Communist Minecraft?! – Minecraft Communist Texture Pack Review

Communist Minecraft?! – Minecraft Communist Texture Pack Review

Guys, it’s Deacon Ho here and welcome back to another episode So today I’m going to (give a) tour a resource pack Which is called the Communist Resource Pack… …made by a really good friend of mine called TheRedstoneGuy So yeah before we take a tour of Tian’anmen Square, we’re going to look at some blocks and other miscellaneous items So yeah, we have these blocks here: We have the wooden plank, the bookshelf, the stairs the pressure plate, the fence, the fence gate the slab and also the button So yeah, I have made a really decent house using all these blocks This house is a really cozy house with basic necessities And also I built a really nice bathtub so that we could just sit here and just chill So yeah although I’m not a good architect however I think this is really decent in my opinion so we are here with all these 5 items the grass, tall grass, fern, large fern and also the grass block and here I’ve built a really nice-looking pond and also a pathway using many blocks and the addition of the red nether brick, the carpet, glass, the netherwart block, redstone torchs and grass I added some poppies for decoration and also placed red wool instead of the (leaves?) because it’s really nice this is a really nice pond I can just sit here and also look at these cute little pigs So now I’m gonna (take a) tour of these things we have: in total 6 items. We have the zombie head which is retextured into a military soldier head (People’s Liberation Army, to be exact) and also we have the Chairman Mao head which is originally the Steve head We have the golden sword and the diamond sword retextured as the Communist symbol, and also we have the book This book is actually called the Little Red Book (Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung) and it contains Chairman Mao’s great quotes and other Communist sentences (phrases) which contributed a lot to the Communist Party many years ago and also benefited many people and we have a really nice looking Communist bed we could bounce here 🙂 ok so we have three spawn eggs this is the villager this villager is retextured into a Chinese commoner (during the Cultural Revolution) so yeah they’re really noisy in my opinion die 🙁 we have the zombie and zombie pigman TheRedstoneGuy actually added some nice-sounding music and also quotes when we spawn them in. Let’s hear them 他们要打多久就打多久
(We shall fight as long as they, i.e. the US, want!) yeah really nice 为人民服务
(Serving for the people. PLA slogan) Now for the zombie pigman 举手,中国
(Raise your hand, China) 报告
(report) yeah, pretty good-sounding sounds Now we’re gonna visit the Tian’anmen square, of course it’s heavily guarded as it is one of the most important landmarks in China So yeah we’re gonna walk here We are greeted by all these communist banners Really nice Chairman Mao hello So we are in the art gallery and these are the paintings and these are the one-by-one paintings. I think this is Chairman Mao and this is Stalin and these are all the communist propaganda, oh c*** 🙂 communist propaganda we have in China years ago. I’m going to leave a link in the description about all these templates so that you can see also I will include information regarding this texture pack if you guys need. So yeah we are in the last bit of the tour We are at Chairman Mao’s mausoleum Of course we need to keep quiet and give flowers as respect for his great service and we have all these music discs. We’re gonna listen to them right now. OK, first one ♪ Sailing the seas depends on the helmsman ♪ OK ♪People’s Liberation Army Anthem♪ OK next one ♪Internationale♪ OK and I would like to apologize if these music discs sound too loud you’d need to adjust them because it’s quite hard to fix them. Also I will leave all these songs in the description below including the (song) name and the disc name. So yeah let’s continue. ♪Socialism is Good♪ ♪Without the Communist Party, there would be No New China♪ Ok, then we have this ♪Ode to the Motherland♪ OK ♪Learn from Lei Feng’s Good Example♪ ♪March of the Volunteers (Cultural Revolution version)♪ Yeah this is the old version of our national anthem. ♪Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention♪ OK and this ~Excerpt from a speech by Chairman Mao~ OK So yeah I’ve forgotten to mention that the zombie and also the [zombie pigman] are [retextured] as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army So yeah thank you guys for watching this episode. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please like and subscribe for more videos. And also I will link everything in the description below so that you can look into this texture pack more. Good Bye!

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