Building A Black Soldier Fly Larvae Bin Using Recycled Materials

Building A Black Soldier Fly Larvae Bin Using Recycled Materials

Hey there everybody, how’s it going? It’s
Dan from Today I wanted to share with you guys one of the
most recently completed projects here in the urban backyard food forest and that’s the
completion of this ‘Black Soldier Fly Larvae Bin’. I built the bin using all recycled materials
from items that were either free-sourced locally or left over from previous projects. Because
I didn’t have the exact dimensions of wood that I needed I went ahead and made some custom
cuts. After doing some research and viewing several types of bins I decided to go ahead
and purchase the DIY plans and the larvae from From start
to finish it was a smooth rapid transaction with clear-cut instructions and I’d recommend
others to do business with them. I’d also recommend that you check out their channel for further
instruction and to see what else they have going on…I’ve also built a redworm bin out
of cinder-blocks using a design concept they put out there. So thanks again to northwestredworms
for all your doing and coming from a guy with limited woodworking experience and very basic
tools I just want to say that this project was easy to complete, it took me less than
a day with me taking my time, and I just want to encourage anyone else who’s thinking about
it to give it a shot. So now that the bin’s built all that’s left to do is to add some compost and some kitchen scraps then introduce the larvae to their new home. So I’ll just
quickly give you guys the walk around and show you how this is going to work. I bought
these bins here at the dollar store and the side panels just lift up and that’s where
you’re gonna collect your larvae as they self harvest themselves going up the ramp and falling
through the hole. I started layering with what I had on hand, some wood chips and wood
shavings to keep the larvae from burying themselves through the drainage holes there in the bottom.
I then start layering up their food supply with some kitchen scraps here, some chicken
manure, also some worm castings with some redworms from my worm bin. I then just gave
it a nice soak to get everything nice and moist and I also just wanted to make sure
that everything was draining appropriately underneath and everything looked good. So I just headed back into the kitchen and gathered a few more scraps got some bread, banana peels, a little rice. I’m just trying to make a nice soft landing for these guys. So this is what it looks like and I think they are going to love their new home. So here’s the
order I received that took just a couple business days to arrive, I was very happy with that.You
can see that the larvae is very much alive and ready to go to work. So here you guys
go, welcome home. So the last step here is to add the spacer underneath the lid so the fly’s can come in and out and lay their eggs. And that’s it guys. So thanks a lot for watching
today’s video. If you haven’t already, please subscribe and check out some of my other videos.
If you have a question or comment shoot that down below and we’ll keep the conversation

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  1. I'm not sure I understand what these larvae are for. Is it mainly for animal feed? Are they making compost? Do these flies pollinate plants? I never heard of this before.

  2. i want to know how many how many Kg of the fly can be produce on these containers, and which time? Also, i want to know what is the amount of organic matter that u need to use and for which population… Thank you and best regards

  3. You have made a really effective video. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. I stumbled onto black soldier flies last summer when trying to make catfish bait (rotten stinky stuff). I had left the cracked open by mistake for several weeks. When I can back it was crawling with these larvae. At first I was disappointed until I went fishing, lol. Best fishing ever!

  5. Any update on the bin? Are you going to try and keep the colony going through the cooler months? BSFL are great if you live in warmer climates. Temps are too moderate in my area and I could never get a colony going again the next season. I know the flies are here, but they must be laying the majority of their eggs somewhere else.

  6. Great work.  i gonna buy the plans tonight.

  7. how do you keep the larvae from exiting through the drainage holes?

  8. Stop turning Earth into a desert! Stop being a toxic human being flushing (exporting) fertilizer down the drain! Years ago I noticed the black soldier  larvae in my outdoor compost bin (A refrigerator with the doors taken off lying face up)  where I put kitchen scraps. I threw dog shit in there and they ate that along with the kitchen scraps, then I started crapping in a bucket 1/2 full of dirty kitchen sink water (soap and all just no bleach) mixed with kitchen scraps cardboard and junkmail as an experiment and the soldier flies ate all that.. earthworms ate what the BSL would not .  We have not used our bathrooms to take a crap since.  You dont need a toilet bowl urine mixed with 1/10 water is great plant food and your crap is quickly eaten by the Black soldier flies once they set up shop (you just have to add to it daily which you will if you are a human being).   I dont tell people about this outside our family, but love anonymously informing people who dont have the psychological ick silliness most people are hard wired to believe. I never need to buy miracle grow and people envy my beautiful garden (which is my entire lot) Planet Earth according to Nasa is losing an area about the size of rhode island every year to desertification!  7 billion people flushing toilets will do this

  9. Do you know if the flies eat mosquitos?

  10. what degree of an angle do the ramps have to be ?

  11. better put Velcro strip all the way around the inside top edge of box or they will climb out the sides

  12. How do you "winter over" your proteins? I'm transferring north and will need to keep the larvae and flies alive through the winter.

  13. Looks great. How does the upainted interior hold up to the leachate? Have you had to replace any of it yet?

  14. lots of fruit will get those bsf moven i use corn cobbs for the bsf fly to lay her eggs …horse feed alfalfa pellet cup or two to start.

  15. you did a great job on your video

  16. i shared your video with a buddy out in texas

  17. whats the purpose of having soldier flies around your garden?

  18. u have given a fly open in the lid. will not the worms climb and fall out through that opening

  19. Any update on this since? Curious if you were able to fully colonize the BSF to keep laying in the box for a continuous harvest.

  20. Do you still have the bin? Any changes you recommend?

  21. If you build it they will come no need to purchase larvae to start it off just add produce and or fruit scraps and they will come

  22. How successful have u been at having adult lay eggs back in here?

  23. Where is the "20 day update"? There isnt any link. Thanks

  24. Soft landing on bread lol 😂

  25. Do you remember about how many larva you started with to start your bin? Not sure how many to purchase. Thanks

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