Bunkie Builds Made Easy

Bunkies are a great option for your cottage if you’re looking for a little extra room. Maybe a little extra sleeping space, storage, or just a place to call your own. For my cottage, I’m here at my local Home Hardware Building Centre to chat with an expert about getting started on building my cottage bunkie. Okay Adam, let’s start by trying to figure out what type of structure you are interested in. We have a variety of Project Packages on our website and in the brochure as well. You know what you’re going to use the bunkie for? Ya, I do need some more sleeping space for guests, and maybe somewhere for myself to relax and watch TV. Okay, well have a look at this. So we’ve got a really nice 12 x 12 that has chalet siding and pine trim. If you’re looking for something a little bit bigger, we have a 16 x 20 that has horizontal siding and shakes. Both of these have a beautiful front porch, where you and your neighbours and your friends can sit in the morning and enjoy your coffee. The first one is definitely more of what I had in mind. What does that package include? Well with your purchase, you’re going to get your lumber, building materials, and detailed construction drawings. Now have you looking into your local bylaws regarding building code or building permits. I have checked the property set backs and the municipality does have specific requirements. Is there any way you can give me full sized print outs for my building permits? Absolutely! When you make your purchase, we can give you this print off of your material list and construction drawings, but I’ll give our Architectural Solutions Department a call for the full sized plans. They’ll be able to give us a few sets for you and the municipality. So what are the other things I should consider? Well, let’s start with the size. You said the 12 x 12 suited your needs. Does the look of the bunkie work for your cottage? What if I wanted to change it around somewhat? Our Architectural Solutions Department can help us to modify or custom design anything within our packages. So if you want to change the roof pitch, or the bunkie size, or even have a french door instead of a window, you can do that. Wow Phil, this is great advice, you just gave me so many more ideas. I’d suggest making a list of your needs and sketch the bunkie in your backyard, with position and sizes. At the cottage, you always want to consider the positioning of your building. Will it be close or far from the cottage? Do you want it having shade? Do you have any sloping land? And consider your service needs. You can easily get power, but check where your source is in relationship to the bunkie. What if I wanted to change the colour of the siding? The project package includes all the standard lumber and building materials, and you have some choices on the finishing materials like siding, shingles, or trim. You can even choose to upgrade any of the items in the package. For instance, you might want different windows. Home’s project packages will give you everything you need to start your project, and it’s also a great starting point when you want it to be designed uniquely for you. Let’s go get your project started. Thanks Phil, you know what, you guys have made it real easy today. Well, we can make it even easier for you. Do you want to build the bunkie yourself? Or if not, our Home Installs Team could do that for you. I am learning so much here today. It’s going to be more of a family affair but I might take you up on that offer next time. Alright, fair enough, there’s lots to be said about building it for yourself. But do you have all the tools you need? I think so, I’m somewhat known for my simplified projects around the cottage, but I do need a new blade for my compound miter saw. I can help you with that. Getting expert advice on how to put together your own cottage bunkie, or other small builds, is as easy as stopping by your local Home Hardware Building Centre.

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