Crochet Easy Baby Blanket

Crochet Easy Baby Blanket

Have you ever hugged a beautiful white
cloud? No? You should try hugging one of these
baby afghans. Welcome back to the Crochet Crowd as
well as Today is learning how to make this Pipsqueak
blanket. This is like cuddling a cloud. It is
extremely soft. Use three balls of this nice big ball of Bernat Pipsqueak. You
can use different colors. I decided to go with a solid blue, a
variegated blue, and then a white to accent it. Now it is absolutely impossible to teach how
to crochet using this yarn. I would not describe this afghan as somebody that is
just new to crochet because you do need to feel where the stitches are. And if
you’re familiar with crochet, your basically your fingers will do the
walking where your stitches are going to go into. Now this afghan too because it is Pipsqueak even if you’re off by something maybe
you just happened to catch the wrong thing in here it doesn’t really matter too much
because it’s nice and fluffy. I don’t recommend you do it all the time of
course but if you’re going to get wrong the first time make sure you’re wrong
all the time. so this is a great project to start with.
This does not take any time at all and this is a great baby yarn to work
with and it’s a lot of fun too and it works up pretty quickly. Of course if you need some free
instructions i have them for you. Go to the more information of this link. I’ll
provide that to you. If you are using Pipsqueak today use the 6.5 mm size K crochet hook today and then it has all the information that
you want to do. Now this blanket changes color every other line. So it’s going to
go 1, 2, and then we’re going to change color. 3, 4 change of color. 5, 6
change of color and then we’re going to go back to the first color. So it makes
it really easy. So I am going to use the Bernat Super Value today. I’m going to use a size 6 millimeter size J hook for that. And it’s impossible to teach you how to
crochet with Pipsqueak so I’m going to use some great yarn in baby colors that
to inspire you even further. Of course change the colors to match
whatever is in mind for your baby. So let’s begin this. Grab your yarn. I’m
using a 6 millimeter size J. Now everything is in sets of four when we’re
working on this Pipsqueak afghan together. Makes it really easy to follow
along. So we’re going to go 1, 2, 3, and
4 and then 1, 2, 3 and 4 and 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you’re following the afghan please go
to 101. But if you want to change the size of it just goes in
4’s and stop wherever you want. So 1, 2, 3 and 4 I’m going to do it one more time. 1, 2, 3 and 4. And once you get to the end you’re going to chain 1. If
you’re doing the afghan of 101 please do 101. But if you’re going to do it like this make sure you just add 1 after doing
your groups of 4. Let’s begin the next row. Let’s begin to
work across the chain. Now you’re going to count back 1, 2, 3 and 4. And you’re going to double crochet into the 4. Now you’re going to be working with
Pipsqueak if you’re deciding to use that material. And basically you’re just going
to go in any of the stitch that you can get a hold of. It’s hard to see those
stitches when it becomes furry like it is. So you’re just going to crochet 4th
from the hook and then into the next one. So all of these double crochets work in
sets of three just like so. And then we chain 1 which is your 4th like what we did. So this is 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. So
you have your three double crochets and chain 1, which equals 4. We’re now going to skip 1 chain on the
chain and go to the next.
And we’re going to double crochet for the next 3. And we’re going to
continue to do the same configuration going all the way across the chain of
just putting 3 double crochets in a row followed by a chain 1 which I just
did. And then we skip one and then we double crochet back down onto that chain
for another 3. So that’s easy. Right? So in the Pipsqueak
this is I think one of the hardest parts of the entire afghan itself establishing that first row just like
we’re doing right now. But it’s worth the work. And it is possible. I did it and
crocheters basically just have to use their fingertips to feel where those
stitches are if you cannot physically see them as
well. Okay. And so we’re going to — when you get to
the other side, you’re going to chain 1 and you should have enough stitches left
over. and if in the Pipsqueak if you’re off by
one stitch just throw something extra in there. If you’ve got one too many just
undo the strand and just you know — just take out that last extra chain if
there is one. And that’s kind of cheating but i would do that instead of frogging
and having to retry over and over and over. So what you have here is three
groups of our groups of three of the double crochets followed with the chain in the middle. Let’s begin and move up to
row number 2. Row number 2 is so stinking easy it’s not even — it’s not
even funny really. So what we’re going to do is that we’re
just going to simply chain 3 which counts as a double crochet and we’re
simply just going to match exactly what you see. So we’re just going to double
crochet into the next one and we’re going to double crochet into the next. Okay. And then see how we’re skipping
one down here? Row number 2 we’re going to chain 1 to skip it
again and then we just immediately double crochet into the double crochet.
In Pipsqueak this is actually pretty easy. It’s just
that first — getting on that first chain is really tough but just use your
fingers and just see where things go. Okay? So chain 1 and then we just keep
doing that all the way across. We’re going to change color at the end
of this row. So we basically are doing two rows of every color before switching
for the entire afghan. And we’re going to be doing that at the very end and I’m
almost there. So just one double crochet into each and
just match exactly what we see. So the game plan changes then in row number 3 as we just change the orientation of it. So we’re going to chain 1. And then the
final 3, how you’re going to change color is really simple. At the very end, okay, we want to go into
that final chain space and we want to pull through, pull through 2 and hold,
and wait right here. Do not go any further. I want you to
change your yarn first and you’ll be doing this with Pipsqueak as well. To
change color what we want to do is I’m going to create a slip knot. This is
technically not the right way to do it but I prefer my project not fall apart.
So I do a slip knot first. And then I’m going to pull through the final 2 like
that. And so now I’ve trimmed off my blue yarn already. And so now I’m just going to turn my
work and I’m going to — just like this. I’m just going to get ready and I want to
use the yarn tails then to hide my work or to hide those yarn tails into the
next part of this project. So that’s how you would change your yarn if you’re going to do so. So let’s say begin to do row number 3. Row number 3 is
very similar to doing a larksfoot stitch. So you’re going to learn to do
that within this stitch. So we’re going to chain up 4. So 1, 2, 3, and 4. And you’re
thinking to yourself okay wait a minute Mikey. You just chained up 4 and
normally we’ve been doing 3. This counts as 1 double crochet and a
chain. What we’re going to be doing in this round
or in this row is that this space that’s here, we’re going to be changing it
so it’s in the middle of these three sections instead of right where it is here.
So that double crochet chain 1 will then expand us so that we are going
to do the next stitch right into that last one of the 3 right in the
beginning. I’m just looking for the yarn where it’s
coming from. So I want my stragglers and I want those on top of the line. And
we’re simply going to come to the third one. So you’ve got 1, 2 and 3. Third one and double crochet. So what
we’re doing is that we’re still doing groups of three but the groups of three
are now going to be here in the middle and here. So what we’re going to do is that we’re
going to do a twice long double crochet. And instead of double crocheting
into this gapping space we’re going to come down into around here. So we’re just
going to wrap and then insert the hook under, from underneath, and pop it out, and
then grab the yarn. And what I want you to do is pull up. Okay? Don’t just start it there. Just pull up
like that, pull through the 2 and then finish with the 2. And I’m going to
show that again. So our next stitch then is that we’re
going to come into the next double crochet that’s available to you. Okay. So we just did that space and now
it’s the next double crochet. We’re going to chain 1 and then we’re
simply just going to skip this middle one here and then go to the last one on
the other side of it. So the group of three, were just skipping those middles. We’re going to do a twice long double
crochet. We’re going to wrap coming down into
this line here, come from the bottom up, pull up, give it a bit of slack, pull through 2
and 2. If you don’t give it the slack that’s going to compress on itself and
it’s not going to look good. So let’s double crochet the next one. And now we’re in the middle of the three.
So now we’re going to chain 1 and go to the other side of the three. Okay. We got the twice long double
crochet like so. Give it some slack. If you don’t give it enough slack you’ll
be in trouble. See how that’s pulling up? I
never gave it enough slack and that’s because there’s tension coming from my
yarn ball. So I’m just going to reach off-camera, just pull. It’s a brand new ball so it’s got a little bit of tension right in the beginning. So I want to try that
again. So wrap and I’m going to leave this in the tutorial because i think if
you don’t see that happening you’re going to take okay Mikey
is crazy. So we got pulling up, pull through 2
and 2. You will get the feel of doing that. Okay. So just trust in yourself. Okay. So I
double crocheted in the next one, chain 1. Go to the next one over, which is the
third and then twice long again. So down, around. Now the twice long it doesn’t happen
every time we’re doing green. So the way that the pattern is is that this twice long
only happens on certain rows. And so you’re not going to be doing this every
row of course. So we’re going to double crochet the
next one and we’re coming to the end. So we’re going to chain 1 and then we’re
double crocheting into the final stitch, which is the chain itself, like this. And
we leave on the green and we simply just turn around. So this is what it looks like at this
point. Okay. So let’s begin to do the next part. Let’s just turn our work. And now this
row is about matching what is in the green. So see how the blues match each
other? Every time you have a color, the second time you do the same color, it
just matches the new row that you’ve established underneath. So this time
we’re going to chain 4. 1, 2, 3, 4 because that is your double crochet
chain 1 because you have a space now. And now we’re just going to double
crochet into the next double crochet. We’re not going to go down and do any
twice long stuff. We’re just going to simply double crochet every time you see a double crochet. And
when you see a gap you chain 1. So I’ve got a gap so i just chained 1
and then just going to the next 3. It’s easy to remember the stitch.
Everything is in 3’s. Just like so. So chain 1 and then
coming into the next stitch. So with the Baby Pipsqueak the afghan grows pretty
quickly because it’s nice, thick and bulky yarn. And it’s nice and lightweight
too. Chain 1 and just continuing to double crochet into each one. And then
remember that on the edge here we have chain 1 and we’re just going to go
into the third chain. So 1, 2, 3 and now what we’re going to do is not
finish this stitch. We’re just going to leave at 2 because we’re ready for
another color. So I’m going to introduce another color
next. So let’s begin the next row and I’m just going to start a slipknot and begin. Now you may want to use a darning needle
to hide in these loose ends as well. That’s probably a better way to go just
so that you’re aware of that. So I’m just — I’m ready to go. I’m going to
turn this around and I’m going to grab my loose ends, which is the green and the
pink. And I’m going to use these here. So now the row number 5 is about
shifting the gapping space back to where the blue is. See how the blue is over here
and in the green we shifted over? In this row what we’re going to do is shift it
back so it looks like the blue again. So we just immediately only crochet 3,
our chain 3. And we double crochet into the gapping space directly itself.
Make sure you get those stragglers, loose ends, and then you double crochet into
the next one. So this time what we’re going to do is
that we are going to skip over the middle one of the group of three. Okay. So we’re going to chain 1 first,
skip the middle one, go to the last one of the group of three,
and then double crochet right into the gapping space of the next one. And what we’re doing is we’re moving
over spaces. You know these colors are absolutely
amazing. This would be — even in this yarn will be amazing as a baby blanket. What a fluke that is. So here we go. I’m just trying to establish here. So we
chained 1 and we’re just making our 3. Like so. Now you’ll notice on there, on this
afghan, is that it will not — we don’t go down every color as far as
this long extension because these long extensions only exist on one side of the
afghan. So if we do it in the next one, we’re going to be backwards and the
extension is going to go down the other side instead. You could always
play with your imagination and do that if you wish. It’s like a larksfoot if you decide to do that, but that’s
creativity. That’s up to you. So you can make do with whatever you want. So that’s
how you get across that line and so now we’ve shifted that pink to look like in
the same sections as the blue. Let’s begin by turning our work. We’re
going to a row number 6. Row 6 is so easy because we’re just going to
maintain exactly what we’re seeing. We’re not going to go down because there’s — do you
see how we had to go two rows down? Well there’s no two rows down in this
project for this. So every time we do this larksfoot
that appears, here, is that it’s a color change and it’s coming down to the
second layer. So I basically I could not do that at this time because i’m going
to run into stuff. So it just — hopefully that makes sense to you. So what we’re going to do is just chain
3 and then we’re just going to match exactly what you see. So next one is a
double crochet and the next one is a double crochet. Okay. Chain 1 and then we double crochet
into the next double crochet. We skip that and keep that gapping space because
it’s that gapping space that we’re going to use in the next row because we’re
already starting to do the repeat pattern in the next row is what we are
going to start doing, the larksfoot again. So we’re just going to double crochet in
each. So there’s another afghan I have coming
up in the future we’re almost every line is the larksfoot. This is not like that. This has it only occasionally and it has
a really — you know I think it’s a nice touch. It’s not overdoing it and it
looks really great as a baby afghan. So remember when we finish we’re not
going to finish the entire stitch. (Music) Okay. We’re going to make sure that you get
right to the end, going to go right into the chain. And we
just want to stop 1 before and then we’re going to re-introduce. Now the blue
has not had a larksfoot. So that’s going to be our next larksfoot coming up. And
then what’s going to happen is that we’re going to go back to green. Green is
going to look just like this. No larksfoot. And then when we come back to the pink that’ll be larksfoot. But you’re going to repeat the pattern just
constantly now.

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