Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

– Hi sisters. – James Charles here, welcome
back to our Youtube channel. Merry Christmas to you guys. Today I’ve joined with some
very very special guests, the sister squad. – That’s what we’re called. – Hey. – As you can tell we are not
in our normal filming location and that’s because we’re in my kitchen. So we are not doing makeup, thank god. – Thank Santa. – But what we are doing– – Thank Saint Nick. – I’m going to kill you. – Thank Kris Kringle. – Thanks Kris. – Thanks Jack Frost. – You’re getting coal in your
stocking if you don’t shut up. – Jack Frost is not Kris Kringle. – Since when am I the
only quiet one over here just being so ready for James? – Thank Ebenezer Scrooge. – Thank you, I appreciate that. – Pound it. (fists smashing together) Make a sound when we hit our fists. – Even though we are
not doing make up we are doing something art related
and I thought it would be really fun and fresh– – I actually thought it would be. – This is true, Grayson
did come up with this idea. – Here’s what happened, wait
wait wait wait wait wait wait. Grayson texted the idea
into the group chat after I said it with
my mouth in real life, texted it in virtual
life into our group chat. James was like, oh my
god that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard, and it’s
literally just building a gingerbread house. – That is reindeer dust
because I came up with it all on my own. – Oh. – He’s lying, it’s a fib, it’s
a big fib, and dude you’re– – Merry Christmas, everyone,
I’m not coming back in here. – I just can’t believe you said
reindeer dust that’s awful. – [Ethan] Santa doesn’t like liars. – Santa actually loves liars this year. Fun fact for you, we’ve actually
already filmed this video once last week and it was
probably the worst video we’ve ever filmed. – Ever. Even on my channel, worst
video I’ve ever been a part of. – Throw it back to 20– – Wow. – I don’t know what was
wrong with us, we had filmed three videos that day. – Every camera kept falling,
like turning off, falling over. – We were fighting. – We had no lights on. – I was on my period. – And so was James. – Oh my god. For that video we did a
gingerbread competition and that really led to some
tension here in the sisters santa house. – We’re competitive. (static) (crickets chirping) (static) – It just turned out really not good and these are some of my
personal favorite videos to film literally on my entire channel, and I know that all of you
guys feel, I mean hopefully, the same way. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah I feel– – Yeah for sure. – I feel the same way. – What are you doing? – Wait, what are you doing? Throw it back three seconds
you could ask yourself the same question. (music) – It was just really not a
great video for me personally. (speaking in slow motion) Sorry. – I knew it. I was in the poke zone,
I put myself there though so it’s okay. – The video just did not
turn out great for me and I know a lot of you
guys watching at home too. The sister squad videos are
by far some of my favorite on my entire channel and we
wanted to redo it to make sure– – They get a lot of
views so James like them. – Shut up. So today we wanted to get
back together while we were all in a good, happy holiday
mood and redo the video and instead of a competition
this time we thought– – Work together. – We should work together. – I think that I’m going
to be the architect, you know, the head contractor here. I’m going to be supervising
the whole project and make sure everything comes together the way it ought to, you know? – Right. – He can be pouring frosting. – Yeah but we all have to say our jobs. – I feel like I’ll be the landscaper. – No, no. I wanted to do that. – Well we can work together. This is teamwork. – You’re so right, we don’t
have to argue about this. I kinda wanted to start a fight but– – That’s the last thing
we need in this video. – I’m going to do the fine
details because I’m good at that stuff. – Wait but who’s actually
building the whole thing. – I’ll do the color scheme. – I’ll build it. – Oh you build it. – How about we all just work together. Guys we’re trying to
build a mansion out of six gingerbread houses. – I went to five grocery
stores to get six kits. Apparently one lady
went to every single one of these grocery stores
and bought all the kits. – How do you know that? – Swear to god, swear to god. – How do you know that? – Was it you? – Yes. (laughing) Finally collected six kits,
we’re going to put these all together. We have a bunch of other
candies, frosting, et cetera. – So for this video, we’re
going to be building our sister squad dream house. – One last thing before
we get started, you guys, first of all, today’s video is
being uploaded on Christmas. – Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas, guys. – From us to all of you we
are so grateful for you guys and for me this is the
second upload during the month of December. I am doing a full month
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well so please read those so I don’t get sister sued. (clapping) Stop. – I’m just trying to help. – Okay. (clapping) – Come on, that was a perfect one. – Come on let’s do it again, ready? (claps) – Let’s get started with the video. (calm music) – Pretty please, do not
break any of the crackers. Alright you guys, so we’re
going to do walls here, front and back here, and
windows and wall here. – I feel like whenever we
collab together with each other we act like four year olds,
for at least a little bit of the video. – Oh it kinda smells good. – It’s a cookie. – Let’s organize first. (jazz music) Let’s keep the candy there. – Do you want just a little
bit of this right here? I’m going to try it. Yep it’s bad. – We’re definitely going
to need to go at least two to three stories with this house. – Maybe like– – No, no, no I’m the contractor. – Let’s work together,
this is our dream house. – Are we going to have a bunch of– Can I just eat her? – Should we all take a bite of that? – Yeah let’s taste it. – At the same time. – Okay ready? – Squad powers. – I mean I’ve already tried it. – No, that’s going to look weird. – Oh wait, oh. (yelling) I’m not going into that. – I am. – Okay okay. (piano music) – Ow. – You should break it first. – I broke my tooth. – It’s pretty good. I like that. – Ow. – Emma, you’re the only one
who got crumbs everywhere. – Okay. – Guys this says not
for human consumption. – What? Shut up. – Kidding. – Oh my god. – If we all lived
together we would explode. – I don’t want to think about that. – All of us living together– – I don’t want to think about it. – Would be my personal hell. – So these are the walls. – Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas. – These are the walls
and that is the roof. So we need to make an opening
so there can be a door in the middle. – He’s putting way too
much though into this. This is supposed to be fun, not homework. This is as boring as standardized testing. – Okay we’ll reveal it
to you guys at the end. We’ll have little clips right there, but we’re going to reveal
the thing to you at the end cause it’s more exciting. – Is this dairy free? – Definitely not. Actually maybe. – No icing’s dairy free. Icing’s vegan actually. – This is the front of the
house, these are the sides. – Do you know what I think we should do? I think we should do– – This would be a really
good first date idea, as you can see. – Then put a wall up in
the middle of those two. Now imagine this here, this is the garage. – You guys you might want to hurry up. The icing’s disappearing. – Ethan if you eat it all
I’m going to kill you. A cute backyard with a nice pool. – I’m down for that. – Yeah right. – I’d move in. We have a fear that we’re
going to run out of icing due to Ethan’s mouth. We’re going to use hot
glue for the base layer. – Wow cheaters. – It’s only fair. – You guys are both eating it now. – Okay I just wanted to try
it, that was my first time. (jazz music) – Yo icing, icing, hey icing thief. – Oh. – Can you guys icing this crevice please. So what I’m going to do
is I’m going to separate them there. You’re going to put a nice
straight line of icing on that. – I was just about to do that. – Down there, yup. Just icing up the crevice, perfect. Nice and slow, there you go. – I was just literally about to do that. – It’s okay. – I did better. That was amazing. – You did do it pretty good. – I know. – You are so talented, Emma. It’s insane. – I know. – I’m so proud of you. – I love you, James. – Merry Christmas, Emma. – Merry Christmas, James. (tape rewinding) – You guys it’s getting intense. I need a little bit of quiet
time to focus, thank you. (jazz music) – We should go on the
Amazing Race together. – Hmm, I don’t know if that’s
something I could commit to. (jazz music) – He’s way too serious. – We want to make this
to be a beautiful house. – Santa doesn’t like serious boys. – Uh yeah he does. – Are you Santa? – Alright hold the tips
and push them together. Push the tips together. – Don’t say that. – I love pushing the tips together. – Stop. (jazz music) – You guys like dots? – No, disgusting. – So bad. – I like dots. – Flavorless. – That’s disgusting. – I like them a lot. – Sounds like a personal problem. – Yeah it really does. – It’s not a problem. – I don’t know. – I think it is, I beg to differ. (jazz music) – We’re going to have to
have back to hold this up back there. – It’s standing up. – Wow. (jazz music) – Someone give me a job. I’m feeling really sad and stuff. – Start landscaping over here. – Do you think I have an arm for that? Okay I’m going to make a pond
right here, is that okay? – Yeah I got Jolly Ranchers for that. – Can you just trust
my, no, I have a vision and you guys are going to freak out, but just let me do it. It’s a little bit gross, but just. – Emma. – Hey. – Great measurements. – How did we do that? – Great measurements guys. – Why is it my fault? – Cause you built that
entire half of the house. I was going inch by inch and
you put that one there first. Look how much over it is from this. – What is that, Emma? – I’m making a pond. – Oh let’s do it. – Ew. Oh you know what, that will
probably actually look good when it comes together. – I know. – Ew. – We take this off here, we put that there so it’s just the window,
then the roof on the window makes it two stories high, and then this perfectly goes there. I’m just going to do it. – Grayson, I thought we
dropped out of high school. – You should cut it nicely with a knife. It’s not going to break evenly. Grayson, cut it with a knife. Oh my god. – Oh my god that is perfect. – I am so glad that that just worked. (jazz music) – Oh my god, woo. (screams) – I want to die. – Let’s not use that. – What? – Yeah I know me neither, what the hell. – Why don’t I ever get a
screaming round of applause? – Yeah where’s our screaming
rounds of applause? – You go here and here, you
put up here and up here. – Okay I approve. – And then my stick can go into the box. – I love your stick in the box. – Oh no no no. – Jesus Christ, happy birthday. (jazz music) (Emma scraping gingerbread) – What are you doing? – That needs to stop immediately. – No no no I’m making something. – Powder? – Yes. – For what? – James hates noises. – Dirt? – That’s kind of good. – Yeah why is it– I am bullied. – Leave it to Emma to
make dirt when your making a gingerbread house. – Yeah but that’s what we need. (jazz music) – James, pinch those two together. – James, if you just hold
it exactly how I have it. – James, pinch these together. – Oh my god. – Emma, pinch these together. – This is getting intense. – Wait wait wait, Emma. – Is that good? – Yeah it’s in place. Grayson, we’re such good architects. – I just would like to
update that my dirt over here is doing awesome. – I’m just holding this until it dries. (jazz music) – Carpenter is someone
who works with wood right? Do I qualify. – As a carpenter? – For what? – Working with wood. – I do. – Ugh, that’s actually the
grossest thing I’ve ever heard. (jazz music) – Is my beautiful house
being ruined right now by you guys? – No, I’m making a driveway. – Yeah but the driveway’s
supposed to be up here. – That’s the front of the house? – Yeah this is the garage. – Back driveway. – With a rainbow gravel. – Yup. – A rainbow road. – Yup. – In Mario Kart. – That was so hard that level. – That’s the best one. – Thumbs up for hard. Sorry. (laughing) – This video’s gone sexual. (jazz music) – So how do you want
to go about the trees? – Um, green, make them green. – Okay but you have to
be thoughtful about this. – Grayson, oh my god. You are kidding. – Yeah baby. Compliment this. – I think this will be just fine honestly. – Yeah. – Look, everyone pause for
a minute and look at this. – [James] Shove it in there,
make sure it’s glued in there. – How does one do it? I don’t know. – [Ethan] Way too try hard. – [Emma] Yeah that’s pretty dumb. – [James] You’re just mad that
our house looks really good. – [Emma] It’s all of our house. – [James] This is true. (jazz music) – This is actually starting
to look really nice. Guys, we’re a great team,
whether we like it or not. Whether the viewers like it or not. (jazz music) – Kinda look at it
though, we kinda snapped. – We kind of did a little bit. – We ginger snapped. (James laughs) (jazz music) – Look at my magic
creation, guys, come here. – My magic creation. – This camera says it all, I
was doing the entire thing. Look at this, look at this. Come here, come here, come here. – [Man] Wow that’s actually pretty crazy. – So good. – [Grayson] Thank you guys. – [Emma] I honestly only
care about the ball pit. – [Grayson] Alright, James
made this, with the help of Ethan and Emma, I did this. – [James] Oh I designed it so. – [Grayson] You didn’t design
it, you said something. – I think it’s pretty good. – It’s really good,
Grayson, you’re so talented. – So now we need to decorate
the front right now. – Yeah okay, full squad in. Oh I hate that I just said that. – No I love it. (jazz music) – Ethan broke the garage. – Oops. – Ethan ran his car into
the garage and it fell over. – Oh no. Guys I don’t know what to do. Maybe we just don’t have a garage anymore. – Bro no. – Dude, it just happened. – Ethan it’s cause you made it too heavy. You need to fix this, I’m not kidding. – Well I can’t. – Oh my god. – Dude, I didn’t do that. We’ve been having problems
with it the whole time. – [Emma] It’s true. – Maybe it just needs a flat roof. (sad music) – This is what happens
when you let Ethan be in charge of something. – What are you decorating? – None of your business. The garage. I’m making it look good because
nobody cares about the back. – Okay, even though
this video isn’t make up it still somehow managed
to be eight hours long. – Fixed. I needed to line it. Done, awesome. Epic, that’s epic. – [James] Emma, you are epic. – [Emma] Aw James, who told
you to be nice to me today? – That’d be the worst. That roof just took way too
long for literally no reason. I’m scared. – Are we going to have to
clean this up after this? – [James] Yes we are, I’ll
kill you if you leave. – Look at this– – You’re going to ruin it. – Don’t ever raise your
voice to me like that again. – How do you feel about that? – It’s pretty good but it’s not a garage. – It’s a ball pit and
you have to walk through the ball pit to get in the garage. – It looks good. I’m not gonna lie, it looks really good. Listen, if we all say this is my section, this is my section, this is
my section and we go at it we’ll be done in literally five minutes. (jazz music) – Guys, it’s gonna be a white Christmas. I got the snow. – Oh, if you actually spread
it out that will look– oh my god I’m a genius. – [Ethan] I just did this. – I purchased it for this exact reason. – He’s taking credit for everything I do. – Who went to the grocery
store and bought everything? – For four minutes straight. – Who went to the grocery store? Oh. – [Ethan] Grayson that looks
awful, that’s not snow. – Ah, why’d you catch it? Why did you catch it? – Should I eat it? (jazz music) – This is why you pay
someone to do this for you. – Oh my gosh. No no no. – No it’s good. Trust me. Everybody spread it out now. – It’s wet. – Oh. – I’ll fix it. – Oh, Grayson. – Everything’s snowed on. – Oh my god, my house. (jazz music) – I was thinking we should
make the trees all green and then put little
M&Ms on them for lights. – True. – Yellow M&Ms. – Wait, nobody puts
lights on trees outside. – Yes they do. – Okay I don’t know how,
like where you want them. – Maybe if they were all
green just stick the lights on the trees. – You can’t just stick it on the dry tree. What? – This is why I’m uncomfortable. – Well put more frosting on it. – I’m using hot glue so whatever. – I never want to make another
video like this ever again. – Why? – [Ethan] I’m so glad
it’s not at my house. – You guys are helping me clean this up. – James, c’mon you’re making
the adsense from this. – What we’re going to do
is, why did I just eat them? What are you going to use? (jazz music) – Guys this is so good. – I know, we just have
like four more hours on it. (jazz music) – [Ethan] My shirt’s such
a mess at this point. – Same, that’s why I didn’t
wear something I cared about. – [Ethan] Oh the camera wasn’t recording. – Shut up. – It just stopped? – [Ethan] No it says– – [Man] No it’s been recording the whole– [Ethan] No it says SD card corrupted. – Shut up. – [Ethan] Hah got em. (jazz music) – Oh my god. Why is that low key kinda good. – Because I’m perfect. Have you seen me do one bad thing today? No, you haven’t, that’s the thing. – Kinda true to be honest, Emma. – I know. – You’re sleeping on me,
James, I swear to god. – Wait, grab more. Where are the Cheezits? Let’s make a driveway with them. Hello, I can’t talk anymore. Cheezits. – Are we almost done? – Yeah. – Guys should we set a timer? At 11:20 we’re tapping out. It will be good by then,
also it will be 5 hours. – It’s also speed round. (jazz music) – We should put a nice tree
right in the front yard, a really beautifully decorated tree. Do we have anymore cones left? – Oh I ate the rest. – Are you kidding me? – No. – There’s enough trees,
there’s enough trees. – But imagine a cute one
right in the front yard. Oh there are more. – Oh I thought I ate them all. – Liar. – [Emma] Oh my god, thank god you didn’t. – Let’s decorate this one together. – Okay. – For the Christmas spirit. – Yes. – Do you want to put your finger on it. – Yeah. – How do you think we should do this? – I’ll spin it. – Oh my god, this is awesome. – Why don’t we just double
stack that like that. – Okay. – Keep turning it. Put some on the top too,
that’s really important. – I’m gonna spread it out. Here, ready? – [Emma] Oh okay, I see your vision here. – Oh my god, I am so smart. Imagine. – He’s such a business man. He’s so business oriented. – He goes to so many meetings. – Guys he learned how to
do this from all of his business orientations. – Yeah he learned how to cover everything but the tip of it. Good job. – Oh my god, I’m going to put
a yellow on sop, a yellow– – Yellow on the sop,
yep, put it on the sop. – I have an idea. – Ethan just chewed a piece
of gum and rolled it up. – Yes I did, it’s genius. – Ethan what is that? – [Emma] Aw it’s a gummy worm. – [Ethan] Everybody gets a
guess what they think it is. – [Grayson] It’s a gummy gutter. – [Ethan] It’s a gummy gutter! – [Grayson] Is it really? – Yeah we need a gutter
with all this snowfall. – You chewed up a piece of thing. – Is that even a real thing? I thought it was just a joke, they’re like in movies or something. – Gutters? – I’ve never seen one in real life. – I have a gutter. – There’s no gutters on the houses here? – I don’t think so. – There’s gutters at my house, Emma. – I have a gutter. – I had a gutter. – I don’t. – Oh hey, look at this
beautiful Christmas tree. – Wait, James that’s so perfect. You’re literally a genius. Thank you so much, Emma. Look at that, oh my god. – [Ethan] I have the final touch. – Alright we need one final touch. – [Ethan] I have it. – What is it? – Everybody gather round. – Hold on wait, where’s
the powdered sugar? – [Emma] Oh my god, he’s literally god, sprinkling snow onto the Christmas house. – Hello everybody, it’s Mother Nature, welcome back to my nature channel. Guys, are you kidding me? This is the cutest house ever. We’re so talented. – You actually think that? – Look how good it is, are you kidding? – [Emma] Yeah, it’s great. – Look at this, I’m making a pile of logs. – [Emma] Oh yeah that’s smart,
when you said that earlier I really got excited. – [James] Look at that. Do you like my pile of logs? – [Emma] Oh my god, are you kidding? I literally thought about making that. – Grayson, that was good. Oh, oh god. – Guys this is very important. Ow. – Ethan. – I’m getting up on the counter. (Emma laughs) – Wow. (jazz music) – It’s an S, for sister squad. Look at that, look at it. Is it backwards? – [Grayson] Yeah. – [Ethan] Oh shit. – Ethan, you’re so stupid. – I think the house is about to fall down in 30 seconds if we don’t finish it now. – We are done. (cheering) – Christmas done. – I want a nap. – Looking at the front of
this house, this is so good. – I don’t know why James thinks its good. – It’s awful. – Oh my god are you kidding? – This is good, this is going somewhere. – Its not that good. The outside, okay the
decorations we got lazy, but the architecture itself, pretty good. – Here’s the thing, it’s pretty good but it’s not that good. – Don’t get too excited
is all we’re saying. – Well they’re seeing
the back, they haven’t even seen the front yet. – Are you ready for
the grand reveal of the sister squad dream house? – Well hold on, before
we say this I want to say thank you guys for doing this. This was so fun and fresh. We all have our very
separate personalities and opinions and I’m really proud of us for being able to work together
for a pretty long time. – We’re all creative in our own ways. – We really did, it’s kind
of a good dream house. – It is. It’s good because we all put
our hearts and souls into it, especially my heart and soul into my pond. – Should we show them it? – Merry. – Yay. – Merry Christmas. – This is anticlimactic. (cheering) – Welcome to the sister squad dream house. (cheering). – We really wanted to
go for a nice farmhouse, modern, contemporary vibe, I feel like, but also in the cabin. – It’s a little bit of fun when
you get to swim in the pond, go in the foam pit– – Guys basically what we
wanted to do was build the ginger bread house. – Yeah. – That wasn’t funny. – A modern, contemporary,
farmhouse, dream house gingerbread. – That’s funny. – Basically we made a house. It’s two floors over here,
it’s got this and its flat. – It has a super swag M&M x on it. – Let’s give a nice house tour. Check out my S. Now you know who’s house it is. – [Emma] Sister squad. – [Ethan] It’s backwards. – It’s also an 8th grader’s house. – It’s backwards. – It could be our logo. – I don’t think so. – I’m going to start with
my section of the house. Here’s my two floor,
this is the front door of the house right here. This is the entry to the home. Once you walk in you’ll
see you go upstairs too. That’s it. – I made all of the trees. I started them and had the
idea to do all of them. My minions took over for me
and put some lights on them. Very very very special thank you for that. Come check out my ball pit guys. Check out our pond. – [Emma] Our pond? – [Ethan] It was Emma’s idea. – [James] There’s lots
of koi fish in there, that are probably now frozen. – Yes we’re going to ice skate on it, and then we’re going to
go inside into the garage, and take our ice skates off. – And then we’re going
to whip it in our Tesla in our two car garage off of the driveway that we nicely constructed. – James, I don’t have a Tesla. – Then we’re going to go to a local cafe and we’re going to pick up some hot cocoa. Then we’re going to come
back into our foyer. – [James] Foyer. – Foyer. And enjoy the sips. – Wait, by the fire, with the nice, that we got the fuel for,
with the nice Christmas stack of wood. – With the pile of wood. – And there is the completion
of our sister squad dream house ginger bread tour. – I hope you guys like it
because we kind of did. – I enjoyed it, I had
so much doing this all. – No I had a lot of fun. – It was fun. – Good Christmas fun. It got my right in the Christmas spirit. – If you guys enjoyed this video today please don’t forget to
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with lots of toys ♪ ♪ all for the little
one’s Christmas joy. ♪ ♪ Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go? ♪ ♪ Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t go? ♪

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