Betonlampe * DIY * Concrete Lamp [eng sub]

Betonlampe * DIY * Concrete Lamp [eng sub]

We are going to need concrete with a mixture of one part cement and 3 parts sand. Then we are going to add water until we receive a consistancy, which is good to work with. We are going to need oil, a chain of lights, a little jar – this one is 11cm high. A plastic sphere with a diameter of 13cm, a bowl, where our sphere can sit and a glue gun. First we glue our jar with the opening to the sphere. We do this with hot glue. Before we fill the concrete into it, we are going to brush the sphere with oil, but do not brush the jar. Now, we are going to fill the concrete into it. Then we are going to tap the air bubbles out. We are going to let it dry for a couple of days. I let the concrete dry for a couple of days and now I´m going to take it out of the mold. Next, we take the other half of the sphere – or you can also use the same mold again – and brush it with oil. Then we are going to fill the concrete into it. Before we proceed, make sure the jar is cleaned. Now, we are going to stick this half into the other. We are going to need spacers. I´m using wooden sticks. So now we can place the half with the jar into the other half. Make sure it is centered. Then we are going to let it dry for a couple of days again. After a couple of days the concrete is dry and we can remove the wooden sticks. We can take it out of the mold. Then we are going to sand the edges with sandpaper. If you like, you can paint on the concrete. I´m going to use a Maya paint. At the end, we are either going to put a LED tea light into it or you can use the chain of lights. And then we are finished.

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  1. Amazing…definitely going to try this

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  3. Amei ja fiz o meu ,obrigada, por nos ensinar.,abraços .

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  5. Saubere Arbeit 🙂

  6. Thanks for the idea, I used this very well to create my own.

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  11. Mi sono iscritta bellissimo video complimenti…

  12. Excelente video buen trabajo

  13. Ich mag german. I am a beginner so i understanded a little bit of it. When i became a master i will watch it again and understand the video by the language not by the video

  14. Beautifully made,very interesting.

  15. Wo hast du die Plastik Kugel her bekommen?

  16. збс! сделаю себе такую же!

  17. I love it !!!! Thanks for sharing… 😙

  18. beautiful hands, marry me ….

  19. Gefällt mir sehr! Möchte ich auch mal ausprobieren

  20. Could you place the cemented side with the glass on an angel in the second concrete side to expose more of the glass? I think I'm going to try that unless you think it's a bad idea for some reason.🙋🌴

  21. Richtig liabe Stimm

  22. Traducir en español

  23. Good, greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷👍👏👏👏👏

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  25. I don't know why but I really love German language
    good work by the way

  26. Wonderful thanks for sharing

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  28. Sehr schön. Aber gut wäre eine konkrete mengenangabe von Zement und Beton. Also nicht nur das mischverhältnis…

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  30. neat like a big doughnut ring under the bottom and make it a floor model like a torch lamp – dunka

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  32. Schöne Idee und super erklärt . Zu deinen Rundhölzer,als Abstandshalter würde ich dir Vierkant-Holzleisten empfehlen die gibt es in verschieden Größen ..die eignen sich echt besser dafür. Diese rollen dir nicht weg und du kannst alles besser mittig ausrichten . Mfg Sven

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  35. شكرا جزيلا فكرة رائعة

  36. I don't speak your language but I understood every bit of it…thx…😊

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    Abrazo grande desde Uruguay !

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    Great job. I liked

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    Danke für das Teilen.

    BTW. Du hast sehr schöne Hände 🙂

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