Crochet Puff Shell Star Stitch (Great for Scarves or Blankets) | Stunning Textured Stitch

Crochet Puff Shell Star Stitch (Great for Scarves or Blankets) | Stunning Textured Stitch

Hello and welcome back to my channel.
Today I’m going to be showing you how you crochet this very beautiful Puff
Shell Star Stitch. If this is your first visit to my channel it would be amazing
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Now for this scarf I’m currently working on, I am using Cygnet Boho Spirit in the
colorway “Breeze” and a four and a half millimeter crochet hook. You are of
course free to use any yarn and any hook size that you so wish. Now just a word
about this pattern; this is definitely what I would class as an intermediate
crochet pattern. If you are an adventurous beginner by all means give
this a go but I really don’t want you to get disheartened if you find that you’re
struggling with it because even I struggled with this when I first started
going – it is one of those patterns that seems incredibly complicated until you
get going and you’ve done a few repeats of the rows and you kind of get into the
rhythm of it, so please stick with it, it is so so worth it. Using the Boho Spirit
yarn and the four and a half millimeter hook, I found it really easy to get into
the chains that I was working into, you can see I’m working into chains for
all of these, the yarn I’m using today for the little sample piece hasn’t quite
got as much give so I’m going to be fighting it a little bit more but that
does mean it forces me to slow down so you guys can really see what I’m doing.
As always there are timestamps in the description box below so don’t forget to
expand that little arrow there to open up the box and with those timestamps you
can jump to any section of the video that you so require. Alright let’s jump
straight in to how you do this absolutely stunning stitch. So the Puff
Star Shell Stitch is a pattern multiple of nine plus two. So what that means
you’re going to keep chaining nine, nine, nine, so multiples of nine for as wide
as you want your project to be and then you are going to add two extra
chains at the end. Now I’m just going to do a small sample piece so I’m going to
chain 36 and then add two. so that’s my 36 chains which is a multiple of nine
then add two more chains. Now Row one is is just the set up row. It is not part of
the pattern repeat. So we’re going to be working into the second chain from hook,
so this loop on your hook does not count as anything, so you want to count your
chains back one, two and into that second chain you’re going to place a single
crochet. Chain 4 Now we’re going to work our first shell and that is done
over the next 8 chains. So I’ll do this one nice and slowly for you –
yarn over, go into the first chain, yarn over at the back, pull it up. You’re
going to repeat that over eight chains. So yarn over, go into the next chain, yarn
over the back, pull it up. Yarn over, go into the next chain, yarn over, pull it up.
So that’s three chains, we need five more. So I’ve worked over eight chains and you
will have 17 loops on your hook. I’m almost running out of space on my hook!
So now you’re going to yarn over and we’re going to pull through 16 of these
17 loops. So bring your hook all the way through (you’ll have two loops remaining)
now to complete, yarn over and pull through those final two loops. Chain 4. Single crochet into the very next chain. Chain 4. Another one of these shells star stitches – so working over the next eight
chains Yarn over pull through 16 of your 17
loops, yarn over and pull through those remaining two. Chain 4 and single crochet
into the next chain. Now you’re going to repeat that for the full length of your
chain so all the way down – chain 4, star shell stitch over the next 8 chains,
chain 4, single crochet in the next. Chain 4, puff shell, chain 4, single crochet, all
the way to the end. So the end of row one should look like
this. I’ve ended with a single crochet in that very last chain. Row two, which is
the start of the pattern repeat, chain one and turn. Now you’re going to chain
nine, skip this first puff shell and pop a
single crochet into the next single crochet. You’re going to repeat this all
the way along – chain 9, skip the next Shell, single crochet into the single
crochet in between – and to end you’re going to put a single crochet into that
very first single crochet from the row below. Row 3. Chain 1 and turn. Chain 3 Now working over row 2, we’re going to be working back into this setup row (the one
below) so to start we’re going to have a half shell and we’re going to work over
these four chains here. So yarn over, go into the first chain, yarn over, go into
the next chain, into the third and into the fourth. So you’ll have nine loops on your
hook. Yarn over pull through eight then yarn over and pull through two. Chain four and put a single crochet in the top of this shell. So into there. Chain 4. Now we’re going to
be working for the remainder of this row until this very last section here, we’re
going to be doing eight shells. So shells of pulling up eight but we’re going to
be working into – if I put it down you can see – working into this section here.
So four chains on this side, skip the single crochet and then four chains on
this side. So just like you did for this row only over these four chains and
these four chains. So this first one here, of these four, is a little bit tight
so you have to sort of force your hook in there. So that’s 4, skip this single crochet and work
into the next four. When you have all those loops on your
hook, yarn over and pull through all bar one. yarn over pull through two. Chain 4, single crochet into the top of that
shell from the row below. So repeat that working over the eight chains – chain four,
shell, chain 4, single crochet into the top of the shell in the row below. When you’ve finished your final full
shell of row 3, to end, chain 4 and work a half shell over 4 chains. This first one
is always so tight to get into, I wonder if it’s this yarn 🤔 It wasn’t like
that on my Boho scarf then to end, we’re going to end with a
treble (which is yarn over twice) into the single crochet from your very first row.
It’s pulled up slightly – if I move this these are the chains from row 2, work
over those and you’re going to work into the top of the single crochet from your
set up row down here. So a treble (USA terms treble) into the single crochet. Row 4. chain one and turn your work. Then chain 4. Single crochet into this single
crochet so skip your shells and then for the remainder of the row until you get
to this other half shell on the far side we’re going to chain nine, skip your shell, single crochet into the
single crochet – all the way along. Once you reach the far side and this half
shell, you’re going to chain four and put a single crochet into the top of this
half shell -so in here. Row five. Chain one and turn. Now you’re going to place a
single crochet immediately into that single crochet that you did right at the
end of row four and chain four. Now you are going to work your full shells over
just like we did on this row here. Ignoring the row you’ve just done
working into the chains below over these eight chains here. Chain 4, single crochet
into the top of your star shell. Chain four. Work the eight shell, chain 4, single
crochet all the way along and I shall meet you over here in just a second. Ah my yarn split Once you’ve completed your final full
shell, chain 4 and you’re going to end with a single crochet into the top of
the treble stitch that you did on row 3. that’s the top of the treble there. So the pattern repeat for this beautiful Puff Star Shell Stitch is Rows Two, Three,
Four and Five. Now I have time stamps in the description box below so you can
immediately jump to rows two, three, four and five as and when you need them. This
seems like one of those “how on earth am I ever going to get it”
type patterns but I promise, once you get going and you get used to spotting where
these chains are, it’s actually really easy. So it’s a 4 row repeat – so for
your next row you would repeat row two, three, four, five and again repeat rows 2,
3, 4 and 5 for the length of your project. Now as I say is initially when you’re
learning a it’s quite tricksy but I do promise, I promise it gets easier.
Initially when I started this I was really having to concentrate on which
row I was on and where but after a while you just get into the rhythm of it and I
was doing this just in front of the telly and with a sort of a fluffier yarn
like this you can see it was really easy for me to get into these chains. Now this
is a fluffy yarn and it is a bit of a nightmare to try and demonstrate with
hence why I chose this more solid color. If you have any questions please feel
free to shout in the comment section below, let me know what you
think of this pattern – it is worth that little bit of extra effort and time
because the result is just so beautiful front and back
stunningly textured it’s really really lovely I can’t wait to get this finished
and get it round my neck so I’m really excited to be wearing this is, definitely
going to be a make that I keep for myself! So thank you for watching and I
will see you again on my channel very soon. Happy crocheting!

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