Black Dwarf Stars: Corpses of Creation

Black Dwarf Stars: Corpses of Creation

Around 90 percent of the observed stars in the universe are like our Sun. Called Main Sequence stars by astronomers, our Sun and others like it dominate the heavens. And when they die, many will ultimately leave behind a dark, stellar corpse known as a black dwarf. .A stellar remnant that has yet to be found, because the time it takes for them to form is much longer than the age of the universe. As stars go, our sun is rather ordinary. It
began its life as a cloud of gas and dust that eventually condensed by gravity into
a protostar – a young stellar body powered by heat generated from collapsing material. Main sequence stars can range in size from
about a tenth of the mass of the sun up to 8 times as massive – and how long they live depends on their size. The sun will shine for roughly 10 billion
years but a star about 20 times larger will only last a fraction of that, say 20 million
years or so due to the higher temperatures and faster consumption of its nuclear fuel. When our Sun, and stars like it, begin to
die, they don’t explode into fiery supernovae, instead, as their nuclear fuel runs out the
pressure holding them up against gravity lowers, causing them to contract a bit. This contraction heats up remaining material
and helium begins to fuse, creating more heat. This causes the outer shell of the star to
expand in size from 100 to 1000 times the diameter of the sun today. The sun has now become a red giant. Main Sequence stars spend anywhere from 1000 to one billion years as a red giant until eventually the helium begins to run out. The star shrinks again, blowing
the outer layers out into space as a beautiful planetary nebula. If the star is less than 1.4 times the mass
of the sun, something extraordinary happens. The remaining core collapses in on itself
so fast that the atoms of the star are packed together so closely that their electrons orbital shells are pressing against one another. This stellar remnant is known as a white dwarf,
a compact sphere of atoms so tightly crushed that the entire mass of the sun would fit
in an area the size of the Earth. This is the fate of our sun in 5 billion years.
This white dwarf is very bright, but its not shining due to fusion. We are looking at the
remnant heat of the core collapse, no new energy is being added, which means the core
is slowly cooling. What happens next has never been seen because
there hasn’t been enough time in the universe to see it, but all white dwarf stars in the
universe are cooling. Very slowly. Astronomers estimate that it will take a white
dwarf star tens of hundreds of billions of years to completely cool and become what is
known as a black dwarf. For comparison, if there was a white dwarf
star shining at the beginning of the universe, it would have cooled to only 3,000 kelvin
13.7 billion years later that’s just 2,000 degrees below the Sun’s present temperature. This means no one has yet observed or indirectly measured a black dwarf star the universe is simply not old enough for them to have
been formed. But some 100 trillion years hence, as the
universe leaves the stelliferous era of the stars and begins the degenerate era of the universe, 90 percent of the celestial bodies in our cosmos will be these black stellar corpses, hiding in the
blackness of eternity.

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  7. Hey Tony, what determines the size of a star when it forms? If there's one temperature/pressure where fusion starts and the gas cloud is usually blown away when that happens, how can there be so many different stars of different sizes and masses throughout the universe?

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  12. I wonder about properties of the matter Black Dwarfs will be consisted of. Hot ones are made of neutron superfluid, but how will it behave when cooled down? Will it lose it´s liquid form and became solid? Will the star even be able to hold together considering unimaginable gravity and tidal forces? Couldn´t this material became the strongest compound available in the universe? So many questions….

  13. Stellar remnants are fascinating and it is even more astounding to think that there will be a time when they will constitute the largest population of compact bodies.
    A question that I've asked in fora like this one but not yet seen answered is the possibility of dark globular clusters – i.e. globular clusters that contain a high amount of stellar remnants. Is it not possible that a globular cluster of high-mass stars may form and after a large proportion have run through their evolution they have remained gravitationally bound, resulting into a globular cluster with low luminosity for its mass?
    Essentially can there be globular clusters composed mainly of neurton stars (and black holes)?
    A cursory search has only yielded one recent paper on the topic:
    Are there any others?

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