Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty | Official Trailer | MasterClass

The number one question I get
is how to play up your eyes. I’m going to show
you the smoky eye. The smoky eye is layered. Do not get a dark black shadow
and put it all over your eye. My makeup philosophy is
that I like it to be quick. I like it to be natural. It’s not about how you look. It’s about what
you do look like. Makeup is a way to
change the way you feel, make you comfortable in your
skin, and enhance who you are. I love when she smiles,
you see the little lines. And you know what? We have lines. And that’s okay. You have to embrace
yourself, embrace your age. No matter what color skin you
have, what color eyes you have, what color hair you
have, anyone could make themselves look beautiful. I’m going to teach you how to
cover up the little pesky spots on your face, how to use
anything from a pencil, to a cream, to even coconut oil. This is like an ideal treatment. Bronzer 101. Use a wide brush. Dip the brush in, tap it. Blow to get it off. And that way, you don’t
make a mess on the skin. All right. Let’s do your eyes first. Now, make sure
you’re blending it. Fingers are the
best way to blend. Oh, I love this. I would like to demystify
your makeup kit. You need a moisturizer, black
mascara, four shadows, a brush, a pencil, and that’s
pretty much it. Makeup should not be a mask. Makeup should not
change the way you look. You don’t wear foundation to
change the color of your skin. You don’t contour your nose. There is nothing
wrong with your nose. You don’t overline your lips. Makeup should
enhance who you are. She doesn’t need anything else. She looks absolutely gorgeous. You’re going to call
me every day, right? BOBBI BROWN: Yeah, every day. I’m Bobbi Brown, and
this is my MasterClass.

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  1. Love Bobbi Brown! You’re a sweetheart, just adored working with you at QVC. Can’t wait to watch your masterclass!

  2. hi there don't mind my msg but i want to know what song is this in the background

  3. Everything she says is so true

  4. Yess, pump out that varying knowledge. Love what you guys are bringing to the table in your versatile subjects. Neil deGrasse Tyson is on the way (email of upcoming was sent) and I still excite for a cinematographer.
    While I'm aware there's a couple good COURSES within classes on time management (Danny Elfman's shows his method/routine) it would be neat if you had (probably a short one, (like the Starbucks creator, available to all access users) on time management. Robert Rodriguez would be ideal for another filmmaking (I feel Tarantino wouldn't do it; I see he's often requested and I'm pleased you got Keller for a third, with a beautiful, specific premise. Your company makes creative people happy. A lovely, growing project. Definitely planning on renewing. You guys are awesome (and whoevers job title leads them to reading these comments: You, my friend, are also awesome

  5. Give me another music production class and i’ll take out a year membership

  6. love this one. Athentic and Natural


  8. Sòooooooooooo EXCITED about this.

  9. I know my question is going to sound cliched but could anyone tell me what the background music is at the start of this video?

  10. YO! Your ads are getting annoying now! DAM!

  11. A real makeup guru !!!! 😳😍🤩

  12. beauty gurus but without the drama hell yes XD

  13. bobbi brown you are an adorable woman!

  14. we have lines and that's ok!

  15. OMG I just adore her!!! 🌸💗🌺


  17. Wow the skin of the woman at the very end!!

  18. I came here because of an add and well, this is so true and real!

  19. What is the model’s namee? The blode one with the smoky eye

  20. "do not get a dark black shadow and put it all over your eye"
    that's my everyday makeup:/

  21. Honestly, the advertisement came up and I finished watching it: it was pretty impressive, Ms. Bobbi Brown.

  22. she is just messing with the mindset of insecure people telling them "you don't need that much"
    just because insecure people that is starting think they need a lot of makeup and pigment…

    But it's not completely true because for some looks you actually can pack a lot of dark shadows all over the eyelids. All depends on the face shape and the person personality it's all about the person that is wearing an specific look.
    the same with contouring and overlying the lips, all depends on the person face and outfit they want to pull off.

    and if they like glam makeup and glam outfits, that's ok

    Why this video low-key shame other types of expression and looks and styles just to sell a course

    So saying "you don't need much" just to make people insecure, it's not that good. Every person needs different things and every look and outfit need different accessories and special makeup techniques .

    Also saying "you don't need that much" makeup and then speaking about the techniques beauty gurus teach for free doesn't make this course any better just because she is attacking the young beauty gurus that teach techniques that are specific to glam looks.

    This video is just showing the first steps and basic everyday makeup but you can Learn it in any basic tutorial from YouTube specifically from youtubers that have old skin, they usually tend to apply little makeup because they can't pull dramatic moody looks or glam looks.

  23. I love Bobbi and use her products. Don’t understand y a lot of you tubers look like someone else when finsihed applying makeup

  24. I know you're Bobbi Brown, but those eyebrows girl. Straight from the 90s, thin, overplucked, round without an arch? Ages you no matter how good the rest of your face looks. As a MUA and CEO of one of the biggest makeup brands in the world, you should know better.

  25. Love U BB! Hi from Ukraine!!!Kisses'

  26. I’ve always enjoyed Bobbi Browns take on makeup, not too much, just enough to enhance.

  27. didn't skip this add

  28. Literally the worst makeup artist in history.

  29. Bobbi Brown is an icon! She holds a special place in my heart, for I have always admired her genuine care for women. Her eye shadow was the first "real" make-up I ever purchased , and the quality and shade options are still the best! I am interested in this masterclass, as we are never too old to learn.

  30. I’m sorry, but no thank you Bobbi Brown. I would never pay for this masterclass. It’s outdated, and her techniques are for people who want to put bacteria on your face. Myself as a professional makeup art and others know that no one should ever apply lip product using one’s hand on a client, and blowing their brush to “tap off excess” and APPLYING ON A CLIENT? I’m sorry but Youtube can do this for someone wanting to learn… love her products, but it’s sad to see such an iconic makeup artist use such botched technique

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