California Metal Roofing: West Coast Manufacturing And Installation

California Metal Roofing: West Coast Manufacturing And Installation

– Today on The Metal Roofing Channel we talk about metal
roofing on the West Coast and California. (rock music) What’s up, guys, welcome to
The Metal Roofing Channel, and welcome to Q & A Mondays, I’ve got Tim Murphy from
Sheffield Metals, here. Thanks, Tim, for being on the show today. – No problem. – We’re in beautiful Southern California, here at Balboa Pier, and we’re gonna talk a little
bit about metal roofing in California. So be sure to check
out in the description, there’s Quick Links, you can jump ahead to any of the questions we talk about today. And first thing we’re gonna talk about, metal roofing in California. Kind of tell me about how it got started, tell me a little bit
about how it’s different from the rest of the country. – Yeah, so I grew up in the industry, 15 years or so installing metal roofs, and when it got started it was kind of… You really didn’t see other
than on commercial buildings, on schools, government projects, and then we did the custom homes, the really, really expensive
custom homes, and so… But over the last several years, 10-to-15 years, it’s
really become a lot more… Maybe it’s more available,
or there’s been a change. I think a lot of it has to
do with renewable energies and renewable building materials. Being that metals has a
high recycle content– – Yeah, tell me more
about recycled content, can you give me some percentages? I know we’ve talked about
it before on the channel but tell me a little bit
about how metal roofing is a sustainable building material and how it’s green. – [Tim] Yeah, just as an example, with the Galvalume substrate, it’s about 25% recycled
content right off the top, just as a standard material. So– – [Thad] Yeah. – I think with California
and how it’s going, you’re really becoming more
green, I guess you could say, and more conscious of renewable energies, renewable materials, sustainable energies. Like we were talkin’ about earlier, in 2020 every house that’s
built after that year it’s gonna require solar panels. – [Thad] Wow. – [Tim] And so bein’ that we’re in the metal roofing industry, and solar panels go really
well with our product, it’s only gonna mean good
things for us in the future. – [Thad] Right. So let’s talk about portable rollforming. – Yeah. – Tell me a little bit about some benefits and how that kind of affects
the California market. – [Tim] Yeah, so portable rollforming has kind of been… Kind of a weird thing out here in the Pacific side of things. I know it got started in Denver, and has really taken off out there, where as out in the West it really was kind of slow to get started. When I got started in the
industry it was always gonna go pick up your panels or have them delivered to the
job site on a big old truck. And back then people
kinda looked down on you if you had your own rollformer, it was like kind of a less-than product. But with the new technologies and the new machinery these days, even some of the fixed-in-place
guys are competition. They use these portable rollformers in their shop to rollform. – [Thad] Right. – So it’s really changed,
it’s changed a lot. Back when I started in
the industry 15 years ago there’d be an occasional rollformer, but now, similar to Denver, now everyone in Denver,
almost every contractor to even do metal roofing you
have to have a rollformer. – [Thad] Right. – [Tim] So it’s really
changed in that regard here where we’re seeing huge
influx and just curiosity, “What’s a rollformer?” We have customers that go to job sites and the whole job site will stop because they’re lookin’ at the rollformer. (Thad laughs) It’s like they’re seein’
a UFO or somthin’. – [Thad] Yeah. – ‘Cause it’s not as popular here. But it’s growin’ like crazy. Sheffield alone is sellin’ a lot. I know a lot of other companies
are sellin’ rollformers in the industry because… In the area, because it’s
just growin’ that much and the area’s askin’ for it. I think a lot of the interest is coming with portable rollforming because I feel portable rollforming’s kind of disrupting the market a little bit as far as for years what
we’ve had in the California is just the fixed-in-place guys– – [Thad] Right. – And you just kind of dealt with all the disadvantages of it. As far as portable rollforming some of the advantages
of it is it’s efficiency. Typically on a job site what happens is the job is progressing forward, it’s being built, but because of lead time’s associated with it’s different manufacturers, it’s three, four, five, up to 12-week lead times. At the end of the day, to keep the construction schedule you really have to order in advance and cross your fingers that
the building doesn’t change. Whereas now, with portable rollforming, it’s really unique because
you can wait until you’re a couple days up until
you’re ready for the job, to get the material out there
and rollform the project and it’s right there in front of you. – [Thad] Right. – And so I think in that way it’s a huge benefit for
portable rollforming. – And we use the term a lot, Controlling your own destiny. We use that term a lot on the channel to kind of describe that feeling and that ability for sure– – Yeah, because as a contractor, or even a customer or a homeowner, you already have enough
stuff that’s competing for the schedule and impacting you. You don’t need another person
to get back in their mix. You’ve got the manufacturer, the trucking, all that challenges. – [Thad] Yep. – Whereas now, with portable rollforming, you can take advantage of controlling your own manufacturing. Becoming your own I guess, pro… Manufacturer. And produce these panels on site. And the best thing about
it is that you’re not… Although you’re doin’ it yourself, a lot of times people
will associate that with it bein’ less than a product. But it’s not. It’s equivalent or sometimes even better than some of the port… The fixed in place profiles. So, it’s great. Another benefit to portable rollforming is we’ve saw some of the
streets here in California, Southern California’s
where we’re at now, it’s… Imagine an 18-wheeler truck
gettin’ down these streets with a big old grade all forklift. It’s possible ’cause we do it, but it’s extremely, it’s crazy because of all the logistics that you have to kind of plan for. But with portable rollforming
it’s really not that way. You kind of cruise up there
with the truck and the trailer. You spit the panels out
and in a lot of cases you can put those right on the roof– – [Thad] Yep. – And get ready for production. So. – So tell me about
California specifically. How is it different from other parts of the United States and kind of what are some of the unique
challenges and benefits here? – Yeah, so like similar to other parts. Like the East Coast. Obviously we’re here on the coast, so that brings a little more
of a harsher environment where the standard
Galvalume substrate really isn’t something we’d
recommend along the coast. And so that’s why it’s kind
of exciting with Sheffield, we’re actually gonna be
painting on the West Coast which we currently are now. – [Thad] Aluminum, right? – [Tim] Aluminum and O4O and
O32, programs gettin’ here, so that… Before what we had to do is they asked me, “Hey, do you have Alum?” and I said, “Yes.” And I was hopin’ that they
didn’t ask me where it was, – [Thad] Yeah. (laughs) – Because it’s on the East Coast and that’s just what it’s
been for so many years. And so now that it’s gonna
be here in our backyard it’s gonna really help our customers and extend our partnership
more with our customers; have readily accessible material that’s specific for their use, here on the coast. – [Thad] That’s awesome. – Yeah, and you know what’s
great about our aluminum too, a lot of people don’t realize, but it has a coastal warranty on it. It’s not just aluminum
with some paint on it. You have that 25 year warranty that other places don’t offer, so we’ve done the research, we’ve made the partnerships
with our suppliers to make sure that that
paint and that substrate withstands all the harsh
elements out here on the coast. – So out in California, portable rollforming is so new, how does someone get started if they’re ready to get into that field and they want to change their business to control their own destiny? How do they get started? – Yeah, so with Sheffield, our program’s really
tailored to manufacturers, portable rollformers, and that type of the side of the business. So I’d recommend contacting Sheffield and we can get ya’… We’re not the only game in town, but I think we’re set up
right to kind of partner with you and your business to give you that training. And especially with my… A lot of our sales, sales team, has the background in
construction, in sheet metal, and we can get… If we don’t know the exact answer, we’re pretty dang close
and get the people there. Subscribe to, The Metal Roofing Channel, ’cause there’s a lot of videos out here that can kind of get your
feet wet in the industry. There’s… Startin’ a business, it’s tough. Especially if you’re not already in it. And especially in an area
that’s really new to it, so if you don’t know what you don’t know, and I think The Metal Roofing Channel and Sheffield will be a first… A good first step in that right direction where you might want
to take your business. – So we’ve talked about the benefits of portable rollforming in general, but who benefits? Who would be a good fit
for portable rollforming? – [Tim] I think it… That’s a question that
has different sides to it and so obviously the
guy with the rollformer, or the company with the
rollformer benefits greatly because they don’t have
to wait on anybody. They just kind of… They’re in control of their own destiny. But it’s not just the guy that… The company that has the rollformer, if there’s a company
who doesn’t want to have that burden of havin’ the
machine and maintainin’ it, they utilize our regional manufacturers and we have several with
Sheffield that we recommend that can produce these
panels for customers who don’t have the machines,
who maybe don’t have it yet, or really don’t care to, and that’s fine. Everyone has different business goals. And so what we with
Sheffield do is we partner up with different companies that have the rollforming machinery, that actually do a good job and are certified through Sheffield, and we can get you hooked up in there. And another person who benefits
really, is the homeowner. I think it’s a cool process. Especially when you’re… Homeowner or building owner, right? When you see the product being formed right in front of you– – [Thad] Yeah. – [Tim] It’s really cool. It gives you kind of a cool peace of mind that hey, it’s happening right
in front of you. (laughs) There’s no mystery of
how it’s gettin’ there. And it’s kind of cool
for the whole project. – So why would someone
want to use Sheffield as their supplier here on the West Coast? – [Tim] I think we’re uniquely positioned in just sellin’ the sheeting coil and providing support for rollformers. Whereas if you look at
some of our competitors, I feel we’re one of the only ones that don’t really make anything. We just support. And I feel that’s what our strength is. And so, the customer that has… That’s submitting our project, that’s using a regional manufacturer, or a regional manufacturer, can utilize us and know
that we’re not really, we’re not tryin’ to pull a fast one. – Yeah. – We’re just tryin’ to do the right thing. Support the customer. Support you, your business. And the ways that we do
that again is just the… The coil and flat sheet. We also have our
Weathertight Warranty System which is fantastic. Our technical department which has years and years of experience and just the expertise
to kind of walk anyone. And you don’t even need to
have a lot of experience within the metal roofing industry, or sheet metal industry, to be successful when
you’re using Sheffield, because we have a lot of
people that kind of help people through the process. And we can kind of help you
along as you get started. – Yeah, that’s a great point, Tim. And I really want to thank you for sharing your knowledge on the subject and taking the time to be on the channel. If you have any questions, comment below, and we will get back to you on that. And subscribe to The
Metal Roofing Channel. Anything else, check us out
at: Sheffield Metals online. We’ll catch you next time. (rock music)

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