Build it safely. Plan ahead. Moving materials safely around house construction sites.

We’ve developed safe methods through
consultation with the workers. The standard sort of process
that every business undertakes. Don’t try and lift something on your
own when it should be two people. That’s something I’ve learnt
over the years with workers. And be sure that you’ve got
a clear path, as we said earlier. A clear path
from where you’re loading from to where you’re loading to. And you don’t want to get halfway
down the path and find out that you’ve got something in the road
or somebody’s put something there. Communication with the other workers
on site… Yeah. Mainly what we do, in my experience, we have a Safe Working
Method Statements. This has to be understood and filled
out by all the people on site and also our contractors. We also have toolbox meetings
saying… ..seeing where the potential hazards
are before an accident does happen. We, say, should make sure any people
working with the job site, they got a white card, there should be
some training being done and they lift things
and has to be in a safe manner and not cause harm to themselves
also, say, injure other people.

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