Construction Math for Building Materials : How to Calculate Board Feet

Construction Math for Building Materials : How to Calculate Board Feet

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip we’ll be calculating board footage. To calculate board footage we’re
first going to take the thickness we’re going to multiple that width, we’re going to multiple
that by the length and then we’re going to divide all of that by 12. Now on this board
we have a thickness of 1″, the width is 9 1/2″ which you actually round that up to 10″
and then we have a length of 24″. Since all of our values are in inches we actually need
to convert this to 144 and once calculated out that will equal 1.66 board feet. Now if
my board was exactly 1 foot long by 1 foot wide by 1″ thick then it would be actually
1 board foot.

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  1. please remove the text…noone can see the video and math!

  2. Just made an online test a lot easier. Thank you for that =)

  3. im in construction craft training. having a hard time getting into this area of work. so what im asking is where on earth did 144 come from? lol..

  4. How did he convert it? anybody have any links to a tutorialĀ 

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