Best Way to See the Great Wall!

Best Way to See the Great Wall!

Good morning, guys! Today we are off on our Great Wall adventure. Super excited about this, because it’s a part of the Great Wall that tourists don’t really go to and we will be staying there overnight
with just a local family in their home. Some confusion as to how to get to this place,
because it’s really far outside of the city, and we’re taking… I don’t know, buses, metros, trains. So, we’re trying to figure out the last details
here. The problem is, it’s not on the map. Like, it’s not a really well known thing that
people do this, sleeping over at the Great Wall. It’s just like their house, so… Step one! Took the metro, and now we are going to get
a train. From there, we’re going to do… something
else, and then we’ll get there. We could have had them pick us up in the city,
but we just like to do things the hard way. So, we got to the train station, and it’s CRAZY they want to charge us 1800 for a train ticket that we already know costs 6 kuai. They’re just outright telling us 1800, and
then they went down to 600. It costs 6 kuai! Six. We KNOW how much it is. We know! Funny. No! How much is he saying? 600. NO, NO, NO!! So, we just went like a few feet away from
where they were telling us this, and we got the ticket, and it literally says on the sign:
6 kuai. And… they also tell us the train’s not running
today. And if it is running, it’s not running until
9 p.m. – 9 p.m.? Yeah… Guys, it’s running in an hour. But then, it’s so hilarious, because it sounds awful, but these guys are actually, like so funny. Here’s one here – they’re actually so friendly. We say “what?? no!” and they’re, like laughing too, and, it’s just honestly like a big party, so. He wants to sell us tickets for 600 kuai! – Okay! – 1800… (laughing) – You’re so…! (laughing) And he wants to sell it for 600 kuai. And he’s laughing too! So… Now they – they all want to be – And now,
now we’re all taking pictures. Okay. Family photo. Okay? – Okay, okay? – Okay. Bye! Poppy! We just ran to get to the first class seats! Because apparently that’s how things are done. – That was awesome. I loved that! This whole experience is just such an adventure,
like now people are running. In other places, you pay more to sit in first
class, right? But here, the fare is all the same, So whoever runs to the train and is like, most aggressive first, and runs here, gets all the first class seats. So Poppy and I just kind of… went with it
and ran! And we managed to get this awesome table. – It’s sweet. Jordan’s freaking out because we can see the
Great Wall. – I just saw it out the window, I didn’t know
it was coming! Look at it! We’re driving right by it! Oh my gosh! K, we have arrived in Yanqing, and this is
our stop. Reached our destination, this is where we
are staying. Pretty simple room. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, definitely
not a touristy area. We’re the only ones here. They don’t speak English, so we’re not really
sure what’s going on now. Hello! He’s seriously a lion! Started our trek to the Great Wall. The weather right now is absolutely beautiful! The skies are blue, mountains surrounding us. There is this old woman that is our guide. So excited to get up there! Can see it up ahead, all around us. As we’re going along, the woman that is leading us is just grabbing things off of bushes and trees, and just getting stuff to eat! Little snacks. She gave us this one – I don’t know what it
was, maybe a berry or a fruit? Tasted like a sour pear, maybe. I think we’re about halfway. These views! We have gotten up to the first part of the
wall that we’re going to be going on today. There’s nobody here, we saw nobody coming
up here. And the wall is a bit overgrown. The mountain views from here are just incredible. And I am actually standing ON the wall, right
now. Which is so crazy! Now in one of the towers on the wall, and
this is unbelievable. There’s Poppy! This is so amazing. We just get to go wherever we want. There’s no, really, signs or gates or anything. Because again, this isn’t a tourist part of
the wall, people don’t come here. So you can just go wherever. Oh my gosh! Whoa! – Look at this! Oh my gosh I cannot believe how stunning this is! These views are absolutely incredible. We’re literally hiking ON the wall, not just
TO the wall. Which is awesome, I mean – we’re hiking ON
the wall right now, that’s… That’s just insane. Loving it up here. As you guys can see now, the wall here in
this portion is completely overgrown. And it’s pretty cool, it just feels really
wild. Obviously I can already tell from other parts
of the wall that people don’t come here ever. This is like Indiana Jones in an ancient ruined city. Ancient ruined wall. Can’t get over these views. Just everywhere is absolutely spectacular. And now we’re about to do the hardest part
of the hike yet, we’re hiking all the way down there and then all the way up there. This is amazing! Just, you know, sitting here literally on
the Great Wall of China. NO railings, no guard rails anywhere here,
no safety signs. No people. Pretty sure that you would not be able to
do this in the touristy areas of the Great Wall. On some points of the wall, you really get
the scale of this structure. It’s just incredible. Everyone knows that the wall is extremely
long, but to see it for yourself stretching into the distance as far as you can see, disappearing into the horizon in these insane mountains, with this view is just… Definitely a bucketlist item that you guys
just HAVE to see for yourself. And this tour that Poppy and I did today was
not expensive at all. I’m going to put all the details farther on
in the video, because this is just the best. Everybody should do this. Now sitting down to have dinner that this
couple has prepared for us. Alright, we’ve actually moved inside because
it was too cold out. She keeps bringing more food! Xie xie. All of this food that she’s bringing us right
now is made fresh with ingredients from their property, their farm here. Which is pretty cool. Had our dinner. And it’s really cold here, so Poppy and I
are just bundled up in the blankets. Yeah, let’s do that. Who’s going to get up and have their cold
– the cold floor on their feet? *literally crickets chirping* What?! Does that mean I have to do it?! – Have you never heard of nose goes? – No! What is that?? – That absolutely 100% means you have to do it! – Is this a made up thing, Poppy…? – This is not a made up thing! I hope this goes on YouTube, because everyone’s
going to look at you like a fool! You have so much to learn. I grew up never seeing TV, never seeing movies…
never seeing a computer! So I don’t know some of these things! Ahh! Well, we have woken up here on the Great Wall. Our room faces the wall. It was a cold night, it is very cold here. Yeah. Really, really cold. So we were just all, in the blankets all night. I think we are going to have breakfast, hopefully
some coffee. How did you sleep, Poppy? Um… Cold-ly? These people have the cutest, most beautiful
dog – ever. He’s like a walking little lion. He’s asleep right now, but I really wanted
to show him to you. He’s actually snoring! He’s so cute! (snoring sounds) Finished our Great Wall adventure, and we’re heading back to Beijing now. An amazing experience! Everybody always says that when they go to the wall, there’s no pictures that they get without any people in them, it’s super crowded, all these tourists. When we were on the wall, how many people
did we see? – Nobody. – Zero. – Just the woman that was taking us up the
wall. We were hiking for I think 4 – 5 hours, and
just along the wall, just like, kept going to more cool buildings, and more cool… Oh my gosh. Every new place that we went, it’s like – every,
every time I looked at Poppy, she was looking… this epic location! – Yeah! – I was like, “Poppy, I have to take a picture
of you!” – It was just like a constant “oh my gosh!” – We just love it here, and we think that
anybody going to the Great Wall should do this, and not go to the touristy part. So, we’re not sponsored by the company at
all, they don’t even know we’re… – They don’t even speak English, so they have
no idea who we are… – Yeah. – Why we’ve been walking around with cameras
this whole time… – Yeah, they think we’re a little… We just honestly love it, so this place is
called Great Wall Fresh. And that name is because, again, everything
is fresh that they feed you, everything is just from their garden and their little farm here. And it’s surprisingly cheap. – Definitely very, very cool. And also here, you’re staying with a local
family, I know it’s a little difficult that they don’t speak English and you can’t really
communicate that well, but it’s all just part of the adventure. This is a genuine experience, these people
actually live here, wake up seeing the wall every morning, just like we did. Definitely highly, highly recommend this place
to you guys. And hopefully bring this couple some extra
business. Alright. We’re going to go back to Beijing. Hope that some of you guys can come here. Bye! – Bye!

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