Breast Cancer Won’t Stop Me Feeling Sexy | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Breast Cancer Won’t Stop Me Feeling Sexy | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

SHAY SHARPE: You know I have had people say that,
‘You have no breasts and you can’t get pregnant. You can’t give birth. So, technically
you are a man now.’ These breasts don’t define me. This isn’t what makes me a
woman. COMM: In 2004, at just 26 years old, Shay
was diagnosed with stage 3-breast cancer. SHAY SHARPE: Nothing can prepare you for cancer,
you know, even if you had a family history. Breast cancer wasn’t on my radar because
from all I know, you, you don’t, you can’t get breast cancer until you are 40. In my
mind, you can’t because you can’t get a mammogram till you are 40. So how would
you get breast cancer, you know, prior to then? And at the time the stats were breast
cancer was the number 1 killing cancer of women of 15 to 55. I never knew that information.
It’s like, ‘Why aren’t we, you know, preaching this more to our young women?’ SHAY SHARPE: And then radiation, you know.
Radiation is every day for several weeks. I needed age-appropriate support and it wasn’t
available. COMM: In 2011, Shay founded her own non-profit
cancer support charity, Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes. SHAY SHARPE: I grant wishes to young women
who have been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. We are educating, advocating, supporting,
mentoring all the young women who, who feel lost, who have questions, who needed that same age-appropriate support that I needed that wasn’t there. COMM: 10 years after her first diagnosis,
Shay’s cancer returned. SHAY SHARPE: It was cancer again. Whilst the
first time I went through numerous surgeries to, you know, have implants and preserve what would
look like breasts, you know. But after the cancer came back, I had both breasts removed.
It’s hard to embrace your femininity with so much, so many negative comments and negative
people and I was like, ‘You know, I am just tired. These breasts don’t define me. This
isn’t what makes me a woman.’ COMM: Through her organisation, Shay met Shanicka
who also survived two rounds of cancer. SHAY SHARPE: Shanicka just so happened, I
found out lives a block away from me but we met in New Orleans. Not even we met, I sat
on a panel and she remembered me from New Orleans. SHANICKA RICE: November of 2016 when my second
recurrence happened because I was just so traumatised and knowing that she had been through
it and I see that, you know she had been doing well. So I just felt like I needed to reach
out to her and connect with her. Unfortunately, we got close due to this nasty cancer thing
but something good, you know, came out of it. SHAY SHARPE: Even at the cancer, doing cancer,
she is gorgeous. I am picking her up and we are late because she is putting on makeup.
I love that because it came back to embracing that loving yourself at the breast cancer.
I am going through this. Yes, I am going through chemo. Yes, I am going through whatever. But
she still wanted to be sexy for her husband. She still wanted to be pretty for us. We were
not supposed to have this. You know, this wasn’t supposed to be our disease or whatever.
And we don’t want to lay around just be sick and old and ugly. We want to be cute
even in the midst of all of this. COMM: As she learnt to love her body again
after her second round of breast cancer, Shay started using modelling to help her embrace
her scars and to inspire other survivors to do the same. SHAY SHARPE: I have a plethora of topless
photos online. Even in 2014, when I came up with the decision to just remain flat. The
night before my surgery I called a guy that I would deal with off and on for years and
I said, ‘Would you still sleep with me when I have no boobs?’ He like, ‘Sure will.’
Like, I, he’s a guy and I just hung up. And in that moment, you know, even we have
just been silly, you know. I don’t think he knew the, the pat on the back that was
for me of, you know, ‘Hey, its okay. I am comfortable being flat chested. I don’t
mind it.’ You know, people say, ‘Well, how do you find clothes to conceal it?’
There is no concealing it, you know. And it’s’ just is, it’s just that and I am comfortable
with it. I know if I would have never been diagnosed with breast cancer, I would have
never started Shay Sharpe’s Pink Wishes. I would have never had the opportunity to,
you know, bless these women and I feel like that thing had to happen. I had no personal relation to it versus now it being my whole, my whole life.

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  1. I truly respect this woman. She is confident and graceful. Btw her friend looks like Diana king

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  6. and being broke won't stop me FEELING like a billionaire

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  11. My grandmother battled pulmonary and breast cancer for 14 years… Power to all of the people battling and surviving this horrible disease!

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    You go girl!!

  16. My mom died from breast cancer

  17. This is so real.. Such a beautiful blessing. I lost my mother and grandmother the same way..2 reoccurring bouts of the big c. I fear everyday I might find the first lump. Even being tested regularly since the age of 21.

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    Thank you for being you!!!!

  35. I am 35, and this past October I found out I have stage 4 breast cancer that spread to my bones. It has taken over my every day. I will never be cancer free and they say I won't survive it. It is a shocking situation. I'm happy you found joy in your prognosis. Hopefully I can get there as well.

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    They make you a victim


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  52. Wow thank you 🙏🏻 for doing this I’m a 63 yr old woman 👵🏼 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2016 it was only stage 111 though, and I was HER-2 which meant I would have a series of 18 injections called Herseptin one every 3 was in the thigh anyway I had Chemotherapy didn’t handle it at all well but I kept going until the second stage of the treatment I had a bad reaction to the chemo treatment so they had to stop it, and six weeks later 13/06/2017 I had my left breast removed they said that I was cancer free in that area 👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻 But as they have seen I have 3 nodules on my right lung and some on my left they are keeping an eye on things I have Scans every couple of months and they are pleased with the fact they haven’t gotten bigger and they haven’t got any smaller so I’m holding off having a reconstruction on my left side till they can say it’s nothing only old scaring 🙏🏻 Anyway sweetheart I’m so pleased with the positive attitude you have and I truly hope you kick this evil out of your body 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Over here in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 they don’t seem to get things done as they do in the States mind that’s probably due to the fact that you have to pay for any kind of health care and over here we have the National Health not sure what difference it makes for it’s still CANCER! God Bless you x

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  64. Stop eating trashy food. Stop sugar , salt , stop fake drinks. No smoke, no alcohol, no drogs. Eat only fruits and vegetables, drink green tea everyday. Exercise 20 min or more every day, and you never se cancer in your body.

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  75. ''Dr. Robert Young juicing'' look at it on you tube…he explains The best cancercure on that video …being prosecuted by the CIA….because of it..look at the first 15 minutes at least..

  76. Woah, just watched three back to back videos on this channel each woman was diagnosed at 26. That's a horrible coincidence. All you girls rock with this awful Cancer. Each of you are so beautiful and make so much of yourselves, your beauty, your make up, your clothing, your wigs and tattoos, your determination and confidence, etc. You really make yourselves feel and look like what you all are, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, strong women inside and out. My best wishes to you all. Kick Cancer up the Butt girls! Love this dress at the beginning of this video with the Black chiffon and the Red roses. In the UK by the way, Breast Screening doesn't start until a woman is 50, not 40 in the USA.

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  78. But you say in your video that your breasts don’t define you as a women….? Not sure what to make of that statement, it’s feminine to have breasts, to have them removed was regrettable, but your still a women regardless, and in some ways liked you for that statement, as a man found it hard to except your chest as it was, and if I ever her (the one) without breasts would except her.

  79. My cousi got breast cancer when she was 9

  80. Sorry but, those of you whom say she's not a woman, what is wrong with you, woman are more then breast and children. I have a cis friend whom cannot have children and i cannot cause i'm a woman whom happens to be trans, stop judging us by our bodies and judge us by our inside and whats on the inside. Also judge us by our beautiful spirits and our minds cause that's what really makes us wonderful woman.

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    Also I'm low key jealous of her. I need top surgery soon lmao.

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