Couple Builds Tiny House for Only $420!

Couple Builds Tiny House for Only $420!

Hey there everyone. My name is Jordan from happen films, and this is a $420 tiny house let’s check it out This beautiful structure behind us is the house that we built over the course of about three months out of pretty much entirely recycled materials So the total cost of the house is about $420 if you include the petrol money that went into it Since the size is about two and a half by two and half meters at six point two five square We went by dumpsters from demolition sites we looked on the website gum tree We ended up getting pretty much everything We needed to build the whole house just for free – so we decided to try and build our home with just hand tools. Yeah we tried to. We didn’t manage to in the end there were a couple of things that were too difficult for us to do with the Tools that we had and the skills that we had So we ended up having to use a power drill and an impact driver We had to make five purchases I bought some cement for the foundations some steel bracing tape because it was a bit wonky some screws for the roof I bought a tub of wood glue for…to make some window frames […] to hold the windows open Oh we bought a sixth thing we bought some hinges so we were using salvaged paper insulation to try and Line the whole house and we ran out we were just short, and we didn’t have enough through the roof But luckily we found this stuff in a dumpster We’re out a couple of months ago going through the local supermarket dumpsters looking for food This is perfectly new tapping Brand-new condition in the cylinders packet I guess we wanted to challenge the idea that you need like a whole lot of high-tech tools and Skills and knowledge to be able to build a house I mean that house is mostly built with a hand saw and a hammer I think the main challenge we face is that neither of us never really built anything before -I built a […] once ! – Yeah, Rachel built a […], I built a set of bunk beds once we had to learn everything as we went It takes it away a from that professional “need a whole lot of tools, need a whole lot of skills and a whole of different people you need someone to lay the Foundation someone to build a frame someone to paint it The conventional building methods that we use it’s hard to imagine them being sustainable more than 50 or hundred years in the future Just the amount of resources that they require and the importation of all kinds of things We acknowledge that this kind of building can’t really Be sustained either, it’s not an indefinitely sustainable technique but using recycled materials and building much smaller spaces is something that can be sustained for a lot longer into the future we live on a community. Which means there are communal spaces for socializing? We have a communal bathroom shower. For us a house is really just a place to be able to have some quiet time in place to sleep in place to store our personal belongings in Living in more of a shared communal lifestyle means that we can get away with just a really small house because we don’t really need It for all these other things. It’s great to have built our own houses It’s like more than just having build the house the house is cool. Yeah, don’t get me wrong It’s great, but to have developed the skills and knowledge to do it again until we share that with other people I’m just yeah chuffed about the amount that I’ve learned through doing that Land ownership can be a huge barrier for people looking to live this way and some people who see this may think that it isn’t Possible for them because they can’t afford to buy their own land The Community that Liam, Rachel, me and four others live on, is owned by one family and they allow us to stay on the land rent-free in exchange for developing the property by building infrastructure planting veggie Gardens and taking care of the place. I eel that most scenarios like this will start to happen where owners of unused land Invite people to live on their property to develop a community and to do something great with the land The Challenge is connecting landowners with people looking to live this way Even if you’ve got no skills, or knowledge, you can kind of just do that yourself as much easier It’s much more affordable as well for people like us who don’t have a great deal of money. It’s much more accessible I could just kind of build a much smaller space, and then share your other spaces with other people

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  1. for $420, Jesus fn christ!!! cool though

  2. Not tiny home. It's a shed with a bed. I can buy a shed on Craigslist for 500 and put a bed inside and make a youtube video. Would have tons of comments saying how amazing my house is.


  4. Awesome to get away from the rat race, millenials are awesome πŸ™‚

  5. You wouldn't be able to do this in most States it's illegal to dumpster dive

  6. A chicken coop would be bigger!Β  Did a bed even fit in there?

  7. how does that work legally. Do the owners just let you do a verbal thing or what? I mean the 'sharing' part

  8. Seriously guys, what would a 5 gal. Composting toilet bucket, saw dust and a curtain cost? Everyone needs a toilet at some point!

  9. its a nice house for a dog, You can't house milions of People in such "houses" In towns, These are not Land officient:), You need to build houses that save space and cost of other infreastucture! To do that you need to build many condignations

  10. I really like this but I already have a tiny house- My bedroom. Bookcase bed Tv desk closet storage I’m good

  11. It should be made of hemp.

  12. That's so perfect. I wish I could join you

  13. I have been telling my fellow United States citizens: "The solution to the gun violence problem in the United States has nothing to do with guns or lack of guns. The solution to the gun violence problem starts with making housing and the doors and locks necessary for it cheaper than the cost of a single gun and its ammunition. Guns do not keep you warm in the cold, shaded in the sun, dry in the rain, or still in the wind, sure you can shoot a robber or rapist if you are not already asleep but houses protect you even while you are not conscious." This is a well made video. Thank you.

  14. Eternal joy & true hapiness!πŸ“’ I make sure to spread positive energy to everybody that is open to receive it…Are you open??? Let's connect

  15. That thing looks like it will call down with a good strong wind.

  16. I'm looking to live that way.

  17. I can't do a tiny house ..cramped spaces make me feel uncomfortable.

  18. Yuk. The filthy stuff in dumpsters

  19. I don’t get all the space being used for books. Surely u would get a kindle and use that space for storage

  20. I see two people working very hard to provide for themselves in order to survive. Thank you so much for sharing the fruit of your labor with us. I wish you well on your journey.


  22. Why don't you just move to the city and build a house for $650,000?

  23. SuperπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  24. Now they have enough experience to build a 14 room log mansion.

  25. Walmart has a prefab shed almost the same size as that for 2 dollars cheaper.

  26. We need to move away from the notion that you can own land. Did you get a mortgage through god? The earth belongs to all who dwell upon it.

  27. Great, HOME SWEET HOME!!!
    In Puerto Rico, a good NOBLE couple, in 1936, let my PARENTS take a little space of their land and my PARENTS made a two bedroom hause kitchen living and dinning and paid the owner of the land only ONE DOLLAR every month then atfer i was born they paid TWO DOLLARS, we still have the house now with four small bedrooms, i still LOVE LOVE LOVE, my PARENTS HOME, and always think of the COUPLE with a heart of gold, my PARENTS raised thirteen children in that little piece of land and the owners gaved my PARENTS piece of mind. I'm very greatful for the owners unchanged ❀

  28. Your house is your home, you just need to put some tlc.

  29. Good for you guys! That's awesome.

  30. These folks are brilliant great job

  31. I like it. And it happens to only be 420. And it's green. So many jokes here not enough time but I love the little dwellings. Been following an English guy on YouTube who made a cabin out of pallets and this crap is awesome. Man cave here I come. 420 there also.

  32. I want one on wheels 😭😭😭

  33. Hey kids AWSOME job! So glad you built a lovely little place and appreciate the land. Love and God Bless from America! Uncle Jeff!

  34. More people should be willing to live simpler

  35. Where is this land …??? :|!!!

  36. Living green i love it 🌳

  37. I have nothing but respect for you.
    The true spicy life style.

  38. We are going to build a tiny home community and also rent/lease our land in MO to tiny home dwellers/owners. We're in NW Missouri. There is access to utilities if wanted or needed, can live on or off grid and there is no zoning issues. Email us at [email protected] if interested and for more information.

  39. I LOVE what you're doing!

  40. what was that website they quoted

  41. You two did a great job for your first tiny house. You learned from the way you built the home. You can only get better as you grow. Good luck and I'm very proud of you two. πŸ‘

  42. I love these communal environments

  43. I'm so proud of you guys!! Sounds like a good community! Enjoy!! Thanks

  44. Out of Hemp? πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸ˜‚

  45. Nice job…. Now head to the showers!!

  46. i will release a Video with a 399,- Tiny House. Winning.

  47. Thanks to the land owner. Good job guys, it's easy to grow vegetables in there. God bless you.

  48. I live in Arizona im looking to move my tiny house and would love to move to someone land. Willing to pay a monthly fee or even barter work. Anyone?

  49. I'm saving up $2000 or 1500 build me a tiny house 21m2 I love it

  50. Looks like a nice area, what part of the US is this in?

  51. just looking at them you see the happiness and peace.

  52. Why not make it bigger?

  53. Probably should have used tape on those seams for the house wrap… but I suppose since it's so cheap and small if it rots or gets mold you can build a new one.

  54. Very impressive! I love it

  55. Fantastic job and fantastic land owners.

  56. Couple builds it? No. The man built it. Let's be reasonable here.

  57. Where are they now?

  58. Absolutely Love your tiny home. Looks cosy yet functional.

  59. Frank Zappa lives!!

  60. Great build. I’m really impressed with your community. 🏠

  61. GOTTA LOVE THAT 420 GREEN …. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’¨πŸ’¨

  62. That couple built something of far more significance than their house, they built within themselves the knowledge that they could actually imagine, and then build their own house with their own hands and some basic tools.

    We are limited by imagination only!

  63. How can eye get a $420 tiny house eye am very interested 🀩

  64. Ooooohhhhh, I would love this. Living on someone's land for "free" in exchange for taking care of it and tending their gardens. What a dream.

  65. I would like to do this at some point, but I'm worried the local council will say "Hell no" or "$6 billion for permit"

  66. "Tiny House" = a THOW, with the amenities of a regular house.

  67. Good stuff, do all of you still live that way in 2019?

  68. Hey, if it works for them… It's cute.

  69. Where do I find you guys . I want to live there 2 I can work

  70. dive in dumper? it's illegal. I did once and get arrest for just simple get tarp out trash bin

  71. In usa, It's illegal to live small house like those. Even illegal to live in a shed. Because of no plumb, no electric

  72. How on earth do you get there to build one I need land and supplies etc…. Electric and WiFi tools and someone to help me build one and a ride

  73. A perfect example of a simple and happy life…

  74. This trend is essential for the future … perrmaculture is being developed mindfully …
    I cross my fingers for the youngsters …

  75. This is the best trap house I've ever seen

  76. People have been doing this for years, but have historically called them shed's

  77. Doing the best you can with what you have and helping each other in a small community. Good job.

  78. Amazing build people!

  79. You guys rock. Beautiful idea you guys came up with.

  80. This is U.S.A,in fact our community, we see so many young people who aren't really happy about jobs, we don't need to spend our taxes to fighting for other's instead of our children benefits, such as homeless shelters or more jobs, a manufacturing companies, etc.

  81. Aah the world.
    Started as being free for everyone.
    Ended up being owned by some people.

  82. Looks like modern-day sharecropping. All is great as long as the owner does not want to sell.

  83. Sounds a bit like sharecropping…

  84. Price 420 usd, it enough for labor? all materials is recycled

  85. The lady isnt happy

  86. I love it! AWESOME JOB

  87. You can hide your weed in there! πŸ˜€

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