in order to get ourselves to shift one stitch over. So then you’re going to double crochet in the next stitch available. Okay, so remember that in behind this covers in front of a stitch so you’re just gonna skip over that one and then you’re gonna front post treble into the next double crochet that’s straight down. And then double crochet in the next and keep doing that all the way across. Now you’ll be able to see the stitches a lot easier because you’ve established a pattern already. Now when you get to the other side, okay, I’ve got my last front post treble here. See this one is here so I know that the last two stitches are going to be a double crochet each. Okay, so that’s an owner, in order to keep it in the balance. So row number five you will notice that the trebles are starting a little bit further in on both sides. So let’s go back to row number two. So it’s repeating rows two to five. So just chain up one and do one single crochet in each stitch all the way across and then we will then go to number three after that. So I’m finishing up row number two, and then that final turning chain is also a stitch, so don’t forget that. So let’s turn our work and do number three. So number three you see then we’re here the treble is here so therefore we have to start earlier than the last time that we were doing this on row number five. So chain up three, counts as your first double and then the one straight down the next one is your front post treble. And then you double crochet into the next stitch available to you. Okay, so you see that the two are aligning with each other. So you just keep just filling in those front post trebles in between the existing ones that are already there in row number five and then you double crochet into the next so this is row number three again, and I’ll see you at the end of this row. So I’m coming to the end of row number three. So the last stitch just before the end is the front post treble and then you double crochet in the final stitch. Okay, so both sides are equal to each other. Turn your work, row number four is the same thing as you know. It’s just chain one and one single crochet into each. So do that across and then I’ll see you on number five. Finishing up row three just coming right to the end. Don’t forget the turning chain and then that’s it. So let’s do number five. So just chain three counts as your first double. You’re gonna double crochet in the next so that you can shift that trebles. Okay, so you’ll be shifting it back into the middle where you see this other one down here and you’re gonna do that. So what I’m gonna do is that you just do what you already know at this point. So what I’m gonna do at the end of this row um, we’re gonna change our color. So every eighth row, um, every eighth row is you’re going to change the color. So in this case, I’ve just did two repeats of two through five. So what I can do that’s four rows each so that equals eight. So what I would do is just change the color then to the new color and I’m gonna show you how to do that just in case you’re that new and you need to see how that’s done. So I’ll show you that in just a moment. So I’m coming up to the end of row number five so the final two stitches then are just a double crochet each in order to keep the balance. So at this point you’ve done a now eight rows. So let’s just review on how to change this color out and then you can just keep on changing when you want. To change color just simply just trim your yarn. So you’ll have a yarn tail, it’s still on the loop. So I want you to pull this loop through, this is existing one and I want you to just weave it in and out of these stitches here for about at least two inches. And what’s gonna happen is that next time you go into these stitches you’ll be trapping that under, into position. So now we can turn our work because we would have to anyway and we’re just gonna leave this tail in there for now and we’re gonna take the next color and create a slipknot to begin. So we just ended up on row number five. So the next row, row number two is a single crochet row. So coming in the first stitch. I want you to do a standing single crochet. So technically when you join yarn, you just join with the slip stitch chain one and single crochet. But if you go into the first stitch with this already on the hook. What you can just do is just yarning over and scooping it underneath through the stitch and you’ll have two loops. That is looking like a single crochet so you pull through the two and that’s your first one. So it’s joined and also a single crochet at the same . So you’re just gonna trap over top of this tail and keep it underneath the stitch work just like that. So what you’re doing by go into all these stitches you’re trapping the other one you just wove in into position. And once you go about two inches, you can let it drop and then you can just trim out the remaining. So you’re just gonna do row number two through five, two through five and then change the color when you’re ready. So I’m going to show you when I get to the end of this row on how to finish this off at the very end because you will need to tapestry needle in order to hide those loose ends from completely popping out and though you can hide it in now because you’re going up over top of stuff the very final a row that you do at the end of your blanket is that you will find that it will, um you can’t hide that because there’s nothing more going in. So once you get all the way to the end saying that it’s the end of your project you can just simply just trim your work and pull the loop through. So at this point, even if you woven this in to this, it’ll still fall out on you. So just grabbing a tapestry needle and just weaving it into the eye of the needle, take this and just dragged it up underneath the stitch work inside the same color. Stay towards the bottom side of the stitch. Don’t impede with the outside edge and just pull through and when you pull it, don’t pull it to the point where it’s gonna work the project. So give it a bit of slack the first time through then choose a slightly different path and go back in the other direction from which you just came and then finally third time is a charm just dragging it through a slightly different path back in the other direction one more time again staying away from that outside edge completely so that you don’t wreck the look at that. And once it’s woven in three times you can safely just trim this now right to the project and this should never fall out on you at all. And you’ll wanna do that with your starting strands as well. So just go back to the very start and just do that and that’s how you would complete this. So this here any loose ends that you’ve been dragging up underneath pull on them make sure they’re nice and taut and then you can safely trim those down too and Those should be out of the way and hidden and because they’re tucked away underneath some stitches those should not fall out on you either. So until next time it’s Mikey and behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at This is the Textured Life Crochet Blanket. Bye, bye 👋

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