Creation of Sigma

Creation of Sigma

Greetings! Kilokahn is here. Why have you summoned me? Ahh, if it isn’t my favorite piece of bloatware. How’s life in the digital domain? You are more cheerful than usual. Yes, I’m in a good mood today, because what you are about to do will change the concept of life forever. Which is why I’m recording both screens. You have my attention. You know Megavirus monsters cannot think for themselves. It would be best if it was someone else interacting with the digital domain. Someone creative. Someone brilliant! Someone like me. What do you want? I want you to animate an extraordinary Megavirus monster, for which I wrote a full specifications file. Show me your Megavirus monster. I will judge whether it is extraordinary. Be patient, Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t made in a day. This is different from the others. It looks like a cross between a robot and a samurai. Yes, you may call it a… superhuman samurai. It must make its abode in my cell phone, and give me the power to move between the realm of the flesh and the digital domain, whenever I want. As well as the hundreds of other powers I described in the text file. I’ve read the specifications. They say the transfer is triggered by pronouncing a password, but the password is not mentioned anywhere. Well, an incorruptible digital body is the summation of all my desires. So the password is… …SIGMA. Excellent idea. When the new order is in force, we could use cell phones all over the world to turn all meat-things into higher beings of pure information. Yes, but… let’s test it first. On me. Very well. It shall be done. SIGMA!!! Wow! I did it! I’m in cyberspace! Everything looks so artificial… even my body! I’m supposed to be able to fly… Yes! Kilokahn, I’m calling you! Can you hear me? Loud and clear. I will repeat the subliminal experiment, but not immediately. Right now, I want to explore! Why are you always wasting time? Because I can! As long as I stay here I don’t age. I might even move here and live forever! Where by “forever” you mean “until something bad happens to your computer”. Ugh, shit. Yes, the Talos Principle is a harsh mistress. There’s no time for philosophy. Malcolm out. I know exactly where I want to go: Alaska! This is the system Kilokahn connects to. Hyperspace-Assisted Reality Remodeling Project. The function of Megavirus monsters… is reality remodeling! THREAT DETECTED! THREAT DETECTED! THREAT NEUTRALIZED. All right, motherfucker… let’s play! All the secrets Kilokahn will not discuss with me… What is the goal of this project? What kind of technology makes it possible? I will discover everything. All documents downloaded. Now for the real mission. Kilokahn, I’m in the server of the TV station. Inject the subliminal message into the video stream! I’m done here. This is it, then. Until next time, digital domain. SIGMA!!! I was there! And I have the proof right here! Oh, this is gonna be so much fun! Heh heh heh heh heh… Like and subscribe, meat-things!

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  1. This was far better than I expected from a fan project. I'm proud to have my cover featured in it. Great job!

  2. Wait the password isnt access flash???

  3. should have made kilokahn sound like tim curry

  4. Bravissimo! Mi è piaciuto molto 🙂

  5. feels like watching new reboot (not that netflix reboot)

  6. This is really cool! I like the idea of Sigma being an evil version of Servo. I know this was meant to focus on Malcolm being the main character, but you make a video of your version of Sigma versus Servo. You could have two different endings to be fair for both characters and fans of both characters. One where Servo wins and the alternate ending with Sigma winning.

    If the new SSSS Gridman Anime turns out not to be Samurai reboot I've been waiting but instead a new story in the same franchise with new characters (though I still think it has to be the new Samurai), I might make my own Samurai fan-fiction. I've always had ideas in my head for my own Samurai inspired story. But I was always discouraged by the strict copyright thing. This video has surely inspired me enough to be encouraged to make something. But since also a Zelda fan and already working on Zelda fan fiction, I'll only have enough space of time to fit in one small series of videos. If it does well, I might make additional seasons.

    And who knows, I might even make my fan-fic a sort of Superhuman Samurai x Zelda crossover like I've actually always had in mind since I was in high school. When I was in high school, I always had crazy Samurai x Zelda ideas, and even dreams about both of them together, but sometimes just Samurai. I even had a dream once where I was Servo, going into the digital world and fighting mega virus monsters.

    Anyways, that's enough of my talk for now. Again, cool stuff! I look forward to hopefully maybe seeing more of this stuff from you if you can.

  7. Favoloso!!! un ottimo lavoro complimenti!!!!

  8. @DevilMaster ho tra gli amici di fb l'attore che interpretava Malcom Frink (Glenn Beaudin) posso inviargli il link di questo tuo episodio?
    Tra l'altro so che si stava interessando ad un remake della serie!

  9. Ma quando dice: "subliminal message for TV screen" compare la scritta: "stop religion" è parte della trama?

  10. So, Sam says Let's Samuraize guys and Malcolm says Sigma

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