Buzzfeed Mockery Theater 3000: Zombies [English]

Buzzfeed Mockery Theater 3000: Zombies [English]

Zombies are everywhere. Originated from Haitian folklore, they can be seen through various works of science fiction and horror. Although they were first shown on screen in 1932’s “White Zombie” It was George A Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” that helped depict the modern day rendition of the flesh eaters. Zombies are inherently ableist. Whenever they proceed to attack their prey, they are shown to be crippled, allowing them to walk slowly. Unlike modern day depictions of the flesh eaters, Haitian zombies are portrayed as black. They are shown as mindless, unthinking henchmen under the spell of oppressive white magicians and work on plantations. And like their African counterparts, proceed to target white corpses in order to survive. The racism within zombie movies continues with the primary victim of such films: the black man. 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” features Duane Jones as the leading role. While he managed to survive the zombie apocalypse, he was killed by a white man. 1978’s “Dawn of the Dead” had a similar incident. Towards the opening of the film, SWAT members targeted various minorities, often resulting in brutal police brutality. And in 2009’s “Resident Evil 5”, gamers were encouraged to shoot down innocent blacks. Prior to “Resident Evil 5”, 1998’s “Resident Evil 2” allowed players to control a character by the name of Leon S Kennedy. Upon entering an abandoned police station, the black cop was the first to have been inflected. Although zombie movies aren’t free from racism, there have been steps to remove the prejudges against minorities within the media.

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  1. I can never understand BuzzFeed

  2. Turned out great. Nice job.

  3. fucking 20/10 man.

  4. Ok at first I thought this was something they actually did, but thankfully I did not die from an aneurysm

  5. Real life zombies are leftists. Nice parity though.

  6. stop making this shit man

  7. I can tell you had a lot of fun making this. Lmao

  8. there is more to their history

  9. 😳😟😖🙄😕😒

  10. I am the biggest zombie nerd I know. Autizmo level over 9000! I am so proud to have recognized every single piece of footage and sound in your video. On second viewing I managed to complete a fap BEFORE the one minute mark. Bravo. Also, great use of your ending song. (Lucio Fulci's Zombi theme from 1979 for those wondering, an unofficial sequel to the Romero's DotD film.

  11. this is proof that people are getting paid with too much time on their hands they need to get real jobs


  13. I don't care what color a zombie is- I'm going to re-kill it!

  14. Funny they don't mention that although Night of the Living Dead was in '69, the main character was a black man, he was the savior of every other character, and was the last to die. Edit: okay, now I caught on to the parody. Hilarious!

  15. The writing in these is honestly fantastic, Ty.
    You're really good at emulating their style.

  16. It's too good ! We can really believe it's from BuzzFeed.

  17. Ok, I was wondering why Friended was doing Buzzfeed video voiceovers. But then, the credits rolled. Shit- this was one of those times when you're not quite sure if it's real or not. Well done, Tyler!

  18. You really need to get Franchesca Ramsey to narrate these.

  19. no… nonono… noooooo

  20. Don't give them ideas! They might think this is ligit and try getting zombie movies banned. You know regressive idiots don't understand jokes or sarcasm otherwise they'd realize they're the joke.

  21. What Buzzfeed video do I see under this parody?
    "Man sees his girlfriend's period blood for the first time."
    I take this parody more seriously than actual Buzzfeed

  22. buzz feed are a bunch of retards aren't they????

  23. I thought zombies wanted to eat brains. Black and White = Gray Matter. BTW. zombies are a horror standard. horror is supposed to be horrifying, no?

  24. Even in death?
    Is there no end to the oppression of the humble black folk?
    Stay WOKE, Preston

  25. "Portraying zombies as white people is cultural appropriation cos zombies originated from black Haitian culture"

  26. Whoever made this film would do well on a cherry farm as a picker. They'd be expert at picking the most juicy, over-ripe fruit there is on every single tree. Just taste that sweet, juicy cherry goodness.

    Some characters in several totally fictious photoplays happen to be black, therefore racism.

  27. I knew it…i´ll never donate to Zombie charities again. You´re painfully undersubbed, what happened?

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