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yeah this is happening welcome to the
Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing
and dollhouses yeah I ordered this dollhouse I am 35 years old and for the
first time I am going to build a dollhouse right here on this channel so
I’m hoping this is gonna be sort of a series where I document you know
building the house you know decorating it doing some painting
if you don’t know we’ve recently have downsized from a four-bedroom house into
a two-bedroom rental apartment and I’m going a little stir-crazy so I needed a
house to work on and I thought what better than this 1/12 scale beachside
bungalow buy a real good toys I got it from Hobby Lobby there was a 40% off
coupon and I ready I am totally ready so this is something I probably wanted to
do since I was a little kid I’ve never had a legit dollhouse I’ve certainly
never built one di wide one myself so I feel a little giddy I’ve been going down
this whole dollhouse miniatures rabbit hole and it’s a lot of fun so I bought
some supplies you know just to prepare I think I bought too many supplies but you
know what that’s okay so let me show you what I got
and then we’ll unbox the dollhouse and start doing what’s called dry fitting
the dollhouse apparently you take like painters tape
or masking tape and before you actually put the house together you make sure all
the pieces the main pieces fit together also I’ve been reading a lot of blogs I
know and apparently it’s also a good idea to like paint some of the surfaces
before you really put the house together because once you put the house together
it’s hard to like paint it and put wallpaper on it so I’m hoping to
customize this house to you know my my ideal of a doreen beach house because
let’s be honest I’m not gonna have a beach house for a really long time okay
so the first thing we’re gonna do let’s let’s open the box it see what is inside let’s get this thing out of the box I
mean there are only a million pieces in here painters tape didn’t hold super well but
since the pieces are MDF I worried about damaging the pieces with stronger tape some things I learned two people are
better than one I struggled the whole pieces up myself take note of the order
you’re putting the house together so you know which surfaces you can pre-prime
and paint my front roof section ahead a fracture in it which later turned into a
full outbreak real good twice as a policy to replace missing or damaged
pieces one time only if you contact the company I received a replacement piece
in good shape fairly quickly so all right the first thing I got besides this
dollhouse and this is again the beachside bungalow and I thought it was
cool it’s a smaller they have another house called the like craftsman classic
bungalow but that one seems to be discontinued so kind of a bummer but I
got this little dull house tool kit so it comes apparently with everything you
need for building douses like sandy blocks uh what else is in here
what are these clamps I think comes with like a pin vise lots of new terms I’m
learning hacksaw little hacksaw comes to the tiny miter box and I also bought
some really cool-looking wood trim I know I’m starting to sound crazy but
that’s okay and I’ll try to link everything below or as much as I can but
yeah so this I got from Amazon and it comes with lots of cool supplies that
on their own I think would have I think or hope would have cost more than this
kit cost which was $45 but lots of cool stuff in here that looks like fun some
craft knives you know ruler sanding stuff so I think this is gonna be a good
time all right let me actually let me put this back whoops
hopefully I do not hurt myself and I do need to get myself a pair of like safety
goggles or safety glasses or something okay so this actually this is not really
fitting in the box super well okay all right oh you know what this is nice yeah
I’m not going super well let’s see if I can put this in okay here we go well
this sort of closes okay that’s good so some other things I picked up our
aleene’s original tacky glue according to the directions this is good for
putting the house together I don’t think you use any nails or anything you’re
supposed to use this but I guess this is good because it doesn’t dry like it’s
paintable and it dries clear I think I also got some Minwax polycrylic for
finishing the wood floors in the house I’m not sure if I’m gonna stain the
floors or if I’m just good of a poly over them but I heard you need this plus
I used it front of the project in case you can’t tell I went a little overboard
in the sample paint department and I got all my paints in eggshell and I’ll also
list below all the colors I chose I’m gonna do the trim in polar bear and I
also got like some pinks I got some pink I got some navy blue a color called
beachside Drive which is sort of like an aqua color I’m not exactly sure where
I’m going with all this but I also got some doll furniture I know and by the
way I don’t have any kids so just answer that question for you know kids here
probably featuring another video and I’m gonna try to paint that furniture maybe
try to make it look nice some of its from the dollar store and I might try to
make my own like bedding and also maybe use some of my fabric as wallpaper in
the house so we will see I got lots of these sponge brushes and I also got some
sanding blocks apparently these will come in handy and I got some sand
Hebert stay tuned until the next installment where you see how much
further I’ve gotten with this dull house I’m really excited to work on this
project though it could crash and fail spectacularly I don’t know but I’m
hoping by the end of this I have a really cool looking pimped out dollhouse
anyways I’m Jennifer over at the Sewing Report if you enjoyed this video feel
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