Construction Math for Building Materials : How to Calculate Area for Shingles

Construction Math for Building Materials : How to Calculate Area for Shingles

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip we’ll be calculating shingles. To calculate the number of bundles of shingles
for a basic gable roof first we need to measure the length and the width of the rectangular
areas that is adding incline on the roof. For this particular roof we’re going to say that
it’s 44 feet X 16 feet. So we would get a total square footage for one side to be 704
square feet however, since we needed to do both sides we’re going to multiple it that
by 2 and get 1408 square feet. Now each bundle of shingles covers about 32 square feet so
to figure out how many bundles we’re going to need we’re going to have to divide our
square footage by 32 and that’s going to give us about 44 bundles. That we’re going to need
to buy to roof this house. Now on all projects you need to add in the waist factor you’re
not going to use every shingle and you’re going to cut some so you need to add a little
bit for waist in addition to starters strip and the cap. You’re going to have add a little
bit for those.

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  1. What if the roof goes up like a triangle like in the last pic of the video?

  2. What is the difference between an Estimator and a Quantity Surveyor ? please get back to me thanks!

  3. Does a bundle = a square or 1/2 a square?

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  5. you made this very simple thank you!!!

  6. Really super expert. In our country 11-12 years old kids can calculate that.

  7. That is wrong, if the elevation of the roof is 22 0r 25 degrees, that has to be taken into consideration also.

  8. Lisette: One shingle bundle per one sheet plywood

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