Building Trump’s Wall | The B1M

Building Trump’s Wall | The B1M

If elected President of the United States,
Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico. So
is it actually possible to build a wall like that and what would it mean for the construction
industry? We take a look. The US international border with Mexico stretches
1,989 miles from the Pacific across to the Gulf of Mexico. Fencing of the border began
back in 1990 but was expedited after 9/11 with the passing of the 2006 Secure Fence
Act. Since then, more than USD $7BN have been spent on fencing along 653 miles of the boundary. That fencing varies between different parts
of the border. In easy-to-access urban areas a 5.4m high steel barrier is used, whilst
lower key “vehicle fencing” has been installed in more remote portions that are considered
to be low-risk. Vast stretches of the border are formed of
natural barriers – such as the Rio Grande River – and much of it passes through remote
terrain – the deserts of Arizona and the mountain ranges of New Mexico. In the dunes
in Southern California, a “floating fence” had to be built to allow for the natural movements
of the sand. In the primaries, Donald Trump stated that
he wanted to build a 2,000 mile wall, but that has since been reduced to 1,000 miles
in recognition of the natural barriers that exist. While the proposed wall has got shorter,
it grew in height over the course of a Twitter argument and is now somewhere between 10 and
12 meters tall. Trump believes the wall will cost USD $8BN
but we’ll come back to estimates a little bit later on. He plans to make Mexico pay for the wall by
blocking the flow of payments from Mexican Nationals working in the US back to Mexico.
That equates to about USD $24BN each year. That cut off will, on Trump’s logic, force
Mexico into making a relatively small financial contribution to the wall, in order to release
the much larger payments from their Nationals. So what would Donald Trump’s wall actually
look like? Well a team at Alliance Bernstein did some excellent research on this. They assumed a wall length of 1000 miles,
a height of 12 meters (with an additional two meters of wall below ground to deter basic
tunnelling) and a thickness of 250mm. They also assumed that a 1.5 meter wide, 300mm
deep concrete strip footing would be required along the entire 1,000 mile length. Of the many materials available, several structural
engineers have agreed that pre-cast concrete is preferable, particularly given the high
temperatures along the border that would preclude the use of a poured in-situ concrete solution. Based on these parameters, the wall would
require 7.1 million m3 of concrete and 2.4 million tonnes of cement, assuming a standard
content. But the wall would not look the same along
its length. Bespoke engineering may be needed to deal with specific geographic features
and allowances must be made for flooding as the border crosses numerous floodplains. The construction complexities don’t end
there. The formation of a more substantial barrier than exists at present would require
access roads to be built – which isn’t simple on a mountain range or in a remote
desert. The border also passes through Indian Territory, wildlife reserves and private ranches
whose owners would have to agree to sell their land to the federal government. Delays, surging costs and disputes with private
land owners were all encountered during construction work of the relatively modest existing fencing. At this stage putting a figure on a project
like this is not easy. The consensus among experts is that to construct the sort of thing
that the Alliance Bernstein have assumed would cost at least USD $15BN and even as much as
USD $25BN. Whilst those figures may sound enormous, you
need to keep in mind that the current US federal budget is just under USD $4TN. Back in 2009, the US Government Accountability
Office (GAO) said that the basic costs of building a mile of fencing averaged between
USD $2.8M and $3.9M in the easy-to-access metropolitan areas. This rose as high as USD
$16M per mile in desert or mountain regions. You then need to factor-in the costs of design,
land acquisitions, environmental impact statements, transporting materials, labour, site setups
and accommodation. Once built, the costs of ongoing guarding and maintenance also need
to be considered. The progression of such a project would be
big for the construction industry. Some of the largest value schemes on site at present
include the USD $20BN Crossrail scheme in London, the USD $5.25BN expansion of Panama
Canal and the USD $11BN Jubail Industrial City Two in Saudi Arabia – so Donald Trump’s
wall would be right up there. If he were elected and if proposals passed
Congress, planning and design work for the wall could start coming into the industry
in 2017, with construction works perhaps commencing the year afterwards. Experts believe the wall could create as many as
100,000 jobs and given the financial pressures of transporting pre-cast concrete and cement
over great distances, local manufacturers of those materials could stand to gain. Alliance
Bernstein calculated that the wall could add 1.1% to US cement demand in both 2018 and
2019, which would be huge for an industry that currently grows by 4-5% each year. Of course, if Mexico were begrudgingly paying
for the wall they would be unlikely to use US suppliers and that is perhaps vice versa
for the United States. We will leave debate about the rights and
wrongs of building a border wall to others. But we hope this has helped to put a bit more substance behind a key US Election issue. Get more from the definitive video resource
for construction by subscribing to The B1M.

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  15. And yet, you ignore the main fact. A borderless nation isn't a nation.

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  23. u got 1 thing wrong (this is Americans walls, not Trump's wall) if it wasn't for Dems wanting Mexican votes to vote Democratic to taint the vote one-sided for a bad reason the idea has been deonized. liberals had 8yrs. now it's the rights turn

  24. Meanwhile our bridges and dams are failing, freeways and airports congested, city water supplies are not safe to drink, etc etc. Most illegals fly in and over stay a visa, so the ROI for this $20 billion vanity project is slim at best. Put $10 bn into ICE and the other $10 bn into hunting American businesses & individuals that hire undocumented labor.

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  35. One small thing that all of you youngsters forget. The "Wall" portion is only going to be built where the terrain will permit it. There are several hundred miles where no wall could actually be built. Of the approximately 1900 miles only about 600 to 800 miles of continuous wall would be practical. Thumbs down to this presentation. Try some critical thinking before posting crap like this.

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    Because wall is taking so much spaces and he dividing many families relations etc and se san degio and tunjana that is bad for is
    One city divide by international
    Border I see is very bad trump not
    Giving support for Mexico and why
    Divide it because people's are have
    Little space I hat this partition

  42. Good vid, unbiased, very good

  43. What a sad state of affairs this idea of a wall ! wouldn't need a wall if there wasn't a reason to be here .
    A. Go after the businesses that provide employment to an alien work force .
    B. Gradually remove health care to illegal immigrants. Not just the hispanic population .
    C.put away devisive politics that hurt real people .
    D. Realize that we are all immigrants somewhere in our family tree . Have a little empathy for your fellow person.

  44. It should also contain guard towers with automatic and remote controlled turrets every few hundred meters.

  45. You guys usually do good videos, and this one is fine too, except you just talk about the cost of the wall itself. Nothing was said about the cost of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers (for things like crime, welfare, education, medical costs, etc.), which could be $70 Billion to $120 Billion per year according to studies. This wall could (would) quickly pay for itself, even if it costs in the tens of Billions.

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    A wise man builds bridges, a fool man builds walls.

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  56. No, Immanent Domain Act can compel the land owners in question to either sell at a government considered fair market rate or the government can just take needed land to build a critical internal structure. FYI

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    However, Trump take on this is that, "there are caravans approaching the wall". "It's chos over there", and even his method of building it isn't appropriate, also sounds childlike. Hense, even a person like Trump has good ideas but, if you can't present it properly. That idea is no different from an imagination.
    Now Trump is labeled as a liar and, he does tell a lot of lies but, because of that his idea might not prosper, at least the good ones won't. Character matters people and, even more as a President.

  68. Unbelievable!!! A non partisan video on the wall!!
    Thank you B1M

  69. Walls look like Sh*t AND "we" Can not stop the evolution of mankind. Unity is destiny.


    It would be much cheaper and more effective to just hire 2,000 more border agents.

  71. Saw a joke somewhere that said what if Mexico decide to build stairs on their side of the wall.😄

  72. Why is Trump’s base demanding that Trump keep his promise to build a wall when he won’t keep his promise to make Mexico pay for it? You can’t expect Trump to keep one promise without keeping the other, it makes no sense. Trump is a bullshiter, and his base are fools to believe anything he says.

  73. The wall needs to be built. Illegal immigration is reaching a crisis point in the US. Literally thousands of people a week are apprehended trying to sneak in, many with criminal records. The US has a drug crisis that kills many citizens, and they are all coming from Mexico.

  74. Democrats are obstructionists, plain and simple. They are all on record being in support of enhanced border security and even a wall in the past, but now that Trump is president they hate the idea. Anything to stop him from having a political victory.. Also, they are are relying on Hispanics for a steady supply of future voters. They want to keep them coming in and breeding. Democrats are evil. Everything they do is a calculated move to gain power, nothing else.

  75. We Can Make Beter Economic Projects For Great USA & Select the best labours From the comunity Conteis & good Immegrants instead Or with Trump The Great USA Wall,
    &don't foreget underwater
    My best Regards Trump Adminestration the Smart Green friend Dr, MovedCare

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    Oh, and by the way, the US will pay for the wall. You're liared

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    Which is impossible to build . I think Trump is kinda crazy

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  82. It's not Trumps wall it's America's wall.

  83. You need to build one across Canada. Their Primeminster has allowed more then 60 known ISIS terrorist back into the Country. Giving one terrorist whose sister helped plan the Twin Towers then gave him over 10 million Dollars. With an open border and 10 million in his pocket, it is only a matter of time.

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  90. please go and donate if you feel led to. We want secure borders and anything you can do will help! Thank you and God bless.


  92. The United States of America's wall

  93. It’s America’s wall! And it has done a great job in San Diego California. Trump is our president and his no. 1 duty is to protect America from invasions. This wall belongs to America not Trump. When he leaves office in 2024, the wall stays for future generations.

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