Continuing Legacy | Extensive Construction of Worship Buildings

In the remote island where we reside, a new house of worship was built. In the past years, we travel over several miles to perform our duties. But now, the sacred house of worship is within our sight. We express our heartfelt gratitude to our Executive Minister because he became instrumental in bringing the place of worship nearer to us. Honestly, we can cross rivers and seas, regardless of their number. No matter how many mountains we must make our way through, we hold on to our conviction to glorify our Lord God. That we must always give Him praise. [motorboat engine running] I am Brother Nelson Patacsil, in the first years that we became members of the Church Of Christ, we attend the worship services at the house of worship of Sual. We spend more or less thirty minutes in our travels to the Local Congregation of Sual. Sometimes, we would attend the worship services of Sual at dawn, when we encounter big waves and strong winds. Oftentimes, we do not know if they signal the coming of a typhoon or not. We were so worried because our little siblings were with us in the boat, they were crying because of great fear, but because of our faith in God, He saved us from certain doom. So, when we were given a house of worship at Pangascasan, our gratitude to the Lord God was overwhelming. It was made possible through the leadership of the Executive Minister. He became God’s instrument in reducing the hindrances we face everytime we journey to the house of worship. We would spend more or less half an hour just to reach the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Sual. When we transferred to Pangascasan, our travel time was reduced to 15 minutes. So, it has been made easier for us to reach the house of worship, including our participation in all the activities launched by the Church Administration, especially, the works of propagating the true gospel. I am Brother Mark, son of Nelson B. Patacsil. We will always wake up early in the morning to begin our journey on the sea. At their very young age, they have learned the importance of worshiping God. There are times that the waves are rough, the sea is not calm, we ride the boat with extra caution, for once you do the wrong move, the boat may capsize. In their very young age, they already realized that worshipping God is of high importance. This barangay chapel is important so that the young children will no longer walk or travel long distances. Now, I am being trained to become the president of Children’s Worship Service (CWS). We want to glorify God even if traveling is difficult, even if we cross the sea just to reach the house of worship. It is also the place where we ask for our needs. If we have problems, we tell those things to God by means of our prayers. Education is important for us because we know that life is difficult. That is why we do our best in our studies for us to attain our goals in life. I am in Grade 8, my younger sibling is in Grade 5. My dream is to become a minister of the gospel, to teach the words of God. After school, my father always invites me to go fishing. Our livelihood here is, the one we grew up with, is fishing, because that is only our source of income here. At first, we would always get an abundant catch but as days went by, we catch less and less fish because the people that need fish are increasing in number, and so are the fishermen. Illegal fishing came into the scene, that’s why our livelihood suffered. The time came when fish cage became a trend in our place, we tried to earn our living by means of that trend. Because of the Lord God’s help and mercy, our daily life improved. Whatever trials we may encounter, we will perform our duties for our Lord God because it is what pleases Him. When the barangay chapel here in Cabalitian was built, the brethren rejoiced, especially, the ones living in this place, for after we have waited for so long, we are now given a house of worship where we can conduct our active services and worship of our Lord God. It is really important to bring the houses of worship nearer to our brethren, because it is of big help to them, especially nowadays, because majority of the Church Of Christ members are not rich, so when the house of worship is made nearer to their place of residence, they are joyful, they are filled with delight, they become more active in their services, in their worship of God. Despite the rains, they do not mind because their house of worship is now only a few steps away from them. This is a big help for the brethren because barangay chapel was conceptualized by the Church Administration, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo to be built in remote places wherein worship services and various activities of the Church are made nearer to the brethren. There came a great hindrance, the sacrifices our brethren made in building the barangay chapel in the mountains. Because of its location, transportation can no longer reach it so, construction materials are being brought down to the last place which can be reached by vehicles. From that spot, workers carry the materials up to the exact place where the barangay chapel is to be built, which is stil far off. We have firm faith that our work in helping the brethren build the house of worship given unto them brings forth holiness unto our souls. Truthfully, one’s ability to help in the works of the Lord does not depend in the money and wealth he has, but what his heart drives him to do. It is the same with the houses of worship built on islands or across the sea. Materials must be conveyed through boats. Then, upon reaching the shore, the workers will carry the materials from there up to the exact location of project. It becomes difficult everytime it rains because the soil becomes slippery, and with that, carrying the materials becomes more challenging. In spite of great challenges, those did not hinder them to construct and finish it in an organized manner. As a Minister inside the Church Of Christ, everytime we see the fruits of the labors we have alongside the Church officers, we are very glad, for our sacrifices, including hunger, and the many times we leave our families in performing our holy duty, are not in vain. We thank the Lord God, there are many officers who are one with the Administration of the Church, the officers who help us to bring triumph unto the works of the Lord. Because of the needs of our brethren inside the Church, more and more are baptized every month, hundreds of thousands are baptized, so, there is a growing need for new and large houses of worship where they can hold the proper worship of our Lord God. There is an ongoing construction of a new house of worship here in Magsaysay, Alaminos City, Pangasinan. This chapel can accommodate 1,200 worshipers. Through the mercy of our Lord God, it will be dedicated this year. The construction of houses of worship was began by the Messenger of Godin these last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, continued by Brother Eraño Manalo, and still being upheld by the present Administration. More and more houses of worship are being built. The Church Administration can hope that their aspirations will never be in vain and we will continue to unite with him in his endeavor to uphold the commandment of God to build houses of worship for the glory of His Name.

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