Calorie Countdown Challenge

Calorie Countdown Challenge

Baby got snacks. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. Mythical Beasts, we asked you to ask
us questions about snack advice, and you did not drop out of law school
in order to become a ventriloquist. What I mean by that,
is that you did not disappoint us. Oh!
Nice. Kayla Pagan asks, “Who knows their snacks better,
Rhett or Link?” Well, Kayla, that is
an excellent question, which brings us to
another installment of, – ♪(electronic music)♪
– (Link) All you had to do was ask. Now, Kayla, when you ask
who knows their snacks better, we assume that you’re referring to
how well we know our snacks – caloric value.
– Yes. So that’s what we are going
to test today. And our friends at Amazon
asked us to use the Amazon Echo, the hands-free speaker you can control
with your voice, to help us help you
answer this question. And we have gone ahead and enabled
the Nutritionix skill, which allows us to log anything
that we’ve eaten, on the Echo, and then the Echo will then keep track
of our total caloric counts. So we’re going to use that skill
to test our calorie knowledge in, – ♪(upbeat music)♪
– (Rhett) Snack Blackjack. Wow! Look at this.
We’ve got– It’s like we’re in Vegas. – We got a green-topped table.
– Yeah. Some plates. Where’s the buffet? Well, where’s the dealer? That’s your cue, Stevie. Where’s the dealer? – (laughs)
– Oh, there’s the dealer. – Hello.
– Look at that. You look like you’ve done this before.
Have you? Stand up, like–
Yeah. Yes, I have. You have stood up before. Okay, we’re each going to have
our own Echo in this game, because we’re each going to have
our own calorie count. The wake word for my Echo
will be, Alexa. And the wake word for Link’s Echo
will be, Echo. And we’re basically playing blackjack,
except we’re not using cards, we are using food,
and we’re not using card denominations, or numbers, we are using calories
from the snacks. And Stevie’s going to give us
a target calorie count for every round,
and then we have to use foods, to combine them, to try and get as close
as we can to that calorie count without busting.
That means going over the limit. Three rounds, best two out of three
is the winner, – who wins a very special prize.
– Oh. ♪(electronic music)♪ Guys, welcome to the sandwich round,
round one. (silly voice) Sandwich. I’ve eaten one of those before. Yeah, it’s going to be a good one,
I can feel it. I can feel your sandwich vibes. Do you want to know your
calorie count for this? I do.
That’s an important detail. It’s five hundred. – (both) five hundred calories.
– Sandwich, huh? I don’t think Rhett’s ever made a sandwich
that’s probably below, like two thousand calories. That’s not true. I rarely venture
below one thousand, though. Of course, I don’t know calories. Exactly. Okay, I’m going to give
you each your hand. Do it. Link, I’m going to give you
your hand first. Hit me with my hand. Let me just say,
I washed my hands. – And this is your–
– Are you just saying that? (Stevie) This is the hand
that you’ve been dealt, via my hand.
A slice of tomato. I do not like tomato. And, Rhett, two slices
of wheat bread. That’s a start to a sandwich
if I’ve ever seen one. Okay, so for this round, Link,
you’re going to ask for your item first, and then we’re gonna go back
and forth. So, Link, what would
you like first? Hit me with two slices
of white bread. Oh, hmm. (Stevie) Two slices of white. Stevie, hit me with a half
of banana. (Rhett) Now that’s normally not
how I put it on my sandwich, but, listen, time is of the essence,
so that’s fine. Hit me with some pickles. Three pickle slices. Please actually hit him
with the pickles. Oh, those are big ones. I have a philosophy
for this sandwich. Hit me with one ounce
of Nutella. (laughs) A sweet sandwich,
if you will. I’m making a sandwich
I would never eat. You’re making a sandwich that, hopefully,
you’re going to feed to me. (Rhett) Yeah, right. I’m going to go with–
This looks like one ounce, right? Yeah.
Sure. (Stevie) There you go. I can tell you right now,
that you’re losing. (Link) Five hundred calories. Hit me with one slice of turkey. I don’t wanna bust. (high voice) One slice of turkey,
gingerly placed upon my sandwich. Hit me with a compliment
to the Nutella, one ounce of marshmallow fluff. Ha! This sandwich is getting better
by the second. Yeah. (Rhett) Put it on that side of the banana. (Link) Are you making a sculpture,
or a sandwich? Get with it. (Stevie) Alright, that’ll do, right? (Rhett) That’s good. Stay. Huh. Four hundred and ninety nine calories,
right there. (laughs) Not true. What are you laughing at? This is how it’s done, son. Hit me with one strip
of bacon. (laughs) Yeah, keep it going. Pile it on. Where would you like
this strip of bacon? – Just, crisscross with the bacon–
– This way? (Rhett) WIth the banana.
And I will stay and enjoy. Oh. I will not–
I made this for a loved one (Link) not here right now. – So you’re both staying?
– Hm mm. Let’s see how you did. Link, go ahead. Echo, ask the food tracker
to log one slice of tomato, two slices of white bread,
three pickle slices, and one slice of turkey. (Echo) I successfully logged
tomato, white bread, pickles (Echo) and turkey,
totaling two hundred calories. – (blows raspberry)
– Oh! Little shy. That’s not five hundred, Link. I didn’t bust. Alright. Alexa, ask the food tracker to log
two slices of wheat bread, (Rhett) a half a banana, one ounce
of Nutella, one ounce mashmallow fluff (Rhett) and one strip of bacon. (Alexa) I successfully logged
wheat bread, banana, Nutella, marshmallow fluff, and bacon,
totaling five hundred five calories. (buzzer sound) – Oh what? No!
– (all laugh) No, you can’t give it to him. That was almost so–
That was so perfect. – Five calories?
– Don’t talk to her, talk to yourself. You take in five calories
every time you breathe. It doesn’t even count. It’s called Blackjack. That’s called precision, man. It’s called bust. – I’ll come back.
– One point. ♪(electronic music)♪ Guys, welcome to the snack round. Thank you for having me,
I’m winning. I’m not winning,
’cause I got greedy. You have two more chances,
it’s gonna be okay. – Bacon got me.
– Calorie count for this round – is very specific.
– Okay. Seven hundred and seventy nine. Okay, let me log that. This round, Rhett, you’re going
to be going first. So the hand that you are dealt with
is cheese puffs. Oh. And, Link, for you I have – Snack it up.
– A cup of milk. Okay, how do you know
it’s a cup, though? (laughs) (Stevie) A cup of milk. I’m off to a good start. I created a cheese puff base. – (Rhett) A foundation if you will.
– (Stevie) Yes, great. What else would you like? Hit me with that can of anchovies. Yeah, what you looking at me
like that for? You snack on anchovies? Prepackaged means precise
caloric measurement. Don’t let him– Don’t you be reading
the calories on that thing. – It doesn’t matter, I’ve already chosen it.
– Okay. – (Link) Eugh.
– (Rhett) Oh gosh, it– (all make disgusted sounds) Is this like a special recipe of yours? Do you want a utensil? – (Rhett) Nope.
– (crew laughs) Okay, ah!
Hit me with some Mini-Wheats. Inside? Nope, the whole box. – Oh, come on.
– (Link laughs) The whole box.
I’m not going under, – but I’m not going over.
– (Rhett) Yes you are. I’m not going this far under. Okay, I’m going to have to grab
from back here. (Link) Grab it. – Yeah.
– Thanks for that, Link. Welcome to my world. The world of going way over. (laughs) Stevie, hit me with four
baby carrots. – (Stevie) A one, two, three, four.
– (Rhett) That’s very nice. Link, I suggest that you stay. Oh, I’m staying. (laughs) You stay right there
and enjoy your Mini-Wheats. I’m staying in my happy place. Stevie, hit me with one ounce
of potato chips. There we go. Stevie, hit me with six Starburst. (Stevie) One, two, three,
four, five. And, finally, Stevie, hit me with a serving of beef jerky. Hmm. (Rhett) That’d be great.
Just right on the top there. And that is where I stay. Alright, you’re good?
You’re good? Standing tall. Let’s see how you did.
Rhett? Alexa, ask the food tracker to log
cheese puffs, a can of anchovies, four baby carrots, one ounce
of potato chips, six Starburst, and a serving of beef jerky. (Alexa) I successfully logged
cheese puffs, anchovies, (Alexa) baby carrots, potato chips,
Starburst, and beef jerky, (Alexa) totaling six hundred
eighty three calories. Woohoo hoo!
That’s how it’s done, son. Didn’t bust.
Now you must. Man, that’s pretty close. Okay, Echo, ask the food tracker
to log one cup of milk, and eighteen ounces
of Mini-Wheats. (Echo) I successfully logged
milk and Mini-Wheats, (Echo) totaling one thousand eight hundred
and seventy calories. – (buzzer sound)
– (laughs) – Went a bit over there.
– (Rhett) You see what I was talking about? You know what?
I know what it feels like to bust, – (ding sound)
– but still be happy. Okay, we’re even. ♪(electronic music)♪ – Welcome to the desert round, fellas.
– Thank you. So your calorie count for this round
is eighteen fifty. It’s a high one. Well, these are deserts. Yes, exactly.
So your hands are, Link– – Bowl full of–
– Three scoops of chocolate ice cream that I’m going to make you scoop
for yourself. Okay. (Rhett) She’s a dealer,
not a scooper. (Rhett) You can’t blame her.
You really can’t blame her. For you I have
a chocolate brownie. (high voice) Oh. Can you just deposit it
in that bowl for me? There you go. (Rhett) Look at that. You didn’t make Rhett deposit
that in his own bowl. I’m over here, laboring away,
breaking the ice cream scoop. (Link) Alright, that’s good enough. Alright, Link, it is your turn first.
What would you like? ♪ Hit me with some boba.
Boba for the hits. ♪ Ten scoops. – (Link blows raspberry)
– (Rhett) It looks like fish eggs. – (Rhett) Oh gosh.
– We’ll just call that ten scoops. – (crew laughs)
– Give or take. I feel left out, over here,
so hit me with three scoops of vanilla ice cream. It’s only fair. Yes, I’ll do it myself. (Rhett) Oh, soft. (Link) I need some sauce up in here. Three tablespoons of chocolate sauce. Would you like to use you own method?
Or… No, just–
You’re a measuring genius. Okay, yeah. Chocolate on chocolate,
with a little boba. I’m going to continue
to follow your lead, Link, hit me with four ounces of dark chocolate. That’s less calories in dark chocolate. (Rhett) Oh, whole bar.
And I karate chop that sucker. (Rhett) Fold it up, stick it in
and sail the sundae seas. (all laugh) I want some Reddi-wip on here. So, hit me with some Reddi-wip. I’ll tell you when. (Link) I’ll know it when I see it. Keep it moving. More? Keep it going. Don’t stop while you’re ahead. (Link) Here we go. (Link) There you go. (Link) Are you ready to be whipped? – Reddi-wip– (laughs)
– (crew laughs) I didn’t mean that
in that way. Yeah, keep it going. Pile it up. Ah, the calories. (Link) I got to get to, what?
Eighteen something? (Stevie) Oh no. (Link) Keep it going. That’s not really effective,
I gave up on that a while back. – (Link) Ah! Bring it!
– You guys are doing nothing. (Link) Hit me.
Woo! – That’s it.
– Woo! Okay, wow.
Yeah, that’s what it’s for. (Rhett) That’s what the can is for. It’s a smoothing spatula. Okay. Went with the whole can, huh? Okay, I’m going to keep
the game going. I want a whole head of lettuce. – (all laugh)
– What? Oh yeah, that’s what
that thing needed. Yeah, you can’t be the only one
that gets to do whole things. Well, there’s not lettuce. Lizzie’s got lettuce over there
from round one. – Are we allowing that?
– Yes. – I would gladly allow it.
– Okay. – (Rhett) Look, and it’s like a garnish.
– (crew laughs) It looks like a house plant now. – Yum.
– (Link) Eighteen fifty. (Rhett) Look at that.
It’s like you struck land. Sailed into land. I’ve got a metaphor
going on over here. Alright, Link? Three Gummy Bears. (laughs) Okay. Gotta be precise. Now you’re just getting cocky. (Rhett) It’s a little Gummy Pow wow. (Link) Now, the stuff that I’m eating
right now, doesn’t count against calories. – It doesn’t
– It’s like eating off of someone else’s plate. Those calories don’t count. You know, there’s a lot of volume in this,
not a lot of calories, I do know that. (Rhett) This is really just for show. So I’m going to go with two spoonfuls
of walnuts. Okay. If you could just drop the walnuts
down in there. (Link) A little lettuce tree. (Link) That lettuce loves
to eat walnuts, doesn’t he? Yeah, he’s like a Venus flytrap.
It’s a lettuce walnut trap. (Rhett) It’s a rare species. I think people are going to be
wanting this recipe. Well, you’ve seen me make it. We will put this on our Tumblr. Link? You know what?
I’m gonna sit tight. Okay.
Rhett? Touché
I stand as well. Alright, it is time. Link, you wanna go first? Yes. Echo, ask the food tracker to log
three scoops of chocolate ice cream, (Link) ten spoonfuls of boba,
three tablespoons of chocolate sauce, (Link) seventy four servings of Reddi-wip,
and three Gummy Bears. (Echo) I successfully logged
chocolate ice cream, boba, (Echo) chocolate sauce, Reddi-wip
and Gummy Bears. (Echo) totaling one thousand
eight hundred and eight calories. – What? No!
– (laughs) You got so lucky, man! What is that?
Forty two? – I was forty two under.
– You had no idea how much that was. I know exactly what I was doing. My tree’s dying. – Yeah it is. (laughs)
– My hopes are diminishing as well. Alright, want to try it? Okay, here we go. Alexa, ask the food tracker to log
a chocolate brownie, three scoops (Rhett) of vanilla ice cream,
four ounces of dark chocolate, (Rhett) a head of lettuce,
and two spoonfuls of walnuts. (Alexa) I successfully logged
chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, (Alexa) dark chocolate, lettuce,
and walnuts, totaling one thousand (Alexa) four hundred
and forty seven calories. – Dang!
– (ding sound) That wasn’t bad,
but you’re not as lucky as me. I’ve run aground. Wow! – (ringing sound)
– Congratulations, Link. (Rhett) You won, man.
Who would have thought? You get to enjoy a whole can
of Reddi-wip, too. I would have thought. I thought! Congratulations. So I win the prize in More,
but for now. Thanks to Amazon Echo
for sponsoring this episode. And thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. I’m Sarah, and this is Amanda, and we’re in Las Vegas, Nevada,
at the Bellagio. – And it’s time to spin the
– (both) Wheel of Mythicality. You, too, can ask Alexa to log your snacks
for you, and more instantly. To get your own Amazon Echo,
click the link in the description. And click through to Good Mythical More,
where I’m going to enjoy my prize, it is a snack Jack Black. A black Jack–
A Jack Black, made out of snacks–
The actor. – ♪(fanfare music)♪
– It’s a Gif. The Gif of the day. It’s–
What was that? That’s an octopus with a– – Dancing cheetah–
– That’s a leopard. (both) That is a leopard. – That’s a dancing leopard on–
– Yeah. – A cheetah cannot dance on an octopus.
– Definitely not. But a leopard can. [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]

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