Caribbean Craft Puts Haiti’s Artisans to Work

Caribbean Craft Puts Haiti’s Artisans to Work

The Haitians have this creative spirit, and they share it–they share it through what they do. If I can change that bottle into a product that could be attractive to a foreigner, I’ll have some dollars. So, I know that, eventually, if we don’t fight for the sector what’s going to happen is that they’re going to become operators of machines, and that’s what Caribbean Craft have seen and we said no, we’re going to reclaim this position because it is a tradition and it’s worth it. We lost the facility that we were using before, during the earthquake on January 12, 2010. We had to relocate our operation. We decided to start our production again and on February 2nd, but we were all without a house. We were providing them with water and we decided it’s time for us to take the feeding program on. We feed everybody every day and that’s the reason why we built the cafeteria that we’ve been seeing and it’s something that we can take everyone back and just focus on investing all their income on other places. Thanks to the Clinton Foundation we were invited to meet in New York, where we have met lots of interesting people who wanted to do business with us. And that’s how we started welcoming more and more buyers, that’s how we were a part of the Macy’s Project, that’s how we become involved with many people, including Donna Karan. This is, for example, a piece that’s about to be finished for Anthropology. They carry this line, the giraffe and the zebra and the rhino. Even though we’ve had the worst year ever in terms of logistics and all kinds of other constraints, we’ve already exported more than our entire year last year. This is all thanks to the Clinton Foundation; they are great for doing this network, this has been stronger after I was invited to CGI. So I strongly believe that between these meetings a lot of great outcomes are coming and Haiti’s getting a lot of attention and all of the buyers are interested in selling what’s made in Haiti. Everybody has helped, on January 12th, in assistance, and now they want to be a part of the rebuild. Everybody wants to contribute and contribute by creating jobs, so I think that this company has a great future, it’s just a hard time that we’re going through.

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