Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Creation (Episode 1)

Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Creation (Episode 1)

Hello Lucy, Hi Mathew. Hi Lucy, I’m hungry! Is it time for lunch yet? You just had a pancake Mathew. Wait for sometime, and we will have lunch together. But I’m hungry.. I wanna eat
something now! You’re always hungry. You want to eat all the time. What about the
sheep’s then? Why do they get to
eat all the time? He’s tired Lucy We’ve been walking
for a long time. Lets rest here for
sometime. Lets sit down here then. And Mathew, here’s an apple for you. Hey look at that cloud. Doesn’t it look like Jimmy? You’re right! What is that? Wow, its a rainbow! Wow, its so beautiful! I wonder who created
this lovely rainbow. And who could have created this beautiful sky? And these mountains, and everything that
we see around us! Do you know George? I don’t know Lucy, Hey look Fr. John is here! Lets go and ask him. Hello little one! How have you been? Oh Jimmy, you’re here too! Good day father! It is a lovely day
indeed children. Father, can you tell us who
created this world? Is it God? Yes children. Our great God created everything that you see around. You can read all about it in the Bible. Can you tell us what
the Bible says father? Oh yes! Do you want to hear
the story of how God created this world? Come children, sit down. I’ll tell you the story of how God created this wonderful world. In the beginning, God created the Heavens
and the Earth. The Earth had no shape and was empty. Darkness covered the
Earth and God moved over
the water, and God said Let there be light. I will call the light, Day. And I will call the dark, Night. Now, let the water below and the water above be separated. I will call this space, Sky. Let the waters below the sky all beat in one place. And let dry land appear. I will call the dry land, Earth. Now, let the land produce all
kinds of plants and trees. God was very happy with the
work he had done so far. But He still had a
lot more work to do. I will make the sun
and moon, and stars in the sky. They will separate the
Day from the Night. To show the seasons and
also light the night sky. Now, let the waters be filled with living creatures. And, let the herds fly across the Earth. On the sixth day, God made all the animals. Let the land produce every
kind of living animal. There will be domestic and wild animals, both large and small. And each will be able to reproduce its kind. Let us make people. They will be in our image, just like us. Then, God made a
human being. A man who was like
himself. God put the man in charge of all the fish and birds
and animals he had made. Let people rule over
the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the animals on the land, and all creatures that move on the
ground. Finally, God finished his work. He was very happy. So, on the seventh day he had a rest. Adam. Uh? Do you know who I am? I think so. You are the maker of
everything. Come with me, Adam. There are things we
have to do. And things I want to
show you. You are in charge of all
the animals and plants. They are for you to
look after. You are free to eat from from any tree in the garden, but, you cannot
eat from the tree that gives knowledge
of what is good and what is evil. IF you eat this fruit you will die. Adam, what will you call this one? Lion, I will call him Lion. These animals are yours to look after, you must name them all. Adam, you have done well. But, now every male animal has a female mate except you It is not good for
you to live alone, so I will make a female
partner for you. Go to sleep. And when you wake up, you too will have a female partner. While Adam was asleep, God took a rib from
his side and made him a
female partner. My female partner have been taken from
my own flesh and bone. I will call her woman, because she was
taken out of man. You may eat the fruit of any tree except this one. God said that if we eat
its fruit, we will die. But when Adam
was away Satan decided to
approach Eve to tempt her What about that tree? The fruit over there looks very tasty. God said that we cannot eat
from that tree, or even touch it. He said that we can eat the fruit of any tree in the garden except that one. If we do eat from that tree, we will die , Did God say that? You will not die. God knows that when you eat from the
fruit of that tree, you will be just like Him. Your eyes will be opened, and you will know the difference between
good and evil. And Satan who appeared
in front Eve, started tempting her
slowly and slowly. He lured her to the tree and was about to
tempt her to eat it. God said, no. That is because God does not want you to be the same as Him. The fruit will do that. It will make you great and powerful, just like him. Woman, where are you? Eve gave the
fruit to Adam, and when Adam ate the fruit, he committed the sin too. Once they ate the fruit, they realized they
were naked, they covered their
body with leaves. Adam, where are you? I’m here, I’m here. I heard you in the garden, and I’m hiding because I’m naked. Who told you that
you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you
not to eat from? Well woman gave me some
of the fruit to eat, and I ate it. Woman, what have you done? The Serpent tricked me
into eating the fruit. You will be punished and cursed for tricking man and woman. You will crawl on your belly and eat dust forever. You will be the lowest
among the animals. You and people will
be enemies forever. Woman, giving birth to children will be more painful because of what
you have done. Your husband will
also rule over you. Adam, I am most disappointed with you. You listened to the
woman instead of me. I commanded that you do not eat fruit
from that tree, but you did. but you did. You will have to work
hard all your life to produce enough
food for your family. Thorns and weeds will
grow in the fields and only through sweat
and painful work, will you produce food
for your family. Finally, you die and return to the
ground you came from, you came from the dust and to the dust you will return. Woman, I will name you, Eve. Because you will be the
Mother of all people. The people have
become like us, with the knowledge of everything
that is good and evil. They cannot eat from
the tree of life and live forever. I will send them away from the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were
clothed by God and shut out of the bliss
and glory of Paradise, to live in the wilderness. God decided to guard both
the entrance to the garden and the way to the tree of life, so he commanded Cherebeum
to guard the entrance, and a flaming sword that
turns this way and that, to the way of the tree of life. Adam and Eve had to learn to
live without God’s close help. They planted seed and waited for
the grain and fruit to grow. They built a house to
protect them from the heat and the rain. Then, Eve had a baby boy. And they called him, Cain, Later, Eve had another son and she called him, Abel He also grew strong, but instead of working
in the fields, he became a shepherd. The looked after the animals That Adam and Eve had kept
for milk and wool. Finally, everything seemed
to be going well. Both sons washed and prepared their food. Hi Cain, what are you doing
with all that food? Some is for dinner and some is for God. now, that’s a very good idea. And, just what God
would like you to do. Hey, are you bringing in
another lamb, son? No, Father. I’m going to offer
this lamb to God. I know it will please him, it is the best lamb we have. You know, we have two good sons. They have both taken the best of
their efforts to give to God. It will surely make God happy. The boys are at home now, preparing the food. All will be well. Why should God get
all the best fruit and vegetables? Surely He would not
resent us having some. This fruit took me months to grow. Are we having lamb for
dinner, little brother? No, Cain. I’m preparing it for God. It is my best young lamb Why do you copy me, I’ve collected the best of
my harvest to give to God. You give him your
offering another time. Let me have the honor this time. I can’t do that, Cain. The meat must be
prepared straight away, otherwise it will go bad. I think God will be happy
to get both offerings. That way God can
have it all. All right then. But I think God would
prefer my offering. Abel wanted to give his
best young lamb to God, but Cain did not want God
to have all the best crops. and god accepted Abel ‘S offering Cain, why are you angry? Why do you only stare
at the ground? You will be accepted by me if you do what is right. But, if you do wrong, sin is waiting to
destroy you. You must learn to
overcome the sin in your life. But Abel could not
control his anger, and was about to commit a sin. Abel, Abel. Come on, I have something to
show you in the fields. What is it, what’s wrong? Come quietly, don’t wake Mother
and Father. Come and I will show you. Cain? Cain? Cain? Cain? Where are you? Cain? Cain? Not so easy, is it? Growing all this
food for the family. Not like just sitting on a hillside
watching some sheep and goats. This takes hard work; it’s worth much more
than your lambs Cain, where are you? Oh no, what have I done. Cain, where is your brother,
Abel? I don’t know, do I have to take care of
my brother all the time? Cain. What have you done? Listen, your brother’s blood cries
out to me from the ground. Now you are under
a curse God, This ground is soaked with
your brother’s blood. You’ll no longer be
able to grow plentiful crops in the
ground. You will be a homeless
wanderer for the rest of your life. God, your punishment is
more than I can accept. You’re driving me from
my land and family. I’ll be hated from
your presence, I will wander for the
rest of my life, never finding rest, and anyone who finds
me will kill me. Cain. No one will harm, I will put a mark on you. Anyone who kills you will suffer your
punishment seven times over. Cain left Adam and Eve and the presence of God. He wandered to the
land of He took a wife and she gave birth to a son, and they named him Enoch, and he built a city and called it after his son. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve had another son, they named, Seth. They said God has given us this
child in place of Abel, who was killed by Cain. Some of the people
in this time began to worship God. Adam and Eve lived to a very great age, and they had many more children, who also had their
own families. So, the population of the Earth increased quickly. So children, did you all enjoy the story? Yes father! That’s great! So tomorrow I’ll tell you another
story from the Bible. In our next story
from the Bible, we will see and hear how the world became a
bad place to live in. Finally, God could only trust
one man and his family to help start the
world again. This is the story of
NOAH and the ARK I’ll meet you again tomorrow! Bye Father! Good bye dears!

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