Concrete Genie – Bringing Your Imagination to Life Interview | PS4

Concrete Genie – Bringing Your Imagination to Life Interview | PS4

for Concrete Genie actually came from a brainstorming process
that we executed with the team where one of our artists,
Ashwin, created a piece of artwork that
illustrated a character being bullied. And he overcame that by creating
artwork within the wall. DOMINIC ROBILLARD: So Concrete
Genie’s a game about a boy who can bring
his paintings to life. So all of our gameplay and our
unique features are about having fun with paint and using the DualShock 4 to
create amazing landscapes but also make creatures that you
can bring to life. And they have all kinds of
interesting quirks and personalities and abilities
depending on how you paint them. The goal is to make anyone feel
like they could be an artist. It’s a big part of our player
fantasy. It’s effortless and it’s full of
joy. And a lot of our progression
mechanics in the game are about learning these new techniques
for you to play around with and have a lot of fun with. JEFF: We’re really lucky in that
we wanted to use the power and the tech of the PlayStation 4 to make the drawings come to
life within the walls. DOMINIC: And we’ve developed an
awful lot of technology as well as design mechanics to
help anybody make something as effortlessly as
possible in this game. I, for example, can’t draw in
real life, but in this game I feel like I
can. So whatever the marks that you
make with the DualShock as you gesture around this world, we
take that mark that you made and we embellish it and we grow it
into something really beautiful. JEFF: I’m hoping that people get
that same feeling that they did when they were kids and sort of drew with a crayon
for the first time or looked at the first illustration in a
children’s book. I really hope that people feel
that when they’re creating their own artwork. DOMINIC: We can animate and
bring to life these incredible creatures who all have their own
AI and their own distinct look and are all completely unique
to each player. JEFF: It’s not just about
creating artwork, it really is quite a bit more. It’s about the adventure also. DOMINIC: One of the things that
we learned from making Entwined was that if we’re going to
invest our heart and soul in making a game that has a message
to it, we wanted to make sure that with
this game we put it into a structure that people were going
to have a lot easier time getting into. So we decided to invest in
making a third-person action/adventure because that’s
a platform that we love. We love those types of games. And all of our amazing kind of
painting gameplay sits on top of that base. JEFF: Entwined was a perfect
first project for the team. What we learned from Entwined is
that we wanted to continue to make games that have an
emotional connection with the player, games that have heart. And that’s sort of one of our
internal mandates is that we make sure we have games that
resonate with people from an emotional point of view. That’s been important for
Concrete Genie. DOMINIC: There’s something
really just intuituvely fantastic about making these
marks in the world and seeing them come to life as
well. I’d say the main thing we hope
people will feel is joy. JEFF: I feel as an artist this
game is really a dream come true because I think if you’re a
young person drawing in the back of the classroom or sketching,
we really give you the ability to have that same feeling that
you do as a kid but have your drawings come to life. That’s an absolute dream come

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