Clinton airplane photo goes viral

Clinton airplane photo goes viral

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  1. lol they call this viral? First time seeing it. Fake news

  2. fuck that cunt Hillary

  3. Bye Bye! Hope you like staring at concreate!

  4. Screw you, CNN (Clinton News Network)

  5. ya….ok…that Pence is much worse then Hillary….ya…ok…keep pushing your bullshit CNN….

  6. Hillary used a private server, to hide away from FOIA requests. A server is different from an account. Hillary also destroyed subpoenaed public documents….33,000 thousand of them. The story should have been about how different the two scenarios are.

  7. Love you Hillary.You are beautiful, and incredibly smart.  I voted for you

  8. So where was CNN and the Democrats when Hillary had her own private server, destroyed it (which is destroying government property), delete the emails (again destroying government documents)? Democrats and CNN don't care about laws, thru just care about power and destroying others. #VeryFakeNews

  9. yea but pence wasnt a high ranking government official responsible for discharge of deadly weapons and the oversight of the safety of americans. as a governor he may have had some sensitive or classified info… but to what degree? probably not the same as being Secretary of State.

  10. looks like he will get the same punishment………………………………………………………………………………………………….not a thing.

  11. This is a PR stunt. The Clintons are trying to weasel their way back into public office AGAIN !!!

  12. CNN Fake News, lefty Bull Shit.

  13. Exactly what pence did crap news network. no comparison except cnn being compared to Nazi propaganda just trying to control the masses. not gonna happen, the world is catching on.

  14. what is this dirty bitch up yo now? bitch has millions and this flight with all the news papers is staged

  15. Hillary is a nasty cunt.


  17. u having ur jurnalist Reza Aslan eating human brains on live tv is bigger news than this…

  18. It was supposed to be about Hillary then half way through the video it's all bout pence

  19. I was watching a video of a Humpback Whale getting freed from a net, and got redirected to here…. The coincidence makes a lot of sense.

  20. Fake news at it again, nowhere did they mention that Hillary sent classified information and our VP did not. "Sensitive" is not even close to the same as "classified". This is manipulation at its finest.

  21. there goes CNN attacking when the election is over. ..bunch of crybabies, ,tapper cooper and every cnn fake reporter, thanks for dividing the country assholes. .

  22. Indiana democrats are calling for…. 😉 muahahahha cry me a river libtards…the man ist still president!

  23. The Hillary idiots will believe anything the news organizations tell them to believe

  24. Another nothing burger.

  25. We now know the FBI is corrupt and allowed Clinton to skate.

  26. More fake news. MAGA

  27. At least he is not a hagus evil lying c$%*t

  28. Asshat CNN (CIA) Dickbags, assuming this is even true, the Secretary of State of The United State of America's emails( unlawfully using a private server),might have some more damaging state secrets on it than a governor from a state. CNN is such garbage. F-you, CNN.

  29. F-CNN. F-the CIA. You're both coming down. The people hate you.

  30. Why is CNN still on the air? Shouldn’t they be shut down for reporting shit?! 💩

  31. Fuck cnn u bunch of fuck balls

  32. I thought she was in jail lol
    Or, is she on the way there?

  33. Guess what. Hillary lost and America WON!!!

  34. CNN though😂😂

  35. Haha, good try clinton news network….. no one cares and there are more dislikes…. haha!

  36. Everyone hates you CNN. America needs to dismantle your company of disinformation.

  37. Hillary sucked someone’s ………

  38. Whatever happened to that old witch?

  39. Does it make my crime less criminal when someone else commits a similar one?

  40. MIKE first U R STUPID , than IGNORANT than Christian without mind !

  41. Fake picture and fake story, does anyone really think, Hillary would be on a plane with common Americans, let alone being able to get close enough to take a picture? She being former first lady and former secretary of state, she has secret service following her round and I highly doubt anyone would be able to get that close to her to take a photograph. USE YOUR HEAD PEOPLE, this is staged!

  42. using a private email server is far more suspect than using an aol account.

  43. Oh no , her Royal Highness is on a common fight with the peasants, time to run for president again to get money from the idiots

  44. I didn't realized Delta allowed that much baggage onboard.

  45. Staged – the flaky fakes are at it again. The only thing real about the Clintons is their criminal behaviour.

  46. Wow, Z berg is really getting desperate…..

  47. We gotta get him , he allowed the Mexicans to get valuable info to help them continue their invasion.

  48. She's an alcoholic

  49. This is NOT fake! Was all over the worlds newspapers! Wake Up! Go Qanon

  50. Oh well…..Pence is great…Look what Hillary did!!!!!


  52. Ok folks. Prove this is "fake" to me.

  53. Trump uses his personal phone everyday…..even though he was advised by Ryan…not too!!

  54. Yes, we see what that newspaper says. But WHAT is Bill reading?! Isn't that book about a pedo, written by a pedo? Yes, it is.

  55. i don't get this video

  56. Clinton News Network…

  57. you have an even amount of likes and dislikes, only you CNN… only you… liars

  58. Totally different for one he stayed within Indiana law apparently. Clinton explicitly broke laws she was explicitly briefed on while Secretary of State.

  59. Hey Clinton news network! I don't trust you any further than I could kick you

  60. Fakenews cnn do all their faggott reporters..

  61. Bullshit Comey you let her off the hook you all are in this together bunch of crooks

  62. Brother said what’s the difference between the Clinton Crime Family and Elchapo ? The Clinton Crime Family is above the Law who are th real enemies within

  63. Pot calling the kettle black

  64. Pence has no foreign donation if he has a Foundation. Why foreigner donate to Clinton foundation instedd on red cross. And why democrats wanted to disclose Pence Email if he didn't violate any Indianapolis law.

  65. Lol Fake News no credibility

  66. Umm… this comes from CNN? I'd need a lot more evidence before I'd even agree that CNN's spelling is correct. lol

  67. Fucking loser Democrats never ask for Hillary's. TWO FACE ASSHOLES. Pence was legal and Hillary a liar.

  68. Brother said two sets of laws just ask Martha Stewart

  69. Bitter Hillary supporters still fighting over the last election. They and she will NEVER move past it and that makes President Trump's successes all the sweeter.

  70. Super Fake news outlet Extra Extra read all about fake news CNN Corrupt news network. I can't wait for justice to be served for the Clintons

  71. The big difference being, when asked for the e-mails, Pence turns them over. Killary deletes them. A federal crime of epic proportions.

  72. This is why they are called "Fake News".

  73. Pence is a two-faced back-stabbing shitstain.

  74. Huh, never heard of an email server nor has Pence, no such thing. He is VP of the USA and doesn’t know basic computer literacy. Also what Trump has done to our country vs Hillary, it should be apparent what a liar, undereducated, racist, misogynistic, traitor he is. But go ahead and believe his lies, he is simply afraid of Hillary because she is smarter, knows how our government works, and respects the Constitution.

  75. Killer. Clinton. Prison enough. Is.
    On her

  76. I accidentally clicked on this article I did not realize it was from fake news

  77. If you tried to take a photo of a former First Lady on a plane the Secret Service would be up your butt so quick for security purposes.

  78. The devils soul mate clinton

  79. Comey, you have more nerve than a sore tooth.

  80. TICK TOCK! FISA Indictments Coming!

  81. CNN is a Left run Propaganda machine and they are losing viewers by the minute, MAGA 2020

  82. CNN = Corruption News Network ….nothing less and nothing more. Trump 2020

  83. The day will come when Clinton will answer for what she has done to America.

  84. CNN is fake news!


  86. CNN= Clinton Naked necking
    Brown nosing Bill snd Barry
    Ohhhhh nasty

  87. C neck and neck positives/ negatives

  88. Clintons are about to be humbled. Just imagine for a second what those two have gotten away with. SMFH!

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