Creating Feeling with Frank Gehry

Creating Feeling with Frank Gehry

If you write your signature
and I write my signature they look different So, my aesthetic is mine
and yours is yours So that I can’t help it The great works of architecture
express feeling When you visit and see them
there’s a transfer of feeling from the artist, the architect over time through the ages to now It’s hard to come to Paris
and build a building for art and you’re competing with so many
great institutions so I don’t know, it’s very exciting Most people don’t think
of architecture as an art and it gets blurred because architecture,
as well as being an art is an act of social conscience because you’re making buildings for all kinds of people,
that give them shelter, make them feel loved and accepted I think that component of architecture
sometimes doesn’t go the extra notch
to become the art of architecture After modernism,
the return to historicism was very disturbing to me,
they called postmodernism And I don’t know why I said this
in a lecture, I said “The Greek temples that you’re
emulating are anthropomorphic Why don’t you go back 300 million years before man to fish for your inspiration? If you got to go back,
let’s really go back” And I don’t know why I said it,
it was intuitive, something But then I started thinking about it
and I started drawing the fish and then I realized fish shapes
express movement It was a rich language, so I started to explore
that idiom, that idea It was like Pandora’s box, I was into a new paradigm,
a new playground So that’s how I got to
this freedom of expression Making art is an act of love
and making love to the world I study art a lot, lot ,lot, lot Most of my life, my friends are artists A few architects, but mostly artists How do you create feeling with a building? I don’t know, it’s something
I’ve explored for many years I love sailing, and this is
kind of a regatta I think Most buildings are very static but I like the idea of the movement,
of the sense of movement, that it has There’s a transfer of this feeling
through the bricks and mortar and steel that’s kind of amazing It makes me want to do more

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  1. 👍👍👍💘💘💗💗

  2. That's amazing, architecture is like the ultimate sculpture, this building is a great work of art.

  3. 'Making art is an act of love and making love to the world' ♥

  4. Always fasinated by the curves , how can it move us giving the feeling of love and warmth Frank Gehry is the best example of the same.. Love your design and your physiology of designing

  5. I freaking love Frank Gehry!

  6. I love this guy!!!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful video. Frank Gehry is a treasure.

  8. lmao perfect old white man w money to discuss emotion

  9. What a masterpiece

  10. Beautiful and inspiring

  11. Such a beautiful film…

  12. Anyone knows the soundtrack is?

  13. I’m sorry for the unpopular opinion. But take a piece of paper,crumble it,separate it by regions,add philosophical aspect – you are Frank Ghery

  14. don't like the building but like the thinking behind it

  15. although possibly if i spent more time around the building i would come to like it idk

  16. I didn't like this bilding at all. To much information.have it is not brith , to much show off, no element off litheness. It is "gonflée".

  17. ESL teacher takes me here..

  18. one of my all time favorite architects and i am an artist… nice feature!

  19. This is a stunningly beautiful documentary. It is not often that architectural structures and spaces are captured so nicely.

  20. what a great teacher

  21. Please not more Frank Gary Stuff i have a big headache and my stomach his on the edge. Please No more. So bad and childish his he really 85 its like my kids in the sandbox doing anything they want and do pipi.

  22. Absolutely stunning building!!! Reminds me of worn shipwrecked boats off a bleak coast line.

  23. I am architecture student and he is my idol . His works are amazing . He like a teacher for me. Thank you Gehry 🙏

  24. building looks terrible

  25. I love Frank Gehry

  26. Well, even though this is a very special building – where does the form come from and why? just because of a fish? Great architecture combines forms and functions. A great concept is the combination of both. Sounds more like "we have cash, so let's build something abstract." I guess there were a lot more thought processes going on in the background, but this documentary didn't touch on them. Every single detail and element on a building should have a purpose…its not supposed to be a gimmick.

  27. People have forgotten to look outward, they seem to only look in and miss the feeling, emotion the true beauty of the world and what's in it.

  28. In addition to Harvard this guy dropped out of design

  29. I love the video, and the story Gehry tells about how he came to his style and what his inspiration is.

    But. When you look at the building and you know his inspiration, the result is dissappointing. The shape of a fish is mainly determined by function and natures forces. Although decorations for the sake of sexual attration exist amongst fish, the shapes on this building serve no purpose besides decoration at all. They seem not to represent natures forces but rather artistic whim. How is that different from the whim he derided the postmodernists for?

  30. Notre Dame ❤️✝️

  31. 28 engineers disliked this video
    2.1K architects and artists liked the video

  32. One of the true greats

  33. Greatman, great artist.!great architect.!

  34. This is so silly no words can explain.

  35. The architect who will be remembered in the same sense as Wright. And a wonderful man as well.

  36. “… it gets blurred, because architecture, as well as being art is an act of social conscience, because you’re making buildings for all kind of people that give them shelter, make them feel loved and accepted.”
    I’ll never look at the buildings the same way after hearing this.

  37. Booo booo comercials 👎👎👎👎 I delete Your Channal from my playlist 👎👎👎 Greed kils the Youtube experiance!!!

  38. What is that 2-3 second clip of the dancer at the beginning? I saw it in some gallery (can’t even remember where) a few years ago and been searching for it ever since.

  39. 聞き取りやすい英語(^^)b so clear english.

  40. The last minute and a half I started to tear 🙁
    It's so beautiful and the validity to the argument becomes true since people are the blood life of Archtiecture

  41. i wonder what Gehry has to say about an artist like Richard Serra that adamantly says architecture can never be art.

  42. Great video and teaching but how annoying that Interstellar-like, crappy music is.

  43. This Will Destroy You

  44. architect : this, this and this, i want it like this
    engineer : the length seems not right, the angle too
    architect : how the hell i know, i'm an artist
    engineer : f*ck


  45. The music its too loud at the end was difficult to understand what he's was saying.

  46. I respect Frank gehry

  47. What a great artist ♥️

  48. Alguém do Brasil? Eu amo tudo isso!

  49. By this point in their career, Calatrava, Gehry, etc are at the end of their lives; they’re old or close to retiring NEVER the less; they’re still notorious for buildings that are extremely costly to build and maintain. Rather than seek private contracts for their monstrosities; they fuck over the taxpayer the most because alot of the buildings they’ve designed at the peak of their careers are often public ones like museums, libraries, government buildings and sport facilities built with taxpayer funds. To combat that buzzkill of fantasy and imagination; Physics, building buildings with bizarre shapes requires extremely complicated engineering.

    In the long run; NONE of these buildings by conflict of their complicated and irrational geometry; complicated engineering and expensive materials is suitable for urban renewal. Their floor plans are fixed in their engineering and design. In the long run their destiny is the wrecking ball when the cost of maintenance and upkeep exceeds the financial value of what these structures can generate or what it costs of refurbish.

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