Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?

Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?

Vsauce, I’m Jake and bricks and mortar are
pretty strong. It would take pressures 67 times that of our own atmosphere for a brick
to start to crumble. Not only that but to break through a brick wall would require the
kinetic energy equivalent of a bullet fired from an M16 rifle. Now that we know this the
obvious question arises…Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through a Wall?
So let’s say we have a pitcher, but not just any pitcher, this is a sentient humanoid
pitcher that comes in at 6ft tall. When scaled to that size the glass would be 3.6in. Kool-Aid
man or KAM for short would also be incredibly heavy. His dry weight would clock in at 5,800lbs.
But we need to fill him with 607.6 gallons, that’d be 1150 cans of soda, which would
increase his total weight to 11,000lbs. He would weigh roughly the same as an elephant.
We tend to think of glass as fragile, pretty thin, and that’s because the kind we interact
with, generally, is. However, glass is surprisingly strong. It can withstand pressures up to 469
times that of our own atmosphere – 7 times more than brick – and takes twice as much
energy to break. Since KAM’s glass is 3.6in thick, that would
be enough to not shatter when hitting a brick wall. In fact, his enormous mass means he’d
only need to be going at an average running pace to have enough energy to bust through
said wall. But let’s talk about his weight for a second
– as we know from the square cube law, which I talked about in my Could Godzilla Exist
video, you just can’t scale something up and expect for it’s legs to be able to support
the now incredibly large body. Lucky for us, since KAM’s legs are made of glass, which
can withstand such immense pressure, his legs could be the diameter of a quarter and his
feet the area of 3 postage stamps and he wouldn’t collapse under his own weight.
So KAM can break through walls, but what about the liquid inside of him? It is safe to assume
that the beverage that fills his body is his blood. Just walking would cause his insides
to slosh around, getting dangerously close to spilling over. Crashing through a wall
would cause a lot of blood loss. Humans can lose about 15% of blood without any immediate
effects. The American College of Surgeons happen to have created a handy blood loss
scale. Class I Hemorrhage is 15% blood loss. Class
II is up to 30%, that’s when your skin would lose color and start to feel cold. Class III
up to 40% and by now you’re probably in shock or slowly going unconscious. Class IIII
is anything above 40% blood loss, and things…aren’t looking good.
When KAM breaks through that wall, he would lose about 1/3rd of his blood, a Class III.
He probably wouldn’t be able to finish his “Oh Yeah” tagline before stumbling into
your home, trying to keep himself upright as he swerves around confused and in shock.
Not to mention all the foreign bodies that are now inside of him, because after all,
he did just burst completely through a wall with an open hole on top of his head. It would
probably cause complications – for starters It’s a good way to get an infection.
Also, even though he wouldn’t completely shatter when breaking through walls, his glass
would start to form cracks over time and the fractures tend to grow so not only would KAM
have to worry about the liquid he’d lose from the top, but also the liquid that would
be slowly seeping out of his body due to cracks. Unless of course he was made of laminated
glass, the same stuff that’s used in windshields and bulletproof windows, which is layers of
glass interlaced with plastic that keeps the layers of glass bonded together even when
broken. So Kool-Aid Man could break through walls,
but he’d only be able to break through one unless he figured out a way to keep his blood
in…maybe he should put on a tupperware hat or he could use the front door. But if he
must burst through people’s homes he’d definitely require aid…just not the Kool
kind…and as always, thanks for watching.

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