Cast A Concrete Skull

Cast A Concrete Skull

Cast A Concrete Skull

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  1. I subbed to your channel a few months ago in prep for my mould arriving, it took the guy a month to make, ( said he sent it blah blah) it eventually came and im so dissapointed, i honestly didnt think id need a mother mould, i only paid for and received the latex part. It just doesnt hold the shape, even with a support round top part, its not even 1:1 scale and looks pretty shit tbh its jawless. I think im just gonna start from scratch and latex over a 1:1 from ebay.

    I find your videos informative and helpful, im literally a newb to this and you videos give me a direction,

    thanks !

  2. man i just love that skull! wish i do!

  3. I love this, I want to make one for my son….Canada150

  4. I just got done laying my 1st coat of latex on my THIRD skull. Using crap latex, now I have some of the Engineer Guy's latex, I know this one will come out. Gonna try a plaster outter like you did.

  5. To save yourself a bit if time and effort, spray down with a bit of watered down black emulsion or any water based paint to stain the concrete black, ready for dry brushing after its cured. Great vid btw 😉

  6. Hi mate can you sell me one of these molds through eBay?

  7. Beautiful work of art and so easy to follow

  8. Hey
    How durable is the mold? Is a 2 piece mold or a mold cut over in the middle bad to use? Also can you sand down cement figures easily? Also would you prefer polyurethane mold for concrete? Hope you got answers to these. Thanks for the videos!

  9. Great video I have a question how much PVA Bond do you add to your mix thanks

  10. Your radio + T-shirt’s reminded me of my childhood 😆👌🏻

  11. Question . Can I buy the mold from u . And how much

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