Building a Board on Board Cedar Fence – Part 1

Building a Board on Board Cedar Fence – Part 1

okay a lot to do this week so I’m just
going to jump right into it I’m going to be replacing our standard picket fence
with a board on board fence with a nice top cap and trim I’m going to be going
with pre stained cedar material that I purchased from a local fencing supplier
and it was actually cheaper to get the material pre-stained than it was to get
the material and stained separately so definitely look into that if you’re
looking at replacing your fence now we got really lucky with the previous owner
of the house because he installed a concrete footer the entire perimeter of
the fence which is roughly 290 feet and he also installed these three and a half
inch steel posts so right off the bat saving a lot of money because we’re not
going to replace any of the posts however they will need to be extended in
order to give the board on board fence the full support that it needs and
that’s actually where I’m going to get started I first had to go around to all
the poles and knock off the PVC cap that was placed on them now unfortunately all
these poles are not cut to the same height so what I did is grabbed a stick
and cut it to exactly 73 inches and it’s actually tape measure to it so I could
hold it next to the pole and very quickly read how tall it each extension
needed to be now to actually cut the extensions I’m going to be using my
Triton multi stand for support and a Milwaukee porta ban to make the cuts
this porter ban was really cool because I think most people are familiar with
porta bans but this stand that Milwaukee produces turns it into a stationary unit
so that all I had to do was secure the piece of pipe and then make the cut and
when I was using this I didn’t apply much pressure I would just let the
weight of the tool more or less progress the cut for me now of course I’m using
three and a half inch diameter pipe since those what my poles are already at
but if you have smaller diameter then you can just find matching material
after I cut each extension I would go ahead and place it on the pole it was
meant for and just double-check that it was to the height needed with so many
poles it took me three joints of material to get all the extensions I try
to find shade whenever I could and eventually even pulled up a step stool
to rest my feet since I’m going to be welding these extensions on I’m going to
need access all around the pose so I grab my circular saw and cut a few
pickets out of the way behind every post now these poles are just
painted silver they’re not galvanized but with that said I had to come through
with the grinder and grind off some of the paint so it wouldn’t contaminate the
weld but then I was able to start welding weld all of these extensions on
I’m using the Lincoln Electric mid 2/10 machine and I first try to use a ten
three extension cord but it very quickly tripped a breaker so I ended up going to
the big-box store and running a generator for the day to run the Machine
off of and even though it was kind of a household moving the generator and the
tank and machine around it works great with the help of a few magnets I would
hold the extension on the pole and then tack it in three different places then I
would remove the magnet and finish off the weld on one side of the post I would
then move to the outside of the fence and weld the other side to speed up the
process Cody would go through and grind all of the paint down for me so that I
can come back and focus on the welding so if you’re going to be doing this your
own fence I would recommend that you pay very close attention to starting fires I
ended up starting about four or five you have the entire process you can actually
see one starting right there we ended up keeping a bowl full of water
on standby to give the extensions a coat of protection I gave them all a quick
coat of paint the colors don’t match but I wasn’t concerned since I plan to put
boxes around each post so the previous owner used carriage bolts to attach the
panel to these brackets and I think it would take way too much work to back off
all over the nuts and then try to shimmy the panel wall as one unit so instead
I’m going to be taking a shortcut I ended up coming cutting the panels
just right outside of the metal bracket and I made sure to cut in between
pickets so I wouldn’t end up hitting a male doing it this way I still have to
remove all the bolts but instead of having an 8-foot panel to remove all six
brackets at once I instead have a one foot section to remove all three
brackets and this was definitely an easier and more fun process alright
moving on to the stringers unfortunately my poles are not spaced
exactly eight feet apart but instead they’re closer to 93 inches so I would
take a measurement and cut each trigger to the link needed to attach the
stringers to the post we’re going with quarter-inch lag bolts that are an inch
and a half long we would first set one bolt in one side then make sure that the
stringer was level and then continue running the rest of the bolts in and
just a quick tip I save close to $100 by purchasing the 700 lag bolts needed
through a local supplier instead of the big box store okay so now this is a
really big job that I’m have to break up over multiple videos so stay tuned next
week for part two were actually finished the fence by putting up the pickets the
top cap and trim as well as the boxes around the post so I will see you then it’s gotten up to 104 degrees this week
and Cody not only helped me lug all of my gear around while welding but he was
also kind enough to hold an umbrella over me to try and keep me cooler hmm I
think I got a keeper you

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    I noticed the weld bead was sticking out further than the pipe diameter, to alleviate this issue in the future (when welding any butt welds) ensure you bevel the butt ends on both mating surfaces before welding to approximately 1/3 the thickness of your material. This accomplishes more than two things, however, for the purpose of your project it ensures proper penetration of the welding heat and wire to the mating surfaces and allows the weld bead to be closer to the original diameter of the mating surfaces. I understand that for the purpose of this project, strength is not your number one concern (Strength is another + to using this technique) as well as your project is obviously complete, so I am basically informing you so that you will be able to consider this information for possible future welding projects.
    The other point you may want to consider is in the future if you do weld outdoors in an area where you may not have access to a water line there is a very cheap option, purchase a 1 to 1.5 gallon lawn/garden pesticide sprayer (Really inexpensive) fill with water and bring it to your job site. Works really well.
    Please take this information blurb as a positive as it was meant to be. You obviously have talent and drive. It takes guts to put yourself out there, to essentially the world and IMHO you do this with flare. I have reviewed multiple videos that you have produced and you are doing VERY well!! You and your husband alike should be very proud! Keep doing what you do!
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    As for starting the fires, there are non-flammable blankets you can buy to protect flammable things like wooden fences from welding splatter.
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  76. I'm curious where do you dump the old fence? I need to tear down our fence and build another one too.

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