Concrete Genie – Story Trailer | PS4

Concrete Genie – Story Trailer | PS4

Oh what’s this? Your little coloring book? Gimme that. Hello? Woah. Woah! You’re alive? Hey, over here! You want me to do that? To paint this whole
town back to life. Got it! Yes! There he is! Come on.
Let’s get him! Don’t let him get away! Keep running, freak! Woah! If I leave now, that darkness will
just come back here. I can’t let that happen.

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  1. Genie from Aladdin: “Did someone say something about a Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….. n-never mind. (Leaves.)”

  2. I've been following this game for a while and I'm SO EXCITED!!!! ITS ABOUT TO FINALLY COME OUT!!!!!

  3. What an ugly kid

  4. I don't have a PS4 so please, Switch or PC port… this looks AMAZING!!!


  6. Sony does it again!!!

  7. Se ve prometedor este juego, ojalá me lo pudiera descargar :'(

  8. I've told myself to stop watching playstation game reveals cos i don't have a playstation and i will never be able to play them but i just can't help myself, can i?

  9. I bet you that this will be an award winning game soon

  10. Yeah! Looking forward to this one!

  11. Rudy you gotta DRAW SOMETHING

  12. 2:25 reminds me of infamous second son

  13. so basically him baby

  14. At least we all know people like the gang at the beginning grow to resent themselves with ever new day they wake up to.

  15. Looks neat, but runs on a total of 15 frames sometimes by the looks of it

  16. Welp, hei Brommi, Ink is searching for you 😅

  17. lsd plus dph visual

  18. I'm actually kinda excited for this game, guess I'll have to clear up some space on PS4

  19. I can relate to the main character:(

  20. I also wonder if this will be open world

  21. Why Was This Not At E3

  22. I wish it was available right now

  23. I feel like this should be a movie, not a videogame. It just looks like something I'd rather watch then play idk

  24. Porque no inventan un casco que transfiera la mente al juego😎💥

  25. pretty unique game, I love draw too

  26. this is not an indie it??

  27. Glad I bought a ps4

  28. My friend is the voice actor for the main character 😂😂😂

  29. Ash-Banksy

  30. I'm very excited for this game

  31. 0h and on 0:20 doesn't it look like the character should be female? Just a question

  32. Day one buy for me

  33. name of the music pllzzz

  34. Concrete Genie: I can't let the darkness come back

    Shadowbringers: <.<

  35. Somehow this game reminded me of Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (TV Short from 1991)

  36. Nice visual , "à la Infamous second son" for the Neon effects !

  37. This feels like Psychonauts mixed with the last guardian

    I’m down with that

  38. Jeez.
    It’s A Shame That Some Of Those Bullies Are Gonna Die.

  39. Kinda like a epic mickey adventure.

  40. Definitely getting this game, love everything I've seen so far!

  41. Does this remind anyone of Marc Ecko’s Contents Under Pressure?

  42. This game reminds me of the chinese classic "Magic Paint brush"

  43. The sequel to Chalk Zone looks great!

  44. It looks like infamous with painting))

  45. This looks absolutely amazing, I'm very glad we're getting a VR mode for this! Can only imagine how great that'll be.

  46. This feels like I'm watching Rudolph the Red nose reindeer. The monster at the end of the trailer just had a toothache.

  47. Evolution of Okami's painting mechanic.

  48. Caracter looks like the elf that wanted to be a dentist.

  49. GameInformer told me this was going to allow us to draw our own monsters and bring them to life in the game, after this trailer I'm not sure though, maybe the boy draws creatures but it's more like a creativity simulator.

  50. Nice! Day one purchase.

  51. Waiting for an edit of this with Arcade Fire's Wake up 🙂

  52. so this is what happened to the elf in Rudolph

  53. Seems authentic gonna have to try n support

  54. 2:27 Wait, will our own creations turn against us?

  55. The Art of Jacob Emory: the Game.

  56. if you sleep on this game, i hope you'll never wake up.

  57. These guys really don't went him to draw anything

  58. Is this a new Laika movie or a game? Either way I love the concept! Sold!!

  59. Just got it (pre-order)

  60. So basically deviant art: the game… minus the perverted, furies and/ or mouthbreathers.

  61. Looks heavily inspired by Tim Burtons works.

  62. i wan't to play the game so bad, it look so much fun!

  63. When you can't leave in reality… You go into fantasy…

  64. Anyone remember the Magic Pengel or even Graffiti Kingdom?

  65. This game has not garnered enough attention. It needs to show some gameplay or something that'll intice people

  66. Starring:xbox avatar

  67. Dope. Finally an original concept. Magic graffiti. Beautiful.

  68. Please release this game on the switch it will sell

  69. looks amazing and beautiful cant wait

  70. No one:

    Characters Mouths: 😦😶😦😶

  71. It's like a Infamous second son style 🤔. It's very Nice 😍😍😍

  72. I suddenly want infamous third son?

  73. Rudy's got the chalk!

  74. Now this is the game that I want!

  75. the best game , best game the best in best a best game in best best , yes , yes ,yes , ou eeee

  76. is this a rip off of Epic Mickey?

  77. Me:”why everyone picks on us artists?”

  78. A paint brush with a link to black magic…And this game is rated E!?…It should be rated T, at least…Oh well. I'll still play it. It looks fun! ^w^

  79. I wish i have friends 🙁

  80. the creatures are so cute 🥺🥺i bought this game yesterday

  81. global warming right, jeez dis is boring

  82. This game looks amazing I want play it

  83. Epic Mickey + Life is Strange… I dig it 🙂

  84. Miaw…. Aug……

  85. Anyone here cuz of neebs and Dora?

  86. Beat the game today and got the plat! It's an amazing game.


  88. Is it only for ps vr or not???

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