[Beep] Ancient Greece is a founding culture of Western civilization as we know it with thanks to a handful of notable Greek philosophers, artists and visionaries including: The Greeks were soon toppled by the Roman Empire in what is historically their greatest tragedy if you discount ‘Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos’. In turn the Romans introduced Europe to Christianity and a subsequent arse-load of war, genocide, famine and pestilence which paved the way for the bustling and vibrant European tourism industry that we all know and love today. ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫ I love Berlin. I, like everyone from Melbourne, cannot shut up about Berlin. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 so ended almost three decades of it’s people depression and their subsequent newfound freedom was not just a basic human right, but their identity. Berliners began expressing themselves through weird and wonderful fashion from both inside and out of notoriously difficult to for breach night clubs. Rapidly earning the revitalised city it’s deserve a reputation as the international capital of cool. In the interest of maintaining said reputation the time had come to take Berlin’s notoriously strict door policies out of the clubs and back to where they all began. ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫ How are you girls? Just two of us today? Don’t you tell me that we have to pay you or something. No, no. This is free, it’s just a strict dress code and unfortunately don’t make the cut. You can come in. Come on in. Come on through, Sir. Here you go, Sir. No problem, here, I’ll take these. No no no no no. No no? Here, come on through. Sorry, Sir. It’s the T-shirt, it’s a but to casual. Thank you guys, thank you. Please step away, Sir. Please step away. Please step away, Sir. Sorry Sir, we don’t accept sandals in the park. No sandals, we’re just trying to keep Berlin cool. Sir, come on in. You’re looking great. Come on in, Sir. Come on in. Sorry, Sir. Is that alcohol in there? No, it’s just water. Can I smell that? Can I sip it? Yeah. Sorry, Miss. Oh no. If you want to just go and get a water walk around the block and come back in five minutes. How are you guys? How old are you young man? How old are you? Seven. You’re about 11 years too young. And how old are you? Eleven. You’re 11 that’ll do, okay you can come on through. And is this your husband? Yes. Come on through, Sir. How old are you guys? You’re 5 and you’re 7. Too drunk sorry, too drunk. These belong to you? Oh they’re together? Oh well, this is Berlin’s premier gay park! Come on in, fellas. Come on in, come on through guys. Enjoy. How are you? I’ve come out just for a drink y’know, can I get back in? You’re not Australian are you? Yeah. Yeah come on in. Bloody oath mate, bloody oath. You have any drinks today? A few. Can I smell your breath? Smells actually quite nice, Sir. Here come on though mate. There’s too many guys, sorry. But women, fine come on through. Just women, just women today. Too many guys. If you wanna just take a little walk around the block maybe get a water. Fine now sorry, Sir. Would you like to come through? Come on through, here I’ll give you a stamp. Sorry guys, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t let gentlemen through. I can’t let guys through. I don’t understand your gibberish. ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫ No place for language. Even if it is German. [Grunt] ♫ Jolly Polka Music ♫

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  1. Haha! Yes Boi! Lovin your vids!

  2. fucking classic dude

  3. hahaha, "ich geh nach Hause" poor bloke

  4. /r/actlikeyoubelong 😀

  5. r/actlikeyoubelong

  6. Ok, stumbled on this by accident. Almost spit my drink out I laughed so hard.

  7. 3:12 Got me hahah your stuff is great man

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