Biochemist – Careers in Science and Engineering

Biochemist – Careers in Science and Engineering

[Roselle]: I’m having a
lot of fun here, I have never had so much
fun on another job before. Hi, I’m Roselle. I’m a biochemist for
Gatorade Sports
Science Institute, and this is
our biochemistry lab. I decided to become a
biochemist because when I was younger I’d always
been interested in math
and science. As I grew up my passion
went into wanting to help people or care for people. So being a biochemist for
Gatorade kind of combined both of those passions. [Narrator]: Biochemists like
Roselle provide valuable assistance to the research
scientists at Gatorade, who study how the human body
fuels and cools itself. [Roselle]: I always knew in
science there were research jobs in colleges and hospitals
but I didn’t know that we could actually be here
helping athletes and for a company that’s amazing –
and the teamwork here is
amazing too. So that’s kind of what
made me want to work here. Actually making
a difference. And not just a small scale
but it’s all over the
world. [Narrator]: Roselle collects
samples of body fluids like blood and sweat from
athletes during their various
performance trials, and analyzes them to
determine how certain ingredients in the test products
are perfmorning in the body. [Roselle]: So Beth gives me the
sweat patches that are connected to the sticky patch and I
would separate it and put it into the centrifuge
tube and the cotton will stay up here, and I’ll
spin it down extremely fast so that the sweat
just drips into this chamber here, so that we
have a clean sample that we can test for
sodium, potassium, chloride‚ all your
electrolytes‚ that can help us see the level of
hydration of the subject. I have worked with a
lot of famous sweat,
and saliva. We work with a lot of
professional teams and tri-athletes and
marathon runners. Basketball,
football, soccer, tennis, and golf. The golf
one I’m sure you guys know. When I’m not at work or
at school I like to work out at the gym, either on
the elliptical or on
the treadmill. As a biochemist some of
the interesting things that I’ve learned is
that your body tells you a lot of different things,
you may not even realize it. Your saliva can tell
you your hormone levels, your sweat, it’s just
interesting how you can know how fast your stomach
empties or how fast your intestines absorb just
from a droplet of fluid that we pull from your
stomach and so I find that extremely interesting that
science has gotten so far as to be able to tell us
what our bodies are trying
to tell us. [Narrator]: While she looks at
how exercise and hydration affect athletic performance, Roselle has her eyes set on
being an athlete herself. [Roselle]: I also like to run
outside as much as I can. It
helps me train for my next goal
the 10K and then a half marathon and my ultimate
goal is a triathlon by the
end of summer. So we just
took the capillary tube out of this centrifuge and
the red blood cells are packed all the way
down to the bottom. And what’s left up top
is the serum or the fluid and this can let us know
how hydrated the athlete is. The more serum or more
fluid there is, the more
hydrated the athlete is. This can help us determine
whether or not he’s ready to go through the
rigorous process of the trial. So now I’m going to
measure it with the microscope and you guys
will be surprised to know you guys will actually use
this after high school. No job is perfect; some of
the hurdles that I do face are that I’m still kind
of new to the field so I’m learning a
lot from everybody. The good thing is that
there’s always someone here to help me out. I still feel like I’m
treading on new territory but the more I learn,
the more engaged I am in wanting to know more. The most rewarding part is
being able to do something that I think definitely
benefits the public. I didn’t want to do
something just for making
a living. I wanted to be involved
and think about it when I’m off work and just
put my whole heart into it. In college, because I
have a biology degree I had to take advanced
courses in science and that included anatomy,
and physiology and
biochemistry. And all of that lab work,
all the resources that I learned from there helped
incorporate the knowledge that I need to
do my job here. [Narrator]: Roselle is
continuing her education to further her career in science
and medicine. [Roselle]: Science used to be a
male dominated field, but I believe that there
are more women that are coming into
this field now, because there are a
lot more doors open. When I was growing up I
never felt discouraged to go into any field. I had a lot of
support from my family and my teachers and there where a
lot of resources available
for me. So I think that people are
realizing that there are no boundaries for
girls growing up today. It they want to
become a scientist, if they want to become a
doctor or anything like that they are more than
welcome to and they’re definitely able to
attain those goals. Hello.
Sure I have that data here. You can definitely make a
good living doing
this type of work. When I first started
working here I bought my
first car. You can always advance
with this kind of career. There’s never a
threshold that you meet that you can’t branch
off into doing something else or get an
advance degree, and make a
living off of that. [Narrator]: Roselle loves her
work, but she keeps it all in
persepective. [Roselle]: I have been involved
in some of the volunteer programs in the
Chicago schools. I also like to play the
piano and bake. Both of those help me
relax, kind of unwind, and just, I think that’s
it. Scientists make a difference
because they’re always inventing something,
discovering something. Without scientists looking
at new avenues of where we could go we
would be stuck. Science is definitely cool
I can’t imagine being in any other field that’s
not as exciting as this. Honestly there’s just so
much new research coming out every day in the news
and journals and it’s just so exciting to
be a part of that.

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