Hi I’m Bob Schmidt welcome to HomeRemodelWorkshop You know I think I’m going to go ahead and
put that concrete in around that post today hey honey where’s the wheelbarrow? Don’t you remember the wheels fell off and it rusted in half. Uh….OK. about that shovel that I lent to my brother Joe? You mean before he moved to Wisconsin? Oh! That could be a problem, but will show you how to take care of that. How to mix concrete without any tools.
That could be an issue but I’m going to show you how to do it with just an empty
bucket a piece of heavy mill plastic and somebody to help you out. The first thing you need to do is you need to cut your plastic to about eight by ten or ten by ten either one will do, then you need
a smooth concrete surface like we have here to put it on or you can even do this on the grass as
long as the grass is root free or rock three go ahead and canvas your area to make sure that there’s nothing sharp that’s going to cut the plastic here we have an eighty pound bag of
concrete mix, we’re going to dump the concrete mix into the center of the plastic making it just look like a little pile after your concrete mix is setting in a
pile in the center of the plastic push a little hole in the center of the
concrete mix here I have a bucket that I premeasured by what the
instruction said for mixing it’s got a gallon and a half of water for this eighty
pounds of mix not taking all four corners of the
plastic and rolling them up in your hand tightly like this so that is just about
below your waist you’re ready to start adding the water and mixing first dump about half the contents of the
bucket into the mix at this point you and your friend should alternate from side to side mixing it back and forth from corner to
corner after the first half of the bucket is thoroughly mixed and it starts blowing up
dust go ahead and add the balance of your
water to your mix okay at this point continue alternating
from side to side, I mean from corner to corner sorry and keep mixing until your mix looks like it’s thoroughly mixed as you can see in just about a minute’s
time we have concrete this is ready to go in
the hole you and a friend can lift this concrete gently
and set it down let’s say my post hole was right here all you need to do is lower this side of the plastic down gently lift up on this side and roll the concrete right into the
hole and there you go the nice part about this concrete mixing
is the clean up, no wheelbarrows or shovels to clean pretty much just roll-up the plastic and throw it away if you do get a hole in your plastic, get enough plastic so that you can do it a couple of times in case you get a small
hole and need to do it again. Oh yeah, if you like this home
remodeling tip go ahead and subscribe to us, we’ll be putting videos up frequently. Thanks!

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  1. Interesting idea! I hate knocking up sand and cement, that may come in handy when I'm putting in shower trays (Thats the only time I mix S+C!) Nice tip!

  2. Love ur vids learning ALOT for my summer remodel of my grandmother's house. Keep the AWESOME vids coming!!!

  3. Great idea–you do that—Bob

  4. Thats good idea Bob i have seen someone else do that and it does work.

  5. useful, but why not just buy a wheelbarrow or borrow one from your neighbour? that's a lot of plastic to use every time you fill a hole.

  6. I will be assuming you have several holes to fill,as long as you treat plastic with some care you can reuse it for several bags—Bob P.S. you can always clean the plastic and use it for something else also.

  7. well, any idea can be great useful,but I prefer mixing it on hands.Like this way, beyond of making the work I make my arms sronger 🙂

  8. this is a good idea .. thank u man

  9. Thanks Alex, say hi to Linda! LOL JUST KIDDING.===Bob

  10. Please wear work gloves, and do not run your fingers through the mix..

  11. Concrete a bit dry there, eh? I realize it was for demonstration, and you didn't want a 6" slump going everywhere, but that wasn't even a 1" slump dude:)

  12. Maybe the camera makes the slump look smaller lol===Bob Thanks for watching!

  13. the slump is how wet the concrete is. Concrete typically is ordered as a 2-6" slump. Slump is determined by… a slump cone, filling the cone, and lifting off the cone and then measuring the top of the cone to the concrete below, the distance between these two points is the slump.

  14. The bottom line of my comment is that it may be more "responsible" to your viewers to clean up and store the plastic sheeting for future re-use instead of just throwing it away after the first use. The idea here being to reduce one's ecological footprint. It's called living responsibly in your environment.
    Have a nice day! 🙂
    (Unless you have other plans).

  15. Now we are getting somewhere! This comment is well written as to make your point but not be outright insulting.Thank you for being as responsible as you are.==Bob btw you spend much time in the library, good example for children!

  16. isn't it cheeper too buy a shovel rather then all that plastic?

    also (don't mean to sound like a but-hole) but becouse of the way your using plastic, the plastic is now a tool.

  17. that is absurd, a lot of plastic wasted, lots of trash generated?

  18. It's great!. You can keep the plastic to use again and again until its worn out. Also, if you have a bunch off bags to mix, it is a huge energy saver. Probably enough to wipe out the 'carbon footprint' you left using the plastic.

  19. No. Plastic is way cheaper. If you are just mixing a bag or two, sure use your shovel, but if you have a days work, use the plastic. Also there is a commercially available model with handles.

  20. I use scrap plastic, left over from other jobs.

  21. All you needs is two 5 gal buckets. put some water in the bucket and half a bag of concrete mix and some more water on top. Then you dump it into the other bucket.

    Keep pouring from one bucket to the other about 5 times and it is mixed. No wasted plastic and you pour it righ out of the bucket.

  22. Thank you for your well put comment Sorry for missing it for so long,my bad===Bob

  23. If you hole you are filling is for a fence post that would be fine.If it is for a deck post hole the concrete needs to be mixed before putting in for concrete to cure properly.===Bob

  24. That's some pretty dry mix.

  25. This is 15 times or 16 maybe easier than mixing it in a bucket, even by myself!! Holy cow. Faster, and way less work and less wear on my back. I am adding 4ft to my driveway. Thanks a ton!!

  26. Give it a try when you get a chance and write me back and let me know how it went!+++bOB

  27. Certainly it could! As far as the staining of the concrete honestly I have no idea.+++Bob

  28. thank you for everything

  29. Hope you find some of it useful!+++Bob

  30. With that scenario you would also have to produce 33,027 shovels and wheelbarrows,wood and rubber and metal production, because sometimes you need it mixed more thoroughly than mixing it in hole also spray off plastic and re-use for other purposes and no offense but using common sense is the best way to be green+++Bob

  31. If buying a shovel to plant one tree and the tool ends up sitting in your garage till it dry rots and ends up in landfill sounds green to you then go for it!+++Bob I own tools that I have only used once in twenty years however this is what I do and I need to be prepared. A typical homeowner does'nt need to do that. Good for the economy bad for environment and homeowners wallet. NOT VERY GREEN!

  32. Would'nt that be far too simple,instead we have to bust peoples chops and make them defend every thing they do! Thanks for that simple yet effective comment +++Bob

  33. You "green people" are incredibly annoying.
    If you don't like the method than DON'T DO it.
    Go hug a tree somewhere.

    I think I'll go buy some plastic now and throw it away without using it. (just to piss you off)

  34. Post not showing up.

  35. that concrete looks too dry for anything…it would work for a little while….your concrete needs more water…..

  36. No such thing as green building. Any process of building a home or anything for that matter disturbs nature.

  37. Green people shop at whole foods which they drive to in their SUV's. If they are really into it, wouldn't the parking lot have all bikes?

  38. Actually it mixes pretty easily,I suggest you give it a try I believe you will be surprised Thanks for watching+++Bob

  39. get a wheelbarrow and shovel. that heavy plastic coasts the same.

  40. practical,simple yet very effective idea! 🙂

  41. We just put the mix in the bucket with water put the lid on and roll it about seems to work

  42. This is a great way to put more plastic trash in the environment, this is just not wort it people and right stupid, just get a shovel

  43. This video isnt about buying plastic to mix concrete, it was about using what you have lying about.
    I was going to mix concrete in a wheelbarrow using a shovel to mix it and I saw this video.
    I had a sheet of plastic that i had been saving that was the cover on a double bed that I bought and kept thinking that one day it could come in handy.
    The whole job went perfectly and was actually a lot easier to do and less back breaking than using the wheelbarrow and virtually no cleanup.
    Great tip.

  44. much more easier..good thinking.. thank you man.. really good work

  45. I read about this in Mechanics Illistrated magazine in the early 70's It works great. I call it 'Pull, Pull, Dump.' I use it for premix bagged concrete, as well as mixing concrete from scratch. I do it by myself , if necessary, walking from end to end of the plastic. It works the best if you have three people, 2 pullers and a bag opener-hoser to add the water a little at a time. On a nieghborhood playground build we mixed 30 bags, 2 at a time , in about 15 minutes.
    I've mixed 2/3 yard pours

  46. @mrfanman2u For the strongest concrete you want the least water possible. There is a road building technique that uses a roller to compact a concrete mix that is dryer than this. The construction books from 1900 show men tamping the concrete into place with 10 inch hand tampers.

  47. @kkarllwt Right on bro, you tell em, keep that stuff thick like it is supposed to be. What is up with all of these videos on Youtube of concrete being poured that is the consistency of water…….WTF?

  48. if u didnt have a shovel i doubt that u have industrial plastic, gd try old mate hahaha

  49. good vid …and it works!!!!

  50. How about pouring the cement in your post hole, pouring the amount of water needed. works for me. NO MIXING NEEDED

  51. Ain't both the plastic and the other guy that's needed for this a kind of tools?

  52. @lucychoov Easier is not always the best way to go but if the results are the same go for it+++Bob

  53. @david300871 I believe my tip to you was also free, so I guess we both got good value from this exchange.+++Bob Seems obvious ,but the plastic can also be rinsed and re-used.

  54. @arbonac a bucket is not a tool.. it's equipment ;B

  55. Great idea Bob. Take no notice of all these bloody negative postings. I've mixed cement for years and the moment one thinks he knows everything., you start going backwards. Obviously, I have mixer for big jobs but for a small jobs your idea is great. No mess and clean up, perfect placement for the job too.

  56. or but some cement on the floor put a small hole in middle and add water bit my bit but keep using the trowl and mixing it in

  57. This is a great way of thinking!
    This is particularly useful for work in developing countries where they often have to make use of the tools available and not the tools you would typically expect to use.

  58. @charlessmyth I agree!+++Bob

  59. ok if you have one post hole to do! It is labour intensive if you are doing alot, bad for your back!

  60. @alanjames67 If you have ever mixed with wheelbarrow and hoe you know what backbreaking can be. This method keeps you almost upright the majority of the time you are mixing, saving alot of wear and tear on your back. Just picking up heavy bags of concrete can wear out a back not done with care, but really don't knock this until you have tried it. Surprisingly fast and comparatively easy.+++Bob

  61. If you do a lot of concrete mixing you know how to minimize the lifting and mixing. This way is just for a fence post measurement!!

  62. @alanjames67 This is a great way to do basement floor repairs while waterproofing or plumbing repairs and additions,even smaller concrete slabs, If you would like to share some of those minimizing mixing and lifting methods we would all like to hear them+++Bob

  63. Hahaha – that's genius!

  64. It's creative… but I'd rather clean and re-use my tools than throwing away sheets of plastic and creating more pollution.

  65. Think i'll stick to my buckets and el whisker. Much easier to clean it quickly afterwards than dragging 10 huge pieces of plastic around. Won't break either.

  66. Bob,
    Happened upon this video last week and couldn't wait to try this. Long story short, I had to repair a basement floor after my plumber did some drains for me. I mixed seven bags of 80 lb. ea. in about ten minutes. Even the old Italian guy working with me was impressed. (He was skeptical at first)
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and I will definitely use this method again.

  67. WAY WAY TO DRY!!!

  68. mrdarinwarren. is exactly right lot less work easiest way to set post

  69. This is the way i learned to mix concrete – It works easily. For post holes, just pour dry mix into the hole and let mother nature take care of the moisture! If you add water, your wood post will almost definitely rot. This may not work in dry climates. Use an old tarp, or reuse your plastic. As long as you do the job right to last for 100+ years, you are being green. Remodeling with bamboo every five years is not green!

  70. @Ammondude OK! Got it! Lol +++Bob

  71. Nice work wth all your videos keep on!!

  72. My wife has no idea where my wheelbarrow is.

  73. why does my comment need approval…. are you afraid of a little criticism

  74. @SterlingAlexanderSob No its not the criticism that would bother me, sometimes it's the language that's use while expressing it. I do not know who may be watching and reading these comments and some may be too colorful for younger viewers.+++Bob

  75. @SterlingAlexanderSob Could you explain your concerns? +++Bob

  76. @bensonrizla You should see the new EPA regulations on working on project where lead paint is present, Large rolls of plastic are going to be hitting the landfills never to be used again, what a waste! +++Bob

  77. thanks for the tip…..was easier than mixing in a wheelbarrow

  78. I call this pull, pull dump.–My friends hate to hear me say this. I have mixed as much as 1/2 yard from scratch. 2 men can mix 2 bags of premix at a time—it works faster if someone sprays the water from a hose ( the 'hoser'). 10 mill plastic works best–lumber bundle covers work in a pinch.
    One man can do this –it takes some end to end walking.
    On a community playground build we mixed 30 bags of premix , 2 at a time , in a few minutes. We had a bag breaker and a hoser with 2 pullers.

  79. Thank-you for sharing.

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