Calling Out Feminism: Riley J Dennis, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, And Globalism

Calling Out Feminism: Riley J Dennis, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, And Globalism

The Safe Space Podcast featuring Willma and Yilo
The the only way to be a real feminist to be a true feminist is to be a female
supremacist the Western narrative of feminism insofar as it was an
intellectual movement dates at least to the 16th century and subsequently gained
ground as it paired with enlightenment thinking in the context of the United
States first wave feminism incepted in the 1840s heralded by Margaret Fuller’s
woman in the 19th century by the 1880s American feminism was a philosophy
quickly gaining ground with aims to extend to women property rights
recognition as equals in contract law and the right to vote this waves
crowning achievement was arguably the 19th amendment to the United States
Constitution which prohibited the abridgement of
voting rights for United States citizens on the basis of sex Feminist articles will points to statistics
when it benefits them whether or not they’re valid reliable studies but
crying complain and call you a Nazi when you bring empirical data to the
table that invalidates their argument Feminist articles only look at
averages dealing with one variable of information and think it means something
it hurts their feelings more women aren’t in government or aren’t CEOs of
Fortune 500 companies it invalidates them when women aren’t consistently on
the cover of Forbes even though women have their own list women are in power
stop playing yourself the wage gap is only propagated because of a worldwide
average that takes nothing else into account as to how men might make more
money this has been said a hundred thousand times before it but I’ll
reiterate it for anyone who isn’t familiar women tend to take more time
off and they tend to end or pause their careers to raise a family as more of a
means to use their their own weaponry against them I have a box article
entitled women’s earnings dropped significantly after having
men’s don’t they called it a compelling case for another explanation well of
course they make less money women take time off work and men keep working to
provide for the family bills don’t stop because he had a child in a 2009 study led by university of
chicago’s marine bertrand echoes that conclusion it examined the earnings of
thousands of Business School graduates it found that women earned an average
salary of one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year right out of
graduate school while men earned a hundred and thirty thousand men also
worked on average a few more weekly hours and had a bit more prior
experience as they entered the workforce but nine years into their careers women
saw their salaries rise to an average 250,000 while men’s salaries averaged
out at 400,000 men were earning 60% more than women but as previously said women
were going into the workforce with less experience working less hours therefore
over that time span women were still probably working less hours and having
less experience that’s how capitalism works you work more you make more they
went on to discuss Danish policy and maternally even paternally because in
Denmark they have matured like they have parental leave so it’s for both parents
and in theory Danish policy does allow parents to split up their leave but in
practice Danish women take off at the vast majority of time after childbirth
so they have a problem somewhat with this this paternal leave but it’s a
choice and I don’t understand how that’s a bad
thing because feminists are supposed to be pro-choice if a woman is making the
choice to take more time off work then that should be an acceptable choice it
will however come with consequences of not making as much as your male
counterparts this is just common sense women tend to take less risky jobs lower
paying jobs they work shorter shifts they don’t tend to come in on days off
and they don’t tend to work late and this isn’t saying every woman these are
averages this is a general sentence and honestly if I would have put this much
effort into research when I thought I was a feminist I would have never been
one the wage gap doesn’t exist in the Western world especially not in the
United States feminist articles and speakers always talk about the same
three topics the wage gap rape culture and abortion and in this video they’re
literally all mentioned before the 3-minute mark here’s the problem the
wage gap doesn’t exist rape culture doesn’t exist in Western societies
except where there’s mass refugee and Muslim and immigration and abortion is a
squirrely topic for me but in the u.s. abortion is perfectly legal with few
obstacles in the way of getting one so why is feminism wrapped up in so many
different aspects of Western culture feminism by definition as a political
ideology a range of political movements ideologies and social movements that
share a common goal to define establish and achieve political economic personal
and social equality of the sexes I find it both incredibly interesting and
damning for an anti-feminist washing when was the last time somebody told you
that if you believe in equal rights you’re inherently a feminist and
feminist when was the last time you insisted your label on someone trying to
express to you how convoluted they think your soap box identity politics are my
fascination with this is definitely the language and I lab rate on that further
in a minute but I wanted to really drive a point home right now feminism is
embedded into culture right now but why do a majority of Western women identify
with this movement am I just so blinded by pretty sparkly things that I missed
how awful the oppressive patriarchy truly is for women
no according to this survey just 20% of Americans including 23 percent women and
16 percent of men consider themselves fun feminist another 8% consider
themselves anti-feminist while 63% say they aren’t either I’m not buying the
twenty percent number because I don’t trust Huffington Post but it works
against their own agenda feminism is not the mainstream opinion and here they are
telling you that you’re a feminist and I hate to use social justice warrior
terminology but there’s a lot to unpack here so let’s start with this first
bullet tactic feminism has become something of a dirty word in certain
circles the word feminism has been around since the 1880s and people hated
it then you’re not special just less respectable but then a woman with a
camera crew a lighting producer but apparently no makeup artist by the look
of her eyeliner proceeds to ask but what are these women really fans when they
declare they aren’t feminine what I’d like to know this is a very interesting
question coming from someone who works for HuffPo there are at least 39
articles published about mansplaining but my question is what do you call it
when a feminist tries to explain something to you that you already know
about and they still insist they know more they haven’t come up with a word
for that but for now we’ll call it being an absolute insufferable bitch 39
articles bashing men for essentially talking but if they feminists playing to
you why you should be a feminist there’s nothing wrong with it think they’re saying is I don’t hate men
I love I don’t think women are better than men I’m not that kind of woman you
know the crazy bra-burning feminazi kind uncool and women who aren’t feminists
aren’t doing it for men the only people who pigeonhole us into that be I’m not
like other girls trope are feminists it shouldn’t be shocking to say that you
don’t believe in a matriarchy saying you’re not if I mean it should be as
mundane as saying I’m not a Republican or I’m not a Democrat I don’t want to
put women above men for anyone who needs a refresher this is what feminism means
at its core feminine the person who believes in the social political and
economic then they play this TED talk also sampled in a Beyonce song and we’ll
be addressing that later defining feminism feminist love dictionary
definitions until the dictionary disagrees with them on things like
gender Eman ISM is about equality for the sexes but right now one sex has more
power than the other well first of all no no because you think men have more
power the whole point is this is the whole point I brought up feminists and
statistics in the beginning they think power should be split 50/50 in this
country between male and female and white and black irrespective of
capabilities desire or relative experience they don’t understand the
notion of earning something or working for it they just think that immediately
because there’s one group that has lessen governmental influence if you
will which just means representatives which just means they’re not the ones in
government they think that it should just be handed
to them they should just walk around the streets and pick out random women and go
here you be senator and you be congresswoman and you do this know if
you want it go work for it there aren’t women in government because women aren’t
voting for other women to be in government because women typically run
on terrible platforms that’s not you know an all women thing obviously we
have women in government a lot of them suck that’s just a fact women tend to
run as liberals and they tend to run as hard left liberals and when they run as
conservatives they are drug through the mud in the media men are not
systematically oppressed based on their gender and that’s well had they said
women are insistent systemic systemically oppressed Jesus based on
their gender I would have congratulated them on finally saying something factual
but that’s not true men are at a significant disadvantage in
this country just for being boys so psyche women aren’t being oppressed they
want total control because women are emotional control freaks rearrange the
dish cabinet in any woman’s house and you tell me what happens so if you
believe any of the following reproductive rights equal pay for equal
work seeing there’s bodies ethnicities and gender expressions on screen
reproductive rights equal pay for equal work which is the wage gap seeing
diverse bodies ethnicities and gender expressions on screened and in magazines
which none of this I can even tolerate roe v
wade his reproductive rights we’ve already covered the wage gap doesn’t
exist the pay the Equal Pay Act of 1963 guarantees women equal pay to men and
seeing diverse bodies ethnicities and gender expressions on screen and in
magazines when you have B et calm the rap show it’s a literally
a list of diverse main casts the New York Times a watch list for the most
diverse TV shows there is no lack of diversity not in skin color non
sexuality not in gender providing education to 62 million girls who don’t
have access to it they bring up an interesting point too they try to they
pull on your heartstrings they want to make you feel emotional about this
providing education to 62 million girls that don’t have access to it now I
couldn’t find what number they were looking for I could find the 62 million
girls campaign but not the sources for that now apparently it’s 62 million
girls out of 264 million children worldwide now how many of those 264 if
62 million of them are girls are boy they only care about girls
now I support their movement to to want more children getting an education
regardless of their gender is important but to single out the 62 million girls
and completely ignore the boys why not make it about the children
why are you gender again how do you gender it and then say that
women are at a disadvantage wouldn’t women or two-to-one in stem field
doesn’t make sense now they they bring up ending sexual violence as if sexual
violence is only a female problem or as if men are the only perpetrators and one
in 71 men have been raped but if you take into account the fact that a rape
is actually used as a tool of war in some countries and prison rape a the
numbers hit a little bit higher for men they also do not consider men being
forced to penetrate someone rape which is how you get the whole women can’t
rape men because if a man is forced to penetrate you which means you’re raping
him it’s not considered rape having women in government and this is a point
that I was bringing up earlier in government there are 107 women 78
Democrats 29 Republicans 38 or women of color 23 women which is 23% serve in the
US Senate and 84 women which is 19.3% serve in the US House of Representatives
there’s no problem women are in government you cannot say we need more
women in government the women who were elected into government positions are in
government if you want more women in government tell more women to run there
doesn’t need to be encouragement if she doesn’t have the drive and the potential
if she doesn’t have it she doesn’t have it boys aren’t told you should grow up
and be a politician most boys grow up they become lawyers and then they become
politicians we have plenty of women that are lawyers you know we have more of
though we have more women as nurses women are naturally more empathetic
women naturally take on better caretaker roles women naturally gravitate toward
certain fields it’s just the way this works
women hold 447 of seit state Senate seats and 1400 and 28 of the state House
seats there are five times as many women serving the state legislators now than
in 1971 select countries ranked by women’s representation in national
legislature late legislatures or Parliament’s and number one on this list
is Rwanda what’s interesting about this because I had to look into it because I
needed to understand why Rwanda would be at the top of his list is because Rwanda
had no other option they ran out of men they had to have women in government
that was their only option so the only country on the list that is number one
it’s because they ran out of men there were no men left they needed women
it’s a literally a level of desperation now they rank the United States and
number 100 on this list the the source for their data it was interesting the
data in this table below has been compiled by the inter-parliamentary
Union on the basis of information provided by national parliaments on the
first of June 2018 193 countries are classified by descending order of the
percentage of women in the lower or single house comparative data on the
world regional averages as well as data concerning the two regional Parliament’s
Assembly’s elected by direct suffrage can be found on separate pages you can
use the power line database to view detailed results of the parliamentary
so basically the source of the sighting is again a general average taking
nothing else into account giving you no context of the situation as to why there
would be that many women in government and maybe as to why there aren’t so many
women in government the United States which is because women choose to not be
in government women do not run and women do not get elected surprised you’re
probably a feminist no no no you trick-ass bitch no get ready for the
word that feminists love to hate the Galit arianism it’s a political
philosophy it’s a school of thought that prioritizes equality for all people to
doctrine maintains that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social
status egalitarian ism as a platform no one runs on at least not in title but is
definitely more accurate to the claim of equality than feminism has ever or will
ever be ideologies aimed at changing the world whereas philosophy is aimed at
seeking the truth feel free to identify or not identify
any way you want but if you say you’re not a feminist at least understand what
the term actually means and if you think that you’re a humanist ziba we gotta go
we just don’t have time for this today so feel free to identify with whatever
you want unless you disagree with me second wave feminism in the united
states percolated within the backdrop of the 1950s in which a conservative family
structure had come to dominate the post-world War two domestic landscape
Gloria Steinem is often seen as the face of this movement but this discounts the
contributions and efforts of countless other women in the 1960s and 1970s this
wave featured a renewed push for greater female participation in politics now in
an active role rather than his passive voters there was a push to end
legislative bans on access to contraception and abortion
the latter culminating in a favorable decision in Roe vs. Wade in 1973 the
second wave us feminism also featured a focus on the treatment and role of women
in society questioning historical gender roles social expectations and media
representations in some cases these latter protestations resulted in
legislative changes such as title 9 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by the 1980s
disagreements about how far and what direction these social roles should be
taken forged deep rifts in the feminist movement and eventually led to third
wave feminism brainwashing Asian feminism can’t become popular on its own
accord and its own pentakus or relies on prepackaged pop stars to do it for them I mentioned Beyonce earlier and now I’ll
address that statement her song flawless which never hit number one on any charts
clearly due to sexism has some interesting aspects it features a TED
talk from a Nigerian writer about why everyone should be a feminist
and I’m sure in Nigeria that is dangerous political commentary
considering Nigeria was ranked 9th most dangerous country for women a jury came
in six and cultural practices that are harmful to women cultural practices such
as female genital mutilation acid attacks
forced marriage stoning physical abuse or mutilation as a way of punishment
female infanticide and child marriage also in situations of sexual violence
like rape as an instrument of war domestic rape rape are strangers
constraint in getting access to justice and rape cases Nigeria came in fourth
and was also listed fourth in the survey of trafficking so it makes perfect sense
to me why a woman in Nigeria would want to be a feminist Nigeria is a place that
needs some kind of feminist movement because when you are raping women and
nobody will do anything about it and when you’re killing children just
because their girl children there is a problem that is an actual feminist issue
that should be addressed do you understand so anyway
Beyonce writes this this song that’s considered one of the top feminist
anthems of 2016 or whatever the fuck that song came out it’s on Billboard 25
top feminist anthem in alone sorry Beyonce they also had fifth harmony
harmony was not this you know organic grassroots movement were these five
girls grew up together and went and did their thing what no they were these were
five girls that didn’t know each other what on the acts of the x-factor
America’s Got Talent whatever it was they were basically
talentless on stage they don’t have the greatest horses their choreography is
only because they hired someone and they wrote a song called boss B Oh No why
would you do that why would you do it why’d you do it
why to do it they did an interview about feminism they talked about being
empowered and supporting women and embodying female empowerment and when
they came up with the idea behind you being these powerful women with these it
was actually bailiffs Bankhead God is absolutely losing her mind in the
front row about Sean Bankhead so I’m sorry she asked you who had the idea of
you being strong empowered women and any other woman I know would have been
insulted by that question because nobody gave me the idea
I just am a strong empowered woman I just do grind and I just show up to work
and I do my own thing cos øx a itunes response no because genuinely strong
empowered women would have had a different response they are not stronger
powered women they are basically cardboard cutout feminists but breaking
down onstage calling off concerts and still putting all this feminist front in
the media these girls aren’t actors these are lines this wasn’t an organic
girl group that started from humble beginnings and using their platform to
promote their beliefs these were five girls that didn’t know each other doing
what I call performance politics that Green Day sort of thing where they act
as if what they’re saying is so profound and edgy but really it’s a BuzzFeed
headline to a shitty on your mark get set terrible I don’t need these girls or
Green Day over here or beyond saying I think they’re doing what they’re being
forced to do and I think you should do some research on betta sex kittens in
Hollywood I won’t elaborate on that any further since it’s just a crazy
conspiracy and I’ll leave it to you to decide it’s also she is trouble or
nation of your host killer keemstar Scarah into the nose-heavy quotes on
news like BuzzFeed for example the most notorious man dating propagators youre a
fuccboi I used to think BuzzFeed was cool back when the only thing I knew
them for was take this quiz and find out with kitchen appliance mess explains our
most recent panic attack they were funny not anymore
they were just a liberal shit post now they feature videos like 36 questions a
women have for men a mind-numbing three minutes of for ugly women and that one
cute black girl with a nose ring asking questions that example fire that
they have never had an interaction with a man outside of screaming at him for
man’s brother question we’re trying to figure out like what’s the right amount
of space for a person to take up all the train is are you familiar with the term
man spreading man spreading no I’m not complaining about women being
stereotyped for movies to music to politics BuzzFeed and their associates
put their nose in absolutely everything there’s over 20 articles from Huffington
Post covering the all-female Ghostbusters remake and to be completely
fair most only using this as a transition into how feminism is taking
once beloved classics and rebooting them into all-female movies this doesn’t
support the notion that women are just as strong as men
Hollywood superstar Motor Lodge allodynia Kennedy had a brief sit-down
with entertainment news on channels television as a lot of the women
empowerment campaign advert the track stronger every woman should be strong
this Walker eats your video not strong we as women have so many challenges as
so many challenges biologically physically culturally thrown at us from
every angle and I always thought without women are to be stronger than men there are plenty of all-female movies
that are original it just felt very good men aren’t afraid of movies with
all-female leads or casts they’re tired of unoriginal ‘ti if you want a strong
empowered all-female movie so fucking badly write it produce it and show the
world how amazing all female movies are remaking Ocean’s eleven Lord of the
Flies dirty rotten scoundrels The Rocketeer and license to drive isn’t
intolerant it’s lazy now bustle dot-com disagree with my
assessment this is where we kind of get into all right so the next probably ten
minutes of this are gonna be me breaking down all these different news outlets
that are associated with each other how they’re associated with each other and
why I find this to be an issue and you’ll notice this kinda has a pattern
to it and so if you want to stick along go ahead if not just skip to the next
transitional slide because this might get boring for some of you so Russell
was co-founded by Brian Goldberg in 2013 previously Goldberg founded the website
bleacher report with a single million dollar investment he claimed that women
in their 20s have nothing to read on the Internet this is a grown man who thinks
women don’t have anything to read on the Internet this right here is divisive and
who’s doing it is it a woman do you think women are leading the feminist
movement no it’s men okay oh he also owns Elite daily the bleacher
ER for the so report and he owns Gawker which is interesting because he owns
Gawker but he hasn’t brought it back so I don’t know why he has it I don’t know
why he bought it but I think he did it just to you know fuck with people now
with all the research I’ve been doing I have found most of the Pro woman
pro-feminist and time men websites to have been owned by men which further
proves my point that this movement is disingenuous and a majority of women
don’t share these views and female feminists don’t even own the website so
often cited in their groundbreaking op eds you’re getting ready to tell me that
the female led journalistic sites have already covered this just pause pause
cuz I got you I have your Jezebel er hey remember how much bustle founder Brian
Goldberg sucks right Jezebel’s owned by Gawker Media Gawker
Media you stolen copper this is all a game on who can run the media more
Univision connections is a pretty hectic and when they own all of this shit El
Rey is huge in flama the route Univision digital
Univision music the onion the AAP clickhole star white the takeout
Deadspin Gizmodo jazz about life hackers winters Kotaku so chic and I can’t
pronounce we’d get some but who owns Univision because someone owns Univision
it’s not just like Univision corporation can’t be that cut-and-dried nope the
next all four of them are private equity firms so we have the Madison Dearborn
partners now Madison Dearborn also earns a Sheree on a lake fitness some other
Univision Sorensen BWR thank you candle they own Yankee Candle
what the fuck you I don’t yank II handle to like fuck fuck candles but like why
they own a phone insurance company a gym a candle company and a communications
company they own all of this and then Gizmodo who’s a part of Univision owns
all that other and so it’s all really owned by the same people like it’s it’s
so company number two private equity partners the LLC they claim to be
focused on media communications and education education is very interesting choice of
words if you don’t own a food they own blackboard incorporated
Eric Cobb who Luke kabel Deutschland MLS media knew assure Eon so Madison owns
fishery on they own new assure Aeon of bluestone report Newport television
Univision boy stream now t-mobile Warner Music Group oh wait Warner Music Group
hey they invested in Warner Music Earth and that’s shocking
it gets who owns most music Warner Music Group yeah so anyway they also own stock in Hulu
they own stock and like just a bunch of shit
and in 2013 the they formed a global partnership with the NFL to invest
primarily in sports and entertainment related media assets and we see what’s
going on with the NFL right now moving on now if you google who created box
that quotes like that’s really what I put in the search bar you might actually
peel it zip will leave a woman helped create it especially with such pointed
articles about like the wage gap that doesn’t exist and so this is the first
thing that comes up melissa foul matthew Yglesias and ezra klein so that’s not
entirely factual Vox Media is a digital media company
founded on July 14th 2005 by Joe Armstrong Jim Bankoff is an American
businessman he is the chairman and CEO of Fox media and he is also senior
adviser for Providence Equity Partners Vox media is made up of 8 media brands
The Verge Vox SB Nation polygon eater and curved and recode so Fox owns a
bunch of Gizmodo owns a bunch of Providence owned a ship on Ocean and the
Madison group owns like an astronomic amount of we’re two companies in and
these people own like half the media that I’m even like aware of they also
own the daily costs and the guy who basically
he would I would say formed it if you will like his former military nickname
is actually wide called the daily cost and he co-founded SB Nation with Vox
media he co-founded SB Nation with Vox media collection of sports blog which is
now a part of Vox media and he’s a columnist for the hill completely
separate from all of this and he wrote for the Guardian at one point so they’re
just all interconnected in some weird way Texas Pacific Group another
basically investment company private equity investment david Bonderman is is
the important name here we’re gonna ignore the next like that James culture
and Williams priced as a forum to be honest I would just like to know that
all these feminist writers work for a lot of dates on June 13 2017 Bonderman
resigned from the uber board amidst controversy surrounding a sexist
response to fellow board member Arianna Huffington during a company All Hands
meeting there’s a lot of data that shows when there’s a woman on the board it’s
much more likely that there will be a second woman on the boards at Huffington
Bonderman replied actually what it shows that it’s much more likely to be more
talking the uber meeting was among other things
slated to discuss efforts to rein in toxic and sexist culture in the company iconic billionaire quits day job because
he told the girl that she was on the board there would be more talking
outrage in suits so naturally there’s articles written about it
recode wrote about it the profoundly tone-deaf Bonderman then decided this
was a perfect time to make a deeply sexist remark by interrupting her of
course using an old trope that women are Blaby
I hate women so forth we have Thomas H lee Partners private equity firm started
by Thomas H Lee he’s a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and his firm invests
in a broad range of in industries including like consumer retail media
telecommunications technology travel leisure and health care
so this is a dude his hands in every pot you possibly
could he’s friends with Billy Hillary Clinton
and if you know anything about like Clinton’s and aren’t mainly Podesta art
if you will that should be a concern it’s a concern for me as a conspiracy
theorist but I’m just gonna let that one slide because it’s very hard for me
because he’s got such a he’s got such a common name he’s not Thomas Lee like a
John Doe it’s very hard to figure out what kind of art this dude was
collecting but if it’s anything like the Podesta our people should be concerned
so then we have Saban Capital Group that also owns Univision so all of this is
tied together I haven’t like completely derailed yet they own celestial tiger
media media and something I can’t pronounce play buz bustle hey bustle
well it’s possible Brian Goldberg oh hey hey hey we figured
it out so they own a lot like I knew they own a
lot they took a lot of movies they owned a lot of TV shows they owned a ton of
stuff and it’s so much Arianna Huffington that in 1973 had a different
last name that wrote a book titled the female woman attacking the wounds
liberation movement in general in 1970 that the Female Eunuch in
particular in the book she wrote women’s live claims that the achievement of
total liberation which transform the lives of all women for the better but in
truth is that it would transform only the lives of women with strong lesbian
tendencies I would have liked her so much more than this heaven needs oh my
goodness what happens anyway Huffington headed the Detroit project the public
interest group lobbying automakers to stop producing cars running on
alternative fuels the project’s 2003 TV ads which equated driving sport utility
vehicles to funding terrorism proved to be particularly controversial with some
stations refusing to run them this is exactly what I would have told her she
talks too much that’s exactly it the whole Bonderman Arianna Huffington
situation had nothing to do with her actually being a woman because it’s not
an old trope that women are blabby women talk a lot we like to talk we have
things we need to express and get out it’s just how we are
but she really does talk a lot she talks entirely too much and she talks about
thing she doesn’t know about and she says ridiculous things and it’s not that
Bonderman was the only one who felt this way she was on the late-night chat show
Saturday night at the mill for four weeks before viewer complaints caused
her to be dropped from the show oh it’s not a sexist thing it wasn’t because she
was a woman it’s cuz she’s boring to watch she’s boring to listen to and she
talks about nothing so she left the Huffington Post and Lydia poll Green
took over she’s the editor-in-chief at Huffington Post and she was previously
the editorial director of the New York Times I’m sorry well NYT global at the
New York Times so they’ve all worked together they are all intermingled
they’re all involved with each other it’s like one big media orgy in here so then the company completed its
purchase of the Washington Post 50% interest in the International aryl
Tribune and on march 18 2015 the company acquired and online provider
consumer information oh the New York Times reported on January 4th 2007 that
the company had reached an agreement to sell e to some 9 local television
stations to the private equity firm Oak Hill Capital Partners Oak Hill Capital
Partners owned by Robert fast robert bass was an early investor in leveraged
buyouts in the 1980s and employed david Bonderman and Jim Coulter the founders
of Texas Pacific Group well it’s just it’s like it’s full circle all the time
like I just feel like I’m constantly in like a driver like I’m just being
rotated about everyone’s just involved with each other
so the same people who own Univision who own all previously mentioned own media
outlets and this is what they own so they also own just a very long list of
sheep so we’re about to step into some like a very deep conspiracy not deep
conspiracy but like it’s my personal conspiracy so if this isn’t like here’s
your stick hopefully you’ve already skipped this part of the video for
podcasts on whatever so Robert Bass was born in Fort Worth Texas his uncle is
Sid Richardson now maybe he doesn’t have very strong connections with his uncle I
don’t know I was in there for their personal life but his uncle was involved
with John Bowden and Connally Jr who was an American politician 39th governor
taxes 61 61st 61 first good lord 61st United States Secretary of the Treasury
so not only was he a lawyer first at Richardson but he was also a lawyer for
Perry bass who’s Richardson’s nephew and Connally was actually present and in the
car when President Kennedy got shot so if you’re like me and you really have
suspicions around the entire Kennedy assassination Connally also said he
thought that the shot that killed the President had been meant for him he said
this was because the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had written a letter
asking mr. Connelly as Navy secretary to upgrade his undesirable discharge from
the Marines and that no action had been taken on his request here’s the thing
Lee Harvey Oswald was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and
defected to the Soviet Union he defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 and then
moved back to the United States in 1962 in June of 1960 to be more precise and
then in November of 63 kills the president of a really hard time
believing a that heart that Oswald Vinick he killed the president and
within two days he was dead so he allegedly killed the president and
within two days he was dead he was honorably discharged from the
Marines and it just so happens that some man who got a very allegedly emotional a
letter from Oswald was in the car with Kennedy
so almost make it seem like new who wasn’t that for Kennedy it was meant for
me I think Oswald was a passing you I think that Connally anyway I the CIA
wanted Kennedy dead and okay so here’s another thing the guy who killed Lee
Harvey Oswald is Jack Ruby there’s also the conspiracy that Jack Ruby might be
Bill Clinton’s dad do I believe this maybe I’m heart out of it do I have hard
evidence no no I do not nonetheless this is a very easy way to
transition into the Clinton Foundation still performing
the Clinton Foundation donors include dozens of media organizations this list
includes mass media groups like Comcast Time Warner Viacom as well as a few
notable individuals like Carlos Slim in the Mexican telecom magnet and largest
shareholder of the New York Times Company and James Murdoch the chief
operating officer of 21st Century Fox breath laid all these people bloomberg
discovery George Stephanopoulos Mort Zuckerman I thought that was Mark
Zuckerberg for two seconds Time Warner Robert that some guy they
got the owner of Politico Knight Foundation Turner Broadcasting Comcast
NBC AOL HBO Hollywood Foreign Press Viacom all of these places and Bloomberg
who president Trump has gone after repeatedly for misquoting him and
falsifying statements Cleveland foundation I think that’s all
you need to know Hillary Clinton’s now we’ve gone through some of our financial
players and I promise we’re not off-topic now a string of State
Department emails from January 2011 made public through the Freedom of
Information Act demonstrates that mrs. Clinton’s State Department did not
separate itself from the Clinton Foundation but instead collaborated with
it which is why this is so important all of
these people that paid to play with Clinton were actually able to like put
give their input on decision-making which I think people should be upset
with CNN posted an op-ed Hillary Clinton lost because of sexism not true
huffington post dear fellow white women we fucked this up
exit polls show 53% of white women voted for Trump compared to only 43% for
Clinton okay and in related articles Islamist
feminists but marriage is not according to the Guardian according to the
Guardian marriage can never be feminist do you see the conflicting it’s not even
conflicting bullshit really they’re calling you a bad feminist for not
voting voting for a woman because you’re a bad females and bonuses they’re
calling Islam one of the most regressive religions feminists because feminism is
progressive and the Guardian is saying that marriage cannot be feminist you
know traditional family values having a child in wedlock marriage can’t be
feminist that’s a ridiculous statement because women that were feminists that
actually started this movement that were married to men it would be very insulted
by that now all of these people work together
and there’s this huge circulation of money and there’s also this huge
circulation of stories handcrafted to pit people against each other to cover
up stories like the following Epstein a well-connected Manhattan money manager
and philanthropist once a regular at mar-a-lago and an active supporter of
the Clinton Foundation repeatedly lending his 727 gent to the Clinton for
trips overseas Bill Clinton’s a rapist he’s a pedophile ha ha yeah I don’t like
the fact that they called him a money manager and philanthropist they needed
to throw in that he visited Mara Lago so they could tie into Trump even though
was not Epstein’s friend Trump never wrote on the Lolita Express which is
what that cute ass sentence at the end is that repeatedly repeatedly lending
his 7:27 gent to the Clinton to Clinton for trips overseas oh I should be you
know what that’s an interesting way to phrase that because I misread it the
first time repeatedly lending his jet to Clinton
for trips overseas and what that’s referring to is the twenty six trips
Bill Clinton soap on the lolita expressed to his island that is stacked
with underage hookers that’s what that is he is he’s in child trafficking and
I’m gonna it didn’t the same article Epstein pleaded guilty to two charges
siliceous solicitation of prostitution and soliciting a minor for prostitution
he only served 13 months in county jail and paid financial sediments to roughly
forty women the FBI deemed to be his victims 40
women fuck this shit I’m out he got 14 months in county you can go to
prison he went to County Jail sorry for 13 months and Politico called him a
philanthropist you know the Philander the the child
raping kind of philanthropist this is the quote I with her unquote feminist
Clinton isn’t my focus and I don’t believe for a second she is any kind of
woman’s or children’s rights advocate I do however think this is relevant to my
overarching point being most feminism is disingenuous to the definition and is
only some serving political ideology that continues to grow more militant and so we’re gonna go more into this
little you Express thing the collective evolution they posted an
interview we know that both of them have been a major part and participant of
what’s called the Lolita Express which is a plane owned by mr. Jeff Epstein a
wealthy multi-millionaire who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill and
Hillary Clinton to engage in sex with minors that is called pedophilia
so I wanted to cover it in the last broadcasts where we talked a little bit
about Pizza Gate and I think I really I kind of shied away from it but we did
discuss it some now we’re really going to discuss it now the comic ping-pong
not the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton have gone to Epstein’s island
have had sex with children and it is completely ignored in the mainstream
media because she owns it well actually they own her but because they owned her
they want her to look good so they’re going to suppress these stories and this
is nobody is denying this Oh any any I guess rebellious media if you will
anyone who’s not mainstream talks about the fact that Hillary Clinton is bought
and paid for by mainstream media and the mainstream media protects her wiley has
leveled similar accusations against Hillary Clinton telling the Washington
Examiner in October 2016 that the conversation about Bill Clinton’s
alleged assaults should include discussion of the Democratic nominees
complicity Hilary Clinton’s been calling me a bimbo
for 19 years as well as Paula Juanita and Jennifer flowers Riley told me out
with this is no longer about Bill Clinton’s transgressions or his
infidelities or girlfriends or sex it’s not about that anymore she continued
what it’s about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women he has
raped and assaulted hi Clinton Jones having filed a suit against Bill Clinton
in 1994 received a settlement following accusations against the former president
Jones’s said that the legal battle with Bill Clinton made her vulnerable to
attacks from the capital vulnerable to attacks from the couple whom she said
sent out people to dig up trash on me mr. Trump may have said some bad words
but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me Broderick added
and I don’t think there’s any comparison from the New York Daily Times it’s an
opinion op-ed about liberals finally facing the facts about Bill and Hillary
Clinton it is taken liberals almost 30 years to begin to question whether
Clinton’s behavior in the 1990s warrants additional scrutiny it’s both disturbing
and surprising disturbing because his accusers were in many cases credible yet
were subjected to vicious smear campaigns by Clinton supporters and the
Clintons and sobs unsurprising because of the past three decades Democrats have
been trying to elect or real lexa Clinton to office and so covering up or
denying their numerous and obvious flaws was for many a full-time job now what about the money that goes into
the Clinton Foundation and this is always kind of finished up like a
subjective mystery for a lot of people even Clinton supporters because they
seem to think they know oh Haiti look at Haiti we look at Haiti right Bill and
Hillary Clinton have hailed the factory turning out old navy sweatshirts at an
industrial park here’s a shining achievement in their efforts to rebuild
the island nation after a destructive earthquake in 2010 with the garment
factory does undelivered on projected jobs Haitian workers have accused
managers of bullying and sexual harassment and an ABC investigation has
found that after opening its Factory in the Haitian industrial park built with
400 million of global AIDS the Korean firm has began a clean foundation as
became a Clinton Foundation donor and its owner invested in a start-up company
owned by Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff efforts to rebuild the thousands of
homes destroyed by the 7.0 quake have inched forward in six years
USAID says it’s it has constructed fewer than 1,500 homes and many of those have
had to be rebuilt because of poor workmanship at the same time the Clinton
Foundation says it facilitated the construction of a luxury hotel in
port-au-prince a Marriott owned by Dennis O’Bryan who has given 10 million
to 25 million to the Clinton Foundation O’Brien and Irish billionaire who runs
the Jamaica based telecom giant Digicel said he financed the hotel himself now assertions against the company are
emerging in Haiti according to workers and labor advocates
interviewed by ABC News and April a group called better work Haiti published
a report finding the factory was non-compliant in the areas of sexual
harassment bullying and humiliation of employees Yannick ithi na
I am assuming yarmulke thenot a labor organizer told ABC News she received
reports from SAE a workers that they had to provide sexual favors to supervisors
in order to obtain jobs in the factory sounds pretty Clinton s to me but the
factory officials were reluctant to let ABC News reporters talk directly to
workers during a recent visit when ABC asked to speak with workers one company
officials spoke in Korean to another saying I don’t think you should allow
that eventually three workers were taken from another part of the factory to be
interviewed so in essence right Hilary Clinton she fucked over Haiti she
know she fucked up their economy she went in she argued about the minimum
wage you know the Old Navy factory the can houses that never got fill I mean
everything that this woman touches she fucks up royally and so I had a whole
portion of this that I was gonna do on feminists that supported Trump and I
have white of you excerpts if you will so there was there was an article though
that I’m going to include current affairs that work that this on folk
feminism Hillary Clinton and I thought it was very important that I mention
this I thought it was you mean that a feminist was actually acknowledging the
the Hillary Clinton dynasty if you will she says Hillary Clinton is establishing
with something similar she’s also a next president’s wife and she has a daughter
who is being given the Clinton Foundation to run what I see is exactly
what we see with the god news there’s an ongoing accumulation of cultural and
financial capital across generations and everyone ignores that I nastic element
we had to bushes we could have more we have a great possibility of to Clinton’s
perhaps even more because Chelsea a Clinton is very young she’ll have more
children than that I’m sure she’ll enter politics followed by the children so for
people who talk about this as a historic achievement there’s a terrible precedent
set for this kind of historic achievement and she’s absolutely right
now this is something we do not have laws against when it comes to the
presidency you have term limits but you don’t have familial limits because it
wouldn’t really be fair but it’s one of those games you have to play
very carefully you can have families right you can have people you’re related
to you that I’ve been president before but if it becomes that your family is
consistently your successor then we have less of a presidency we’re having more
of a monarchy and that’s something that we we as Americans we don’t like 1776
happened for a reason we don’t like monarchs so this is really up to the
American people on the voters to make sure that that doesn’t happen and that’s
what we did in this election I shouldn’t say we I mean I didn’t vote for Clinton
so I feel like I held I guess I mean I voted for Johnson but at the same time
nonetheless okay people who didn’t vote for Clinton were paying attention to a
lot of different things and the Clinton voters were not paying attention to
those things and I understand that you know they were scared of Trump they I
honestly if I was scared of Trump during the election as well I was afraid of the
monster the media had portrayed but that was my own fault
for only looking into my own candidate it’s a into my own self-interest that’s
my that’s my problem whatever but my own self-interest and my the political
candidate I wanted to win still is tremendously by far no argument be light
years better than Clinton it’s not even it’s not even you can’t put him on the
same playing field if you voted for Hillary Clinton because you thought she
was the lesser of two evils you are a fucking moron we still have people in
the United States that think Hillary Clinton should be President still
oh why as she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said that one of her
merits was being a woman you know look I’m not asking people to vote for me
because I’m a woman but I think if you vote for somebody on the merits one of
my merits is I’m a woman and I think that meant a big difference today as
well half the country has a vagina it’s not married it’s special because you
have tits there is men with tits fuck off so
Hillary Clinton tried to bounce back after the election after she took a
major L she tried to bounce back with the comment she had made about how she
believes that women only voted for Trump white women specifically
college-educated white women only voted for Trump because their boyfriends and
their husbands and their fathers told them to because you’re only a good woman
and you’re only a good feminist if you vote the way I want you to know
so Hillary Clinton’s a piece of shit long story short
CNN keeps trying to make her look a lot better than she is she fucked 80 her and
her husband together obviously with the help of the Clinton Foundation and all
of the people who donate to them which for all the people in your mainstream
media like BuzzFeed and Jezebel and polygons and Huffington Post CNN BBC all
of them are connected okay they own your liberal media and your liberal media is
about 95 percent of the media you know it’s the music you know it’s the movies
it knows the news it owns and the reefing everything so yeah feminism
minority ideology minority support less than 20% of American women 95 percent of
the media there’s a problem here a big fuckin problem
so I want to start discussing your feminist icons third wave feminism rose
to the fore in the early 1990s first identified and defined as a distinct
concept by Rebecca Walker perhaps owing to its focus on individualism it is
arguably the least cohesive of the four waves of American feminism it revived a
focus on reproductive issues targeting states in which barriers had been
erected to hinder the ability for women to unilaterally obtain an abortion
social issues in focus included sexual liberation as well as protests against
domestic violence affecting women politically there was a push to expand
the welfare state to the benefit of single mothers and working women as well
as the beginnings of efforts to use the legislative powers to rebalance the
demographic dearth of women in corporate hierarchies and a lot of people will say
they’re they’re not important you know the rich feminists don’t really
represent us the wealthy feminists the well-known family they don’t really
represent this big you okay they they headline your movement they speak on
your behalf if you consider yourself a feminist you are all aligning yourself
with their ideas it is not that’s the same argument when people are like oh
well Donald Trump had white supremacist supporting him so he’s a white
supremacist no donald trump disavowed white supremacy and he is not a white
promises your feminist icons however have not disavow their female supremacy
have not disavowed Hamas have not disavowed terrorist organizations and
actively speak it actively my life your feminist icons constantly call an axe to
violence your feminist icons support radical notions that will put people in
immediate danger your feminist icons are female supremacist and the feminist
icons I’m talking about are people like Gloria Steinem she sat down in this
video here and how many people here feel that their brains are scrambled first of
all I just want to say how grateful I am that we are all together I think on this
day of all days we need to know that we are going to support each other the very
fact that we have been successful as also called the cause to backlash which
we are now seeing and in this country as in other countries we have to as women
we have to have each other’s backs no matter who we voted for I feel like I
was hit by a truck frankly now you know I mean I just have to say that I am
scared as a woman I have daughters I’ve granddaughters I’m I’m scared and create safe spaces for young men to
be strong to be heroic but also to be sensitive no matter who you voted for we
have to deal with that that there is dirt there are a lot of people in this
country who believe that women should not be in positions of power 20 years
ago or 40 years ago I was probably saying this is so unjust surely if I
just explained it to people my favorite line is at the end of the video where
she goes feminism is democracy democracy stupid woman no that’s bullshit stop it
it’s not right where you are you are lying
it’s here I don’t know if a lot of people saw this
I was watching I actually saw it on the news as it was happening and it made me
very nervous and I’m seeing it there were calls to the Electoral College
calls on the Electoral College I should say there were calls on the Electoral
College to cast votes for Hillary Clinton even if that’s not the way that
the state was gonna swing so the state was actually gonna swing to support
Donald Trump they were supposed to cast their votes for Clinton Shrimpton office
we’re all safe for right now at this point people were not safe from his
academia we’re not safe from this the media Jane Fonda Gloria Steinem sit down
and talk about safe spaces toxic toxic masculinity and they call feminism they
say feminism is democracy so there’s this TED talk from this like just
cardboard cutout copy paste lesbian like you’ve seen her and everything but she’s
not the same person because they all look alike sort of deal they keep
telling her to give up they keep telling her that it should be tough that it
hurts in this world as a girl but that isn’t good enough because our society is
stuffed with injustice that exists to restrict women’s positions to limit our
ambitions and visions but we’re tired of the division the societal division
between men and women upheld by artless outmoded patriarchal systems listen I
refuse to live in a world where millions of girls are the victims of FGM where
the 5,100 companies are unbearable run by men so I’ll say it once again I
refuse to live in a world where there are forced child marriages where we
enjoy harasses in cheap carriages where hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls can be
kidnapped and vanish and 500 days on the Western media no longer bats and eyelids
we cannot close our eyes to this crisis when one in four women suffer domestic
violence in their lifetimes when that statistic doubles for death women how
can we choose to stay silent so women let’s widen our horizons voices
sounding like sirens defying our silence vibrantly striding and fighting the
violence brightest the diamond shining like titans together our change will be
seismic get behind this from kitchen Abel’s to the tables of power women of
the world know your power claimed the half of the world that is ours
women of the world you are power I live with a mental illness wearing my first
hat I awake every morning eager enthusiastic to smash the glass ceiling
and stick it for the patriarchy wearing my other one I find myself standing
beneath the shattered glass ceiling being cut and hurt on its shards living
with a mental illness means that I’m often left quite raw and exposed I don’t
have a hard hat to protect me from the debris of my own self-doubt and myself
lacerating criticism I often find that my internal voice is a-booming ruthless
patriarchy patriarchy tells me that I am stupid that I’m useless that I’m
unintelligent and unattractive and don’t really deserve a place in the world it’s
not very helpful she says why can’t people take me
seriously well if you didn’t have to do everything
in a spoken word maybe we consider okay now here’s where
it gets dicey right so this is a woman who prides herself on being a feminist
prides herself being Pro fat prides herself and all this breach right her
name is Megan each she tweets about Rob Jack lossky explaining the joke theory
of Dickens with his modern satire of lone wolf shootings and the deeply
troubling immoral rhetoric of the NRA in their wake one she’s not from the United
States to in moral rhetoric what the fuck are you top just didn’t stain
yalena beach stain you lay John Lydon comes out in the supporters Trump
braixen and Nigel Faraj and she calls him Johnny very rotten because that’s
you know it’s old against an Yelena Beach all right Stan
you fucking late go back to Europe stay in your fucking Orwellian society what
they’re watching you 24/7 and you have to have a license to have a TV you can’t
only go in and you’ll get arrested for having a butter knife go yourself
with moral rhetoric of the NRA al Jazeera being a little bitch it’s
featuring Gloria Steinem from the hit social justice warrior bed the agency
Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA I don’t understand why that’s not a bigger
fucking deal I don’t get it this worked for the CIA
she’s now a famous feminist and no one can see this no one can seem to
comprehend how the two things may possibly be related but just possibly
could they be related I think they are it’s like we don’t know that we commit
psychological warfare like we don’t know what psyops are like
the KGB did not come out and believed in lycée we’re going to try and turn the
United States into a Marxist Leninist Society does not see that how do you
just ignore that well you spoke several times before
about ideological subversion that is a phrase that I’m afraid some Americans
don’t fully understand when the Soviets use the phrase ideological subversion
what do they mean ideological subversion is is the process which is legitimate
onward and open you can see it with your own eyes all you have to do all-american
mass media has to do is to unplug their bananas from the ears open up their eyes
and they can see it there is no mystery there is nothing to do with espionage I
know that espionage intelligence gathering looks more romantic it sells
more the audience through their advertising probably that’s why your
Hollywood producers are so crazy about James Bond type of thrillers
but in reality the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of it
intelligence at all according to my opinion an opinion of many defectors of
my caliber only about 15% of time money and
manpower is spent on espionage as such the other 85% is a slow process which we
call either ideological subversion or active measures actively Mariotti in the
language of the KGB or psychological warfare what it basically means is to
change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that
despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible
conclusions in the interests of defending themselves their families
their community and their country anyway aljazeera talking about the me to
movement featuring Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA in May 1975 Red Stockings a radical
feminist group published a report that Steinem and others put together on the
Vienna youth festival and his attendees for the independent Research Service
though she acknowledged having worked for the CIA Finance Foundation in the
early 1950s in the 1960s and interviews given to the New York Times and
Washington Post in 1967 in the wake of ramparts magazine CIA exposures nearly
two years before Steinem attended her first read socking or feminist meeting
Steinem in 1975 denied any continuing involvement I don’t give a fuck that she
denied it if I’m being honest in her book my life on the road Steinem spoke
openly about the relationship she had with called the agency in the 1950s in
the 1960s while popularly pilloried because of her paymaster Steinem
defended the CIA relationship saying in my experience the agency was completely
different from its image it was a liberal nonviolent and honorable the CIA
being the liberal never would have thunk it now here’s the thing so in her little
Wikipedia page it says that she denies any continuing you know involvement with
the CIA but in this newspaper clipping that I
had to King’s search for when the archives and because I can’t find it
anywhere else so this guy was pissed he called Gloria Steinem a former CIA
collaborator she got fucking pissed told him to take
it out because she never worked for the CIA she she denies ever working for the
CIA in news report even though in other news reports she’d admitted to
working with the CIA talks about it in depth about
you know there are real liberal agency and they’re really not violent they’re
very misunderstood involve along so I’d find Gloria Steinem she worked for the
CIA she denied working for the CIA then recanted didn’t deny working for
the CIA and now she’s saying she doesn’t have continuing involvement with the CIA
fuck you we all know how the CIA operates sleuth s fuck the CIA wouldn’t
tell us if you were on their payroll no but the CIA will tweet up they have
administrators of schools and teachers and schools on their CIA payroll who
gives a that she denied it who gives a fuck I don’t give a fuck cuz she’s a
lying bitch I’m whatever pays dude but why was she so fuckin sketchy about it
here’s a video if you care to watch it’s Gloria Steinem all right talking about
how she worked for the CIA it’s really in-depth I was gonna you know bring it
into the whole video but I know this is gonna be like 45 minutes long so I’m
trying to spare you she also in this video the so I’m gonna go through a
couple of ones she said Gloria Steinem said men are
afraid of strong women they haven’t seen one since they were eight that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever
heard in my life because one you’re it’s like you’re
saying that men didn’t know their mother past the age of eight like mothers are
usually there Gloria Steinem said men are afraid of strong women they haven’t
seen one since they were eight bullshit bullshit and both men are not afraid of
strong women men are afraid of women that look like you Gloria Steinem
because you look like a lizard fuck off now Gloria Steinem was on Teen Vogue so
she goes on team boat and she talks to a mandala Stenberg and a mandala Steinberg
is like her biggest fan I have looked at to you my whole life you’ve done so much
for feminism all right so a mandala Steinberg believes that cultural
appropriation exists she got famous off of a video called don’t cash crop my
corn roads Amandla Stenberg also did an interview
where she said I don’t even think gender eat this my sexuality is very fluid my
gender is very fluid I don’t think of myself as statically a girl this
postmodernist words don’t have definitions things don’t have meanings
things mean what you think they mean is very unhealthy very dangerous to society
very dangerous to yourself because you cannot even define yourself so you
attach all of these labels all of these fake words that don’t mean anything that
have no standing in society and you think it is of the utmost importance to
maintain those labels I am a pansexual gender queer airbending
water ninja Kim Pepsi can and I will destroy your patriarchy no you fucking
won’t because you will cry in your say space when I tell you that you are a
fucking idiot I’m just saying bringing up like ableism
and homophobia and xenophobia you had ISM issed and phobia to fucking
everything and you think it means something it doesn’t so I brought up her
her gender binary cultural appropriation shit just to try this all it’s one
nights neat little boat gender is a social construct but race
and cultural appropriation are very real I hate women this is the fall of the
Greeks and the Romans all over again once we start fucking with the
definition of words once we start fucking with the meanings of things we
lose the value and once we lose the value lines start to blur things start
to blur people can be whatever they want Gloria Steinem defendant Rachel Dolezal
the transracial white woman she is able to define herself just as I am it’s it’s
not a simple question for on lookers because for instance that we had a well
reported case of a woman of you know a very accomplished woman who considered
herself to be African American it’s because she had african-american
siblings I think and had been living as an african-american and going to and and
there was a lot of discomfort with that on the part of African Americans so I
can understand there’s discomfort but the rock-bottom thing is that we have to
accept each other self definitions like I said thank you the work she’s done you
can acknowledge that she’s done great things for the black community but you
can also acknowledge she’s not black you are basically
a race and you are diluting it down to its most most trivial elements well I
think I’m blocked because I like cornrows and barbecue and watermelon and
fried chicken and I think that should count since she was black
that’s not what that’s racist you’re not black you are it’s born with that skin
colour and you cannot transition into being black Thanks and that should be
considered inherently racist people who do cornrows don’t think they’re black
because they’re doing cornrows the cultural appropriation isn’t racist
transracial is racist Sandberg also learned early how to be a shape-shifter
how to adapt to different worlds and move between them
for starters her mother a former entertainment journalist and beauty
editor for LA is black and her father a day need to have arrived
including guarding the Saudi royal family is white huh
so her dad worked to protect the Saudis and her mom was journalist thing takes
money from the south I’ll give you one guess
billary Bullington note I’m not gonna say anything more all right I’m gonna
leave that word is Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA
I’m Ethel’s dad works for the Saudis the Clintons are associated connected with
all of your main shoes new sources and the Clinton Foundation is basically
funded by Saudi Arabia so that’s part one of all of this welcome to part two Hillary Clinton’s
presidential al in 2016 did do something in the feminist
movement first second third feminists ought to be patriotic if nothing else
lastly feminists take responsibility for themselves so I’ve done this thou shalt
not lie comedian Sarah Silverman was forced to apologize after she was caught
exaggerating story about being paid less than a man for a game so Sarah Silverman
basically went and said that she was getting paid less than a man for the
same gig when in fact she was merely an opener for the gig and she was headlined
at the event there is going to be a discrepancy when
you are not doing a majority of the work but I’m glad that you apologized steinem’s dissemination of faux facts is
not limited to just in history in revolution from within she asserts that
one hundred and fifty thousand women and girls the United States died from
anorexia every year multiplying the actual number by hypothesis in the same
book discusses an alleged crisis in girls self-esteem based on a single
shoddy study from the American Association of University Women last
week Clinton has had a lifetime to contemplate the women’s vote cop to
having a theory women will be under tremendous pressure and I am talking
principally about white women they will be under tremendous pressure from their
fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for the girl
she said in an interview as part of its 420 memoir the 2016 first um why should
I even write a memoir we don’t even talk about you we wish you would’ve left that
country go live with George Soros first though got about massage knees role in
the election that amazed women for women event saying simply yes I do believe the
played a role when asked directly about it since then she’s become increasingly
outspoken on and just pointed particularly touching on it multiple
times in her new book what happened what happened you lost a bitch that’s
what happened in the memoir she writes that sexism and misogyny helped Trump
off flagrantly sexist candidate clinched his presidential whip
it’s so dramatic it’s so ridiculous fucking nothing to do with 53% of
college-educated white when they voted for Trump because they’re
college-educated fucking no better shut up these are not your liberal studies
college educated white women these are your economics doctors lawyers these are
your intelligent folks who actually go to school to learn something not your
worth dance their graduates and I quote if the election had been on October 27 I
would be your president Clayton told CNN’s Christine on Laura the may women
for women only my fellow liberals understood what Sharia law actually is
hashtag Scalia law Sharia law is misunderstood and has been pushed as
some evil Muslim agenda some Muslims are oppressive too sure Linda Sarsour
supports some boss and Hamas is considered a terrorist organization you
are letting this woman the headlines say people died it breaks my heart because
people didn’t choose to god perhaps but they sure took the risk riding in a
closed military zone it’s like playing with a bomb and then complaining when
the bomb goes off Massacre an innocent family butchered in their sleep in the
safety of their home that’s a massacre the majority of the
media coverage on what’s happening in Palestine in Gaza is very problematic it
talks about two sides but that’s not actually the reality so reality has only
one side right let me guess that would be yours people have a right to protest
true but there’s protesting and then there’s rioting trying to break down the fence kidnap a
soldier and enter Jewish town and the Israeli response will be accordingly
snipers that have killed over 50 people in one day by people you meant Hamas
terrorists right joe de ávila just wish hug people being
killed by snipers if they’re trying to run away from violence I think they
might be running in the wrong direction these are people who are demanding basic
human rights I couldn’t agree more they deserve to have basic human rights
however the authority to turn to in this matter would be the cymose chosen
through so-called democratic elections and depriving the Gaza citizens of their
basic rights ever since the right to move freely within their
country and the right to return to their original homeland in other words
annihilating the Jewish state these innocent people reminds me of darkness
stages in our history share articles share the thoughts about what’s
happening in Palestine don’t be afraid and don’t be silent thou shalt not
murder they’re going to get more activists as they get older silence I
didn’t fly and got a vote for Sanders is not an activist vote and when you’re
young you’re thinking where are the balloons the boys are with Bernie
cool cool slogan I’m not gonna lie the boys are with Bernie like the boys are
back in town all right so women who voted for Bernie
were they doing it because that’s where the boys were I can’t say that that’s
why they did it I don’t think that’s why they did it I think it’s because women
vote and operate on emotion and you know just like the feminists I interviewed
said Bernie Sanders had a great strategy for what they consider civil rights and
things that they consider important and so that’s why most women were going
further Sanders they thought Bernie was going to protect them from all evil you
know demagogues what they thought that tom was gonna come and take their
universes you know cook them like they were scared they thought Bernie was
gonna be good for your poor your homeless mistake give me you know they
thought he was gonna be like basically ice like which is again Clinton in
perhaps one of her most controversial explanations up for election boss
Clinton said not enough white women support her because they let men tell
them how to vote as you can already tell there’s a lot here I just threw them in
for good measure but from this point on I’m gonna try and
broaden my horizons because she’s a very easy target so we’re gonna go on to a
Liberals favorite person on earth the Harry Potter star
Hermione Granger otherwise known as by her real skin name because she’s not
actually magical Emma Watson in a 2014 interview for Wonderland magazine Watson
said she’s not so sure Beyonce’s feminist after watching the music video
for Beyonce’s self-titled album we have you know Miss Watson here gatekeeping
feminism but then when she spoke in front of the UN in the video that’s at
the very beginning of this video she thinks everyone’s a feminist Oh sir
Saur Saur Saur was an anti-semite and like a real anti-semite like would
have fought on the side of Nazis in World War 2 anti-semite so our sword
doesn’t only deny the rights of Jewish and pro-israel women for example she
said ion here we see Ali a prominent critic of radical Islam in a victim of
female genital mutilation should have her vagina taken away what a pro-woman
thing to say whatever what a feminist thing to say we’re just gonna you see
that vagina you have there you don’t deserve it cuz you’re a Jew
you gotta give that back we’re gonna take your milk your honey your vagina
and all your shells Albright who said there’s a special
place in hell for women who don’t help each other put the philosophy of
politics front and center in addition to being hirsute barbers we want to turn
all women into both victims and thanks to women against feminism this
particular accusation has gained some moderately mainstream traction as police
it’s not a lie thou shalt not worship false idols this is how feminists should
be patriotic if nothing else right the brain of patriarchy begins with the
Patriot feminists United to combat cactus stock ricean Trump died what is
that even me I’m not gonna lie when I took this clipping I thought it’s a
catch like Pakistan and now that I’m realizing it says cactus stock receipt
in Trump times i activist Linda Sarsour co-chair of the 2017 women’s march
against Donald Trump called for a jihad against the president of the Islamic
Society of North America convention in Chicago over the weekend Saur Saur was a
delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention and I know a lot of people
have pointed it out I know Gavin McGuinness has gone into it pretty
heavily Linda Sarsour Palestinian American that she calls
herself she’s from Brooklyn she is a Muslim she believes in Sharia law she
supports the mosque she was a delegate to the 2016
Democratic National Convention she led a march against our president she called
for jihad against our president which I know that you know people are gonna try
and make this argument that OG HOD isn’t you know this terrible thing jihad
you’re just misunderstanding what jihad even mean jihad by definition a struggle
or fight against the enemies of Islam right I even said Islam right just to
make sure that nobody could say I’m being Islamophobic right a struggle or
fight against the enemies of Islam what do you think it’s not makes the most
women in gates key Linda Sarsour fact in this one we could actually get up in
front of crowds of people and call for jihad against the president I’m
surprised Secret Service didn’t snipe her right than in there but then she be
like politically assassinated she might be considered a hero I could understand
why or not why they’re not doing a thing about her because I know she’s foolish
I still don’t think that it should be I think that the mainstream media should
have gone as hard on her as they did on try because they go in on Trump for the
dumbest of shit like Trump when Trump goes golfing and CNN is up his ass but
Linda Sarsour calls for violence against our president crickets more headlines
America really really hates women the Middle East
really swimming America is a hole when it comes to gender equality we covered
this in the very first half of this video America the super comes to gender
equality we’ve already a suspect that’s not true
they just want to incite more they just want people to be angry about things
that they shouldn’t be angry about we have gender equality in the United
States we have you know laws passed that prevent discrimination and if it does
happen then you sue them and you win the case by proving you were discriminated
against in thou shalt not act like a little bitch ah ah I’m so excited to be
here but it wouldn’t matter if we did a column like Jessica Valenti that’s why
it’s so hard to take seriously any claims that misandry is a tremendous
problem there based on the idea that merely insulting men is similar to the
light threatening misogyny women face worldwide most recently Newsday writer
Cathy young argue that men be call translators or rape apologist is
akin to the rape and death threats that women get online
– smiting an entire gender by saying then explaining something is explaining
and explaining is in my opinion mentally you are gaslighting an entire gender you
are putting man and burro and do in front of words that they don’t need a
prefix for exactly if you’re wrong – doing just that’s bro procreation that’s
man spreading that’s mansplaining that’s all toxic masculinity either generation
of feminists have embraced what slate writer Amanda Hess calls ironic
cassandra has wrote last year that the rise in popularity of mailed Sears logs
and mandating inspired church and crafts is sort of buckets the constant barrage
of harassment that feminists often face on its most basic level I brought it to
certain functions like a stuff out tongue towards it out of playground
fluid right so ironic massagers you could call it which is misandry
nonetheless is you admitting to being a messengerís and you admitted to acting
like a child by doing this what is your name video ever
I don’t need contacts I don’t need anything you know humongous
you know this fucking bitch Jessica Valenti oh my god I keep living this
bitch and I’m so sorry feminism makes women don’t I think
you’ve mistaken us for this axis no feminism makes women think they’re
victims of things they’re not actually victims of that’s why we say feminists
create victims like mr. B she miss Argento said that she had not known she
was being recorded and declined to be interviewed for the film because she did
not want to validate a narrative she believed would be shaped by bizalbert
also she was disturbed she said the film includes miss Albert’s suggestions she
had been sexually intimate with JT Leroy in an effort to win the film rights to
the hardest deceitful miss Argento’s of the accusations which
she called nasty and painful had no merit our Denton was been at the
forefront of the hashtag Neetu movement is one of the women to accuse Harvey
Weinstein of race right I did not initially speak out about my story
because I chose to handle it in private with the person who wronged me my trauma
resurfaced as she came out as a victim Bennett’s statement writing apart I was
underage when the event took place and when I tried to seek justice in a way
that made sense to me at the time because I was not ready to deal with the
ramifications of my story becoming public at the time I believed there was
still a stigma to being in the situation as a male in ER she was at the forefront
with a whole Harvey Weinstein and then we find out that that oh that a child
actor she had worked with she actually played his mother in the movie was 8
years old when the movie was shot accused Argento of sexually abusing him
now I don’t have a whole lot of clarification on the story on whether or
not it happened when he was 8 or whether or not it happened when he was 17 the
photo that surface from TMZ was from when he was 17 I believe that this has
been going on for years I don’t think she waited until he was 17 but since
we’re in the hashtagging me to movement since we ran all that now we’re gonna
transition into rape culture swag swagg bernie saying rape culture it does exist
just not the way from this like to believe and definitely not in the United
States everyday feminism calm has posted about
rape culture Huffington Post has posted about rape culture the nation has posted
about rape culture what pop culture sells dangerous myths about romance rape
culture victim blaming on the facts miss magazine and Miss magazine if I’m not
mistaken Arianna Huffington created Miss magazine so now move back around to this
hole in weird limbo of all these people being involved with the media so all
these news outlets we already covered in the first not the first segment but say
we’ll call it the second segment of all of this with you know the connections of
who’s who and who works with who and who gets to money the historic devaluation
of black women’s sexual and reproductive autonomy has shaped the way Americans
think about what it means to have sexual and reproductive freedoms Robert
explains Roberts explains the fact that enslaved women did not have the right to
refuse sexual demands of white men for example set a standard and then shaped
the treatment of all women the treatment of the most marginalized women then sets
a standard against which all women have to measure their behavior in order to
maintain their respectability and freedom this right makes contingent on
good behavior a slippery and subjective standard determined by those in power
and pits women against each other we’re talking about some shit that happened
like the 1600s what the fuck does that have to do with today
well like things happen in about 20 to 30 years fans that have immediate
impacts on your current day situation enslaved women did not have the right to
refuse sexual demands of white men this is true
neither did male slaves enslaved men also also also were sexually abused it’s
like they just imagine that like only the women were raped No
no the men were raped and the men were raped by men and the men were raped by
women the enslaved men were also raped and you completely can ignore it because
it doesn’t support your argument oh you know like great though white women are
never raped you can’t rape a white person despite some cross-class
collaboration among the women the me to movement has focused on workplace sexual
harassment and the assault of white privileged women
similarly mainstream media has worked to garner sympathy and shot for white women
of the movement like Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan but has comparatively has
given comparatively smaller amount of attention to women of color like Lupita
Nyong’o and misty Upton Abu I believed why the his race brought up a
question number one rape affects everyone okay like rapists don’t go
around it all it’s a black chick I’m gonna reap that all white girls I don’t
like the rape white girls and they struggle too much she doesn’t happen
rape is rape whoever is most vulnerable they do not care skin color or tax
bracket or your disabilities they don’t give a fuck all right there’s a hole
they can put something in they will put it in the hole against your will that is
why they are rapists but who the fuck is misty up home
oh right she’s that one from the movies I’ve never fucking heard of I have no
idea who these kids versus Alyssa Milano that one bit everybody fucking knows and
then this Lupita girl nobody knew about this girl until 12 years of slave so
don’t even didn’t go there familiar celebrities get more air time it’s not a
race thing it’s a Fame thing measuring hashtag
meets you more than 80% of women have been sexually harassed or assaulted a new survey asked Americans about sexual
harassment and assault the results are disturbing right okay so here’s a
problem in a 2013 interview professor Camille Paglia
I’m sorry if I mispronounced that but I don’t know how to pronounce names I’m
not very good Camellia peg Lea described concerns about rape culture as
ridiculous and neurotic an artifact of who’s rosy liberal ideologies that
people are essentially good in that all social problems can be remedied with
education this rape culture concept is much to the detriment of young
college-educated women maglia argues that said individuals are ill-prepared
to anticipate or cope with the small minority of deeply evil people in the
world who simply don’t care about following laws or obeying social
convention paglia says feminist proponents of rape
culture tend to completely ignore bail victims of sexual assaults Caroline
kitchens in the 2014 article in Time magazine titled it’s time to end rape
culture hysteria suggested though rape is certainly a serious problem there’s
no evidence that it’s considered a cultural norm on college campuses
obsession with the eliminating rape culture has led to censorship and
hysteria Heather McDonald suggested in a delicious historical irony the baby
boomers who dismantled the university’s intellectual architecture architecture
in favor of unbridled sex and protests have now Mira sized both according to
Joyce Williams the major criticism of rape and the feminist theory from which
it emanate is the monolithic implication that ultimately all women are victimized
by men now rain is a completely like okay so so rating the organization who
I’m about to quote from a Wikipedia article when I’m actually visited their
website recently their graphs and numbers and studies that they run are
incredibly inaccurate they’re based on very short-term or small sample size
groups and I really dislike that they are so misleading with our information
but even the rape abuse and incest national network one of North America’s
leading anti-sexual violence organizations and a report detailing
recommendations to the White House on combating rape on college campuses
identifies problem with an overemphasis on the concept of rape culture as a
means of preventing rape as a cause for rape saying in the last few years there
has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming rape culture for the extensive
problem on sexual of sexual violence on campus while it is helpful
the systemic barriers to addressing the problem it is important to not lose
sight of a simple fact rape is not caused by cultural factors but by the
conscience decisions of a small percentage of the community to commit a
violent crime in the report Rayne cites a study by David LaSalle David Lisak
which estimated that 3 percent of college men were responsible for 90% of
campus rapes though it is stipulated that rain does not have reliable numbers
for female perpetrators raid argues that rape is the product of individuals who
have decided to disregard the overwhelming cultural message that rape
is wrong the report argues that the trend towards focusing on cultural
factors that supposedly condone rate as the paradoxical effect of making it
hardest to stop sexual violence since it removes the focus from the individual at
fault and seemingly mitigates personal responsibility for his/her own fit for
his or her own actions so even Rayne acknowledges that the way
that politically correct and identity politics how taking the responsibility
off of a person and putting it on to a culture or out to a group onto your
identity is a is a problem it’s a bad thing in a 1997 report by the US Bureau of
Justice Statistics found that 91% of rape victims are female and 9% are male
and that 99 of arrestees for rapes are mangled this number excludes instances
where men were made to penetrate another person which are assessed separately
under sexual violence 10 of states that societal responses to the issue of
female perpetrators of sexual assault went to widespread denial of women as
potential sexual aggressors that could work to obscure the true dimensions of
the problem men being forced to penetrate people are parallel nature of
the alleged predations is a shocking in its precision both Argento and bennett
started their careers as child actors we’re bringing this back to where Gento
are gentle said the encounter with Weinstein took place in a hotel room in
which she had been strategically isolated the Bennett documents say he
arrived in a hotel room with family member who are whom Argento asked to
leave our gentle told Pharaoh that Weinstein forced her into receiving oral
sex and Bennett’s account said Argento did the same our gentle told Pharaoh
that oral sex had been ruined for her in both cases most importantly the
alleged victim felt professionally subordinate to a more powerful abuser
and felt the potential work was being dangled as a reward for sexual
cooperation later on that same day that our gentle assaulted Bennett she posted
a picture of them together on Instagram with the caption Jimmy is going to be in
my next movie and that is a fact dig that Jack Anthony was afraid of the
possible negative publicity that’s such a person whom he considered dangerous
could have fought upon us this is a 17 year old kid by the way we decided to
deal with compassionately with Bennett’s demand for help and give its room
Anthony personally undertook to help fennec economically upon the condition
that we would no longer suffer any further intrusions in our life this is
therefore the umpteenth development of a sequence of events that brings me great
sadness that constitutes a long-standing persecution
I have therefore no other choice but to oppose such false allegations I will
assume in short term all necessary initiatives for my protection before all
competent venues oh you’d okay do you believe her because I don’t but whatever
that’s just my opinion the feminists too long didn’t read white women are raped
enough men can’t be raped in Asia Argento not only sounds like a cheese
but her excuse is cheesiest too now if you’ve made it this far you know that
the most popular kind of feminists are the keyboard or ears so we’re gonna get
into some Instagram feminism on your mark get set terrible Instagram feminism
looks to gain or have in-depth knowledge of all discussions on a platform made
for posting pictures of your hibiscus tea and your garlic knots Instagram
feminism constantly calls on white feminism to do more and then criticizes
them when they don’t jump through proper hoops intersectional feminism divides
more people than it brings together this very much resembles the rad Femmes
versus turfs versus non turfs I’ve singled out on feminists I’ve singled
out one feminist in particular because she happens to also write for Harper’s
Bazaar Rachel Elizabeth Carville she writes selections on things that exist
in intersections of race and womanhood and made up Ohio and she resides in New
York City as parentless Judea color we don’t get photo by theirself alright so
anyway she all right ready yourself are you prepared unpacking white feminism an
interactive lecture exploring the history of feminism through the lens of
race and unpacking the problematic effects tied on the past present and
progress in the collective mission an opportunity for all self-proclaimed
feminists to learn digest in take action first off you didn’t use commas in the
first half of this shit so fuck you for using them in the last half or whatever
in person it’s a $20 ticket to sit there and let her berate you about why you’re
a bad feminist so Rachel basically spends her days
getting on white women and getting paid for it but she won’t actually disclose
how much money she makes out of us she makes a month via patreon being a
race-baiting man-hating she’ll must pay very well I don’t know what I’m doing
trying to call them out for it when they’re making fucking money 727 people
are donating to her even if it’s just a dollar a month eight hundred dollars
almost eight hundred let’s say whatever 730 bucks a month to sit there and she
might women all fucking day Instagram removes posts for women of
color to more neo Wilson freaky this is clearly censorship right she’s just
trying to mourn with other black and brown women I guess on Instagram for
some girl she didn’t know until you actually look at the post right the
space under the post comments and replies is exclusively for women of
color exclusively know white women no men I’m
sorry you’re excluding an entire group of people based on their race that is
considered racist that would be considered hateful if somebody did that
for the one of the cops killed a Taoist and said this space is only for white
men no women and no blacks allowed that would be considered racist it is
racist when you do it conversely she believes the second Asian I’m just
saying so she originally makes a post white
women are not allowed to comment and then there goes I’m still waiting for
your favorite white feminists to say a single word about hashtag Nia Wilson
let’s pick one you either want white women to speak or you don’t so this is
the whole post so she’s calling for white women to do a song and dance for
her and then telling them to get out of her safe space where two white women at
and then the whole like murdered in the street under the banner of white
supremacy surveillance video on the train and at the station’s platform
showed Cowell had been riding the same car as the sisters but they did not
interact it looked like it was unprovoked and unwarranted officious
attack mayor Libby whatever her last name is says Oakland has no room for
hate and the city stands against racial hatred and white supremacy but
reinforced officials have no evidence that the killing of Wilson was racially
motivated there’s enough white guilt for the entire white race in this one
comment dismantle everything that keeps you in comfort and disconnection may
more and more black women rise to power your lives matter your lives matter your
lives are valuable you are the resistance that game changers in EO
Wilson’s life matters and this is her call to action to all of you black
sisters I will do better I will listen I will speak up I will support in whatever
ways necessary because you are from where we all came from I apologize for
my cowardice in silence no more with much gratitude listen shut up for a
second yeah and black women are in power in many areas of the world there’s black
women in power in the United States like just your maybe gonna race thing
when it was a gender thing it was never a gendered thing it was never a race
thing it’s never been any of these things and I love the way she talks
about herself she is such an egomaniac think Carrie Bradshaw but way more
meaningful with Maya Angelou vibes and James Baldwin fire and Mary Church
Tyrell in selected Lorraine Hansberry deep intent I’m gonna read this word for word
I’m not correcting this I have linked an incredibly informative voxcom article
where you can see where the story went from there and why Judson Juneteenth is
such an important occasion for the black community a couple of things I need to
address unpack here voxcom I get shit on for considering voxcom media news media
because I see feminists like this citing Vox as their their point of reference
this is my source this is why I brought box into this there is this whole
interaction where she says stock weaponizing shame basically this girl is
like I didn’t respond to you fast enough and you’re trying to shake me and so
Rachel’s response is that this girl was weaponizing shame me having an expectation of knowledge
based conversations isn’t shaming expectation of knowledge based
conversations and of course is with words Birkenstocks like I don’t even
need to tell you that I didn’t even need to tell you that without you now here
are some clippings for from her her op ed where she feels like Maya Angelou in
like nine other celebrities right white women who claim titles like
intersectional feminist some I took this call for solidarity as a
personal attack almost immediately at my request hundreds of commentator asks
commentators ask the white women who they saw as friends and leaders to use
their platform to highlight the tragedy of Nia’s death and the same outrage of
their black feminist allies and many did both demanding that justice be served
while expressing their disbelief that such a story having gained national
attention in the same way that Lacey Peterson’s or JonBenet Ramsey’s had but
there were just as many white women women whose BIOS claimed titles like
social justice warrior and intersectional feminist that somehow
took this call for solidarity as a personal attack you don’t shut up do you
at my request hundreds of commentators asked the white women who they saw as
friends and leaders to use their platform to highlight the tragedy of
Nia’s death with the same outrage of their black feminist allies the UK way
at her request hundreds of people tagged people who no
fucking idea what was going on to interrogate them and make them do a song
and dance and explain themselves and it’s you stupid white feminists you
better bow down and write no fuck you call me you keep it white bitch that’s
the most racist thing and the most divisive thing she could do but she
brings up something that I think is disgusting and I don’t care how anyone
takes it Nia Wilson god rest her soul was an 8 year old 18 year old woman
stabbed on a subway it’s terrible it’s awful but her perpetrator is being
brought to justice he was arrested the next day he’s not
getting it Asuna in these short sentence I’ve seen zero evidence
was actually a white supremacist and she’s comparing it to Laci Peterson an
American woman who is a subject of a highly publicized murder case after she
disappeared while eight months pregnant with her first child she was reportedly
last seen alive on December 24th 2002 and JonBenet Ramsey a six-year-old girl
strangled to death in her own home and it’s still an unsolved crime it’s not
because they’re white that their stories get more attention it’s because the
first woman was eight months pregnant and the media in 2002 thought her
husband was Shady the second was a six year old girl who
was murdered in her own home and it’s still an unsolved case trembling over
the deaths of a young mother of a six-year-old girl to propagate your own
agenda is gross and you should feel gross I hate these race-baiting faux
journalist op-ed writers they love to conflate race with memorability language
language language this is my house oh the most notable thing Western feminism
has accomplished in the past decade is argue with dictionary definitions of
their favorite word means and then argue the textbook definition of any other
word is just a white cisgender male supremacy at work the encyclopedia world
problems of human potential problem the reinforcement of male dominance through
language guys help me out with the harmonies sure hell no nature used to turn heat or man to speak
up one member of a mixed group of people is considered correct English even if
the group consists of 50 women and one man this creates in the minds of those
who use the language and image of male people likewise the evolution of man
lets you see inside the mind’s eye males evolving this week’s misleads the
imagination so much that history current events the direction of the universe all
take place without females having ever been there when both sexes have the
image of the male in the mind when they use the term man this also means that
males and females have a dramatically different sense of themselves as
participants in the human venture pseudo generic terms may create the impression
of including men but which in reality convey the message that only men exist
ok so this is kind of this is a hard argument to make in English and I can
see them doing the yoga stretch for it stretch time is over and so what they’re
referring to is saying things like humans mankind this is that justin
trudeau bullshit argument we don’t like to say mankind we like to
say people kind okay right okay language is important when you understand
language you would know that when people say mankind or humankind that they are
referring to a mixed gender group of people by mixed gender I mean two
genders please do not conflate that with me saying there’s more than two genders
and injuria Dorkin I hate this bitch but she’s involved with this male supremacy
is fused into the language so that every sentence both heralds and affirms it says the same woman feminism is hated
because women are hated inside feminism is a direct expression of misogyny it is
the political defense of women hating yeah I’d like to order a case of dry
dusty pussy beer from from the bitch he was ji was just talking to 30 years she have you ever stopped to consider the
wars we choose to make people feel included or worse I don’t want to read
all these articles to you anyway so basically I’m gonna cut this short
because I really hate this section the push to make French gender-neutral
French one of the most beautiful languages in the world
they want to make it gender neutral rise because they’re pussies because they
can’t understand that a word a word ending in an A or an O being masculine
or feminine is not literally assigning that word a gender it is not saying that
Lamesa the table the table is not then a woman you don’t then pay the table 73
cents to the dollar that you do got though
Agathe is a cat the cat does not make a dollar while the table makes 73 cents
that is not how this works it is just so that you know what what
should you use me or not or you know so that the section sounds nice and close
together properly that’s the whole point but then the push to make French
gender-neutral you oh my god you cannot just let so just you don’t even
redefining terms it’s changing the whole fucking language oh goodness
Spanish is sexist here’s what creatives can do about it Spanish is not sexist
it’s Spanish culture sexist possibly Spanish the language no go fuck yourself
outrageous students are marked down for using mankind and workmanship and essays
and some universities have even banned the word she I’m done I’m done
she said these issues should only marginally impact marks depending on the
severity of the encouragement gendered language is not sexist you know what it
actually is sexist though putting man in front of words just to Gaslight men
which I know I’ve already touched on but here’s my list of words from step
bromance bro creative dilator man flu fans waiting man spreading male gaze
Mantor up ting Muenster a white would be emo guy who uses his
mail and security to prey on women want to nurture that’s a real word wind stir
I feel that must be like the equivalent of spinsters so I guess it can slide ish
and it doesn’t have the word man in front of it but still not a fan you guys
see male words can switch genders people can switch genders and before you know
it people will start calling their animals transgendered fucking shits have
am actually alright transgender denoting or relating to a person who sends a
personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex here’s
an important part of this Brown University did a small study on a rapid
onset gender dysphoria and it and its effects of what it causes rapid onset
gender dysphoria might spread through groups of friends it may be a harmful
coping mechanism a new study suggests but more research is needed the pattern
of clusters of teens and front groups becoming transgender identified the
group dynamics of these friend groups and get types of advice viewed online
led her to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain
beliefs examples include that non specifics and
symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skin feeling like they
don’t fit in which could be a part of normal puberty or associated with trauma associated with trauma should be
perceived as a gender dysphoria they believe that the only path to happiness
is transition and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the team is
transphobic and should be cut out of their life
additionally 62% of parents reported their teen or young adult had one or
more diagnosis of psychiatric disorder or neurodevelopment disability before
the onset of gender dysphoria 48% reported the child had experienced
traumatic or stressful event prior to the onset of the gender dysphoria
including being bullied sexually assaulted or having their parents get
divorced this suggested the drive to transition expressed by these teens and
young adults could be a harmful coping mechanism like drugs alcohol or cutting
with harmful coping mechanisms certain behaviors are used to avoid feeling
negative promotions in the short-term they do not
solve the underlying problem and that they often cause additional problems she
noted when children say they’re trans hormones surgery
the choices are fraught there are no easy answers this is basically an
article about a young girl who was uncomfortable with her body’s that may
be the reason I’m uncomfortable with my body as I’m supposed to be a guy
she kind of battled with all of this and at the end she realized she still
admires people like miles McKenna benefited from transitioning but she’s
come to realize that’s just not who she happens to be now when I find funniest
stories of children deciding they’re not transgender are far less popular than
the angry overweight sixteen year olds with short hair demanding to use the
men’s bathroom okay it’s less popular than desmond the amazing it’s less
popular than these drag kids these these gender non-conforming children these
mentally ill children that are being abused by their parents are far more
popular than these children would with good parents that are trying to help
them get through it and find it coax them out of that of that coping
mechanism that they’re using the general rule for determining whether a child is
transgender rather than gender non-conforming or gender variant is if
the child is consistent consistent and persistent about their transgender
identity in other words if your four-year-old son wants to wear a dress
or says he wants to be a girl once or twice he probably is not transgender but
if your child who was assigned male at birth
repeatedly insist over the course of several months that she’s a girl
and she is probably transgender naturally there are endless variations
of the ways that children express themselves the best option is if you
think your child might be transgender is to consult a gender therapist this also
comes from the HRC org it isn’t just a phase and it’s not something you can
change now mind you we just read the brown article and we just read another
article so it’s the brown the brown study right that assess that it is
absolutely a phase it’s a coping mechanism
a second article it completely anecdotal about a young girl who thought she was
transgender and realized that she wasn’t and now
you have the human rights campaign telling us it’s just it isn’t just a
phase and it’s not something you can change I’m a girl validation is more
important than facts bitch where according to the Human Rights Campaign
who says the Equality is under attack by the Trump pence administration radical
anti LGBT politicians commit to vote for poor probably quality candidates and
take action today you are fake news the Human Rights Campaign was founded by
Chad hunter Griffin who got his start in politics volunteering for the Bill
Clinton presidential campaign which led to a position in the White House press
office at the age of 19 Bill Clinton the rapist the transgender now I’m really
gonna get into this has really pissed me off this fuckin dude oh this looks like
a strung out white dude with eyeliner on let’s start with trans people would you
date the trans person honestly think about it for a second okay got your
answer well if you say no I’m sorry but that’s pretty discriminatory one your
eyeliner is terrible too you’re wrong three your opinion is a
cerebral as your eyeliner this is the best argument transgender activists had
it’s still the worst argument possible sexuality is based on sex sex is based
on generals not liking certain genitals affects their sexuality these activists
cannot be consistent he attractive now if you’re not attracted to someone
you’re not attracted to them I’m not going to tell you that you have to be
attracted to this fat person or that trans person or that disabled person but
the more you work at unlearning your own prejudices the more you’ll be able to
see people from these groups as people rather than tired stereotypes I’m
learning our own biases doesn’t happen overnight and I don’t have a
step-by-step instruction guide for you but I think if you can accept that these
prejudices exist in all of us even you you can identify them when they come up
and work to change how you think about them right so if you’re not attractive
someone you’re simply not attracted to them but if you have a dating preference
it’s harmful if you’re not attracted to somebody’s
genitals what even if them the right genitals say you like a guy and you like
them he has a penis but his penis is ugly it’s gonna stop you from having sex
with him possibly like it’s got like a ward and it’s misshaped and like it
pulls it out and like it’s it’s not even like it curves to the left and to the
right it would make you uncomfortable you realize can’t fuck em and you
wouldn’t date it not not I’m not just being on any guys out there that have
curvy dicks with warts but you have weird-looking penises preferences are
harmful yes to the person that it’s involved with because you just got
rejected but then you’re making the argument for it cells that people should
just fuck them even if they’re not really attracted to them you’re making
the argument then you should trans people because you should because it’s
hateful if you don’t bullshit you’re basically a rapist oh if you’re not
attracted to someone you got simply attracts them now at the end of the
video she’s got a cute little feminism plug with everyday feminism who we’ve
already discussed who writes both articles huh feminism with Reilly
politics with Reilly and vlogging is hiring where I sympathize with rad
phones or turfs as they’re also known as the feminist movement seems to have been
hijacked by angry crossdressers who want to police your speech and sex life so
rad Femmes or turfs trans exclusionary feminists acknowledge that if you have a
penis you are not a woman and they don’t want them to be apart I think where this
really came to a head is what trans women wanted to like kind of cash in on
the lesbian movement lesbians weren’t really cool with that cuz lesbians don’t
tend to like penis so here’s Ryan the talking about turfs one of the shitty
things about being trans is that you don’t only get hate from angry anti
feminists who don’t have a rational or compassion and bone in their bodies you
also get heat from people who call themselves feminists they usually call
themselves rad films short for radical feminists or gender critical feminists
these are turfs and they’re awful turf stands for her wow I just respected your pronouns
so on accident as well turf only women born with female genitalia
genetics are valid women rejects the concept of cisgender privilege and the
label cisgender because rad funds make a lot more consents than liberal feminists
look at this I’m speaking on behalf of Trini the human being myself uh retard
alert my uh complete earth experience and staying strong somebody told you he
had a penis in your man and that’s an ugly turf of experience and you need to
stay someone whose gatekeeping feminism and
he has a penis also the comments are disabled for the video so I couldn’t
even go in I’m never that terrible fuck haircut no one will listen to my
opinions also my comments are disabled or if I have a dog’s brain I must be a
dog or some shit like it’s the same argument it is this it is just as
ridiculous now this clearly says gender woman since we’re gonna be using their
terminology so turfs are not welcome at pride also 20 tone policing which – hate
the term tone policing for whatever they’re trying to stop trans women from
being at pride because apparently trans women are forcing lesbians to sleep with
them which is something that is absolutely not happening according to
this bitch whose name I don’t remember and I don’t now here’s where I debunk
her entire argument about trans women not forcing lesbians to sleep with them
when you say I would never date a trans person it’s transphobic and here’s why
LGBTI women’s magazine slams anti-trans lesbians you do not speak for us radical
group lesbians right alliance as Stonewall to remove the L from LGBT and
diva magazine is unimpressed trans dykes so not only are they using a slur while
they’re trying to be activists I’m not trying to be an activist so I’ll use any
floor I don’t do the anti lesbian and Tifa
why you mad cuz Mike was he pops appealing and yours o top and look at
this a man who punches women with what looks
like possibly blood or kool-aid who knows the dude that wants to punch
chicks because they won’t fuck him this sounds more like an insult than a victim
of a turf and the handlebar mustache scout Tran cafe founder of trans dykes
right this isn’t a Twitter exchange between fellow trans dykes of the anti
lesbian and Tiffa sincere question how do we foster solidarity between sistex
and trans dykes lots of sex and lots of not fucking up and lots of pre-emptive
turf crushing without seeking cookies but probably mostly sex sure Oh her
name’s Claudia yeah Sharon Claudia it’s totally not happening trans dykes aren’t
forcing themselves on sis women trends dykes are not men with mustaches and
braided hair punching lesbians in the streets because they won’t fuck them
sure totally not happening here’s some more trans tights shame on San Francisco
pride good enough to march at parade but not to get in with mobility device and
misgendered at the gate hashtag two men that are so their mobility device by the
way was a huge fucking stick alright I would be concerned about grown men
showing up I pride in bloody shirts saying they would punch lesbians walking
around with the large stick you don’t need a mobility device neither one of
you are disabled and you were you weren’t misgendered you look like men
what the homosexuals have done to me and then they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon like
you’re even drinking like men you’re not trying to look like a woman act like a
woman drink like a woman’s fuck you respectable women don’t drink Pabst Blue
Ribbon and if you disagree with me before yourself you’re a woman with a
vagina that drinks that shitty fucking beer you’re basically Peter Griffin
what’s wrong with the no trans dating preference debate everyone is entitled
to their sexual preferences but we should be able to talk about the
societal values affect them no we have stating preferences because we
personally find attractive and as owner you’re in business rule I want to sleep
with it was the whole point of the liberal movement twenty years ago
stay out of my pockets stay out of my bedrooms you guys have completely
flipped the fucking script and here we are we have feminists trying to
manipulate whole languages trans activists trying to redefine gender and
sexuality and with no surprise with energies any slippery slope we have the
trans isms to follow so this gets into the transracial there’s a guy who
believed he was Filipino just as a transgender activists will tell you not
to conflate gender with sex no one should conflate Adrian time trans aged
individuals are just as entitled to anti-discrimination protections as
trenched under individuals 38 year old paedophile claims he likes kids because
he’s trans age those angry preachers on the sidewalk yelling about how
homosexuality will lead to societies to minds doesn’t seem so far off now does
it not because there’s anything wrong with being gay but because catapulting
homosexuality into the mainstream started a hellfire of bisexual middle
schoolers who are now gender confused college students eventually things do go
too far and you end up with something like this a trans age pedophile charged
with abusing three girls says he’s a nine year old trapped in a man’s body I
don’t want to live on this planet anymore
a line in the sand must be drawn and this is how you get the fall of the
empires again like the Romans the Greeks the ACLU represents the man-boy love
group NAMBLA and denies that they have encouraged the rape and murder of anyone
but the ACLU will not defend people who want to protest while they possess
weapons to basically reflect their second
Amendment rights they will not protect protesters who
want to protest armed in a legal open carry state how to ruin society destroy
the language destroy the culture destroy the madness the transgender is all of
these intersectional feminism is all of these if rad Femmes could stop playing
the race card and start taking up real issues like what happens to women’s in
central Africa or what happens to women in the Middle East maybe I could see
eye-to-eye with them but as of now feminism is a globalist ideology looking
to destroy the pillars of a healthy society so this is the absolute end of
it as soon as I finish here we will be done globalist opposed nationalism
national sovereignty and self-governance they believe in harmonizing our laws
with foreign ones they believe in amnesty for illegal immigrants open
borders and a border wall or visas for guest workers repealing the Second
Amendment up eliminating the abortion issue from politics by making roe v–
wade permanent repealing the Electoral College a parliamentary style of
government repealing the treaty clause supporting many unnecessary treatment
unnecessary treaties like NAFTA and the Paris climate agreement which don’t
receive Senate approval removing state sovereignty and eventually establishing
a one-world government it is a liberal and feminist utopia and guess who’s
against it Trump versus the globalist and who hates
strong the celebrities all of them Hollywood hates him the media hates him
music hates him now I’m going to link to little cyst or where basically they map
out for you the entire connection that I tried to lay out for you here in a more
concise infographic involving Clinton and the foundation desta’s and it’s a
whole load of shit the only way to be a real feminist to be true feminist is to
be a female supremacist female supremacist gender female supremacists

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  1. At 1 hour 8 minutes she's panting like she's running a marathon but since she's a victim I won't make fun of her for it.

  2. one thing though stats can lie if cherrypicked, that is for sure, you say rape culture dont exist, well not rape no, but there is an objectification culture, guys that are basicly like the howling construction workers and sailors that are so famed, and I know women that are just as bad the old ladies that while church going watch movies like magic mike, or 50 shades of gray, but if a guy would give a glance to a young woman married or not they would be in the dog house, and lets not get into the stats of porn addiction or the like material, 42 percent of women that were asked in the one study say they are hooked, and 55 percent of guys over half are hooked, its epedemic levels, and people want to complain about the treatment of one an other, or women want to have more power and be more like men and not just do guy things but in essance be a guy and thats called empowerment? newsflash we are differant wired the two sexes, complementary to one and other, but differant, the problem is not rape not all dream of doing that but we have an objectification problem, and using a person, and treating them like a piece of meat, or as just a machine without feelings is wrong, and the so called lockerroom speak that the pres said he used about women newsflash there are many that go after rich guys and will let them do things most would not get away with, it dont make it right and its an undignified thing to say, no proper christian male should speak like this nor ask things like that of a woman, and give her the reverance she deserves as a child of God,

    and your right things have to be earned, and there are some women that make better mechanics then guys, or some guys are better cooks or better with kids, or some of the ladies out there are better at being a boss and dealing with people as people not just a man that is get the job done or your fired, they tend to be harsher bosses, while a lady would work with you often times and be more understanding of shortcommings, or more likely to help out, but also more likely to get stressed, I have had both in the shop I worked at

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