Maryam: Hey guys welcome back to my channel
I’m Maryam, this is Lee my special guest for this video. Lee: Hello. Maryam: No this is not a relationship advice
episode 3, this is even better. Lee is going to be doing my make-up. Lee: Oh God. Maryam: Lee is very confident. Lee: Very nervous are you kidding. Maryam: Because he thinks he knows everything
about make-up being that he’s been in this industry for 5 years. Lee: I’m a fan but I have never put make-up
on somebody before, like you are the first person I’m ever going to be putting make-up
on. I’m gonna be doing a tutorial. Maryam: Awesome. Lee: I’m gonna be doing an everyday go to
natural glam make-up look on Maryam. Maryam: Wow. Lee: Yeah, that’s a long title. Maryam: I’m laughing already you guys so without
further ado, you need to get some products man and you guys need to subscribe to this
channel if you aren’t already and hit that notification bell. Lee: Let’s do this come on. Maryam: I’m so scared. Lee: We’re in Maryam’s room, don’t help me. So we need setting powder so I know Laura
Mercier is good. You just have too much make-up that’s the
problem, oh man I’m gonna go with, it’s so much, let me see. What kind of colors I wanna do, oh too many
colors, maybe that’s good for me. I think I’m gonna go with Star pallette, so
we’re gonna use this. Maryam: Those are primers. Lee: But it’s a corrector too right? See you gotta a little acne. Maryam: Wow, where’s the foundation Lee? Lee: Okay my bad, foundation, foundation,
concealer where is obviously I know. Maryam: Top drawer. Lee: This one? Maryam: Yeah. Lee: Light medium and a medium, so we can
mix those 2 together. So I’m looking for some of your natural lip
color. Maryam: Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk. Lee: That’s beautiful; I’m good do this Tashna
Denona in giselle. Maryam: Good choice. Lee: I really wanna make sure everything is
flawless. We are gonna start with Lancome teint adole
and I like to work with cotton balls bear with me, we are gonna conceal some of this. Maryam: (laughs) what are you conceal. Lee: Calm down sweet heart, calm down. I’m just doing moves, I always see like Instagramers
that make-up they always rolling something. Maryam: Who does that? Lee: Everybody. Maryam: Like daddy? Lee: Before I put the foundation I wanna build,
so I’m just gonna use this. Maryam: That’s shape tape son. Lee: I’m gonna mix a little bit of the shape
tapes and what we are gonna do now is basically apply ever so gentle in those areas that we
just corrected, but like working from the outside into the area that you put most of
the correction on. Maryam: Looks good in the monitor. Lee: Ohh I didn’t notice that one, okay bear
with me. Maryam: Do you want a beauty blender. Lee: This is like the original beauty blender,
it’s like a bitty blender. Okay relax, look up, there you go I’m just
blending it out, we are all done there. Gonna set the eye, well you can use anything
with a Q-tip. Maryam: Q-tip king over here. Lee: I like it, it kinda like gives you the
effect you need and then you don’t have to clean your brush afterwards, you just through
it out. Next is going to be foundation time. So I’m gonna be using Infallible by L’Oreal. Maryam: Fresh wear, the one that I love. Lee: Bam, so I’m gonna us the dark and light
to make an overall rounder looking appearance. Maryam: You don’t like my chiseled-ness. Lee: No it’s a look but what we are going
for is a different look today. Maryam: What are you doing? Lee: Pardon me, I have to work. Maryam: Why? Lee: Because I’m doing things that make sense
to me, right so let me see you are probably 416 natural and you probably go darker with
a 465 so I’m gonna go in here. So just dipping it into the jar here of mixed
custom foundation. Don’t be afraid to get in there, it’s actually
a good thing. Make sure you get into the demarcation line. Maryam: Okay, okay, okay a little heavy handed
there buddy. Lee: Sorry, Maryam have some really good face,
I mean skin, face too so I don’t believe we should go too hard, let me see, very good. I’m gonna take some of her natural shade;
now I’m gonna use the back of my hand. Maryam: That’s a lot of foundation. Lee: Shhh. Maryam: Why are you sushing me, it’s my channel. I feel like you are kinda killing this. Lee: Thank you. Maryam: I’m gonna seduce you right now. Lee: No seducing, so there you go, skin is
done, oh so I gotta set it. Maryam: That’s a lot of powder. Lee: Yeah but you have oily skin right? Maryam: Yes. Lee: That’s why, plus I wanna protect you,
you really want to concentrate in the T-zone area, that’s it. Maryam: That’s it. Lee: That’s it, looks good, you never know
that you are wearing make-up. I’m gonna contour real quick. Maryam: But you just set my face. Lee: Why are you stepping on me. Maryam: After you set with powder, no creams
go on, like once you transition. Lee: That’s not true, not true like you get
a little bit more fall off from the cream, but the cream will merge with the powder to
create a more natural look. Maryam: Don’t listen to him. Lee: What are you doing. Maryam: Not that. Lee: This is the truth. Maryam: How the hell you are gonna blend it
out. Lee: Easily, I’ll show you. Maryam: You will remove the make-up. Lee: No, no you won’t. Maryam: Okay. Lee: So when you have cheeks already obviously
you would wanna go this way, you can set it, come back and set it again, if you don’t have
cheeks do it before you set it, gently come across and work like that, that’s one line
and then gently over here and that’s it, really that’s all you need Maryam: Nice. Lee: What we are gonna do is very nice pats,
especially along the edge and working it in, what you gonna see is a really natural contour. And then what happens is. Maryam: I’m learning some new techniques from
you. Lee: And what it is is that you don’t really
see it too much but it’s there. You just want to create the illusion of a
shadow, so you wanna go high and then to a point. Whatever that shape is, so it’s really a light
contour I would have want to gone a little aggressive but you are being difficult, so
we are gonna move on. I’m a gonna throw a little bit of highlight,
what I chose was I went with Fenty Beauty’s metal moon, it’s kind of like a clear, it’s
not trophy wife yellow see, slight pop. Maryam: Popping. Lee: I just finished the other side of your
face. The highlight again, I went with this metal
moon because I really didn’t want you to go like, oh my gosh she has highlighter on, I
really wanted it to be like a glow from within. So next I wanna do is your lips I think. Maryam: Okay. Lee: Oh I was gonna contour your nose but
I’m gonna keep that natural, is that cool. Maryam: Yeah. Lee: I was gonna contour a line but that’s
too much. Okay for the lips I went with Charlotte Tilbury
lip cheat and it’s called pillow talk. Maryam: It’s actually it’s their most sold
out color, pillow talk. Lee: I didn’t know that. Let me just take a moment. Maryam: (laughs) Lee: Why is nothing coming out? Maryam: Do you need a pencil sharpener? Lee: Yes. Alright here we go. Maryam: Are you giving me a elory cupid’s
bow? Lee: No I’m just emphasizing your natural,
alright we are almost done, okay. Maryam: Okay. Lee: And we are gonna fill that in, can you
do that, you need to moisturize your lips, don’t rub just kinda puck puck, yeah that’s
good, how do you like that lip color, it’s a beautiful lip color. Maryam: Yeah it’s really pretty. Lee: Really pretty on you. Maryam: Yeah you did a good job actually. Lee: I was gonna leave your eye brows alone,
honestly I’m happy with your brows, yeah. Maryam: You don’t think it needs a little
something, something. Lee: I think a little tint would be nice,
I didn’t bring any. Maryam: You want a Benefit product. Lee: Yeah do that, just kinda just like brush
it in with a little color. Maryam: Boom. Lee: Precisely my brow pencil ultra-fine,
took a couple years to come up with the formula for this. Next I’m gonna go in here and Maryam already
have some really great brows so what I’m gonna do is give it a little slay at the end. Next is your eyes, let’s jump right into it,
it’s my favorite part. I’m gonna be using Natasha Denona’s Star palette,
and the reason why I decided to use this palette is I really like the colors, I really felt
the colors are leaning towards fall but also have some springy action to it, so I’m gonna
basically do a transitional eye look. I’m gonna take a fall color but I’m gonna
put a spring vibe to it. So the hardest part was really about what
color, I also brought like a clear glitter that I wanna put in, just a slight. Maryam: It’s for an everyday natural go to
make-up glam. Lee: That’s the glam, with that lip oh man
this is tough, I believe this is the blending brush. Maryam: Nope, put it down, that one and this
one. Lee: I’m gonna go with this color here, it’s
called Optic, I feel like there is a technique to this. Maryam: There is actually, there is a technique
to everything but apparently you know all the techniques. Lee: (laughs) Now, I didn’t use a primer. Maryam: Why not? Lee: Because it’s cold and we are not really
in the warm season yet, so you won’t be sweating or producing as much oils. Maryam: Who told you that? Lee: It’s just a matter of fact, I’m gonna
come in here like this, and what I’m trying to do here is not mess up, that’s pretty,
let me see. Maryam: How many let me see’s did you say
in this video? (Laughs). Is it easy to apply make-up to my eyes? Lee: I would not know; I have never done this
before; it’s actually very relaxing doing this. Maryam: We should do this as like therapy. Lee: I need a little bit more color and we
are done. One way to know if you are balanced or not
just put your finger on one end and the other and it should be a nice line, I’m done there. And lastly, what I’m gonna do is apply the
nice color. Maryam: I should just tell you that with Natasha
Denona’s shadows these should probably be applied with a finger. Lee: I know. Maryam: Why are you putting brown in the corner? Lee: Your skin won’t translate the brown as
brown, it will translate its and make your own color which is complimentary of the shadow
choice I made today. Lastly I’m just gonna put a light color and
we are done. Maryam: What are you doing, what are you doing? Lee: Shhh shhh, you are gonna see and you
will be like, oh my God. Maryam: Just like that huh? Lee: It’s so beautiful, it’s very natural
you won’t even notice it, it’s very, very nice. It’s a real basic everyday go to look, is
that okay? Maryam: Yeah. Lee: I just thought that if I put glitter
in the inside corner here I could double it up a little bit, this have really reflective
crystals in it and reflect the light in a way that shows like, hey I’m being playful. Lastly I’m gonna be doing some Eylore exaggerate. Oh I didn’t know they actually told you right
and left, that’s pretty cool, hhmm I don’t need to cut these, I’m gonna go for it, little
lash glue. Maryam: Literally nothing what are you doing,
that’s not gonna stick. Lee: Close your eyes. Maryam: Are we gonna let the glue get tacky? Lee: Of course. Maryam: What’s this nice little natural highlight
you got here? Lee: It’s called nervous, nervous by Lee World. Maryam: what do you want me to do with my
eyes? Lee: I want you to look a little down. Maryam: I’m so scared right now, that lash
glue feels cold and wet. Lee: I could tell a good trick could probably
be if the glue is a little wet don’t worry about it just keep on doing it and then just
top it with some eye shadow, alright open up, voila. Maryam: (laughs) Okay. Lee: I would have liked to have gotten in
the inner corner, I didn’t see that but that’s just a mistake because I didn’t have the right
angle. I will get it right this side. Maryam: What do you want me to do? Lee: Close your, yeah just like that, perfect
thank you so much yeah one came out really good, but it got some glue in the corner there
(laughs). Maryam: Oh my God. Lee: Hello? Dan: Oh yeah man it’s Dan Carter calling from
the National. Lee: Hey Dan how are you? Dan: How are we doing? Lee: Good, how are things? This lash I gotta fix it, here you go, let
me see, damn this lash came out bomb, this one no bueno. Maryam: Not bomb. Lee: Yeah I’m gonna try to fix that with a
little liner in the corner. Maryam: Ohh he’s getting adventurous. Lee: Right there, yeah it looks better. I was supposed to put mascara on the lashes
before I put them on, my bad, I think I’m done. Maryam: Okay, I see what you did here. Lee: What do you think? Maryam: Well outside of like the couple of
foundation, highlights, hot spots here and there I think your foundation gave us pretty
good, the concealer I think is a little too light, I can especially tell in the monitor
that there will be flash back. Lee: Not at all, where? Maryam: Yeah right there sir, I actually think
the lips is my favorite part, kinda killed the lips, you did good. The eye shadow could use a lot more blending. Lee: I was going for that look though, natural
everyday go to glammy look. Maryam: How many of you all would wear this
everyday go to natural glam make-up look everyday to work. Lee: You could do it. Maryam: Comment down below, honestly I am
not mad at you; you did a pretty good job. Lee: Yeah my first time, muah! Maryam: For someone who has never done make-up
before, you are pretty cute, I enjoyed watching your facial expressions and I enjoyed this
intimate moment we had together being very close. Lee: You know what I actually enjoyed it. Maryam: I think you did pretty good; I would
give you a 6 on a scale of 1 – 10. Lee: Wow, I’m happy I would take a 6. Maryam: I think your foundation game is pretty
good, although I think guys in general are pretty good on foundation, did you see my
brother doing my foundation, he was pretty damn decent. Lee: Yeah, it was pretty good. Maryam: That said you deserve a reward from
me. Lee: Yayyy you making dinner tonight? Maryam: Nope, what are you doing? Lee: I need to be comfortable; I keep on saying
actually that’s how nervous I am. Maryam: You are sweating actually. Lee: Yeah, yeah so today I’m gonna be doing
a make-up go to everyday natural make-up tutorial. (laughs) I’m finally here, I wanna be here
but I’m here, stop laughing. Maryam: I can’t, your face I can’t (laughs). Lee: I got this, you got it, can we stop (laughs)? Maryam: I cannot right now. Lee: Wait till you see when I’m done (laughs). Maryam: I barfed on you hand I’m sorry, all
I wanted was some love. Lee: I can’t tell. Maryam: I’m massaging your breast. Lee: I don’t need it. Maryam: No, it’s okay. Lee: You don’t want to zoom into my look. Maryam: I feel like I need some wind. Lee: What are you gonna do for me? Maryam: Sexy times look at that natural blush. Lee: Thanks for watching. Maryam: And for subscribing if you wanna watch
me and Melissa Alatorre put on make-up on Lee then check it out over here, give us a
thumbs up if you though this was ridiculous, peace out. Lee: Bye!!!

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