BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

BoH 31 – House Foundation Wall Forms

hey guys good morning welcome to the construction site today it’s Friday the guys are putting up forms for the foundation wall we’re almost finished a bathtub like premade forms for both we’re going to use these as passwords for the wall for the sanitary installation and different title has to pass through the concrete so we’re going to mount it it’s really avoiding the concrete so that we can put pipes through it later phones are looking great the eyes are finishing now the wall the last row for the contest this is where the past crews are going to go you know we can put the sewage lines and telecom and air access for the fireplace and all that kind of stuff that’s what they’re for [Music] so we’re covering the pre-made form slices as is fit into the wall and leave a gap for the pipe to go in the future I also took some time and put some water on the concrete here so it can cure properly the guides that you today today they’re pretty busy with the hole so I’m hoping out [Music] [Music] so now we’re going to remove the rebar so that the form can fit through the hole and reach the other side these will go to the sides and go up and go down [Music] [Applause] [Music] the buyers are being pushed to five and we’re making faith for the hospital five [Music] lumps with the cardboard five [Music] you can see the the top section of the wall over here so but in the way the rain for top reinforcement and also the middle bar to follow is going to raise the top of the wall is very unfortunate over here up as much as possible and then we see what to do with the other bars of rebar so we move the form a little bit because on the bottom it was 24 centimeters we’re supposed to be 25 and this is a little tool for checking my engineering idea just lowers into the form and see if it fits between the boards is 24 centimeters wide if you can if you can rattle it around and it’s fine if it tight that means the forms are too close together so it’s watering time for the concrete I’ve put some water down a couple of hours ago maybe three hours to go and it’s dry now already so fro here is the you need to fill everything wet and I’m going is the second time today just so the concrete has a chance to cure correctly and it doesn’t crack the surface cracks or says micro cracks due to improper curing it will lose its the waterside property due to capillary movement of water so the guys are drilling the holes getting ready to fit in the pipe form basically so the forms for the wall on the top they’re secured with the board’s so they keep the dimension of 25 centimeters in the bottom they’re secured with a bore on both sides and this rebar piece drilled into the concrete or a mounting pin or the cruelties of plastic creative hammering and house and then in the middle they’re going to be supported with his actual props from the foundation of the garage onto the middle of the wall the male in the middle of form so that they all support each other and on the other side to the excavation row for they don’t shift and this side similarly I don’t know what the guys are going to do across this way but probably something is also very smart the concrete is coming on the Monday at 1:00 p.m. and also a guy from concrete lab is coming to take some take some samples for testing yes going to be very exciting [Music] the rebar was right in the way of it of the pipe we have to cut the mouth there’s nothing we could have done no way to bend it out of the way so necessary [Music] they can see on this example the bottom bar we’re going to cut we are going to weigh the pub bar is above above the fight and covering the bottom bar because we want to complete this at least give the travel in between the hall or suppose there’s no point in raising both bars and the top one ticking always just pull it up and tired a little bit above the pipe so it will so good for child to the concrete and the bottom in between the whole divide the short pieces up or might give it to more sway [Music] [Music] alright guys so today is coming to a close it’s around 6:30 now time to go home the guys already left you can see over here free spacers for pipes one of them is for telecom others for storage there’s also pass throughs for sewer flying on that side there’s going to be bathroom in the mudroom and also we got one more pipe but it’s in between forms because the forms were an up yet before I came with the cardboard and forms for posts and it’s right over there at that end there’s going to be a airline coming after there with like 15 setting the radius for the fireplace which is in the middle of this of the living room and I was going to supply the air for burning so it doesn’t pull the air out of the room warm air that we heat up in the winter itself we take the cold air from outside yeah I’ll save some heat and as you can see the forms are well they’re spaced on the top they’re spaced from the bottom all they need is some joining in the middle on this side the guys are going to put this rebar pins rebar pins that are going to hold the force together in the middle and then across and these free rectangles as they did before with the foundation they’re going to this acro supports or these metal posts just to hold everything together across and that should give everything strength also they’re going to put some boards from the sides to prevent it from spilling over to the outside and yeah that will be used for today thank you guys very much for watching and I’ll see you on Monday we’re going to pour the concrete for these walls it’s going to be fun alright bye [Music] [Music]

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  1. Super film jak zawsze !

  2. Great job! Looks like you're doing a stem wall foundation. I'm getting ready to start construction as well…..thanks for the great videos.

  3. Why there is no insulation between foundation foot and foundation itself? Is it because your concrete is waterproof?

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