Concrete ring cones & jewelry holders | How to

Concrete ring cones & jewelry holders | How to

Ohhhh!!! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today
we’re gonna be making some cone shaped concrete ring holders. And bowl shaped. And bowl shaped! Yeah! They’re actually presents for some of our
family members, so if you’re family, stop watching. If you’re not – come along. Come along. To make the mold for the cone shaped ring
holders, you’re gonna need a template, transparencies, tape, and scissors. And for the bowl shaped ring holders, you’ll
need 2 different sized clear plastic ornaments that come in 2 halves like this. And also for this project we’re gonna need
concrete. And a little bucket to mix in. We’re gonna make the cone shaped ones first
and we started with these simple templates. It’s 3 different sizes so we’re just gonna
cut those out. We’re gonna put these down here and trace
them. Can’t we just put it under and then draw? Oh! I like your smarts and brains. You didn’t just marry me for my devilishly
handsome looks? You didn’t marry me for my wonderful tracing
skills because you’re gonna be severely disappointed. It’s so wonderful! First step is to apply some tape at the end
like that. And the next step is you wanna add a little
crease right there, right in the middle. Line it up and pinch it right there. Now that you have your crease you’re gonna
use that as a guide to pull this into a rounded cone. Once the first piece of tape is applied, apply
the rest down the seam. Aw that’s a good one! It is a good one. There’s like kinda like a bulging seam. That sounds wrong. We’ll deal with the seam. I think it’s ok. It might just look kinda cool having a seam. Totally. Alright concrete time. We need to figure out how we’re gonna hold
these while the concrete’s in them. Hahaha! What do we have around here. We could cut holes into something. Cardboard or like a paper plate. Oooo paper plate. Yeah. We only have plastic plates. We could use cardboard. Yeah. Yeah! That’s perfect. I know that this is excessive, but since we
have it… We have a hole saw so that’s what we’re gonna
use. You could draw circles and cut them out. Perfect! We’ll have to be kinda careful with the big
ones so they’re not top heavy. As long as we’re not like stomping around. That’s always how I like to walk around though. Ahhh! So over powered. Yet perfect. Shall we mask up? Hehehe. Katelyn would you pass the uh- We should probably
tell people a little bit about concrete if they haven’t watched any of our other concrete
videos. Let’s tell the people about concrete. You wanna tell the people about concrete? You probably should follow the ratios on your
bag, we just don’t have our bag anymore so we’re eyeballing it. A little bit of water goes a long way. The consistency should end up being like sandy
pancake batter. So this is the right consistency right there. Kinda like chunky oatmeal. So now we’re gonna spoon the concrete into
our little cones. So satisfying. So the reason we have that inner line on our
template is because that’s what we’re going to fill up our concrete to. Except for Evan, who’s already gone past it. Should we just get the orbital sander and
vibrate this whole thing? Where is the orbital sander? I dunno… Haha. Whoa! Hahaha. Ok, so we have two different sized clear ornaments. We’re gonna scoop the concrete into here and
then push this one inside. We’re gonna get some pieces of wood. Use the weight to hold it in place. I’m not sure how much vibrating we should
do. I don’t see any air bubbles in there. Because we filled it and then pushed it down. This was so easy. It is time. Do we wanna start with this. Or this. Well that one just had a chunk fall off so
let’s start with these guys. Man I suck at this. I got this one started for you. Haha no! Oh it just slides the rest of the way out. It’s so smooth! Man it’s so shiny and nice! Can we keep some for us? No hahaha. You’re beating me. I mean, it’s not a race. Unless I win. It’s a race! Hahaha. These tops are not good, they are so not flat. I’m gonna put my safety glasses on for this. I’m just getting plastic shards. I have an idea. This was so easy. Riveting! It is helping. Ohh yeah that’s a good chunk. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Are we making some progress? Oh yeah! Yay! It does look nice, but that took a long time. Like 5 minutes. So the outside now? Oh man. Ok, wait. Ohhhh!!! That was wonderful! Look at that it’s so smooth! Oh my gosh. That’s really pretty! It’s so polished and nice. It doesn’t feel like cement at all it feels
like plastic. It’s crazy. So cool. Ooo! One thing we do need to fix about this though
is the top. Here’s I’m gonna get a, I’m gonna get a close
up. That’s, that’s not great. It’s, it’s pretty bad. Hahaha. Alrighty so, we got this 60 grit sandpaper
to really knock some of it off. Progress? Progress! Haha. So lesson learned. Level your concrete. It’s not worth all the sanding. It wouldn’t have been that much work to just
level it from the get go. We’re gonna add a little bit of embellishment
with brass gilding paint. While we paint we wanted to tell you that
this video was brought to you by our awesome Patreon supporters. We recently passed a milestone over at Patreon
where we are no longer operating at a loss! So thank you guys for all of your support,
big and small, it means a lot to us and it helps us make these videos without losing
money, so we really appreciate it. Thank you. Now you guys know the secret to all of our
pretty shots. We just have this little piece of marble that
we just crop really really creatively. So at first we were thinking these little
cones were harder because it took a small amount of time to actually cut out and form
the molds. Turns out these guys were more difficult because
you, we had to use the heat gun to remove the mold and then there was a lot of sanding
involved. We probably could have made it easier on ourselves,
but- But a lot of lessons learned. We really like how these guys turned out and
we might turn them into products soon so they might show up on our Etsy page, they might
not, But if we were to do these again, we would probably make a whole bunch of silicone
molds and um make them easier to make. Yeah hey so if you guys would like them, let
us know because if you do, we’ll make the molds and we’ll put them on our Etsy. Well hope you guys enjoyed this episode and
look forward to seeing you in the next one. Mmm, time to record the after show. Oh yeah! And if you don’t know what that is check out
patreon dot come slash Evan and Katelyn. Bye! Bye! Hey guys we’re Evan and – HEY GUYS! Hey guys! Hey guys! We’re gonna be making some ring shaped concrete
ring holders. Some ring shaped ring holders! They’re not ring shaped! Serious. I’m so serious right now. I’m so dang serious. My face isn’t in it right? No. Cause I got chins galore. Chins galore, it’s like a really crappy bond
name. Haha. Ahh! Things! Stuff!

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