Beginning of The Great Revival (2011) a.k.a. The Founding of a Party with Subtitles

Beginning of The Great Revival (2011) a.k.a. The Founding of a Party with Subtitles

Gentlemen… On behalf of the business community
in Kiangsu and Anhui and the 9th Nanyang Revolutionary Army, I nominate Ch’en Ch’i-mei as Military Governor in charge of the Shanghai garrison. I’m honoured by my comrades’ nomination… Objection! I object! From Hsu Hsi-lin to Ch’iu Chin, members of the Restoration Society have sacrificed for the cause. You’re not qualified for the position! Mr. T’ao, to draw a line with Chinese United League is inappropriate. This is segregation! You’re not up for the task! T’ao Ch’eng-Chang, this is counter-revolutionary! You have no right to label me! I’m telling you, even if Sun Yet-sen were here today it’s still unacceptable. Under Emperor Shun-chih, you needed a pigtail to keep your head. Business was great back then. Now, it’s the exact opposite, you’ll lose your head if you wear a pigtail. Recruiting for the New Army! Join the New Revolutionary Army! Hurry up and enrol! Hurry up and enrol! I repeat, Join the New Army! Join the revolution! I’ll sign up! Dr. Sun’s position is clear. The Emperor’s abdication is a prerequisite. Beiyang Clique’s bottom line is equally simple. Yuan Shih-k’ai must become President to counter the Ch’ing court
and force the Emperor to abdicate. Dr. Sun made it clear, end monarchy, stop the war set up a republic, anything else is negotiable. I ascended the throne at a young age, during a time of great upheavals, I understand the will of the people, that honour and glory of one family should not come before it. I wish that people can live on in peace – among all ethnic groups. – Your Majesty, – Bringing everyone under one roof
– don’t play with that in court. – To form the Republic of China. – Why not? The Emperor will step down and continue to enjoy a monarch’s privileges Don’t cry, and personally experience this new era because you’re the Emperor. Which can only be great. So decreed. Thank you, Your Majesty. Though I’m unfit to become President, upon President Sun’s recommendation, and the support of all ethnic groups, I shall do my best to make the Republic of China strong. We now live in a republic, no more “long live”… “Joint Harmony” dates back to Chou Dynasty. According to “Records of the Grand Historian” during the regency under Dukes Shao and Chou state affairs were discussed
until consensus was reached. I see. The Emperor is gone, now we can all have a say. Forget it! Tse-tung, who do you think should be President? Dr. Sun. Then why did Yuan get the job? Because he has guns. Before Dr. Sun stepped down, he pushed through the Provisional Constitution which will become the foundation. A new President won’t change the Republic’s fate. Party politics is our platform. We may have conceded a title, but as long as we win the election, we can appoint our own cabinet members. I’m afraid he is too aggressive. Gentlemen, the Presidency is symbolic, he can be anybody, or nobody. We must dismantle one party to build another. Let’s turn the faltering Chinese United League, whose aim was to overthrow Ch’ing Dynasty, into Kuomintang, a true nationalist party, the foremost political party for the Republic. Sir! Party politics determines
the polity of the Republic, you must take it seriously. Here we are! Conduct a democratic, non-violent election, insist on fair competition, unite the Party! This is important, remember it well. I Will. Thank you. I won’t forget! – Take care! – Take care! – Take care! – Goodbye! Chiao-jen! I fear his thinking is too aggressive… Chiao-jen! Chiao-jen! My mother… lives on humble means. – Chiao-jen! – When I die… I count on you… to look after her. Chiao-jen! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Hang in there! Hang in there, Chiao-jen! – Hang in there. – Chiao-jen! Chiao-jen! Chiao-jen! At dawn on the day of the Sacrificial Rites, the President changes with officials in attendance then lights the ceremonial pyre,
offers jade and satin, offers roast meat, reads first prayer… Shih-ch’ang, the entire country seems to have different opinions on the polity. It’s either the Japanese absolute monarchy, the French parliamentary system, or the American presidential system. Which is more suitable for us? Japanese monarchy is outdated for a republic like ours. That’s the crux of the problem, if we keep changing our minds, we’ll be neither here nor there. What are you suggesting? Follow Japan, adopt constitutional monarchy. Had we persisted initially with that, China would have been one of the Powers and won’t have to be bullied by foreign aggressors. What about you, Yuan-hung? Your wish is my command, Your Excellency. Enough of rhetoric, this is now a Republic. General Ts’ai! Ts’ai O! What are you doing? Sir, I… You like that? I’ll send you some later. Thank you. What comes after the first prayer? Second and third prayer, then the burning of the sacrificial offerings, and everybody will bow in four directions. Firstly, allow Japan to inherit all German interests in Shantung and agree not to cede or lease Shantung to others. Secondly, Japanese subjects are permitted into Southern Manchuria and Eastern Inner Mongolia to engage in commercial,
industrial and mining activities. The leases on Port Arthur and Dalny, and management of the Antung-Mukden Railway shall be extended by 99 years. That’s daylight robbery! Prime Minister Okuma must be out of his mind! Is your Prime Minister out of his mind? This document… how can you explain to the Western Powers? This is confidential. Both parties have a duty to keep it as such. Sir, whoever leaks the contents, regardless of his esteemed position, will be sanctioned by Japan. Spare me this bullshit! Even Ito Hirobumi dared not threaten me
when he was alive. Who do you think you are? Your Excellency, neither the late Ito-san nor the Western Powers can save your skin. Only we can do that. Don’t you want to be Emperor of China? Have you heard? Yuan Shih-k’ai accepted Japan’s 21 Articles. He’s a traitor! We’re organising a protest, hurry… Let’s go, Tse-tung! The strength of the Western Powers lies in their ability to tolerate opposition. In Chu Chih-hsin’s “An Introduction of German Social Revolutionaries” he mentioned two western philosophers, by the name of Marx and Engels. Tu-hsiu! Excuse me! What is it? Look! What Yuan did was treacherous! It’s time we go home. I heard you wish to restore monarchy. Is that true? Kuo-Chang, you’re one of us, I’ll level with you. All founding emperors in history were under 50, I’m almost 60, too old to have this ambition. That’s good! Whoever wants to be Emperor, will suffer the wrath of the nation. Sir, I must hurry back to Nanking, goodbye! Having set the polity, with Heaven’s mandate and the will of the people ascends to the throne and rules. By virtue of an unanimous vote,
the Representative Assembly of the Republic is in favour of the President in becoming the Emperor of China. Long live the Emperor! Long live His Majesty! I’m overwhelmed by your support. I hear you insist on taking cold baths, and advocate saving the country with able bodies. I used to. Not now? I’m a bit lost. With a weak country and inept Beiyang government, able bodies are useless. Guns and cannons against bows and arrows, the outcome is obvious. Look what happened in Shantung. You have the answer? Not yet, sir. Talk is cheap, finding the way out may take a lifetime, even generations. Dad! This is my daughter K’ai-hui, this is Mao Tse-tung. You’re so tall. I’ll go out and play. The question I ask of you is what do you really want? Say goodbye to Feng-hsien! I wish I could bring you along. Why don’t you? You pretended to support Yuan Shih-k’ai so he’ll let you go to Japan for treatment. You don’t want to arouse suspicion by taking me. I only want to know, is a Courtesan really that important? Everyone knows I’ll forsake my country for my beloved. Without me, who’ll take care of you? Promise me you’ll come back alive. Unfortunately, I’ve pledged this body and soul to my country, not you. Listen, you belong to 400 million Chinese as well as to me, Hsiao Feng-hsien. I know. I appeal to all of you to answer to a call of duty. Should Yuan refuse to come to his senses, he will be punished by an army of justice. An army of justice? Well said! But where’s your army? General Ts’ai is here, sir! Here comes my army! You look so frail! – Dr. Sun, I… – Take your time… Have a seat! Reviving the monarchy is a regression. It’s fatal to China. We must launch an expedition. Commander-in-chief, Captain Chu Te of the 6th detachment is here. Go ahead. Enemy troops defending Mienhuapo are led by Wu of Beiyang’s 6th Brigade. Take the advance guard off duty, let them rest. We’ll attack tomorrow at dawn. We must capture Mienhuapo within a day. Yes, sir! Bring up all our heavy artillery. Who the hell is their commander? Wu P’ei-fu! Son of a bitch! What’s going on here? Feng Kuo-Chang and the generals just declared their opposition to the new polity. And the Military Governor Lu Jung-t’ing has declared Kuanghsi independent. The country is in uproar! Perhaps we should postpone the accession rites. It’s mere formality. It now depends on Chen Huan and Ts’ao K’un, if they can defeat Ts’ai O in Szechuan, we might still have a chance. Ts’ai is hounding me to my grave… I’d high hopes for you, but you let me down. Mr. Fan Ching-Sheng, the Minister of Education will now confer the letters of appointment. On behalf of the Ministry of Education and the National Peking University Council, I appoint Ch’en Tu-hsiu
as Dean of the School of Letters, Chu Hsi-chu as lecturer in Literature, Li Ta-Chao as Head Librarian, and Ku Hung-ming as English Professor. Isn’t he the renowned academic? Why does he dress like that? What’s so funny? I wear my pigtail at the back of my head, those who laugh at me wear it in their hearts. Mine is visible, yours is not. Feel free to enjoy it. How dare you! This is the Senate, the sacred ground of the Republic. What sacred ground? Just a bunch of pathetic scholars who are doomed to fail. What do you mean, General? I’m Beiyang’s Joint Chief Military Governor, Chang Hsum is my name. I’m here to settle the dispute with the Senate, Understand? I hereby proclaim effective immediately this dump is closed, the party is over. Understand? The Senate is the Republic’s legislative body, you have no right to close it down. Listen… I’m not only shutting down this cackling dump of a Senate, I’m also closing down your bloody Republic. Long live Your Majesty! You may rise. Thank you, Your Majesty. Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I’m late, Your Majesty! You may look up when you speak. Without Your Majesty, the country is at a loss. 268 years of the glorious Ch’ing Dynasty must not be ended by that Sun Yat-sen. They bullied you because you’re a child. They took advantage of your age. Alright… I appoint you as my Cabinet Minister Viceroy of Zhili, Minister of Beiyang, with the title of First Lord. Thank you, Your Majesty. You may run three laps around the Palace. His Majesty allows you to also fly a kite. It’s flying! Flying… Your Majesty, Look! It’s airborne! Don’t be scared. This is outrageous! We still have a proclamation to make… Don’t force him to be Emperor, we only want to be safe. Traitor! I, Tuan Ch’i-jui, Premier of the Republic of China and Commander-in-Chief of the expedition force, hereby condemn Chang Hsun and his clique for forcibly dissolving the Senate,
holding the President hostage and restoring monarchy.
Such action is contemptible and against the will of the people and Heaven. I, Tuan Ch’i-jui, resuming as Premier on President Li’s instruction will lead a punitive expedition
to crush the traitors. July 2, this 6th year of the Republic. It’s time for us students to take action. Go to Peking and rally against the restoration. I don’t understand. About what? By conceding the presidency to Yuan the Senate has made a fatal error. The problem with China is not just about choosing the wrong President! Isn’t that a reason? If all fault lies with the head of state, then the problems we had before were Yuan Shih-k’ai’s fault. But what about the restoration fiasco? Who should we blame? What are you getting at? Today’s China cannot be changed by having a
different Emperor or President. An utmost humiliation! The Chinese race has been shamed! Republic is a must and demanded by the people. Yet in a mere six years, we already have two emperors. Remember, China is a republic, to have an emperor in a republic is so utterly ironic. Bravo! The Republic champions freedom,
equality and philanthropy. Yet, since the founding of the Republic, equality has been ignored, freedom trampled on, philanthropy does not exist. Lives were lost and blood was shed in exchange for a republic in name only. That is intolerable! Is this the Republic people have sacrificed for? It is unacceptable legally and to the Assembly, and to the 400 million Chinese subjects. Down with Chang Hsun! Down with P’u-yi! Down with Chang Hsun! Down with P’u-yi! Down with Chang Hsun! Down with P’u-yi! Despite the 1911 Revolution
and the rallying cry for the Republic, people still worship Confucius without learning the essence of democratic freedom. Looking back over history for the past decades, each time there’s a failed republican movement, monarchism will make another comeback. Just like Yuan and Chang’s attempts to restore. Fellow students! Feudalism and the republic are incompatible. To keep one, the other must be destroyed. In order for this country to be strong, we must first remove this ancient burden from the hearts of the people. You’re shamelessly boastful, Mr. Ch’en. You praise New Culture and bury the old and blame all our troubles on Confucianism. What did Confucius do 2,000 years ago that is damaging today? Mr. Ku, as an erudite scholar, can’t you see what Confucius advocated then is not applicable to us today? What Confucius taught us is like arithmetics. 2,000 years ago, 3 x 3=9. It still is today. It will never be 8. Blaming your miscalculations on the person who invented arithmetics is absurd. If you call that New Culture, it’s bullshit. Clearly a talent despite his quibbling! Culture needs reforms to keep up with time. Some say classical Chinese is refined while vernacular Chinese is vulgar. But imperial examination system was harmful. Even the best written eight-legged essays were detached from society and impractical. They’re useless except in examinations. Our country needs talents, pragmatism will make us strong. I represent the Women’s College of Education, I think classical Chinese is more concise. That’s a fact! Please cite an example. Take the phrase “unable to do it” Isn’t it more concise in classical Chinese? That’s four words. You use only three in vernacular Chinese. Such as? “Can’t be done!” Bravo! Before the 1911 Revolution,
we modelled after Japan. But it doesn’t appear to be working. Japan’s Meiji Restoration was inspired by the West. Why don’t we learn from the teacher
but choose to follow the student? It’s not about Japanese or Americans. It’s a matter of new versus old culture. To strengthen the country and enlighten its people, we must abolish the old and popularize the new. That’s how our nation can be re-born. Who should we learn from? Whether it’s the U.S., France Japan, or even Russia. – Learn from whoever can help China.
– Russia? That’s absurd! The governance of any country in the world is a way of thinking that stems
from its own culture. Look at the world, taking a macro view of the future of humanity, is not absurd at all. There’s a man in Russia called Lenin, who succeeded with the Bolshevik revolution. The ideology he introduced is Marxism from Germany. What is Bolshevik? Bolshevik means majority. What is majority? Peasants and workers. The many millions of oppressed labourers. The success of Russia is a victory for Bolshevism, common people and the proletariat, for the first time ever in the history of mankind, and also the greatest. Bravo! Bravo! Beiyang is up for grabs after Yuan’s death. Tuan Ch’i-jui used Chang Hsun
to get rid of Li Yuan-hung, then he took out Chang Hsun. Now he’s using Wu P’ei-fu against Dr. Sun. There’s no end to this war. If this continues, Hu’nan will be in ruins. What about the Constitutional Protection Movement? To succeed, Dr. Sun must launch
a northern expedition, and Hu’nan will bear the brunt. KMT should be stronger than the Beiyang Clique. By some distance. But in-fighting among various factions makes KMT vulnerable. What’s your view? Declare Hu’nan autonomous. Sir… Sir… He’s in a bad mood, I’m so sorry. First the south, then the north. Now it’s north against south! There’s no end to it! There’s no end to this revolution You-jen, what are we missing? Madam, same as before, no money, no guns, no troops. Fellow students, I believe France is the hub
of European civilisation, the standard-bearer of modern revolution,
and a model for global revolution. Then let’s go to France. But… to go abroad we need money. We’ll raise it. Let’s split up, Peking, Shanghai and Canton. Tse-tung, where do you want to go? Peking. Peking? I can visit Mr. Yang at Peking University. Which faculty are you from? My name is Mao Tse-tung, sir, graduate of First Provincial Normal School of Hu’nan. I’m visiting, came across your class, and took the liberty of sitting in. Mr. Mao, not that I won’t let you, but Peking University has its rules. I’m a great admirer of yours, I only wish to sit in for one session. I’ll leave quietly afterwards. Take a seat. Thank you. The university is not a sanctuary, anyone not properly dressed won’t be admitted. That’s the rule here! In any case, because of Hu Shih’s huge reputation I don’t want to miss his lecture. What brings you to Peking? To raise money for my alumni to go to France. Ta-Chao. This student of mine… what should we do with him? You’re… Mr. Li Ta-Chao? I need an assistant. Are you willing to work hard? Absolutely! I’ll do anything anytime. 8 silver dollars a month. That’s plenty. More than I make as a soldier. You’re a soldier? Yes, but never went to war. Close the door, thank you. You are… It’s me! K’ai-hui! Today, we leave for the Paris Peace Conference. For the first time in 100 years, China shows up on international stage as a victor. We won’t let our nation down! Let’s brace ourselves and demand for the return of Shantung. Unite… and China shall prevail! Justice shall prevail! Look! Behind us are 400 million Chinese. But a weak nation lacks diplomatic clout. We shall join you in Paris later. My words carry little weight, but I’ll do my best for the Republic. Unite… Justice shall prevail! Sir, I once thought our nation can be saved by strong mind and body, or even by Kropotkin’s anarchism. But these solutions now seem superficial. I read your review on Marxism I think that is the truth. My article is a mere glimpse of Marxism. It’s a fraction of what it is about. You should study “The Communist Manifesto” and its theory of a proletariat revolution. That’s the truth. “The Communist Manifesto” I forgot today is New Year’s eve. Stay for dinner. Sir! I still have work to do. It’s dad’s prescribed hours! We can now eat New Year dinner. Great! Wipe your hands! Victory of the common people? Didn’t Uncle Li write this? Yes, it’s about the Russian revolution. How is it different? Most revolutions are led by the elite. But in Mr. Li’s thesis, Russian revolution is a victory
of the common people. Common people? Let’s have a drink. I don’t drink. Just one, for the New Year. Alright. Let’s go watch the fireworks. Hurry up! Coming… Shantung is the cradle of Chinese civilisation, great thinkers like Confucius and Mencius were born in Shantung. China cannot lose Shantung, like the West can’t be without Jerusalem. Concerning the problem of Shantung, the governments have already
signed a treaty of 21 Articles. So it is not necessary to discuss
it in this conference. At the Paris Peace Conference, Japan proposed that German concessions in Shantung should be transferred to them permanently. As expected. Hu Shih and I intend to write to President Wilson, and force him to mediate. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. That’s Yang’s student, Mao Tse-tung. Tse-tung, please come down. Japan’s ambition in China is clearly a threat to American interests. Wilson must do something. Mr. Ch’en, if Japan refuses to withdraw its troops, will the U.S. send its fleet to Kiautschou Bay for us? So Wilson’s Fourteen-Points is bullshit? He’s right. Between Japan and China, the Powers can only choose to support one. They have never backed us in the past. They supported Japan because they wanted her to contain Russia. They need to contain Russia now more than ever, don’t they? Thank you, comrades! Sending you to Peking is to raise money, but you spent your time reading in the library. He’s a genuine bookworm. We can’t go to France without money. Going back to Hu’nan empty handed is so humiliating. A cashier’s cheque for 20,000 silver dollars! Where did you get this? Chang Shih-Chao raised it at Mr. Yang’s request. Mao Tse-tung… You left me speechless! Do I have to pay it back? Of course! I’m going back to Hu’nan tonight to make plans for France. I need to stay on for a while. You’re not going? Are you courting each other? I have to go now! Money! Do you have to go? I made a promise. Will you come back? Of course, the reason why I’m going is to bring back more advanced learnings. Mr. Yang is here, Mr. Li, too, and… you. Before I leave, I want to visit my parents. If you don’t come back, I’ll look for you in France. Bad news from Paris! We just got word, the person who signed the loan agreement with Japan last September was Chang Tsung-hsiang, our envoy to Japan. Chang Tsung-hsiang! Traitor! Something tumultuous is about to happen. Because of the Peace Conference? Yes! If we succeed, the nation will rejoice. If we fail… Nationalism suppressed for centuries will erupt like a volcano. What should we do? Just go with the flow. We’ll turn this world upside down. Extra! Diplomatic failure in Paris! Extra! Paris peace talk collapses… Today, Japan’s conspiracy to take over Shantung is about to succeed due to our diplomatic failure. If Shantung were taken by Japan, our territorial integrity will be compromised, and the nation will perish. What should we do now? Stage protests at foreign legation. Calm down! Don’t lose sight of our objective! We just want to be patriotic. We’re doing this to pressure
the Beiyang government. Reclaim our sovereignty in Shandong. All along, we deluded ourselves into thinking when the war is over the Western Powers will help us. Now we know we have been betrayed by the rhetoric of politicians at Versailles, by the Western Powers who are too busy carving up Europe to care. And our government had wanted to sign this humiliating treaty. A historic moment is upon us. Fellow students, take to the streets! Return Tsingtao! Defend our sovereignty! Return Tsingtao! Defend our sovereignty! Return Tsingtao! This is Wilson’s so-called truth and justice! The Western Powers betrayed us in Paris. They betrayed China! Betrayed 400 million Chinese! Betrayed truth and justice! Something so painfully obvious but overlooked by the Beiyang government! This Beiyang government that can tolerate such humiliation is not fit to govern us! They are Western Powers’ accomplices, running dogs of the Japanese pirates! In time of crisis, stand up and be counted! Today, we want an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! President Wilson is a scoundrel! He deceived us! He insulted us! He toyed with us! What should we do now? Fellow countrymen, Today, we shall petition President Hsu and also the Premier. We want people to know about the Paris conspiracy. We want them to know our demands. Whoever it is who tries to wipe us out will face a bloody battle! Pay with blood! Fight to the end! Return Tsingtao! Today’s rally is a harbinger of China’s bright future. So, this very moment, this very day… I’m proud and honoured to be a part of this unprecedented revolution. Return our sovereignty! Punish the traitors! Students have taken to the streets, they’re heading for the Legation Quarter. Ignorant, naive and stupid! Send police to stop them! Yes, sir! Fight to the end! Patriotism is not a crime! Fight to the end! Patriotism is not a crime! Fight to the end! Fellow students! T’an Ssu-t’ung said
“successful reforms come with bloodshed”, So let bloodshed and sacrifice begin with us! Charge! Come out! Young lady! Take your grievances to the prosecutors! You’ve come to the wrong place! My grievances are beyond the prosecutors! What do you mean? I’m pleading for 400 million Chinese. Come out! Return Tsingtao! Hand over the traitors! Return Tsingtao! Hand over the traitors! Return Tsingtao! Hand over the traitors! Charge! Charge! Go inside and grab the traitors! Open up… Open the door! We were under siege in Japan, it’s happening here as well! Don’t cry! Look, Ping-hsiang! Don’t worry, I’m here. 3 Bamboos! K’uang Hu-Sheng, bravo! Jump! Jump inside! Soldiers! Teng Chung-hsia, Fang Ho! Go, Fang Ho! 1…2…3… 1…2…3… Quiet… You should be fighting Japanese in Shantung instead of guarding a traitor’s house. Comrades! Brothers… We’re one family! I believe we’re one family, Those you’re holding off are your brothers and sisters. Each and every one a patriotic student. Move aside, let us through! Protect our territory! Protect our sovereignty! Brothers! Everyone of you is patriotic Am I right? Yes! Are you Chinese? Yes! Then let us through! Charge! Students! Tell me where he is! Hand over the traitor! Search the house! Step aside… Students… Listen, harbouring traitors makes you also a traitor of China. He’s here! Students! I have nothing to do with it! Where is Chang Tsung-hsiang? I don’t know! Take him away! Listen… This is the desk on which the treaty was signed! Burn it… The police are here! Are you Ts’ao Ju-lin? No, I am not… – No? Then who are you? – I’m really nobody, just a visiting guest. Where did they go? They left. How could you! That’s Chang Tsung-hsiang! After him… Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Consider China’s 2,000-year-old history, have you ever heard of students involved in arson and killing? They have no choice but to revolt. Today… President Hsu has arrested innocent students. He did it to please our enemies. As a staff member of the school, I declare the school will go on strike until the students are released. Long live students… Long live revolution… What is it? You wrote “The Spirit of the Chinese People” and I admired you for it. Speaking of principles, you should know our differences with foreigners. But today, you wrote in a Japanese-owned newspaper denouncing the students as barbaric mobsters! What has happened to your principles? You’re siding with the enemy. Students, workers and merchants are all on strike. Overnight, the whole country is in uproar. Even soldiers are siding with the students. This is a crucial moment, no compromise! We mustn’t go against the tide. Tu-hsiu, what is it? Have we won already? Is this time for celebration? Ridiculous! Mr. Hu, are you denouncing Ch’en Tu-hsiu and Li Ta-Chao? Why not? You must have a sound argument. Marx’s doctrine is just a theory. But such a theory though proven successful in Russia does not mean it’s applicable in China. We must not act like a parrot and lose ourselves by following others. To sit back and talk about theories without solving the actual problems is no different from Confucianism. If this is what New Culture is about, then it’s meaningless. For Ch’en and Li to model on Russia, it’s not going to solve our problems. You’re wrong, sir. Confucianism is a feudal code, Whereas Marx’s doctrine is scientific. You can’t compare the two. Esteemed delegates, what right do you have to give Shantung to Japan? I am furious. Chinese people will never forget this painful day. You wouldn’t dare to kill Ch’en Tu-hsiu! If he dies, there’ll be hundreds more like him. Tell Hsu not to make himself a public enemy. If he still wants to continue as President, he must release Ch’en Tu-hsiu at once. You have suffered, Tu-hsiu. Ch’en Tu-hsiu takes on the burden alone, and sets an example for us all. Peking University is proud of him. Bravo, Mr. Ch’en! So sorry… – Over here! – What took you so long? We got lost! – Hello! – We’ll do the introductions later, let’s get on board. Come on… Let’s go! Wait… I’m thinking… transplanting the experience of
a foreign revolution does it really work? Changed your mind again? China has much more complex issues, I’d better stay. Good luck all… Till we meet again. Give me some money! Who is he? Mao Tse-tung from Hu’nan. What a shame he’s not going! Why did the Governor shut down the
“Shian Kian Review”? Because we told the truth. He’s afraid the truth will come out about Chang Ching-yao being Hu’nan’s public enemy. Workers, peasants and merchants have all suffered. Fellow workers, Hu’nan will not tolerate Chang! Hu’nan is finished with him around. We’re only poor workers we have no say. How do you write the word “work”? A vertical stroke between 2 lines. Yes, heaven above your head
with your feet on the ground. The words “work” and “man” together make the word “heaven”, It means the world under heaven. Workers and peasants will rule the world. Sounds too good to be true. This is not my idea, it belongs to a foreigner called Marx. This foreigner advocated equality of all men. Adopting this theory, the Russian workers now rule their own country. Fellow workers, the revolution Marx spoke
of will be universal. Chinese workers should follow suit. Overthrow this corrupt and evil government that bullied and oppressed us. Yes… Tse-tung, your telegram. Tse-tung… the doctor said dad had a stroke, he can’t talk, he can’t hear. His health has deteriorated so much in a year… Before taken ill,
dad hadn’t stopped speaking of you. Remember… the summer of 1915 you asked me a question? All these years, I’ve been thinking hard. I’m close to having an answer. But… Sir… Dad… As my wife, life will be tough. If you’re with me, you won’t enjoy a stable life, no bridal gowns, sedan chair or banquet. Not even a witness or marriage license. I’m willing. The Governor wishes to meet your representatives. Follow me! Let them go! You have no right to arrest us! What are you doing? Let go! What do you want? Let go of me! Let us out! In this world, who are the noblest people? My answer to that… is the working class. Food, clothes, and even houses that we live in are all created by workers. We slave for a living, but we’re not well fed, clothed or sheltered. Is that fair? No! Of course not! That’s why we must unite and go on strike. Confront these bourgeois factory owners and show them our strength. Reclaim what is rightfully ours. Fellow workers, in the future workers will rule the world. Long live workers! Release the students! Sir, these students haven’t eaten in 3 days. Who’s not eating? Let him starve to death! He has no one but himself to blame. Who wrote this? I did. These are our latest demands. The hunger strike continues until they are met. We want books and newspapers. – Go ahead. – Yes! We want New Year dinner. I’ll treat all 26 of you to dinner! We’ll even eat outside. The Awakening Society needs a place to study. Certainly. What’s your name? Chou En-lai. Why did you change your mind? Didn’t we agree to go on hunger strike? Change of tactics.
Let’s prepare for a long struggle! Let’s eat. Goodbye! Mr. Ch’en! “Cops are after you, follow the student, Li Ta-Chao” Follow me! If you leave Peking while on bail and get arrested again, it’ll be difficult to get out. I’ll go back to Shanghai. Scholars-in-arms are hopeless. Don’t say that! Your arrest has shaken the nation. That’s as big an honour as you can get! What are you studying these days? The Russian Revolution. Hu Shih was right about you! The Russian Revolution is all you care about. It’s the last resort when all else have failed. Now tell me, why model after Russia? The reason why the Russians succeeded was because the Bolsheviks united the workers and peasants, the broadest social classes. To unite the nation, you must first unite peasants and workers. To unite them, China must first have its own Bolshevik. Tu-hsiu, when you get to Shanghai, that’s exactly what you’ve to do. We’ll split up, you take the north, I go south, form our own political party at once. Easy… When I get to Shanghai, I’ll send you your favourite candy. You must keep your word! Take care! Take care! We should help China build her own Bolshevik Party. The committee nominates Maring to assist. Excellent, go right away! Bravo! What does the Shanghai dispatch say? Each region should send two delegates
to the congress, and the Caucuses in Japan and Europe will each send one delegate. Peking, Shanghai, Canton, Ch’ang-she, Wuhan and Tsinan
will all be represented. You and Ch’en Kung-po will represent Canton. You two will represent Peking. Remember, you’re there as my personal representative. Aren’t you attending? The Comintern is attaching great importance to it. If neither you nor Mr. Ch’en attend, what’s the point of having the congress? Apologise to Comrade Maring for me. Students are borrowing more books
for summer vacation. I can’t leave as Head Librarian. I disagree with the Comintern on many issues, if we argue during the congress there will be no way back. I see. Remember, Ch’en Tu-hsiu and I must act in unanimity. I understand. This should be enough for a month, when you get to Shanghai, spend when you have to. Dad left this, you have it. No, you keep it. Don’t be late for the congress. No! Just take it. I’m leaving, take good care of yourself. Let me introduce myself, Chang Kuo-t’ao from Peking. Liu Jen-ching, also from Peking. I’m Li Han-Chun from Shanghai. Li Ta from Shanghai. Teng En-ming from Tsinan. Wang Chin-mei from Tsinan. Tung Pi-Wu from Wuhan. Ch’en Tan-ch’iu from Wuhan. Chou Fo-hai from Japan. Pao Hui-Seng, representing Ch’en Tu-hsiu.
Nice to meet you. Ho Shu-heng from Chang-sha. – This comrade from Chang-sha is…
– Tse-tung, it’s been a while. Indeed, Kuo-t’ao. My apologies, gentlemen… Sorry for being late. Hello, everyone. I’m Ch’en Kung-po from Canton. Who’s the lovely lady? My wife. Greetings, I’m Li Li-Chuang. But we can’t accommodate a couple… I’m sorry… We’ve a room at Tatung Hotel across the street. Bringing your spouse to the congress? Everyone… This is my wife, Wang Hui-w… I’m working the reception. Look for me if you need anything. We’ve all had long trips, get some rest. Meet at my brother’s place tomorrow. 106 rue Wantz. I’m most honoured to represent Ch’en Tu-hsiu and Li Ta-Chao to chair the First National Congress. Let me introduce to you Comrade Maring, an observer from Comintern. Mao Tse-tung will be our secretary. The first item on the agenda is to decide on the name of the party. Our view regarding the name of the party
is clear-cut. From the “The Communist Manifesto”, we adopt the word “Communist” and call it the Chinese Communist Party. In his letter to Tse-tung,
Ts’ai Ho-san is also in favour. Maring wants to know Li Ta-chao’s view. Mr. Li’s preference is Chinese Communist Party. I agree. Agreed. Agreed. Unanimously passed. Rickshaw-man, Tung Fang Hotel on Nanking Road. Let’s go to Palace Hotel instead. We’re switching hotels? We’re being followed. Be careful, don’t look around. Palace Hotel. Got it! Is there another exit? There’s a back entrance for the staff. Wait for us there in five minutes. Sure! Why are we being followed everywhere? I’m sorry, sir. The first floor is full, is the second floor alright? Alright! Jump! Stupid idiots… Go look for them! Find them in three days or else! Sir, my brother is with the Green Gang finding someone in Shanghai is a piece of cake. The Peking caucus has 13 members, including Li Ta-Chao, Chang Kuo-t’ao, Lo Zhang-lung, Liu Jen-ch’ing, Ch’en Te-jung, Teng Chung-hsia, Kao Chun-yu, Miu Po-ying, Ho Meng-hsiung, Chu Wu-shan, Fan Hung-chieh, Wu Ju-ming. Heads up, everyone! is hereby pronounced
for delegates to comment and discuss. is hereby pronounced
for delegates to comment and discuss. Proletariat must join force
with the revolutionary army and overthrow the bourgeois regime; they must help the working class until the class system is abolished, and until the class struggle has ended. Meaning, when class system is finally abolished, a proletariat dictatorship will be established. Liaise with the Comintern, and adopt the Soviet model. Unite workers, peasants and soldiers and adopt social revolution as our goal. Those who accept the Party’s platform and policies, and willing to be loyal members, upon the introduction of a Party member, regardless of gender and nationality can be admitted as Party members and become our comrades. But… before their initiation into the Party, they must sever all ties with other parties and organisations whose platforms are contradictory to ours. Tomorrow is the last day of the congress, the main agenda is to adopt the platform
and election of the Central Committee. Comrades Maring and Nikolsky will attend tomorrow’s closing session. Rickshaw! Sorry, we had to make a detour. Is everyone here? Chou Fo-hai is in the toilet, he’ll be right back. It’s that Chou again! Let’s not wait. The draft platform we tabled yesterday, can continue to be discussed now. I have a comment. Regarding nationality… Can I help you? Looking for someone? What do you want? Who are you looking for? Chairman Wang of the Social League. There’s no Social League or Chairman Wang. I’m sorry… Maring calls for an immediate recess. I agree with Comrade Maring. Let’s adjourne. This is my home. What are you doing here? Why do you organise meeting in your house? What meeting? I was entertaining guests. That two are from which country? Which two? The two foreigners. They’re Dutch. Pack up and be ready to move out! Sir. What do you do for a living? Professor. Him? My colleague. Today I can close your house and catch your people. Because you are teaching in university,
I’ll let you free. If not, you will burn yourself. I won’t. How is it? It’s fine. Comrade Maring said we must leave Shanghai. I suggest we go to Chiahsing rent a boat for the meeting. Is Maring coming? He’s too obvious a target, for our safety, he’s not going. Alright! What time do we leave? There’s a train tomorrow at 10:00am. Does Ch’en Kung-po know? I’ll go get him tomorrow morning. Are you under surveillance? Probably not, it was an accident. Let’s go home. The meeting is not yet over. To form a national party with just 50 people, this has to be a joke! A gun! Don’t stare! Homicide at Tatung Hotel! Tatung Hotel? That’s where Ch’en Kung-po stays! Kung-po left for Kwangtung already. Yesterday two people died at their hotel. His wife was petrified. So they left. It was a lovers’ suicide pact! Cowards! Let’s go. Comrades, we have reached the critical hours. The last item on the agenda, is to elect the Party Central Committee. Under democratic principles, we shall vote for members of the Central Committee. We should have 13 delegates, but only 12 are in attendance. After the vote, Ch’en Tu-hsiu, Chang Kuo-t’ao and Li Ta are elected Central Committee members, Ch’en Tu-hsiu is named General Secretary. Meeting is concluded. Comrades, I’d like to recite from “The Communist Manifesto” to illustrate my thrill and excitement. The Communists disdain to conceal their aims and views. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose
but their chains. They have a world to win. Proletarians of all countries, unite. Proletarians of all countries, unite. Proletarians of all countries, unite… Proletarians of all countries… …unite WWW.PUSDAT.BLOGSPOT.COM

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